tagGroup SexThe Girl at the Pool

The Girl at the Pool


This is only my second story that I have written so I would love to hear any feedback whatsoever. Please contact me with any comments, questions, or just to chat. It would be very appreciated and I would love to hear from you.


Our Florida vacation was going great. But it was about to get even better. My girlfriend, Taylor, and I got ourselves a nice hotel room at an oceanside resort. We're young, and it was great being in such a beautiful place alone. We have had three wonderful nights including dinner, wine, and some very enjoyable love making sessions. We relaxed by the oceanside pool most of the day and were having a great time together. Taylor and I were laying peacefully in lounge chairs when I heard those wonderful words.

"Are these yours?" A beautiful woman stood in front of me in a very skimpy all white bikini. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders and covered up the single thin strap holding up the two small pieces of fabric covering her nipples. Her breasts were extraordinary, probably between a c and d size, but perfectly proportional to her thin body. I stared straight up at her with her question, wondering in my stunned state to myself if she was really asking me if her two beautiful breasts were mine....oh I wish they were.

Before I had the chance to stare any longer Taylor returned.

"No, those were here when we got here." She was referencing the beach towel and bottle of suntan lotion she was holding.

"Okay....so no one is using this chair?" the woman asked nodding towards the empty chair next to Taylor.

"It's all yours!" Taylor replied. The woman thanked her and took a seat in the long lounge chair that fit her slender body quite nicely. She wasn't overly tall, but had fairly lengthy legs that drew my line of vision straight up to her string bikini bottoms.

"Thanks" she spoke. "I'm Jessica."

"Nice to meet you" Taylor replied. "I'm Taylor and this is Alex."

"Nice to meet you both." The girls continued small talking a little bit about where they were from and what they were doing on vacation. Jessica was from Memphis and was down in Florida for spring break with her friends. They went out today on a sailing excursion. She was very prone to getting seasick and decided to stay behind. When sharing this, you could tell in her voice she was a little bummed about it, but still trying to make the best of it. Taylor knew this.

"Well we're just sitting out by the pool today so feel free to hang with us." Taylor invited. She thanked us. I didn't speak much as my mouth was a little dry due to the very sexy and attractive woman sitting next to and talking with us. After a while Taylor asked me to get her and Jessica a couple drinks from the bar. I made my way to the bar thinking about the two beautiful women I was lucky to be around. Two strawberry daiquiris later I returned to the girls who were giggling upon my arrival. They were fast becoming friends.

They talked most of the afternoon and after being in the hot sun, as well as from a few more rounds of drinks, I could tell the girls were getting a little tipsy. We took a dip in the pool to try and cool off a bit. While in the pool we all began goofing around a bit. Jessica tried to dunk Taylor under the water and before long the two girls were wrestling each other in the water. As they had equally sized bodies they both ended up dunked in the water. As girls can be, both were immediate to readjust their hair now that it had become wet. Standing not a foot away, both girls with their eyes closed from the water, lifted their arms to their heads naturally pushing their breasts out and together, intensifying their generous cleavage. While Jessica's were slightly larger, thus more cleavage, they both looked delicious hovering above the water. After their hair had been readjusted, Taylor whispered something into Jessica's ear. With that, they both smiled and looked toward me. I knew what was coming but I played dumb, as they both attacked me trying to take me down.

My girlfriend, Taylor, jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my front side with her arms around my chest. Jessica came from the other side and swung her arm behind me and around Taylor. This left my arm with only one place to go, wrapped right around Jessica, tightly, with both woman in my arms, including their breasts bursting up out of their bikinis pressed against my body. After a bit of struggling I knew they were about to knock me over, so I grabbed both of them by their skimpy bottoms and tossed them down with me. After we recovered ourselves, we all had a good laugh. Exhausted, we grabbed another round of drinks and headed back to our seats. Once we had finished our drinks and had dried off, Taylor spoke.

"Well I've about had enough sunshine today, I can nearly feel my face burning right off!"

"I know what you mean" replied Jessica. "I bet I got some mighty tan lines today."

"Well would you like to come up to our room and crack a bottle of wine open and enjoy the evening on our lanai?" Taylor invited.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe I should let you two enjoy the evening alone together."

"Nonsense. We've been together enough already. Plus, you're friends won't be back until late, how could we leave you all alone."

"Alright" Jessica agreed. "But if you want some space just say so and I can go." We made our way back to our suite, giggling from the drinks we'd consumed all day in the hot sun. By the time we reached the room we were once again exhausted. I kicked off my sandals and laid down on the one king size bed in the room. Jessica took a seat on the opposite corner, as Taylor grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. She poured us all glasses and handed them out. After a few sips Jessica spoke.

"I wish my room was closer so I could go grab some clothes to get out of this wet suit."

"I've got some stuff you could wear" offered Taylor. "I wouldn't mind getting out of this suit either. Here, let me get something." Taylor went through the dresser drawers and grabbed two of her tops and two pairs of workout shorts. She tossed them to Jessica. "See if that fits for ya."

"Thanks" replied Taylor as she caught the clothes and searched with her eyes for the bathroom. She saw the door right behind where Taylor was standing. Taylor reached behind herself and pulled her bikini strings in the back, so her bikini top loosened and only hung from her neck. She noticed Jessica pause at her openness.

"Sorry hun. You can use the bathroom if you'd like, but I'm sure Alex wouldn't mind if we just changed out here" Taylor informed her. Jessica was overcome with a bit of nervousness about undressing in front of two people she had just met, but figured it was no bid deal and went along. She unhooked the back of her bikini and let her top lose. As Taylor watched her unclip her top she pulled the string from the tie around her neck, letting her bikini top fall completely off. Both women were completely topless in front of me.

I was immediately aroused. I'd seen Taylor's perky tits many times before, but never in relation to another woman's naked breasts. Jessica's tits were better than imagined without the covering, her small hard nipples like islands on the ocean of her breasts.

"Well you got some sun" Taylor spoke. She walked over to Jessica and softly grazed her lower shoulder highlighting the color change between her arm and bikini lines. "A couple hours without a top on and you'd be all set." Taylor was just pulling her hand away when all of a sudden Jessica grabbed her wrist. She pulled her hand back towards her and placed her hand on her left breast.

"Isn't this what you really wanted to examine?" Jessica asked. Taylor lightly squeezed Jessica's breast and grazed the hardened nipple. With her other hand she guided Jessica's hands to her own tits. I had become very stiff under my suit, as I was slightly rubbing it through the thin material. Both girls were now fully fondling each others breasts only three feet away from me. Taylor has always know it's been a dream of mine to have another girl join us in bed, and now I was about to get my chance. Taylor reached behind Jessica's head and pulled her face to her breast. Jessica did so willingly and began to kiss and suck on Taylor's tits. Taylor let out a slight moan as Jessica flicked her tongue over her sensitive nipples. Jessica continued to suck on and fondle my girlfriends tits, as I became as hard as stone inside my suit. I began rubbing my hand over my cock on the outside, not sure what I should do with the situation escalating in front of me. Jessica looked up to Taylor standing before her.

"I'm so glad I met you today" she spoke.

"Me too hun.....me too......and so is Alex too I'm sure." She leaned down and kissed Jessica on the lips. Their tongues swirled around each others' slowly. Taylor leaned into Jessica pushing her to lay down on the bed and crawled on top of her, continuing to kiss her and fondle her breasts. Taylor slid herself down so her face was even with Jessica's tits, and started working them over with her mouth. Jessica, laying on her back, looked up at me.

"Aren't you going to join?" I smiled.

"Taylor not enough for you?" I asked, getting up from my position and crawling towards them. I crawled to her, our faces upside-down from one another. I kissed her. It was amazing. I hadn't kissed a woman besides Taylor in quite some time. Kissing Jessica made the strain against my pants unbearable. I crawled up a bit more and joined Taylor at Jessica's tits. I took one in my mouth. They were nice and round, much bigger than Taylor's, who I was nearly in 69 position with. As Taylor and I shared her tits in our mouths I felt Jessica start rubbing my thys and sliding her hand over my straining member. With a quick pull the string of my bathing suit was lose, and she slid my suit right off my body. My cock sprang free without the suit, landing right in her face. She rubbed it with her hands a bit before I felt her warm mouth. A women I'd known for only a few hours now had her warm wet mouth over my cock. It felt like heaven.

Taylor got up off Jessica and stood up. With one swipe she slipped her bikini bottoms right off herself, exposing her trimmed pussy. Then she leaned back over Jessica, and kissed and licked her way from Jessica's tits, down towards her pussy. She teased her panties sliding them down her legs ever so slowly. Then she kissed her back up from her toes towards her pussy, spending extra time kissing and licking the inside of her thys. But before long, she was up to Jessica's perfectly shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were already flared out naturally from the excitement. Taylor kissed her all around and licked her around the edges of her wet pussy. Jessica was starting to really enjoy it and moan a bit. It seemed she was struggling to enjoy it as much with my cock in her mouth. Seen as she had brought me close to cumming a few times, I pulled out of her mouth and stood up off the bed. I couldn't help but want to get behind Taylor. She was on her hands and knees licking out Jessica's pussy, with her ass straight up in the air, and her pussy exposed. I got behind her and tongued her out a bit, her juices dripping down her cunt.

I loved the taste of Taylor, but not as much as I loved the feel of her warm wet pussy wrapped around my cock. Her pussy was wet and ready, almost begging for some company, something to fill its void. With my cock still wet from Jessica's mouth, I slid the tip of my cock into Taylor's pussy from behind. She moaned as I did this, which sent vibrations through Jessica's clit, as she was currently sucking on it. This vibrating moan passed through Jessica and came out her mouth. As I begin sliding my cock in and out of my girlfriend, I look down and see her sucking on another woman's pussy, a women who we had just met nonetheless. I was in heaven. Taylor's pussy was as wet as its ever been, and I was feeling great with an erotic show to watch in front of me. Things couldn't have gotten any better I though. I was wrong.....

Taylor looked up towards Jessica and moaned words to her I thought would have never been spoke. "I want you to let him fuck you." Taylor had never been one to use the word fuck when in reference to sex, and she surely wasn't the type of girl who would let her boyfriend have sex with another girl, even in a threesome situation. She always felt and knew she would get too jealous. But she said it again. "I want you to feel his big cock pumping inside of your cunt." This language only meant one thing, that Taylor was near orgasm and she wanted the tongue of this new woman to finish her off.

With this, I pulled back out of Taylor, as she began crawling up Jessica's body, kissing her all the way until they met face to face. Taylor kissed her as I had never seen her kiss before. Deep, passionate, and full of burning desire. They rolled over while kissing and holding each other. Taylor reached around and grabbed Jessica's ass and squeezed it as she grinded their pussies together. After a moment, Jessica turned her head back toward me, and reached back and with her two fingers spread open her pussy. She slid down on Taylor like this, so her head was near Taylor's pussy, and said to me "Let me feel you." I stepped up to her holding my cock a couple inches from her begging pussy. She gripped my cock and guided me into her pussy.

In all my life, Taylor was the only woman I had ever had sex with, and to feel the foreign warmth of Jessica's pussy around my cock was sensational. She moaned as I pumped deep inside her, while she licked Taylor between the lips, who was now pitching her own nipples in the excitement. My eyes met Taylor's. We were both getting fucked by this beautiful stranger, and it was wonderful. With our eyes locked on each other, we both came. I filled Jessica with my cum, as Taylor head her head tight up to her pussy. When I was finished, I flopped on the bed next to Taylor. Jessica crawled up her and met her face to face. Taylor turned her head and looked at me. I went in and kissed her lips. Jessica lowered her head to join us. We all three kissed each other, our tongues not knowing who was who.

Taylor and I had just had a first threesome, and it was wonderful. Jessica spent the rest of the night with us, and once it got late, she excused herself back to her room.

"Got plans for tomorrow?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to be at the pool around noon, looking for a lounge chair...."

"Good!" replied Taylor. "We'll save you one." Taylor walked Jessica out, and at the door, gave her a very passionate kiss. I think she was in love....or it was just the girl at the pool.

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