tagGroup SexThe Girl for Me Ch. 03

The Girl for Me Ch. 03


Note: This story picks up exactly where Chapter 2 picks up, so read the first two chapters first.


I turned to look at Megan. "So how does it feel?" she said. I thought I could see tears building in her eyes, but she wore a smug grin on her face. "How does it feel getting stabbed in the back? Does it feel as good as her tight little pussy? Huh?"

I turned back to the bed, still struggling to find the words. Phoebe was clutching the sheets to her tightly, her eyes flicking back and forth between Megan and myself. Her face was a portrait of anxiety. She was ever so slightly biting her lower lip. Brad, on the other hand, seemed more annoyed to have been interrupted than anything else. He brought his hands back behind his head and used them as a cushion, waiting for someone to say something.

I looked back at Megan. "Well," she said, staring at me, "don't you have something to say?"

I honestly didn't. I turned back and walked over to the bed silently. Phoebe withdrew a little as I climbed onto the bed. "Will..." she began sheepishly as I came closer to her. She flinched as I reached an arm around her. "I..."

"You won't mind if I join you," I said. I have no idea how I was being so confident at this moment, but it felt completely correct, in a way I hadn't felt since that night with Brad and Nadia weeks ago. I kissed her passionately on the lips. I felt her muscles tense initially and then relax, her mouth opening to let my tongue inside. As I broke the kiss, her eyes reopened and a smile came to her lips.

"I wouldn't mind at all," she said, and bit her lower lip in an invitingly cute way. I turned to look down at Brad, still sprawled out on the bed.

"And you?" I asked.

As a response, he pulled one hand from behind his head and reached up to my arm. He grabbed it and pulled me down roughly to him, our lips immediately locking. "Oh, so that's how it is?" said Phoebe playfully. She came down to us, lying on her side and joining us in a sloppy three-way kiss.

"What the fuck?" Megan's voice wavered from across the room. I broke the kiss and rolled over, facing her. She was firmly planted near the door, not having moved an inch. "So it's not just the cunt?" Tears were dripping down her face. "You're not just a piece of shit, but you're gay now, too?"

Before I could answer, Phoebe did for me. "Bi, obviously." The disdain in her voice was palpable. I wanted to say something, but my mind was actually fixated on the label "bi." I'd never really thought to label myself like that, but I supposed it fit...

Megan just stood there, visibly shaking. "I..." she began, "...just...fucking...fuck you! Fuck you all!" She stormed out of the room, slamming the door closed behind her. Her scream of rage could be heard through the door, growing quieter as she ran off. I wanted to run off and get her, but what was I going to do? Invite her to join us. I honestly didn't know what else to do.

Phoebe didn't seem to have the same problem. She pulled me back towards her and kissed me again, her tongue darting wildly into my mouth, before pulling away. "Well, let's get started, already," she said. I pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it randomly across the room while her experienced hands undid my jeans and had them down around my ankles in no time. I kicked them off while I kissed Brad.

"Now, let's see what we're working with here," Phoebe said. I rolled onto my back, Brad's arm under me, wrapped around my shoulder. On the small bed, we were forced right next to each other, Phoebe having gotten to her knees around our ankles. "Very nice," she said, inspecting us. Brad's member was still semi-hard and visibly glistening with her juices. My own was getting there in the excitement. "But let's see what we can do..."

She bent down and took me into her mouth. She let her tongue play along the underside of my shaft, and I could feel blood rushing to me dick. Instinctively, I reached a hand down and started jerking Brad off beside her. His cock was sticky and wet with her pussy juices. He reached his free hand over and placed it on Phoebe's head, guiding her motions, and our heads turned so we could continue our kiss.

"One down," Phoebe said, pulling away and admiring my now fully erect cock, holding it in one hand, "and one to go." She moved to Brad's cock, and I fed it to her with my hand before letting go and grabbing my own cock, stroking it slowly while I watched. She was really a pro at sucking cock and I took mental notes about the way she moved, so focused on Brad's pleasure.

"Let me," he said. I scrambled to my knees, moving up to nearer his head. I leaned back on the headboard, offering him my erect member, grabbing it at the base and guiding it nearer his face. He turned his body slightly and wordlessly sucked me into his mouth. I noticed Phoebe's eyes following us intently even as she continued her ministrations on Brad's hard cock. She noisily slurped up her spit from his rod and took her mouth off him briefly.

"Don't make him cum too quick," she jeered Brad while looking into my eyes. "We're just getting started." Her hand continued rhythmically stroking him while she talked.

"Better hurry up, then," I winked at her. "He might be a better cocksucker than you."

"I doubt it," she said. She noisily spit onto the head of his dick and then worked the saliva in with her hand. "Nobody's better than me."

"Oh, yeah?" I said, "Let's find out how good you are." I pulled my cock out of Brad's mouth, leaving spit dangling from his extended tongue. I got to my feet and straddled him, moving down his body, then sat down on his belly, my knees on either side of him on the mattress, bringing my cock down on top of his. I grabbed his dick and mine, bringing them together with one hand as Phoebe released it from her grip.

"Mmm," she said, licking her lips greedily, "a challenge." She wrapped her hands around our cocks and began stroking them together. I could feel Brad's heartbeat making his cock throb, sending the vibrations up my own shaft. I imagined he must be pretty close to coming by now, but as eager as I was for him to cum on my cock directly, I knew Phoebe was serious when she said we were just getting started.

"You're supposed to use your mouth," I chided Phoebe. Her eyes had been locked on our dicks as she stroked them, but she looked up to me as I spoke and without saying anything, brought her face to our dicks and opened her mouth wide. somehow she managed to get the tips in, twirling our dicks around each other, trying to find a good angle of attack. The heads ended up almost side by side as her tongue flew over them, teasing us both in rapid succession.

"Oh shit," I heard Brad moan behind me. I could feel the blood pumping through his shaft against mine as Phoebe jerked us both off in her mouth. "Oh shit oh shit, I'm gonna cum," his voice strained. Phoebe pulled back just a bit and lined our cocks up vertically again, pointing them at her open mouth, her tongue dangling out expectantly. "Aaaah, aaah," Brad moaned and his cock jumped beneath mine, jets of thick white cum hitting Phoebe on the upper lip and tongue. She obediently waited for it all to pool in her mouth and then spit it onto my dick, letting it drip slowly down onto the head of my cock and from there down onto Brad's.

It was slimy and sticky and I wanted to add my own to the mix as she spread it down along both our shafts. "You weren't supposed to cum on your boyfriend's cock, Brad," she teased him. You better have another load or three for me in those big balls of yours."

"And at least a couple for me, too," I added, winking at Phoebe. I got off of Brad and moved to one side.

"Me first," she insisted. "And you," she continued, pointing at me, "you're up while I get him hard again." She was cramped up near the end of the bed and so moved to a freer position, getting into a 69 with Brad. I watched while she straddled his face and jerked myself, using Brad's cum as lube. I heard the sounds of Brad sloppily eating her pussy and guessed she was already well lubricated. I leaned over to admire his work. His tongue was working its way rapidly up and down her slit. She lowered her upper body and began sucking his deflating cock, and he locked onto her clit. "Come on," she said, turning her head to me, "put that fat cock to some use, already."

I got in position behind her, my balls dangling over Brad's face, and shoved my dick into her wet pussy. As I guessed, she was already soaking wet and I went in easily with a sloppy sound.

"Fuck!" she shouted in response, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" I could feel Brad moving underneath me and heard the noisy sounds of sloppy oral sex coming from both him and her but I couldn't see much besides Phoebe's shapely body, her smooth back leading down to her nice round ass. I didn't bother warming her up, going straight into slamming my cock into her full speed and she moaned enthusiastically around Brad's dick with each thrust. I admired the curves of her ass, her shapely cheeks spread enough to see her cute little asshole and I couldn't wait to get in it. I let a glob of spit drip down into her ass crack.

"Come on, you bastard," Phoebe almost shouted, "get this fucking cock hard again! I know you love licking my clit like a little bitch while your boyfriend fucks me." This was making her extremely hot. Her pussy was already working me furiously and I knew she must be close, with Brad constantly tonguing her little clit.

"If you really want him to get hard," I said, letting my thumb drift to her asshole," you might want to try this!" I pushed my thumb in suddenly, pushing my spit into her as I did so.

"Oh fuck!" she reacted wildly, pushing back against me. Her body started to shake as she tried to force me deeper into her holes. Her ass clinched around my thumb hard and her pussy spasmed around my dick. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" she screamed.

"Oh my god," she sighed as her orgasm subsided, "oh fuck that was crazy."

"Well, try it," I insisted. I heard her spit noisily as Brad's head fell back to the pillow. I slowed my thrusting to an easy pace.

Suddenly Brad jerked beneath us. "Shit!" he shouted. "You gotta go slow!"

"Fuck that shit," Phoebe replied. "Don't pretend like you don't like it. Your cock got so hard when I shoved my fingers up your asshole."

"I didn't say I didn't like it..." he said. I decided I had to see this. I pulled out of Phoebe and got off the bed, coming around to see. Sure enough, Brad's cock was standing straight up again, the head in Phoebe's mouth and two of her fingers buried in his ass two knuckles deep.

"Now that's hot," I said, stroking myself slowly as I admired the scene. Phoebe let his cock fall out of her mouth and it slapped against his belly with a heavy smack.

"Did I say you could stop?" she said, eyeing me. I shrugged in response. "Never mind," she continued, pulling her fingers from Brad's ass and sitting upright. This one's ready, anyway. She stuck out her hand towards me. "Want a taste?" I grabbed her by the wrist and sucked her fingers into my mouth. I licked them slowly, savoring the taste of Brad's butthole. "Wow, you two really are sluts now," she added. She pulled her hand away and turned around, resettling into the position I had first found her in today, straddling Brad. "Hopefully you still like my ass, too," she said, reaching between her legs and grabbing his cock. With practiced motion, she inserted him into her snatch and settled down on him slowly, easing him deep into herself.

"Don't worry about that," I said, taking up a position behind her. "Got any lube?" I asked.

"Just use your tongue," she replied, her hips starting to move back and forth. I couldn't argue. There wasn't enough space on the bed, though, so I had to lean awkwardly over and spit down her ass crack. As much as I would have enjoyed eating that asshole, my cock was already insistently throbbing, so I just worked the spit roughly into her with a few fingers before climbing on the bed. "Ooh," she moaned as I placed my dick head firmly against her back entrance, "I see you do still like it."

She wasn't wrong. I pushed slowly and forcefully against the tight little hole. She breathed deeply and slowed her humping to a standstill. Before long, her sphincter gave in and the head disappeared into her. Brad's hands pulled her cheeks apart as she groaned, my shaft slowly but surely disappearing up her tight little butt. "Oh my god," she gasped as I entered her fully, "oh god I'm so full of dick."

"You like that?" Brad asked her. She just gasped and nodded in response. "Let's make this bitch cum," he added. We started thrusting, working up a slow rhythm. As he thrust up into her, I pulled out, and as he pulled out, I thrusted in. She just moaned and I felt her body go limp. We steadily increased the pace, pumping in and out of her, working her holes.

She moaned incoherently, "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck me fuck me fuck me..." Her voice wavered and I could feel her building to an orgasm. Through the tightening walls of her ass I could feel Brad's hard cock slamming into her. The room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and our grunts. Suddenly she screamed out in ecstasy "oh fuck oh fuck I'm coming I'm coming!"

We kept fucking right through her wildly thrashing. I pulled her hair roughly, yanking her head up as Brad pulled her nipples. "Don't stop! Don't stop fucking me!" she screamed as her body was racked with another wave of orgasmic convulsions. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh fuck!"

"Take those fat cocks!" I shouted as I pounded her tight little asshole, "Take those big fat cocks in your little slutty holes!"

"Cum for us, bitch!" Brad added. Her pussy was so wet that I could hear all her juices being sloshed out as he slammed his cock up into her. She did as she was told, once more violently coming as our cocks stretched her out from both sides.

Brad's balls slapped up against mine as his hips flew wildly up and down, covered with Phoebe's juices. Her last violent orgasm sent me over the edge. "Oh, shit," I said, straining to hold back my cum as my dick tingled with pleasure, "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

"Do it!" she shouted back at me. "Shoot that cum up my tight asshole! Fill my ass with your cum!" I did as she asked, my dick going crazy, shooting thick ropes of cum up into her bowels. I slammed my dick into her butt hard, forcing it in as far as I could go. As the convulsions slowed, I pulled out, leaving only the head in her, watching the slowly fading jerking of my cock with each subsequent squirt of cum into her. Finally I pulled out all the way and a torrent of thick, white cum followed, pouring out of her asshole and dripping down onto Brad's balls.

"Oh shit!" he cried out "That's so fucking hot!"

"Give me that cum," Phoebe demanded, working her hips wildly. I admired the stream of cum that was still dripping steadily out of her and pooling on Brad's nutsack. "I want your cum in my cunt! Give it to me!"

Just watching Brad's hips jerk, sending his fat cock barreling deep into her twat as he came almost got me fully hard again. Somehow he had enough cum left that it overflowed her, dripping out her pussy lips and coating his shaft and balls, where it mixed with mine. "Aaah," he sighed as he shot his last into her, then rapidly pushed her off of him. "Now clean up your mess, bitch," he said.

I had never known him to be so dominant before, but I liked it. I promised myself silently that his next load would be going up my ass. She seemed into it also, quickly repositioning herself next to him on her knees and bent over to suck up all the cum. She slurped it up noisily and even reached over to clean off my cock with her hand, licking up an excess cum she found there. When she was done, she fell back and cuddled in Brad's arms.

"This bed's a little small," I said as I lay down on his other side and rubbed his chest.

"You're staying over at our place tonight," Brad said, leaning his head towards Phoebe.

"Just tonight?" she said.


We decided that she would indeed stay over, but first we adjourned to our own separate errands. I actually went looking for Megan but had no luck at the library. I decided I would need some caffeine for the night's activities, so I headed to the coffee shop. I found Carmen working there.

"Hey," I said. "I thought you were going out with friends tonight."

"Yeah, I thought so, too..." she replied, looking down and to the side.

"But...?" I asked.

"But they ditched me for their boyfriends. Sometimes being single sucks ass, you know?" She looked back up at me. Fortunately the shop was dead at this time on the weekend. People were probably getting ready to go out if they weren't already there, so I didn't feel bad just chatting with the cute barista.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I replied. I couldn't help a bit of a smile creeping to my lips. I wasn't really sure if single was the right term, for one thing, but her use of the term "sucks ass" as if it were a bad thing was what really amused me. I was actually looking forward to some of that later that night. Probably sweet, innocent Carmen had just never sucked the right ass, I mused to myself.

"So I took this extra shift," she continued, her tone still a mix of annoyed and depressed. Then her face lit up. "But I'm free afterwards now, I guess." Ah, great, I thought. Normally I would love to see where the night would take me with her but I didn't think disappointing Phoebe that night would be a good idea. She must have read some of that off my face. "But you've got other plans..." she trailed off.

"Well..." I started without knowing where the sentence would finish.

"Ah," she interrupted my brain's rapid attempt to come up with a reply. "That Phoebe girl, by any chance?"

"Well," I began again, "she'll be there. Kind of more of a group thing..."

"A group thing, huh?" she said, seeming to cheer up. "Sounds like fun..." I thought I caught a look, but quickly dismissed it. A second date with a sweet girl like this was probably not the time to introduce her to double penetration, I thought. "Anyway, she's hot, so I guess I can't blame you. So, what do you want?"

"Huh?" I said, snapping out of my fantasies. "What do I want?"

"You did want to order something, yeah?" she said. I couldn't decide if it was annoyance in her voice, or just her usual teasing. "You couldn't be here just to see me..."

"Oh couldn't I?" I said. "But while I'm here, yeah, how about a coffee?"

"How about it?" she smiled, and turned to get the drink.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked.

"Me?" she said, "I think probably another date. The coffee shop? Nothing, it's on the house."

"Pretty generous of you, or of the shop, I guess," I said. I watched her cute little body move around behind the counter.

"Nah," she replied, bringing the cup to me. "Maybe I'm just looking for you to owe me. And don't tell anybody, but you're kind of my favorite customer. Even if you have to take this to go to get to your 'group thing'..."

For some reason, the way she said that struck me weirdly and on an impulse I said, "I've got some time, I think. When's your shift over, anyway? You wouldn't be up for a group thing after, would you?"

Her eyes lit up. I had no idea why I thought this was a good idea.


We went over to my place, our conversation on the way pleasant, if maybe a bit anxious. "So what exactly is this 'group thing' you're bringing me to?" she asked. "I'm not intruding or anything, right?"

"Oh, no," I said, although I actually had no idea what was going to happen. In all likelihood I figured we'd just hang out a bit and after she left the real "group thing" would start, but part of me probably just wanted to see what Phoebe would do. "We're just going to hang out, probably drink a bit, chill, you know, nothing special. Sorry I'm not taking you on a real date or anything."

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