tagLoving WivesThe Girls From Next Door Ch. 02

The Girls From Next Door Ch. 02


One would think, from reading some of my stories, that my life is filled with sex.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

My work at the Massage Therapy School I teach at is lots of books, anatomy, charts, tests, on and on. We also have "Hands-on" classes, and the students work on each other. These can be a lot of fun, but it's still a classroom.

A few times during each semester, we have sessions where nudity is allowed, and proper draping techniques are discussed. I also go into all of the State laws involved, even though I have no inhibitions at all about bypassing some of them in my private practice.

The semester always starts out the same way, the students are nervous, bashful, but as time goes on, they get used to each other. In just a couple of weeks, the male and female students are interacting like old married couples.

Over the course of the school year, I will have my hands on every one of my students, and see every inch of them completely nude at one time or another.

This year has been no real exception, even Kathy and Lisa, the two sisters that live just across the road from me, showed much more interest in the learning than anything else. So I was well on my way to a normal year.

One thing that is different is Lee, my pretty wife, is working towards becoming a full-fledged Doctor. She is taking night courses, and some of the internship she is doing will have her gone for days at a time!

This has raised literal hell with my sex life.

I found myself staring at Lisa one day as she slipped off her clothes to climb on the table. Standing there in all of her glory, completely nude, she caught my look. I know I blushed, and looked away, trying to keep myself under control. I watched Thomas, one of my two male students, spread the thin sheet over her. He then did a proper tuck, and turned the sheet back, exposing Lisa's left leg, and the curve of her behind.

I felt the twitches in my slacks, and took a deep breath. It didn't help when moments later I glanced over and Kathy, Lisa's sister, was just lying down on the next table. Tammy, our heavyset student covered her the same way.

It hit me that I had the entire class just standing there, waiting for me to begin. Somehow I managed to struggle through, but my mind was on the fact that Lee was just into her 2nd day of "5 on 2off", and I knew when she did get home, she would be exhausted.

After class, I made the uneventful drive home, fixed myself a small meal. I checked my schedule and had no appointments, so I settled down on the couch with the evening paper. Just then the phone rang.

I picked up the phone, "Hi, Teacher Ted!" Lisa's voice sang out. "Can Kathy and I borrow your air compressor? She has a flat on her bike." My mind flashed to the many times I had seem the two of them screaming down their driveway on their bicycles, bare legs flashing as they headed off towards town. "Sure!" I answered, thinking nothing of it.

A few minutes later, I heard some noises in my shop, then the compressor start up, then all was quiet. Then came a soft knock on the door. I answered, and here stood Lisa and Kathy. "Trick or Treat, Teacher Ted!" They sang out in unison.

I thought for a second, this was Tuesday, but I let them in, grateful for a bit of company.

They went into the living area, peeled off their jackets, and I came almost to a stop. They we both wearing white shorts that looked almost painted on, and red scarf type tops that were knotted in the front, midriff bare. Not exactly the type of clothing one would expect for a late October evening, I thought.

I poured some Club Soda, and served the girls, delighting in their company, to be honest.

Lisa sat down next to me and bluntly said "I saw you get a boner in class today!"

I swear, I will never get used to these two, they are always straight to the point, and pull no punches. All I could do was blush a bit, and I managed to mumble something about Lee being off on her internship.

"We know, Teacher Ted" again almost in unison, "She asked us to come over!"

Lisa stood up and untied her top, slipping it off. Kathy followed suit, then down went the white shorts, and suddenly, for the 2nd time, I had two naked teenagers right in front of me. Only this time, they were in my living room, instead of my hot tub!

I looked at the two of them, their bodies almost identical in appearence. Lisa keeps her pubes shaved, I knew, Kathy trimmed lightly but that was it.

"Kathy wants to try!" Lisa said. "Try what?" I asked, stupidly.

"You know!" Lisa giggled, and reached for my belt. It didn't take long and my pants were down and off, Lisa pushed me back a bit forcefully, and said, "There you go, Kathy!"

Kathy leaned forwards and I felt her mouth slide over me. I briefly felt the touch of her teeth as she experimented with the sensation. Glancing over at Lisa, I motioned her forwards. She hesitated, then stepped up on the couch, straddling me. I reached out and grabbed her tight fanny and pulled her towards me. She moaned as my tongue touched her, then she relaxed and ground against me.

It wasn't long before she was in the throes of an orgasm. I felt Kathy start to tire, and she let go of me. I gently pressed downwards on Lisa's hips, her eyes flashed open, and she looked me in the eyes for quite a while. The she relaxed and slid down me, pausing just as the tip of my erection touched her. I took my hands away from her, resting them at my sides. She made the decision, and slid down over me!

"Oh God, Lisa!" I heard Kathy murmur. Then Lisa and I were going at it. Soon she erupted massively, and it wasn't long before I could no longer hold back. I allowed myself to go, it seemed like gallons erupted from me.

Lisa and I snuggled, still joined for several minutes, then she lifted up and off of me.

I looked down, surprised to see the spottings of some blood. I looked at Lisa, she read my thoughts. "Yes, it was time" was all she said.

Then she turned and looked at Kathy and laughed, "Still ahead of you!"

Later, after we had dressed, I sat on the couch with these two marvelous young ladies curled up, one in each arm.

"So Lee put you up to this?" I asked.

"Yes", Lisa said, "But I think she meant a blow job like last time!"

"Well, don't worry, she won't be mad" I told them.

"That's good," Lisa told me, "because next time we can have you break in Kathy!"

I looked at Kathy, who turned bright red at the comment. I had a feeling that I would get to do exactly that...

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