tagNonHumanThe Glass Elevator Ch. 1

The Glass Elevator Ch. 1


April felt a pair of eyes watching her as she left the store. Walking along the aisle on the fifth floor of the mall, she decided that the best way to get away from the watching eyes was to take the elevator to the bottom floor. The escalators were full of people just riding them and would take forever to get to the bottom, and the elevator was already at the top with no one waiting.

When April reached the elevator and stepped inside, she felt the presence of two people follow her in. A man, 5' 7", walked in and held the door for an attractive woman, 5' 6", who was pulling a stroller behind her. The man looked to be in his late twenties and quite in shape, like he worked out at least five times a week. His head was shaved clean on top along with the face, but his eyes were a very dark brown, almost black. The eyes seemed to darken when April looked into them, almost drowning her in the passion that came from them.

The woman had long black hair, reaching down to the lower part of her back. Her eyes seemed to be a bluish-gray and seductive. Her tight, short skirt had to be a size four and showed a pair of strong pale legs. A silk, button-down blouse snuggled her frame, the top buttons undone, showing a pair of breasts that begged to be touched and kissed.

April also noticed that the stroller was covered, so that no one could see inside, and there was no noise coming from it to let there be known that a child was inside.

As the couple came aboard the elevator, April stepped back to the glass wall of the elevator, feeling a little trapped. After the doors closed, the man pushed the button for the first floor, and introduced himself to April in an erotic husky voice that just aroused her body at the sound.

"Hi, my name's Mikail, and this is my wife, Angel," Mikail said seductively. "What's your name?"

"I'm April," she said, a little nervous about being imprisoned by these two strangers. "What sex is your child?"

With that, Angel quickly pushed the emergency stop button on the panel. The elevator jolted to a halt between the first and second floor. Mikail moved in front of April and stared into her eyes. April's will to resist the pleasure his eyes suggested drained from her body and she fell into his arms.

Her head tilted back for his lips to reach hers. His tongue invaded her mouth and was precise in searching her mouth for erogenous zones that she didn't even know existed in there, including around her tongue ring. Angel came forward and began to undo April's own blouse, reaching in and caressing the skin just under her bra.

It suddenly occurred to April that these two would have their way with her if she doesn't stop them, and she didn't care. The heat was intense in her body and the need for them to have her was unbearable. Damn the people watching below as Mikail began to undo her bra from the front. Her body trembled with arousal as Angel took one of her bare nipples in her mouth.

Mikail lifted the blanket off the stroller and unveiled a plethora of sex toys that April had only dreamed of owning and using. The first item pulled from the sex carriage was a surprise to April, two padded wrist straps made of shiny leather. As April watched in anticipation, Mikail stalked toward her and lowered her arms to the handrails in the elevator.

"You wanted to know what sex our child is," growled Mikail. "Well, here is the sex, my child, and you will enjoy it."

April moaned in pleasure as Angel began nibbling on her nipples and rapidly rubbed the tips with her tongue. April's eyes closed with the waves of pleasure until she heard the loud rip of the Velcro holding the straps closed. April's eyes widened with fear as Mikail trapped her arms by tying them to the rails. Angel's hands reached under April's cloth skirt and pulled off her panties. As she pulls the soaked cloth down the supple legs, Angel reached her other hand up the skirt and tickled the clitoris with her fingernails.

April nearly reached a climax, when Angel removed her hand from the wet snatch and rose from the floor, licking the juices from her fingers.

"You smell good enough to eat," purred Angel, as her hand reached up and ran through April's hair. The fingers settled around her neck, which pulled April's head closer to April. "I can't wait to get a full taste of you. You're going to be delicious in my mouth." With that, Angel covered April's lips with her mouth.

As she probed the succulent mouth, Mikail finished tying the straps to the rail. He got down on his knees and reached over to the stroller, dropping the tape inside it and pulling out a new toy. The rubber dick, perfectly shaped like a man's on both ends, was 6 feet long and as big around as a silver dollar. Mikail slid each end of the dildo into April and Angel, Angel getting the privilege of feeling it first.

When the head of the rubber dick reached April's crotch, she felt it thrusting back and forth, like a man was about to push himself inside her. Moans escaped Angel's mouth as she pulled away. April watched as Angel rocked back and forth on the dildo, pushing it slowly past her hot, wanting lips. She arched herself as Mikail helped ease it into her sopping wet pussy. As soon as the penetration occurred, Mikail put his fingers over April's clit, causing the orgasms to come full swing.

April's and Angel's screams echoed in the glass elevator. A roar of approval came from the crowd of people watching below, seeing the tight, taut asses of both women rocking back and forth with the man in the middle, playing with both of their clits.

April began to come down from the high and opened her eyes, looking directly into Mikail's dark orbs. She felt herself swoon and closed her eyes again to keep from losing herself again.

When she opened her eyes again, she found herself falling into Mikail's arms. She reached for him as he caught her and helped her to keep her balance.

"It's ok," he said. "The elevator just shook because they were able to get it started again."

April looked around and noticed her hands were no longer taped to the handrails and the crowd below was applauding the workers, who had started the elevator again, not the show she had imagined they were watching.

Or was it her imagination? Her panties were still unsnapped and she felt like she had just fucked for hours. Her body was still coming down from the orgasms that had just racked her body and the sweat was only just now beginning to dry up.

"What did you do to me," she asked the couple.

"We were just showing you what you wanted to see," Angel said. "If you like, we could meet later and learn more about each other?"

"That would be nice," April responded. "Let's get together later and maybe I can finally hold your baby."

"In that case, we will see each other later for sure," said Mikail. "I'll promise you that."

And with that comment, he winked at her and walked to the opening elevator door. He held it open for the two women as they left the elevator and the couple quickly disappeared in the crowd of people waiting at the doors.

"Are you alright," asked a man in an expensive suit, staring at April.

I've just be ravaged and I loved it, thought April, but she responded aloud with "I'm ok, I guess."

"Good, good. I'm the mall manager and I want to apologize for you being stuck in the elevator like that," the man began blabbering.

"Are you prone to fainting spells, or was that a first time occurrence," asked a woman nearby in a medical outfit.

"I'm fine and what are you talking about, I didn't faint."

"The security saw you grip the bars of the elevator when it stopped between floors and noticed that you didn't move again until the elevator started back up. That sounds like a blackout to me," said the woman.

"I'm fine, just ask the couple that was in there with me," April said, beginning to get upset with all the attention she was getting for nothing.

"There wasn't anyone in the elevator with you," said the manager. "I think you should let this lady take a look..."

Before he could finish his sentence, April ran from the crowd and headed straight for her car. As soon as she was in it, she sped off, toward home, never noticing the couple in the car following her.

To be continued...

Copyright 2001 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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