tagLoving WivesThe Girls From Next Door Ch. 03

The Girls From Next Door Ch. 03


Most of you would think I am lucky! Two beautiful young girls, with almost no inhibitions at all, right across the road. Hell, even their Mom was no slouch in the looks department!

I thought back a few months ago, watching Lisa and Kathy tear down their driveway on their bikes at breakneck speed. Tanned legs flashing in the sun as they raced each other down the road and out of sight.

Each time brought a sing song, "Hi, Teacher Ted!" and they would be gone.

But lucky?...Well, it seems that the old rule of every action has a reaction applies.

After the session with Lisa, I showered and went to bed. I tossed and turned a bit, I had had absolutely no idea that she was a virgin. I mean, who would have suspected? Lisa spent more time out of her clothes than in them, and Kathy, even though she is a bit more reserved, seems to delight in trying to keep up with her slightly older sister.

But for some reason, it bothered me. I pride myself in being able to "read" people, my many years as an instructor at the Massage Therapist College, and years in practice give me a certain ability.

But, I had missed that part. With Lee off becoming a Doctor, I was being neglected a bit. The last time Lee and I made love was nearly a month ago, and that was a half-hearted "duty" screw on her part. She instantly went to sleep afterwards, leaving me missing the long afterwards cuddling.

I had a nice meal fixed when Lee rolled in Friday evening. I went out and gathered her carry case, and helped her in the house. She plopped down on the couch and kicked her shoes off.

I looked at her closely, the lines around her eyes seemed deeper, and I realized that for the first time I could remember, she looked her 50 years of age.

I rubbed her shoulders a bit, then we went in and shared the nice meal. She told me about her week, some of the days were 20 to 30 hours straight, then maybe an hour or two of sleep and back to it!

"Tell me about YOUR week!" Lee suddenly said.

I knew she knew about Lisa and Kathy coming over, so I related the events in detail, finally finishing up with my last minute realization that Lisa was a virgin!

I must have missed reading her again, I saw the dark look flash across her face. "WHAT!" she shouted, "You FUCKED her?" and she stormed out of the living room to the bedroom, slamming the door.

I just sat there in total shock, this was completely out of character for her. In over 20 years of marriage, she had never yelled at me, or shown even a hint of anger or jealousy.

I waited for a long time, lost in my thoughts. Was I losing my wife? Was she sick, overtired, what?

Finally I got up and went to the bedroom, Lee was sound asleep. I slipped into bed, and lay there for a long time, just thinking.

The next morning, I had a nice meal of Bacon and Eggs all ready as she came out. I poured her some Orange Spice tea that I know she likes, and quietly sat and shared the breakfast, still not knowing what to say.

"Ted, I am sorry." she suddenly blurted out. "I was just exhausted."

"I know, it's all right," I replied, "But I will leave the girls alone."

"It's not that" she told me, "It's just that they are so young, and I am so..." And she exploded into tears.

"OH, man!" I thought, as I got up and went over and hugged her. I felt her sob uncontrollably against my chest, I just sat and held her. Then she turned her face to me and kissed me.

I slipped my hand inside the soft robe she was wearing, and let my fingers brush against the side of her breast, tracing a line to her nipple. Suddenly her nipple firmed up, her breath changed, and she began to squirm in my arms.

Then we were tugging at each other's clothing. I lay her back on the floor, and buried my mouth in her familiar taste.

It had been too long, I felt her moving under me, and she orgasmed.

Then I was buried in her, we went on and on, trying to become one!

Finally, we settled down, I lay there with her for what seemed like an hour. I was nuzzling her cheek with mine, when I realized she was asleep! I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, slipping the covers up and around her. I looked at her face as she relaxed in sleep, the lines softening, the beauty still present.

I went back to the living room, sat down with a cup of coffee and my thoughts. I knew she had almost a year to go of the crazy schedule she was doing.

I knew we would need to work hard to survive it and still be together.

*And Lisa and Kathy were coming over the next Tuesday, what in the world was I to do about that?

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