tagNonHumanThe Glass Elevator Ch. 3

The Glass Elevator Ch. 3


The thought of having two men at one time was April's ultimate dream come true. The two of them were willing themselves on her and possibly reading her mind.

"You must ask for us, or we will have to leave soon," said Angelo. "Tell us now that you want to be ours, so we can be yours. You want it."


To be continued

The Glass Elevator continued.

"Yes, say it, April," whispered Mikail. "You can have the dream that you have always wanted, two men. We will be everything you have always wanted."

While he was talking, Mikail had lowered his mouth to just inches from April's. She opened her mouth to protest, but her body and lust betrayed her. Her hips pushed toward Mikail, allowing their lips to brush each other as her fate was decided.

"Take me," she moaned, before pushing her lips against his. "Fuck me."

With that said, her mouth was wrapped by his lips, his tongue invading her mouth, exploring every possible part that it could reach.

His cock bored deep into her dripping pussy, pushing the walls apart, giving it a pressure that made her think of the first time she'd had sex.

The only difference between then and now was the pleasure. Back then, she was just a young girl with a young boy who didn't know what he was doing. There was pain when he first pushed past her lips. When he broke her hymen, she had gasped in pain, but he had his orgasm then as well.

April had never thought that she could fuck again because of the pain, but that wasn't so. She had sex very often, being "built" as some guys had put it over they years.

This demon over her was being nothing like that inexperienced boy. Mikail was more handsome. He wasn't bulging muscles, but no matter where she touched him, he wasn't that soft either.

The only bulging muscle on his body was now buried deep insider her, and it was moving like his tongue, exploring every curve of every wall and every nerve ending that brought more moans to escape their kiss.

Mikail raised himself up, as if he were doing a push-up on top of her, but her legs were already wrapped around his waist, arching her back and helping their hips to grind against each other.

When Mikail rose, he positioned himself into a sitting position, placing them both into what she was told was the lotus position. She began to enjoy her trappings, letting out a low moan.

While she was moaning, she wrapped her arms around Mikail's neck and placed her head on his shoulders. Her mouth opened wide, exhaling as his dick pushed against her g-spot. Somehow, it twitched and tickled the spot, like no one had ever been able to do before.

The moan escaping her mouth was suddenly blocked and April opened her eyes to see what she really wanted. Angelo was placing his rock hard dick in her mouth and beginning slide over her wet tongue.

Angelo's dick tasted like sweet nectar on her tongue. There was just a hint of something else, though. Something she wasn't sure she recognized, but it intensified the taste and pleasures.

Angelo's hands slid down the back of April's head and entwined his fingers into her hair. His hands began leading her head, slowly pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. When he attempted to pull it away from her, the suction and her want for it to remain there wouldn't let it pass her lips.

Mikail had wrapped his arms around April's waist, grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands. He used this for leverage to lift her up from his long shaft and pull her back on top of it.

Each time Mikail lifted April, Angelo pushed her head closer to him, slowly sinking his sweet cock into her mouth. The head of his dick would touch the back of her throat, causing her to try and swallow, pulling harder on his cock.

When Mikail impaled her on him, Angelo's hard-on pulled against her suction. A moan began to escape the two demons. They were enjoying their prey as much as she enjoyed being their prey.

Angelo and Mikail's cocks began to enlarge inside April. She could sense their nearing orgasms, and was ready to take in all their fluids, as much of it as she could.

Her spasms began to increase, causing her to tighten her arms and legs around Mikail. Her hands reached around Angelo's bare legs, pulling him closer. One hand slid far enough around a leg, letting her fingers tickle his balls from behind.

The gripping touches gave them the pleasures that all three wanted. The orgasm of everyone in the room made enough was stronger than April had ever had before.

The cum from Angelo went down April's throat smooth and with the same flavor that she had tasted throughout the entire experience. As the heated liquid made its way to her belly, she felt Mikail's cum make its way up into her womb.

While the fluids filled her, April found that she was beginning to burn with a desire and lust that she didn't believe she would ever be rid of. Her orgasms continued to run its course.

The demons' dicks continued to move in ways that a normal man's dick ever could. The cock in her pussy continued to writhe against her g-spot, and in some way or another, the patch of hair around Mikail's dick was moving on its own, caressing her clit. These motions kept her orgasms going, not letting her relax.

Angelo's cock began to grow longer and become skinnier, almost like a serpent. It twisted it's way past her tongue and deeper into her throat, causing her to keep swallowing. The suction from her tongues movements kept pulling Angelo's semen deep into her gut.

As the fluids began to fill her, April became weaker. Her motions became slower, even when her orgasms began to intensify beyond what she thought was possible.

April's thoughts now reminded her of what she knew the outcome of this coupling was going to be and grew scared for her life. But her need for the orgasm to continue would not let her quit the slow movements she barely had the energy for.

Mikail whispered into April's nearest ear, as the world began to spin around her.

"You have done good," he said. "You will be rewarded by becoming one of us. You to shall prey on mortal men and women, giving them pleasures and deaths that they will enjoy.

"But for now, sleep and rest," he continued. "You will need it before your training begins."

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