tagErotic CouplingsThe Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door


Authors' note: This is a writing and role-playing exercise between me and fellow Literotica author Honey123. It's a bit of an experiment to post this as-is with the shifting perspective, but we think it turned out well. Hope you like it.

/Liar and Honey

* * * * *

I hear your soft footsteps on the floor behind me. There is no need to turn around. I know who it is. I can't explain it... You could be standing still in a corner, holding your breath, and I'd still know you're there. I smile to myself, and pretend to concentrate on the spreadsheets and documents on my computer. But in reality, I see the silhouette of your shape approaching in the reflection from the screen.

Quiet, as slowly as you can, you sneak up on me. I takes willpower to not just turn around and meet you, but I know that the longer I prolong this, the better it will be. Besides, you think you have the upper hand. If that makes you happy, I gladly play along.

You are close now, so close that I could reach back and touch your skin. I can feel your breath caress the back of my head. Any time now...

* * *

I wrap my arms around you and kiss the base of your neck. As I press my body against your back, I run my hands down along your chest slipping a finger under your unbuttoned shirt, feeling your soft skin and chest hair. I use my tongue and lick the outer rim of your ear and whisper, "You're not doing anything important, are you?"

You turn in my arms and I slide my hands over your chest, my fingernails coming in contact with your back instantly making you arch your back bringing your chest closer to me.

I hear your exhale of breath as you realise that I am naked. My nipples are hard against your skin, our hips touch, my thigh moves between yours and you feel my pubic hair against you. Your hands caress my back, moving down my spine as you grip my hips pulling me closer.

Our noses touch each others as we smile. I arch my neck and you plant tiny wet kisses along my neck down my collarbone and to hollow of my throat.

* * *

I let the tip of my tongue travel slowly, softly back up your throat, up to your chin and as you tilt your head back to meet my eyes, my tongue brush lightly over your lower lip.

You lean forward in my arms and press your breasts against my torso, and my hands moves to slide down the side of your thighs. You do nothing else for now, just breathe sweet gasps into my face, and let your eyes dart back and forward between mine with a mischievous gleam in those dark pupils.

When I let my hands encircle your legs and wander back up the back of your thighs to finally grip you buttocks, you let out a soft giggle and bend your knees slightly, to slide your entire body against mine. The sensation of your soft skin and your nipples rubbing against me makes the world swirl around me, and when finally...finally...your lips meet mine in an ever so soft and tender kiss, the room around us melt away into oblivion...

* * *

You walk me backwards as our kiss deepens. I am stopped by the cold wallpapered wall of your bedroom, which sends chills up my spine and makes me gasp. My body stiffens for just a slight moment until your hands continue their exploration of my body. I then melt into you, wanting to feel your lips upon my skin. Your hand lifts my leg and I wrap it around your waist. You caress my thigh from my buttocks to my knee, then you pull me closer. I can feel your body against mine, your mouth on my neck, the way you nibble at my skin.

I want you in the worst way, but I don't want this to stop. I want to feel you on me, in me...

* * *

The taste...that heavenly taste of your skin on my lips and tongue as I taste, kiss, lick, nibble, suck at your neck, your throat, shoulders, and your heaving, panting bosom. My hand caress the hollow of your knee and I hear a mew of delight from you, as well as feel it vibrating on my lips exploring the hollow of the throat.

Your hands have roamed down from my back and are urgently tugging at the loosely hanging fabric of my open shirt, easily pulling it off my shoulders. I let go of your leg and hip to shake it off my arms and toss it aside. Still kissing the skin on your neck, I start to fumble with my belt buckle.

"No...wait," you murmur softly, and take my face in your hands, gently nudging me back from you. "Let me take care of that."

* * *

I place a soft, breathtaking kiss on your lips leaving them wet and gently bitten and trail a line down your chest kissing your skin, nibbling you, teasing your nipples. My hands slide down the sides of your torso, my fingernails leaving tiny red lines where my nails gently scratch your skin.

I work my way down your abdomen, playing with your belly button, licking it with my tongue as I feel your member rubbing impatiently against my chin. I smile and slowly lick its head, swirling my tongue around it.

"Not yet," I whisper on the soft slick skin and nuzzle my head into the sides of your pelvis area, becoming intoxicated by your scent. I hear you moan and gently nip you as you entangle your fingers into my hair pressing my face closer.

* * *

I can feel the occasional teasing touch on my shaft, a wisp of hair and a nudge by a cheek that sends jolts of distilled pleasure from the head of my shaft directly up my spine. But you know your thing, how to drive me insane with need, how to stay just that little bit out of touch and perfectly in control.

I close my eyes and give in to the wonderful torture. My hands rests in your hair and on your shoulder, and your lips are everywhere but right there, right where I know they soon will be. Patience...patience... Kissing and nibbling at the sensitive spin around my member you make yearn like never before, making me ready for you.

It may be you who kneel before me, but make no mistake. We both know who is the goddess and who is the worshipper here.

And just when I feel like I'm about to lose all self control, I feel it. Your warm, wet lips touch the tip of my aching cock, and form a heavenly opening, sliding the knob softly inside...and beyond.

* * *

As I take you into my mouth, my tongue presses flat against your shaft allowing me to bring you deep into my throat. As I bring you back out again, my tongue twirls the shaft and then around the head and enclose your hard cock. The tip of my tongue plays with the hole at the tip, tasting and licking the pre-cum that has formed there.

My hand caresses your sack as my wet salived finger slides along the taint to your anus. My other hand holds your shaft in place as my lips and tongue play along it , enjoying you, tasting you. I slide my finger down and caress the puckered hole feeling your body tense and then relax, allowing my entrance. My finger slides in and out as I simultaneously bring your shaft deep into my mouth, then back out slowly. My lips slide along the ridge, nibbling, sucking.

I use my tongue to work it way back up so I can lick the swollen head. As I proceed downward, I use my teeth to gently scrap, oh so gently, just teasing you enough, making you wonder, making you suck in your breath.

Again, I bring your hard cock out and lick the ridge along the shaft, feeling it press against my cheek and I bring it between my jaw and shoulder, perhaps in a hug, a squeeze, loving the way it feels upon my skin. I lift myself up, just a bit, rubbing the shaft along my breasts, allowing me to kiss your stomach, licking it. As I come back down, I kiss the sides of your body, working my way to your back ever so slowly. Taking you all in, enjoying your taste, your softness, your scent.

I rub my breasts along your ass, letting you feel my hard nipples as I nibble upon you. My hand reaches around and encircles your cock as my tongue licks between your ass, then up again, nipping your cheek. I hear your intake of breath and laugh. I use my hand to caress between there as I move my other up and down your shaft. I blow on your skin, revelling in the fact that goose bumps have formed on your soft skin.

* * *

My senses seek out the slender body pressed up against my ass and lower back, hair tickling the skin of my cheeks and your warm breath sending shivers form the end of the back and up my spine. I let my fingers trace the slowly motioning arm with a hand wrapped around my cock. I follow it around my side to your shoulder. I place my other hand in the same fashion, and sink to my knees in front of you. Your chest slides along my back and I feel two hard nipples teasing an invisible trail up my back.

My hands come around my back to slide down your sides, passing the sides of your breasts, your ribs, waist and hips, until once again settling in that soft, smooth junction where the back of your thighs meet your ass. The teasing teeth just seconds ago on my buttocks have not stopped their playful nibbling and grazing, but is now assaulting my neck.

And still...that hand...pumping my cock like nothing had changed. Now your other hand slides around my waist to hug me close, pushing your body tight against mine. I can feel your breasts pressed against my back, and your soft, pubic patch against my ass. You playfully tug at my cock a little extra, causing me to groan in pleasure.

"You like that?" you whisper close to my ear.

I respond by reaching up with one hand to caress your neck and let my fingers slide through your hair, while the other slips back, in between your ass cheeks. A finger rubs your anus for a while, before letting go, tracing it's palm around your hips, and in between us, gently sliding over your warm pussy.

Your excited breath next to my ear becomes a soft whimper, then a mewing moan, as I nudge those lips open and sense the wetness at my fingertip.

* * *

I pause momentarily to enjoy how your finger is stroking me and moan as it enters the hot, moist area between my thighs. I delight as your fingers slide along the shaven lips, teasing me, fondling them. Then slipping inside and twirling in the wetness that has formed. I push down onto your finger and begin to move my hips slowly up and down, then back and forth, joining you in your exploration of my pussy. I moan again as your finger teases me, almost achingly punishing me. I pause in the stroking of your cock, bringing my thumb up to capture the pre-cum then slide my hand down the shaft cupping your sack, massaging it, fondling the pubic hair.

Your hand gently, teasingly tugs at a strand of my hair then cups my cheek. As your thumb parts my lips, I instinctively search for it with my tongue licking the length of it, then gently nip it with my teeth. I hear you moan and as my tongue flicks along the palm of your hand.

You turn slowly and kneel down before me placing your hands on either side of the floor, forcing me to lay down under you, and part my thighs with your knees. I look up at you, my eyes flash with excitement and lust. I smile up at you and grab the sides of your head bringing your face towards mine then hold you back just before our lips meet. I then whisper onto those soft, wet lips, "Fuck me."

Closing my eyes, I feel your lips part against them in a smile and I resist the temptation to do the same. I mean what I said to you. I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard. No playing, no teasing. That will come later. Right now, I have an urgency for your body to fill me. Every inch of my skin is aching for you to make me yours.

* * *

I look down into your face and closed lids just an inch away, a small frown on your brow, your lips mouthing an echo of what you just said. You say nothing more than those two words, but your whole being screams out the same message over and over.

I hear my own libido shout the same orders at me... fuck her...take her... claim her now. Your body below me is on fire, and so is mine, my cock drawn to that warm wet slit like a magnet. I want so much to give in, to push, to plunge myself deep inside of you. But still for a few more seconds I wait, and watch in delight how you squirm in anticipation below me.

I blow a soft, teasing stream of air across your face, and your delightfully frustrated reaction makes me unable to hold back a soft chuckle. I let my cock down to slide along your parted pussy lips. A sharp intake of breath and your head arched back tells more than words what you feel. What I feel when my shaft comes in first contact with that soft, hot, welcoming haven is something I couldn't even begin to describe.

One by one I take your hands and place them locked in mine above your head. Resting on my elbows right above your face, I can see every twitch in nuance of it's expressions. But I want more.

"Open your eyes," I whisper and watch you blink in surprise. "Watch mine. I want you to look at me."

Your lust filled eyes find mine and we lie perfectly still for a couple of breathless seconds. I raise my hips slightly, and the tip of my cock finds your awaiting hole. My eyes never leave yours...

...and I push my cock fully inside of you in one long, deep thrust.

* * *

My eyes flash with excitement as you capture my hands above my head. "Yessss!" I moan, each syllable coming out softly, slowly.

I watch you with veiled eyes, my breathing raising my chest towards yours. Our hot, slick skin touching, melting into one. As I feel you push deep into my I resist the urge to close my eyes, they flutter momentarily and I see you smile through my lashes. I bite my lip as you thrust again, harder this time. I raise my hips and wrap my legs around your waist, locking my ankles behind your back. With my legs, I push you down as I lift myself up, your sack slaps against my ass, your hair tickling me.

"Oh!" I moan again. "You feel incredible!" I whisper to you.

You just nod, not saying a word, just look into my eyes. Unable to take it anymore, I release my hand and roll you over onto your back. Your surprised look makes me laugh and I capture your hands this time above your head bringing my face to yours. My breasts flatten against your chest as I try desperately to keep your hard cock inside of me. You bend your knees and tilt yourself up thrusting once...twice. My body contracts, squeezing you. I place a kiss at the tip of your nose and then sit up so quickly that your cock pushes deeper in my pussy. I straddle your hips using my thighs to move up and down. I smile as you watch me slide my hands up my sides, across my abdomen. My hands slowly moves up caressing my breasts, my thumbs running over my nipples, hardening them. I bring a hand up and lick two of my fingers, my smile widens as you watch me anticipating what I am going to do. I trail my finger down and then dip it into my pussy, massaging my clit while one hand caresses my breasts.

* * *

I just lie there, matching your rocking motion with small thrusts of my own. My hands roam up and down your thighs, and my eyes drink the luscious sight of your body in full wanton display. A slight sheen of sweat is reflecting the overhead light on your shoulders, stands of hair sticks to your throat. I follow those hands of yours as they switch between clit, pussy lips and nipples. It so mesmerizing, so totally hypnotizing, the glow in your gasping smile, the fire in your eyes, and the lust radiating from your rocking body. All this combined with the tight squeezing slippery pussy devouring my cock over and over is sending my mind to dimensions I didn't even knew existed. The universe is you, me and that fiery hot connection between us.

I raise one hand to cup your breast, squeezing mildly. I hear you giggle, and you grip my hand, motioning me to put more effort into it, to not be so shy and careful.

"Come on..." you hiss. "I won't break."

I start massaging your breast, rolling and pinching the hard nipple between my fingers. You groan in appreciation, and turn your own attention to your clit again.

Careful to not let you lose the pace, I reach back with my other hand and raise myself into a sitting position. My face comes in direct level with your chest, and my mouth finds a delicious nipple, just waiting to be embraced by lips, tongue and teeth.

But before I can lean forward and taste that wonderful treat, something else touches my lips, and a familiar scent fills my nostrils. You slip two fingers, coated with your juices into my mouth, and I suck at them greedily, savouring that sweet, salty flavor as if it was the elixir of life. The taste sends my soul spinning, everything else blanks out for a second, as I lose myself in that short magic moment.

* * *

Chills surge throughout my body as your tongue licks my fingers. You use your teeth to graze the skin, sliding your lips and tongue up each digit, teasing the soft skin between.

I lean forward and search for your tongue with mine, licking it along the length. A gasp escapes my mouth as your hands pull my hips in more, effortlessly lifting me up and then down as I bring my hips into you, feeling your body move inside of me.

If at all possible, I feel myself getting wetter, the sticky substance allowing you to slide in and out of me faster and deeper. I cradle your face in my hands and pull you close. Our kiss deepening as our tongues explore each others, pausing once in a while to relish in the exquisite sensations your are creating within my body.

I wiggle in delight as your hands travel to my ass, teasing me, sliding up, going lower and stopping. I jut my ass out, waiting. We pause in our lovemaking for what seems likes minutes, but in reality is only seconds, as you push your finger inside me, thrusting your hips forward making me gasp in pleasure.

"Oh, yes!" I whisper, "Yes!" over and over.

I moan as I thrust forward and back again, rubbing my clit against your rigid shaft.

"Yes." You answer to an unspoken question as you continue your assault upon my body, pushing, kissing, licking.

The noises our bodies are making, the feel of your unshaved face on my skin, your hands, your body, your lips! My mind and senses are reeling. I feel your hard cock throbbing inside of me as I contract my muscles, keeping you there, squeezing you.

Our lips meet again, our tongues searching, exploring, tasting.

I am melting into you. My body surrendering.

* * *

I suck your tongue into my mouth for one last swirl, then push my finger deeper inside of you, and place a hand on your chest, gently guiding you backwards. You arch your back away from me, and I greedily lower my face to those inviting nipples. Knowing you are in just as much a frenzy as I am, I throw all carefulness to the wind, and suck down hard at your nipple and areola. You scream out a wordless nothing and clasp your hand around my neck, pushing your breast up into my face.

So close. I'm so close now, and I can sense that you are too. I take my free hand and bring it down to push and pull, pinch and roll your clit between my fingers and thumb. Every thrust now, faster and faster, harder and harder, is accompanied by your loud, gasping moaning, a hypnotic mantra, driving me closer and closer to that incredible edge.

I can feel it rushing up to hit you, almost as if it was happening to me, your ragged breathing, the tightening of your thighs and abdomen, the raised pitch in your voice... all this spur me along just as well. I lean forward, pushing, just pushing, pushing, pushing like my life depend on it, letting our bodies just merge into each other there on the floor. And then I feel you shudder underneath me. Your body goes rigid, and your head is flung back in a mask of total abandon. Everything falls silent, when you for a short heartbeat are so lost in the moment that you forget to breathe.

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