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The Girl


Jake and I finished working out at the gym and were ordering our morning coffee before work and when it was time to pay, I bumped him playfully to the side.

"Hey." he says.

"My treat ... Happy Birthday, buddy." I said.

"Thanks, man." sounding surprised that I remembered.

As we sat and bs'd over our coffee, I could tell something was bothering him but guys being guys, we usually don't talk about shit ... but I finally had to ask.

"So, what's up? I ask, "you're bummed about something ... I can tell."

"Just Paula, same shit," he sighed, "just hitting me today."

"Ah, the Birthday," I pry, "something wrong?"

"Nah." I know he wants to say something.

"Go, ahead," I say, "tell me."

"Well shit, it's ... it's just, like ... well, you and Molly; you guys are so connected ... you still have it."

"It?" I question.

"Yeah, it," he says, his voice kind of hard, "you guys are still in love, ... I'm gonna just ask cuz I need to know."

"Shoot." casually, "ask whatever."

"Molly makes love to you, right," Jake asks tentatively, "I mean, she still likes sex ... doesn't she?"

Now guys talk about sex with each other all the time but almost never about their wives. It's usually about past exploits or some woman we see on the golf course, maybe just in our running around together and It's always the same, "hey wouldn't you just love to ... ", followed by an, "oh yeah!" ... like any of those women would ever even give us the time of day, let alone fuck one of us. Women don't think like that ... wait, let me take that back; women think like that, they just don't act like that.

Paula divorced Jake last year or thereabouts, for whatever reason and he's still in love with her, or he thinks he is ... I don't know. On top of that, his new girlfriend wasn't keeping him very happy; I knew he wanted to bolt.

Molly was the one who suggested the birthday present that I just told Jake would be at our house if he came over later in the evening. I smile at the thought of remembering my beautiful wife when she told me her idea the other morning. It made me want to fuck her right there on the kitchen counter ... so I did.

Molly and I cleaned up the dinner dishes and I sprawled out on the couch to relax with my Sennheiser's and some Robben Ford while Molly went into the media room to start one of her 'chick flicks'. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying myself about five tracks in, when I felt Molly shake my leg and I startled, I sat up pulling the headphones off.

"Jake is here, Baby." she grins.

Jake came into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

"So, where's my cake" his head swivels around, pretending to look for it. "... and my present?"

Molly snorted really, really, loud ... a total snot sound coming out of her.

It always embarrassed her when she did that so uncontrollably but I just loved it ... just one more thing to love about my wife.

Jake turned and stared at her as she stood behind the couch.

"What's so funny?" he asks.

Molly ran her hand along the fabric as she proceeded to walk around to the front of the couch, never taking her eyes off Jakes face. She approached him, sat in his lap, put her arms around his neck and gave him a big, wet kiss.

Molly did not give Jake a casual Birthday Kiss.

This thing was very intentional, very sexual and Jake went as stiff as a board and he kinda whimpered as he disengaged his mouth from the wife and turned to look at me ... wide eyed.

Molly put her hand on his chin and steered his face back to hers.

She smiled.

He grimaced.

"James wanted to give me to you as your Birthday present but I had to explain to him that you're just not my type for a one on one sort of thing but I'd gladly do you both sometime ... you know, maybe a little DP? I like having two cocks in me Jake ... think you'd like something like that?

Jake had the open mouth stupid guy look on his face. He said nothing.

"Or, I guess maybe not." Molly said, getting up off Jake's lap.

"Uh ... ," Jake started.

"Too late," Molly teased, "now you'll have to seduce me all over again ... more work for you."

"... but, I ... ," Jake was still stammering, " Molly, I ... uh ..."

"I suggested a little something else for James to give you for your Birthday." Molly was loving this.

"Baby, call the girl ... I'm going back to my movie. Happy Birthday Jake."

"Um ... yeah," Jake was just lost, completely lost, "thanks ... Molly." as she walked out of the room.

"Holy shit James, what the fuck was that?" he asks incredulously.

"Molly being Molly." I reply casually.

I punched the speed dial and was not expecting a third ring; she answered in two.

"You need to come to the house now." I said. 'Now' having the inflection of simple expectation and not really a demand.

I hung up and got Jake a beer. We sat on the couch shooting the shit, listening to music and semi watching an uninteresting mid-season game with the sound off. About 20 minutes after the phone call there was a very soft knock on the door and knowing the girl, she might have knocked several times before adding enough 'oomph' for it to be heard all the way into the living room. We were working on her social presentation and I would not allow her to use the doorbell; as part of a 'lesson'. It's a personal thing between the girl and myself.

I went to the door and came back in to the room with the girl, a young woman of 23. She was 5 feet, 3 inches tall and had a soft build to her. By soft, I mean she was a bit voluptuous and had a nice bubble butt with a pronounced sway in the small of her back, soft sloping shoulders with full, not skinny arms, an hourglass waist on the sides but a small pooch of a tummy in front and very firm, round 36 inch DD breasts. She had long, dark brown hair, pale blue eyes and carried that 'girl next door' innocence in her demeanor.

"This is my friend Jake," I said to the girl, "stand in front of him."

She immediately left me, walked around the couch and stood exactly 3 feet in front of Jake. She squared her body to him and waited. Her eyes were staring, two feet above him, straight ahead, without focus.

"Hi ..." Jake stared to speak.

"Strip for us." was all I said.

She reached up quickly ... too quickly and started on the buttons of her blouse. As she approached the third button ...

"Be seductive." was my second command.

She slowed her progress considerably. She unbuttoned the fourth one and hooking four delicately manicured fingers under the edge, she pulled the fabric slightly to the side, showing Jake her silky, cream colored lace bra ... her hand played up and down the opening of the blouse, her fingers caressing the soft bra and pushing into her softer breast underneath. She let go of the fabric and it hid her reveal as she moved down to the fifth button.

Jake turned around to look at me, wide eyed, as I was standing behind the couch. My head did not move but my eyes dropped to his and I just did a swirly finger motion indicating he needed to turn back around.

As Jake turned away from her to look at me, the girl looked at me wide eyed and I simply nodded to her that it was okay that she lost his attention for a moment. Her gaze returned, unfocused, back to somewhere above and beyond Jake.

"Good girl. "was all I said.

She finished the last buttons very precisely and with such grace that I was swelling with pride at my teaching of the girl but my face was blank.

She pulled open the button of her very soft, very expensive jeans that Molly bought to dress her in. As the button released, her left hand, fingers pointing straight down, held the fabric flap over the zipper, flat against her body and she delicately took the zipper pull in between the thumb and first finger of her other hand, folding her other fingers back so as not to obstruct Jakes view and started to move the zipper down.

"Tease us."

The girl immediately turned her back to Jake and slowly removed the blouse so that the fabric just folded down her back in ripples and when it was down around her waist, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves, brought the garment around to the front of her and dropped it on the carpet. Her hands came up to each side of her neck and she buried her fingers in her hair, pushed it all up the back of her head in a mess and when she dropped it, her hands crossed in front of her body and her fingers started playing their way down her sides touching the silky fabric of her bra. Smooth, flowing touches of her finger tips, teasing, tickling their way down to her waist and back up to the fabric. Her hands were back in front of her and you could see the tension of the straps, first tighten, then release as she undid the center snap between the cups of her bra. Her hands came up slowly and she shooshed the straps, first one, then the other off her shoulders and over her arms where it fell to the floor.

The girl's back was creamy, her skin without blemish and the slope of her shoulders had a completely feminine angle that flowed down her sides to the small rolls above her hips, accented by her tight jeans. I loved the way her shoulder blades moved under her skin, kind of undulating, moving smoothly but with no sharp bone sticking out ... very soft and sensuous.

She knelt slowly, delicately to the floor. It was obvious even from behind that she was using one arm to shyly cover her full breasts as she reached for the blouse, brought it back up, swinging it around her as she stood and slipped her arms back into the sleeves and adjusted the collar back around her neck. Her elbows stuck out to the sides as we could see she was doing something hidden from our view. Her hands went back to the front and we heard the distinct sound of the zipper on her jeans coming the rest of the way down. She reached her hands up, pulling the blouse tail with her movement and with a hand on each hip, she dug her fingers into the waistband and slowly started wiggling the jeans down her legs.

It was a joy to watch her ass wiggle and see her hips move from side to side the way women do when removing tight fitting clothes. She got them to her thighs and as she was ready to shed the jeans the rest of the way down, she had to bend over and when the back of the blouse rode up, it showed Jake his first look at her beautiful plump ass, covered in a delicate boy-cut panty of silky black with hints of pink somehow threaded into the material. She stood back up, kicked the pooled pants from around her feet to the side and waited.


The girl tuned slowly back to face us and we now see that she has re-buttoned the shirt ... but just the button that would expose her breasts.

"Nice tease, little girl."

I see a slight smile on her face and she looks at me but her eyes are not just accepting the approval; it's something else and I know immediately it's something I'm not gonna like. Here comes the brat.

She looks directly at Jake and like a five year-old child, she sticks her tongue out at him and gives him a contemptuous look. Why she does shit like this knowing the consequences, I'll never know.


I barely take one step to come around from behind the couch and she is already on the ground, her knees tucked under her and her arms stretched straight out in front of her; both hands and feet are properly positioned right over left and her forehead is on the floor.

I debate in my mind for a half a second because of Jake but my decision is an easy one.

"Go get your paddle." I say calmly to the girl.

She sits up on her haunches with her shoulders square, pulls her hands up onto the tops of her thighs and very precisely stands in one fluid motion, turns and heads down a hallway.

I watch her leave the room and turn to Jake who is completely confused but gets the general idea of what is going to happen.

"Hey," he says, "it's okay, I'm sure she didn't ... "

"Jake, just let me deal with this," I say, it's good."

He sits back in the couch and the girl captures his attention as she re-enters the room. She stands directly in front of me with her eyes forward, looking right through my chest and presents her paddle to me, resting in both hands, palms up with her arms at a 90 degree angle.

Her paddle is leather, it has an 8 inch by 3 inch by 1/4 inch thick flat surface made specifically for her ass with a 6 inch handle made specifically for my hand ... and it is purple. I let her choose the color.

"Go to your wall," I instruct the girl, "face me and Stand."

As she turns, I think I heard the faintest hint of a whimper from inside of her.

She moves quickly to the wall at the end of the living room that is used for her punishment. I never use our Play areas or her Discipline positions to punish her behavior. It is always the same place with the just the one stance so that she doesn't confuse my intensions.

She turns to face me and places her body in a perfect Stand position. Her feet are 12 inches apart at the ankles, her forearms are crossed behind her, resting in the small of her back. Her posture is erect and her eyes are forward. I study her and as I do, I take a moment to enjoy her and love her obedience.

"Take your shirt and your panties off."

She breaks her Stand, undoes the one button still closed on her shirt, removes it, carefully folds it, turns and gracefully bends down to place it between the wall and where she will take her stance. She then pulls her panties down her legs and off her feet. She stands up, folds them neatly and places them on top of the folded shirt, keeping my preferred order of how to stack her clothes.

"In place for your paddle." was all I had to say.

She places her feet exactly the right distance from the wall and exactly the correct distance apart, then puts her palms flat on the wall which makes her ass stick out and positions it perfectly for me. When I see her lower her chin to her chest I know she is ready ... and she waits.

I am between the girl and Jake so I don't know how much he sees, or if he can see anything at all and right now, it doesn't matter.

I move behind the girl and caress her bottom. She jumps a little at my first touch but that's to be expected, considering the anticipation inside of her. I use my hand to rub and lightly slap the parts of her flesh that I will me hitting with the paddle in a few minutes to bring the blood to the surface and warm up the spots that will soon be hot and stingy with a nice rosy red color.

"I am punishing you for being such a brat." I say to the girl as I continue to touch and prepare her butt.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," she sniffles, "I understand."

"Do you agree that you are a brat?" I ask.

"Yes Sir." she says pulling in a big gulp of air.

"Say it," I command.

"I'm a brat Sir." she says with another sniffle.

"You will count ten for me." I say to the girl.

"Yes Sir," quietly, "ten."

I rub the surface of the paddle on her ass in small circles to prepare her and as is always my way, I touch the back of her head gently before the first. I position myself and with a very precise swing I place the first smack on the fleshiest part of her ass.

"One" as a sharp slap reverberates in the room.

"Holy shit, James ... " Jake shouts, beginning to jump up off the couch

"JAKE!" very loud, never taking my eyes off the girl ... and it stops him, "sit down."

He does but I can hear him fidgeting on the couch.

I continue.

"Two." she says as her body tenses with a small whimper and I find my desired response.

"Three," she says and follows with another small whimper.

To ten with the last, no harder and no softer than the first and she knows it is complete.

"Kneel." I command.

The girl turns away from the wall, faces me and drops into a perfect Kneel position. She is so good.

I put my large hand on the side of her face and she tilts her cheek into it and leaves a little wet streak from her tears on my skin.

"You're sweet." I say to her, tipping her face up to look at me. "You are a very sweet girl. You know that don't you?"

She sniffles, nodding her head furiously. I know she is satisfied that her behavior has been corrected.

She wants to move to me so badly.

"You can smile at that."

Immediately her warm smile covers her face as she sniffs back her tears. She is the happiest girl I think I have ever met in the life. She is such a beauty and so delicate.

"Go clean up, put your panties back on and return to us." were my only words to her after this.

She jumps up, grabs her panties from her neat little pile and runs down the hallway, covering her jiggling breasts with her arms.

"What the fuck was that for?" Jake asks.

"Don't ask Jake," I say flatly, "it's of no concern. Just watch and enjoy yourself ... really, it's okay."

"Seriously?" he starts but just settles back into the couch, confused and silent.

The girl returns in several minutes, put back together very nicely. It's as if she has not a care in the world and in fact is quite happy.

She walks quickly to my side and stands next to me.

"You may touch me." I say gently.

"Thank you, Sir." She says as she folds her arm into mine, rests her head on my upper arm, takes a deep shuddery breath and sighs.

Jake is just staring at the two of us.

"Okay little girl, I want you to continue." I say looking down at her. As I move back behind the couch, she moves back in front of Jake.

The girl stands exactly where she was before and as I am always watching her, I catch her taking a glance at Jake. It's something Jake probably wouldn't notice even if he were staring right into her eyes ... she is so good. She is assessing him and I'm sensing it's not good.

She still has the slightest remnant of her smile in the corner of her mouth but since I gave her permission, I let it go. Her gaze is back to where she was taught.

"Present yourself to my friend."

The girl casually sheds her panties, folds them in her practiced way, bends over and carefully places them next to her on the floor. Her large breasts sway and jiggle as she moves with such graceful attention. As she stands back up to present herself, I watch her glancing around to where her bra and jeans are scattered on the floor, and I am bemused by her thoughtfulness as she, first, noticed the unfolded clothing and second, she refrained from doing anything about it ... because it's not her problem unless I tell her it's her problem.

As her attention returns, she faces Jake, eyes straight ahead and without hesitation, she spreads her legs about three feet apart, places her interlocked fingers behind her neck, tilts her head back and pushes her breasts out as far as she can. She is such a beautiful young woman. She is an almost pearl white color with small, vivid pink nipples and even pinker, delicate areolas. She is not shaved, but rather nicely trimmed, as is my preference and in this perfectly practiced presenting stance, her large inner pussy lips hang loosely between her legs leaving nothing to the imagination.

She is my very pretty, my very sweet and my very sexy girl.

"What do you think Jake?" I ask.

"Beautiful," he kind of gasps, "she's just beautiful ... but who is she? ... I mean, who are you?" he says, looking back at her.

"She won't speak to you."

"What?" he is grinning from ear to ear. "but ... what does Molly say ... "

"Molly loves her," I say matter of factly, "you're a good girl, aren't you?"

"Yes, for you I am Sir," she says softly.

"You can be less formal today." I reply.

"Thank you, my Love," she says and smiles.

"... and you love Molly, don't you?" I continue.

"Yes, I love Mistress with all my heart." still smiling.


The girl drops her arms, pulls her legs together and comes to rest her weight on one leg, the other bent at the knee, toes on the ground, heel up on the opposite ankle and her left arm wraps across her middle. Her right elbow rests on that arm, squishing her breasts together and her finger tips come to her mouth and she lightly brushes her lips and tongue with then.

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