tagMatureThe Girls at the Store Ch. 03

The Girls at the Store Ch. 03


After the all-night and all-day orgy with my three new teenaged lovers, my forty-four-year old cock and balls were pretty worn out. The three of them, big-titted, athletic Carla (age nineteen), tiny, punky Tanya (also nineteen) and beautiful, perfectly-proportioned Julie (only eighteen!) all work as cashiers at the large grocery store where I am a checkout supervisor.

Over the months that we've worked together, we've all gotten very close, in what I thought was a father-and-daughters relationship. Oh sure, I was very attracted to each of them, since each was very hot in her own way. I guess I've always lusted after young girls, although I had never been with anyone that young since I was in college. They all flirted with me, giving me those looks, making sure to "accidentally" rub against me any time we worked together, always hugging me hello and goodbye, and making sure I saw them in sexy outfits before they changed into their work uniforms. At the same time, though, they had all started calling me Daddy, and shared a lot with me about their thoughts, dreams, and feelings, just like a young girl might do with her father if they had a close relationship.

When the three of them got close, they started partying together, and got into the habit of calling me when they were drunk or high to tell me how hot they all were for each other and for me. It got to the point that I used to jerk off while talking with them on the phone, but I never let them know about it, feeling guilty about being so turned on by these young girls.

That all changed when Tanya invited me to a party at the secluded little house she had inherited from her parents. I really questioned whether I should go, since partying with these young girls could have gotten me in a lot of trouble, both at work and with the law. In the end, I did go, and found out that they had planned the whole thing as a way to seduce me. I fucked all of them that night, and again the next day. They even did a group deep-throat on me. We all felt the same way about each other. We realized that we all had a deep, loving emotional bond with each other, and we all craved sex with each other all the time. Still, we agreed that we would have to keep our relationship a secret.

I was almost afraid to see them all the next day. I was afraid that I would get an instant boner that everyone would see the minute they walked into work, and I worried that they would not be able to keep their memories of our marathon love-making to themselves. I was relieved when they all greeted me and worked with me the same way they always had, not giving a clue that anything had happened between us.

The way our schedules worked out, the only one who had the same day off as me that week was Julie. At eighteen, she looks the most innocent of the three girls, and, in fact, is the most sexually inexperienced. She had lost her virginity a few months earlier to a classmate who managed to get in her pants, lasted about thirty seconds, and never called her again.

Although she has stunning good looks, she never really had any boyfriends. She's the kind of girl that high school boys have wet dreams about, but are afraid to ask out. With her beautiful face, creamy complexion, perfect 36C-23-35 figure, long shapely legs, and eyes that can put a man into a trance, she probably intimidates the guys in school. She really didn't have much experience with men on any level, since she never knew her real father, and didn't have any memory of the step-father who was only around for a short time when she was three years old. I guess that's why she began calling me Daddy, since we hit it off so well almost from the start.

She was the first one of the three to give me an indication that the flirting was more than just silliness. We had gone for a walk one day to talk about something that had made her unhappy, and she kissed me. Before I knew what was happening, we were clinging to each other, kissing deeply, with my erection pushing against her belly and my hands going for her ass. I stopped myself, afraid of my impulses, and feeling that I had to do the right thing and cool things down.

At Tanya's, the three of them stripped for me and gave me quite a show of making out with each other. Julie was the first one to break away and come over to me, letting me play with her pretty pink nipples before she went down on me. I actually fucked the other two girls first, and then made long tender love to Julie, giving her the first orgasms she had had with a man. The next day, she had Carla teach her how to deep-throat, and she and Tanya tag-teamed me. Later, I fucked all of them again. With Julie, the sex was more vigorous than it had been the night before, but I still made sure she came several times before I blasted off deep inside her.

Since Julie's Mom and step-sister were going to be out of town until the next day, I went to her house so we could enjoy ourselves at her pool. She lives in a nice neighborhood of fairly expensive houses, surprising since her Mom is a single mother. Mrs. Blake must be quite a woman, I thought, putting herself through college and landing a lucrative career while raising two babies alone. When I got to the house, Julie greeted me at the door wearing a tight tank top and shorts, which showed her already erect nipples and a nice camel-toe.

As soon as I got inside, she jumped into my arms and began to kiss me deeply. "Oh my God, Daddy, you don't know how much I've wanted you this past week!" she said, grinding her mound against the large bulge in my pants. "Every time I saw you, I just wanted you to make love to me. I masturbated a couple of times every day this week, but it's just made me hornier. Tanya wanted to lend me her new vibrator, but I knew that wouldn't really help. I just want to spend the whole day having sex with you, Daddy!"

She didn't have to twist my arm. "Take your clothes off and show me what you've got, baby," I said. "I've been undressing you with my eyes at work all week. I can hardly wait to have you again."

She strutted slowly into the middle of the room, making her ass sway seductively. She then turned and fixed her patented hypnotic stare on me as she began to play with her wavy, highlighted brown hair. Slowly, she worked her hands down over her tits, playing with her nipples and caressing the fullness of her breasts. Then, she hooked her fingers into the hem of her tank top and slowly hiked it up so I could see all of her flat abdomen. With one fluid motion, she peeled the shirt over her head, setting her breasts free. She bent her head forward slightly, so she could tickle her pale pink nipples with the ends of her hair while looking at me through the tops of her eyes and licking her lips.

After that, she tossed her head back so the hair fell behind her shoulders, exposing her C-cup tits fully. She then began caressing her hips with her hands, slowly moving them together until her fingers met in the middle. She worked one hand inside her tight shorts and began to rub herself, all the while swaying slowly back and forth. After a minute of this, she withdrew her hand, and I could see a thin line of moisture where her finger had rubbed against her lower belly. She then proceeded to lick and suck that finger hungrily, enjoying the taste of her own juices.

"I want to see your pussy, baby!"

"Not until you've gotten naked for me, Daddy. I want to see a show, too."

I wasn't about to make a long performance out of this, quickly stripping off my clothes. She stared longingly at my now fully hard cock, already with a drop of pre-cum showing. We were about eight feet apart, but I was so turned on that I thought if I would have jerked off then, I could have spattered her from there. She turned her back to me at that point, and slowly stripped off her shorts. God, her ass was firm and pretty!

She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "Do you like what you see, Daddy? Do you want me?"

"Go and bend over the arm of that sofa, baby, and I'll show you how much I want you," I whispered.

She smiled, and then did her best runway model walk to the end of the couch. She pushed the fronts of her thighs against it, spread her legs, and began to finger herself. I moved behind her and reached around to caress her breasts, squeezing and tweaking her nipples while kissing her neck and shoulders. She moaned and grabbed my hand with her wet one, making me take over the finger fucking. As soon as I got two fingers inside her, she began to buck furiously, experiencing her first climax of the day.

I couldn't wait much longer to be inside her tight, teenaged tunnel. I bent her over so that she had to support her weight with her arms on the seat cushion, then knelt behind her and spread her legs even further apart. From this view, I could see her rosebud, as well as her beautiful, wet lips. With my tongue, I proceeded to make those lips a lot wetter.

"Daddy! I can't take any more of that. Just fuck me now!" she cried. I stood up, grabbed my manhood, and slowly worked my length into her. Julie said to me, "You already showed my how beautiful it is when you make love to me gently. Now I want you to fuck me hard. Take me like a whore. Punish my pussy with your big dick!"

I began to thrust deep inside her while working her clit between my thumb and index finger. I knew I couldn't last long like this, and she was squealing and cumming again. Sweat was beginning to drip from my forehead to join her moisture that was beading on the small of her back. Making love to her slowly had been wonderful, but this vigorous fucking was every bit as good. I tried to last as long as possible, but with the way she was thrusting back to meet my strokes, I soon gave up and began to pump load after load of cum into her luscious body. The feeling of my spunk squirting into her made her cum hard again. She then simply collapsed forward over the arm of the couch.

I lay down on the floor to recover. My sweet baby then joined me on the floor, kissing my face and chest. "I love you so much, Daddy. Sex could never be as good with anyone else as it is with you. You make me feel beautiful and loved."

"You are beautiful, Julie. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever been with, and I do love you. I wish I was young again, so I could be with you for many, many years."

She propped herself up on one arm and fixed her stare on me. "I know I'm only eighteen and you're forty-four. I know I'm only a kid to you, but I don't care. Sure, you'll get older, and I'll always want to share you with my best friends Carla and Tanya. There may be other girls who come into your life, and I hope to meet a man I can marry and have a family with, but I'll never stop loving you, and wanting you to make love to me." We lay there on the living room floor cuddling and caressing each other for a long time.

"Let's go for a swim," Julie said.

"OK, let me put my clothes on so I can go out to the car for my trunks," I replied.

"No need," she said. "We have a high privacy fence and the neighbors are all at work. I'm going to swim naked, and so are you. I don't want to have to remember what your cock looks like today like I had to all week. This is going to be a day of complete openness, just like at Tanya's. So come with me."

I followed her through the house out to the pool. It wasn't real big, but it looked wonderful to my sticky, tired body. As I watched, Julie walked to the edge and dipped a toe in. "Mmm, the water feels nice. It's just the right temperature for fucking in!" she said, as she dove in. I walked to the edge and watched her swim from one end to the other underwater. When she surfaced, she turned over and floated on her back, allowing me to marvel over the perfection of her body. "What are you waiting for, silly? If the water is too cool and your dick shrinks, I'll take care of making it big again."

I dove in and swam over to where she was floating in the shallow end. She stood up when I got there, the water making her full but perky breasts float even higher than normal. I wasn't ready to fuck her again, so I swam over to the edge of the pool and grabbed a beach ball I had seen there. I tossed it to Julie, and we began a spirited game of water polo. We then swam laps together for a while, but eventually tired of that.

When we got to the shallow end, we stood up, and I began to kiss her. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around me so that her pussy was squeezed against my cock. It didn't take much of that to get me hard again. But instead of entering her, I carried her over to the edge of the pool and lifted her up onto the edge. "I haven't tasted you since last week," I said, "and it's time to change that." With a smile, she moved forward so that she was barely supported on the edge of the pool and spread her creamy thighs to give access to my hungry mouth.

I began by kissing my way up each thigh, first on the tops, then on the insides, finally kissing and nibbling on the tender flesh of her lower belly and her clean-shaven mound. Then, I began working on her pussy. I licked her from the bottom to the top of her slit many times, making her breathe harder. When I used the tip of my tongue to begin teasing her clit, she began to writhe with pleasure. Soon, her juices were moistening my lips as she came.

After she recovered, she said, "It's time for me to taste you, Daddy. I actually dreamed of the taste of your cock a couple of times this week. Now I want to experience it for real."

We traded places and she began licking my dick like an ice cream cone. She spent a lot of time using the lightest touch possible with the tip of her tongue, tracing the veins on the shaft and circling around the ring where the mushroom begins. Then she teased the head the same way, paying special attention to the hole that was steadily leaking pre-cum. Finally, she began working me into her mouth, all the while using her talented tongue to massage me. She kept this up until I bottomed out against the back of her throat, and then she began working those muscles in a swallowing motion while working the base of my shaft with her fingers.

"Honey, that feels amazing, but I want to cum in your pussy instead of your throat." Just in time, I pulled out and helped her out of the pool. We dried each other off. I pulled the cushions off a lounge chair, put them on the deck in the shade, and laid down on them on my back. I motioned for her to straddle me, and she slowly began to work her sweet wetness down onto my swollen cock. "Daddy, that feels so good. You fill me up completely. I just want to stay in this position forever!"

While I caressed her breasts, she moved slowly up and down on me. Then I started to rub her clit with my thumb. She moved faster and harder, making her tits bounce. I loved this view. I could see her wet labia moving up and down on my shaft, those perfect pink hard nipples, and her beautiful face beaming down at me. A little trickle of sweat began to move down her cleavage onto her flat belly. As she moved faster, her pupils began to dilate with her oncoming orgasm. I wasn't far behind.

Suddenly she stiffened, and looked toward the house. "Mom! You're home!"

to be continued...

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