The Glamour


Tears ran down her face when she read those words. For years she had denied thinking about John, the one man who cared desperately for her. She remembered his loving smile and the feelings they had for each other. John had been killed in a car accident a number of years ago. A terrible accident, had occurred while he had been away alone on a business trip. She had been too busy doing her own thing to be with him. She was always stubborn like that, taking him for granted. She had blamed herself completely after it happened, but blocked out her thoughts of him and concentrated solely on her career and money, as it was the only way for her to avoid feeling guilty as hell.

"Oh John!"

Could he really still love her, killed because of her selfish attitude and after what was happening now? He was dead! It was impossible to contemplate. She did not believe in life after death! But then, what about what was happening to her at this very moment? That was real enough!

She decided to go to the ceremony. But what was she to do? She read the words of the shopkeeper again. "Let happen what will happen."

"Ok she decided, "If I'm to go, I'll go with guns blazing!"

She tied the black scarf around her neck and rode full speed to the Church of Elemental Saints at Sandhurst road no. 235. Thankfully it was but a short distance from her mansion. Precisely at 10:00 PM she arrived at the entrance, a large gothic wrought iron gate guarded by two lackeys.

As her headlights approached they opened the gates and let her through. A mansion house not dissimilar to hers, though bigger and more ostentatious, appeared around the corner of the drive. Would the Vicar be there, waiting for her? She felt her pussy tighten, her breasts tingle and a deep sense of longing for Him filled her loins.

She got out of the car, shaky, but still in control and approached the heavy oak door. A young, handsome butler dressed in black livery opened. "Yes Ma'am?"

" I've come for the ceremony," she said huskily. He opened the door wider to let her in.

"Ah Miss Anne Soignant, yes, we have been expecting you. Will you please take a seat on this stool a moment Ma'am?" The handsome butler asked politely. "Protocol requires that I check first to see if you are, uhm, ready for the ceremony."

" What do you mean?" Anne asked indignantly.

"Please excuse me Ma'am, but the Vicar left explicit instructions to prepare you for him!"

At the mention of the Vicar and that he was so obviously preparing for her, a wild fluttering started in the pit of her stomach flowing downwards. She began to tremble uncontrollably and felt the need for Him rearing its head.

"What does the Vicar want me to do?" she asked in a low voice.

"Please spread your legs Ma'am," the butler said. Softly. "We need to check if you are, uhm, for want of a better word, wet enough for His Lordship the Vicar."

Anne moaned softly and spread her legs on the stool, letting her short dress ride up her thighs and revealing a glistening bush.

"Oh but that will not do Ma'am," the butler suggested.

"But I'm wet through. Look at this!" Anne drew a finger along her slit and it came off dripping. She licked it sensuously and asked, "You sure it's not enough?"

The butler remained utterly composed and said, "It's not the wetness that's a problem Ma'am, but we need your lower region - clean, shaved clean! Please go through the foyer and enter the last door on your right, and someone there will help you on your way." he answered showing her the way with his eyes.

Her legs felt weak as she walked through the foyer with its opulent tapestries depicting hunting scenes and lit with unobtrusive soft lights. The urge was driving her forward, where to, she had no idea. She came finally to a dark, almost black wooden door into which fornicating cherubs and demons had been carved with an extremely skilled hand. She knocked, but there was no answer. Slowly she tried the door. It was open and she went inside.

She saw something she had not expected. In the centre of the well-lit room was a gynaecologist's chair with leg-rests on either side or a big lamp above it. The chair had red leather covering with red straps by the foot, head and armrests. A beautiful woman was standing next to the chair, looking at her when she came in. She was spectacularly dressed in a tight fitting black latex suit, with zippers around the breasts, which were beautifully accentuated by the latex, which fitted tightly around them. Another zipper was visible extending from her crotch to her well-rounded ass. Her hair was ash blonde and she had fiery green eyes and blood red full sensuous lips to match.

She smiled contemptuously at Anne and spoke in a distinct voice, "So, the slut comes to the Master at last I see . . . welcome!" She ordered Anne to lie down on the chair. "Now lift up your skirt my darling and put your feet in the stirrups so I can see what I am doing."

Anne obliged and felt a sudden rush of excitement and fear at once. After the Lady had fastened her feet securely to the rests she said, "I'm Talith and I serve the Vicar, you know, the Lord who is receiving you tonight?"

"Y . . . yess," Anne replied.

"Now let me prepare you for him properly!"

She pulled a large blade from her suit and opened a small jar of paste, which she rubbed over her vaginal area. Then deftly she began shaving her pussy. "Now we must be careful not to damage Master's property, must we not?"

Anne held her breath feeling the scrape, scrape of the blade. "MUSN'T WE?" Talith asked in a sharp voice slapping Anne hard on the thigh . . . "Splat!"

"Oohnn yess Lady!" Anne cried. " Yess we mustn't!" She loved the feeling of the sharp pain combined with a deep sexual longing for Him. Talith continued shaving calmly till she was done. Anne wanted more but was not sure how to ask for it, so she went ahead anyway.

"Please Lady, can I have some more?"

" WHAT?" Talith cried. "You presume that WE will do what YOU ask??" She then took a leather cat 'o nine tails out of a drawer and said, "You have," - letting the leather splatter her thighs - "NO right!" - bringing the whip down over her exposed slit- "to ask us to do for YOU!" - spitting finally in Anne's face.

She leaned over her face from which the saliva now drooled down and drew on one of Anne's erect nipples protruding through the thin material of her dress and said softly but menacingly, "You will never speak unless spoken to. You Will obey EVERY order we give - understand!"

Anne's breath almost whistled in alarm. Every pore in her body tingled, wanting more but afraid of what may come, as she said, "Yess Lady, I will do as you and the Master ask!"

"Promise?" Talith asked slyly.

"I do," said Anne, truthfully.

"That's better darling." Talith kissed her, and used a finely scented facecloth to clean her face tenderly.

"Now, I'm going to rub some soothing ointment on you, which incidentally, has been made especially for you! Isn't that nice Anne?"

"Is it like the tart I had?" Anne asked fearfully.

"You know about that do you? I suppose that bastard of a shopkeeper told you about it, didn't he?"

"Yes." Anne couldn't lie. This woman was an expert.

"Well as a matter of fact Anne, I made that tart, and I think you liked it, otherwise you wouldn't be here now would you?"

"Yes Lady," Anne answered obediently.

Talith sat down in front of Anne on a stool and proceeded unzipping her breasts form the tight fitting latex suit. They tumbled free and white in contrast to the black shiny material. Her nipples were dark pink in colour, stiff and hard.

"Suck on my nipples Anne," Talith commanded as she leaned over her. Her breasts did not touch her face so Anne had difficulty catching one of them swaying above her mouth.

Lifting her head caused the leather strap fastened across her throat to choke her. "Try harder Bitch!! Do it!"

Anne did her best and finally half choking from the strap around her throat, caught a nipple in her mouth. "Now suck on it, whore, suck!"

She sucked as hard as she could, making wet noises with her tongue, which obviously turned Talith on, as she moaned softly.

"Now BITE on them Anne, you filthy slut BITE HARD!" Anne bit but she dared not do it too hard for fear of what Talith might do.

Talith lifted her breasts away and spat on Anne's face and again brought her face close to hers and whispered icily, "I made you a slut for my Master you Bitch, so he can use you, but I'll be damned if I don't get my share, now BITE!"

Anne shook her head furiously trying to catch something between her teeth catching Talith's lip. She drew on it and bit down as hard as she could! Talith moaned, "Now my nipple- quickie!"

Anne clasped the proffered nipple and bit down, tasting blood. "Ahhhhhh yessss," Talith cried, " now the other!"

Talith played with one of her bloody nipples, twisting and turning it between her thumb an forefinger, while Anne took the other in her mouth and bit down even harder, feeling the warm salty blood running into her mouth. Talith leaned her head back her eyes closed playing with her nipples and whispered to herself, "You see Master, I can enjoy her just as much as you."

Her eyes opened, the fire in them had softened, as she looked deeply at Anne. She spread her legs and opened the zipper which revealed her shaved and glistening cunt. Talith took Anne's hand and brought it toward her pussy. "Put your hand in me, and see what you can find!"

Anne pushed a finger in. " More. Put three fingers in - go on!"

Anne proceeded to dig deeper, opening the entrance to Talith's sex. Her fingers touched something hard inside the Lady's cunt. "Take it!" Talith commanded.

Anne grabbed it and drew it out to find a glass vial in her hand containing some kind of dark liquid. "You know what this is?" Talith asked.

" No Lady!"

"It is the way to the Master and oblivion. Rub what's in there over your cunt, asshole, tits and mouth. DO it!"

Anne unstopped the vial and began rubbing the lotion on the specified areas. It smelled musky and somehow had a slimy feel to it, although it was absorbed instantly into the skin. Master keeps this a secret, except from me because I make it for him and keep it in a safe place for him," she said with a half smile on her face.

"Before it takes effect let me tell you something Anne. You must know that the Master will want you to go all the way, and follow his lead, no matter what happens! If you do not, there is no way back from madness! This potion will help you in that. It is made from part of you so you need not fear it!"

Anne felt a strange compassion for this woman with her tortured spirit and said; "Thank you Lady for your instruction. Did you make it the same way you did the glamour?"

" Yes my dear," she said softly. I used the same hair from the comb you lost when you were inspecting the old mansion.

Anne remembered it now. She had left her handbag on the windowsill while wandering around the rooms in the house. Later that day, she could not find the comb, but did not pay the loss any heed. Who would? It was just a comb.

Talith continued, "I can say this to you because after tonight it won't matter; Master wants the house. It's an ancient place of elemental power you know. He was going to buy it as soon as he got enough funds together but then you came along and snapped it up in front of his nose!" Anne asked, "But why put me through all this- for what earthly reason?"

Taltih smiled wryly. "The elemental force needs sacrifice to allow one access to its power."

"What do you mean?" Anne cried out.

I can't say more my darling, except that this lotion is more potent although it does not last as long. It should take effect shortly." She took the vial from Anne' s fingers and rubbed the last of the liquid into Anne's clit. "Now let yourself go."

Anne felt a deep hum in her head and a spike of sexual heat fill her belly, and then she felt a prick in her ass and passed out.

She woke to a familiar smell. She could not quite place it. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a kind of dais with spotlights on her and dark all around. She sensed people present but it was deathly quiet. The low buzz in her head was more prominent now and she felt the surge in her underbelly, though it was much heavier now. She realized she had been stripped of her clothes and was only wearing a leather string bra through which her breasts poked; Her hands were tied onto a rail along the dais.

She also noticed she was wearing a golden bracelet around her waist fitting snugly in the curve above her hips. She did not feel panicky, but instead felt a constant lustful urge flowing within her. She needed sex in a way she never needed it before. She realized that this must be due to the ointment that had been rubbed onto her and knew that resistance would be futile. She thought of the Vicar, Master to Talith, and wondered how he had managed to have such a hold on this beautiful witch woman.

Then she felt a breath of air on her and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. It was He, walking smoothly and silently toward her, dressed in a flowing black robe. He came to her and touched her cheek with his hand, and she felt an electric current surge through her body.

Without saying a word, the vicar untied her hands. He started to speak in a deep sonorous voice. A voice, which resonated and awoke the urge for Him throughout her body, "Brethren, welcome. Welcome to the House of Elements, where tonight we celebrate a new addition to our number, just for tonight, just for us and for the elemental Power we live by. We have long waited to have an initiate to loose the power of this magical place and The Elemental's seen fit to give us the catalyst we need in the form of Anne."

The moment he spoke her name she groaned in ecstasy; her hand moving over her breasts, pulling on the nipples and further down to the place between her legs, furiously masturbating herself.

"As you can see, she cannot wait for the ceremony to start!" the Vicar joked. Everyone laughed with him.

"So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please begin and I will start the Calling. A word ladies and gentlemen, your lust must at all cost be unadulterated since the Power cannot abide with half-hearted emotions. Let your own energies fill his room. Then I will access the power when I perform the sacrifice!"

A gong sounded and soft lights came on. Anne noticed the room she was in now. The familiarity she had felt was obvious now. She was in the basement of her own house! The room had been altered considerably, probably in secret while she had been away. But she was beyond caring now. The spells that had been worked on her had turned her into a nymphomaniac. All the free will she thought she had, had dissipated away. She wanted the Vicar to fill her up with his cock, right in front of his congregation.

The vicar touched her again, and she lifted her chest up as far as she could to feel the electric current coming out of his hand. SheFlickered her tongue in and out of her mouth, eyes half closed, begging to be taken. He grabbed her breast in his hand and lifted her body to him with it. The pain felt excruciating but it only enhanced her lust. Every time he touched her, a bolt of electricity shuddered through her.

The Vicar called sonorously, "AIR!"

His voice echoed through the space that suddenly filled with gusts of wind. The cold rush of air over her hot body made her skin rise, and she saw a group of masked acolytes come before the Master with a black felt bag. Releasing the drawstrings he drew out of it a black rubbery figurine.

It was intricately carved with a gruesome face and a long red tongue lolling out of its open mouth and small horns sticking out of its body that was long and tapered to a rubber hose. At the end of this hose a pair of bellows was attached.

"Fill her with AIR," the Vicar commanded.

The acolytes obeyed immediately and approached Anne. Two of them spread her legs wide whilst the third rubbed the doll lovingly with scented oil and proceeded to insert it into Anne's salivating cunt.

"Yess," Anne murmured, "fuck me with your doll, yess, mmmmmmmmmm."

"It is not done yet Anne, be patient," the vicar whispered.

A slight nod to the acolytes and two of them began pumping air from the bellows into the rubber figurine wedged deep in her cunt. It began to inflate and Anne felt it stretching her pussy wide open, but more than that. AAs the air was being pumped inside it, the monster figurine seemed to come alive inside her!

"Mmmmmm . . . aahhhhhh . . . I can feel it's tongue licking my insides. Oohhh it's squirming inside me, its fucking meee!" Anne screamed. Her cunt was squelching and she raised her head to see lumps appearing through her skin as the air- monster threshed within her.

"From air comes, WATER," the vicar intoned.

The little devil doll had now found her G-spot and its horns were pressing and squeezing it hard from within. The acolytes were pumping furiously now and the pressure inside her became extreme. The Vicar approached and pressed his hand down hard above the G-spot just above the hairline of her pussy, sending jolts of electricity through her.

"Water!" the vicar cried again and suddenly Anne felt the urgent need to piss.

Below her the congregation had already taken their clothes off and were licking and fucking each other below her in a wild sexual frenzy. The Vicar called to a group just below the dais to come closer and motioned them saying, "Let the water from this vessel fertilize your lust!"

With that the acolytes pumped even harder while the Vicar applied greater pressure to the spot. Anne could hold it no longer, feeling as if she were standing on a knife's edge. She felt the hot wet heat fill her loins. The Vicar felt it too, and quickly motioned to the two acolytes who rapidly tore the twitching, almost living object from Anne's innards. Out of Anne's gaping orifice squirted massive jets of cum, spraying onto the orgy of the congregation below, who raised their heads eagerly catching it in their mouths.

Anne screamed in unbridled ecstasy, "Oh goddddddd!! FUCK!"

But it did not end there . . .

FIRE the Vicar called sonorously. The basement swelled with heat. Drums started beating rhythmically and the orgy taking place in the congregation produced a stench of sweat, seed and urine in one heady, choking mixture.

Another group of masked acolytes ceremoniously approached Anne. One of them drew on a rope by the wall and a copper cauldron was released onto steel cables and glided to a standstill above Anne's naked squirming body. The basin had a flame burning underneath it and whatever was bubbling inside it gave off a black smoke. The bowl had levers on its side presumably to be able to tip over whatever contents onto Anne.

Another acolyte produced a set of nipple clamps joined together by a thin silver chain. Anne, seeing them began to twiddle and stretch her nipples making them hard.

"Yess," Anne moaned. "I want to be hurrt!"

The acolyte, on instruction of the vicar squeezed the clamps to her nipples, a rush of pain flowed through Anne, mingling with her lust, heightening it even more.

"Aahhhh!" she wanted to feel that pain again and lifted her head up so she could grab the chain with her teeth.

But the Vicar now stood at the base of the dais, staring deeply into Anne. An acolyte gave him a rope to be able to draw the cauldron toward him. He spread his arms with an evil smile on his face and the two acolytes removed his robe. Anne could not believe what she was seeing, but the Vicar was a mutant. He stood before her revealing two firm erect penises fused together at the base where they joined to his lean muscular frame.

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