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The Good Doctor's Practice


It was another hectic day for Samantha as she went about her rounds at Dr. Rosenthal’s offices. The doctor was one of California’s most popular, and hence busiest, plastic surgeons. Today the doctor wasn’t in, out playing golf with some celebrity, and had left his nurses with a heavy workload.

Samantha was a fairly attractive and bright 21 year old woman. She had graduated from high school early and finished college in record pace, which caught the eye of Dr. Rosenthal when she applied for the job. She stood at about five foot six, and sported a very trim frame from her daily jogging regime. Under her white buttoned up shirt, and conservative knee length grey skirt was a well shaped athletic figure. A modest 30B bust and firm rear made her popular with the guys. That was when she got the opportunity to get out, an activity which was becoming harder to come by with work commitments.

Samantha was the newest of the nursing staff, only having been with the doctor for three months, she found the work fairly mundane. Because most people who came in had had cosmetic surgery they didn’t want to share many details about themselves. And the celebrity patients were always handled by senior staff so as to maintain their confidentiality. Because it was such a prestigious position, none of the senior nurses would even speak about their famous cliental in the lunchroom.

So Samantha was destined to look after the average Californian who was looking to get rid of a few wrinkles here, a nip and tuck there, a bit of liposuction over here, and the occasional breast implant. She had to admit that when she first arrived it was a little awkward to handle another woman’s breast and have to physically inspect it at close proximity. But she eventually developed a tolerance for it. Besides most of the boob jobs she had to look at were ladies in the late thirties and forties who had well heeled husbands and too much time on their hands. They never looked particularly attractive, not that Samantha had ever approached a client as being anything more than another of the day’s tasks.

Samantha walked down the corridor to the nurse’s reception and picked up her next clipboard file from patient box. She quickly looked over the details to see what this patient had done. Today was outpatient day and Sam and the other nurses were checking on Dr. Rosenthal’s handy work. Sam looked around for a cup of coffee, but there was none brewed, so she slinked off towards the private examination room at the end of the hallway.

As she flipped through the file she noted that her patient was another breast enlargement patient. She flipped back to her details and noticed that the woman, an Erica Taylor, was only 24 years old. That was unusual for this practice. Sam certainly hadn’t handled a breast enhancement patient that young. She arrived at the examination room door and looked at her reflection in the glass shielding on one of the doctor’s paintings on the wall. Sam flicked her shoulder length black hair back, and straightened her glasses, before opening the door.

Seated in one of the plush swivel chairs was a very attractive young woman. She certainly couldn’t be more than the 24 listed, her face flawless with the slightest bit of makeup and luscious crimson lips. Sam wondered if the doctor had done those as well. Erica turned in the chair to face Sam and stood to greet her. Sam only noticed the rather expensive gold and diamond chain bracelet which hung from her wrist as she shook hands with the Erica.

Sam walked around Erica and behind the desk placing her file down before sitting. Erica was a very attractive woman she wore a low cut black shirt which emphasized Dr. Rosenthal’s work. Her cleavage was huge, Sam estimated at least 34DD if not slightly bigger. Erica stood about five foot five in her high heeled boots. She had a curvaceous body which drew attention to her shapely hips and ass, and her new silicone breasts. She also wore a slim fitting mid thigh beige skirt which allowed the faintest hint of her stomach and her olive complexion.

“Ms Taylor, my name is Samantha and I’m one of Dr. Rosenthal’s surgical nurses and by the looks of your file this is your fourth visit following surgery … so you should know the routine,” Sam said as she read through the file. She looked up through her glasses to see the seated Erica smile and nod approval. Erica had an aura that relaxed Sam a little, she didn’t come off as one of those picky patients who complains and makes the nurses life hard. Sam had already had one of those this morning and didn’t need another.

“You surprise me,” said Erica, “I usually get one of the older nurses to examine me. I didn’t know someone as young as me would get to work in a place like this.” Erica followed her comment with a broad smile, one which Sam returned before making a few notes on the file.

“So you had a breast enhancement procedure?” asked Sam, still a little shocked that someone so young an attractive had undergone such a surgery. Judging by the notes and Erica’s pre-surgery photos, she had been well endowed before the operation. “How are things going?”

“Great, can’t say I’m dissatisfied, the doctor did a fantastic job,” answered the bubbly Erica. Her flowing blonde hair swayed in the light, she flicked it back with her hand. Sam again catching a look at the expensive jewelry; this girl has some serious money. It made her wonder what Erica did, was she a spoiled rich kid? Or did she earn it? And if so how? Sam could only guess how someone at 24 could afford those things and Dr. Rosenthal’s bill.

“So, no pain at all? No discomfort?” Sam made a few more short notes on her file before putting the clip board back down.

“None whatsoever,” again Erica was very chirpy, as if happy to see Sam. Sam eyed the gorgeous woman again, she glimpsed at the enormous breasts that she bore and wondered why she had wanted them so big? And why Dr. Rosenthal had even allowed it.

“So you’ve had no impairment of function? Everything is in order. What about when you’re sexually intimate? Nothing wrong?” asked Sam, she was embarrassed the first time she had to ask a much older woman those questions, but now they were standard and came with the terrain. Her job was to be thorough.

“No, in fact I think they’ve been fantastic whenever I’ve been having sex. I haven’t had any pain, even when I’ve had people play with them, or even when they suck on them.”

Sam was a little shocked at the frankness of Erica’s answer, most people would say yes or no, but she delivered an explicit answer without blinking an eye. She must have been one laid back person, or someone who was very comfortable with their sexuality.

Erica continued to smile, Sam didn’t want to appear too uncomfortable about what her patient had just said, but a whole raft of questions ran through her mind. She talked about people playing with her, which meant more than one person didn’t it? And with the obvious expensive jewelry and clothes, maybe Erica was a high class hooker? It probably wasn’t the first time one had come through these offices, and they did make a lot of money.

“Well if you’d like to go sit up on the examination table, I’ll just wash up and be right with you. We’ll do the physical exam,” said Sam as she got out of her seat and headed in the opposite direction to the small sink to wash her hands.

Erica got out of her swivel chair and walked over to the examination table; she climbed the one step and sat on the fairly rigid folding top. The padding was very meager, like most medical exam tables, she sat up facing Sam and crossed her legs, waiting for the nurse to finish up.

Sam finished scrubbing and dried her hands, she turned to see Erica still fully clad smiling at her as she sat on the exam table. “Ahhh, can you take your jacket off?” asked Sam politely. Erica removed her thin black leather jacket, a designer label for sure, again she flicked her flowing hair back over her shoulders and smiled.

Same stopped in front of her. “If you could just take your shirt and bra off? I’ll get started with the physical.” Sam watched as Erica slid her tight black shirt up over her head, revealing her huge breasts pushed together by a lacy red bra. Sam was mesmerized by the shear size of Erica’s cleavage as she expertly unlatched her bar and threw it down beside her with her jacket and shirt.

Erica’s breasts bounced for a moment and then seemed to firm up and point out towards Sam. Her olive skin was contrasted by the light brown of her areolas, which were a good two inches in diameter. Even from such a close distance Sam couldn’t tell that they were fake, the doctor had done a really good job with these ones. Erica grinned again and appeared to invite Sam to inspect her ample cleavage.

Sam gently cupped Erica’s breasts and lifted them, they were fairly heavy, something to be expected when considering their size. They retained a natural feel, and the tiny scars that the doctor had cut underneath had healed and were almost imperceptible. Sam again fondled Erica’s breasts as she worked her supple fingers over every inch of them to feel for any abnormalities.

Erica was physically enjoying Sam’s examination. The older nurses would apply more pressure and had much rougher hands, but Sam’s were soft and gentle. Sam’s exam was almost like foreplay. Erica could feel her breathing become shallower and that sensation of her nipples beginning to swell. She looked down to see her buds just beginning to rise. Sam hadn’t taken any notice as she examined under her armpits and the sides of Sam’s breasts.

Sam could hear Erica’s breathing pattern change, at first it was not unlike the reaction a patient had when a pair of cold hands touched their skin, but this time Erica seemed to keep it up, exhaling out of her mouth in slow smooth motions. Sam stepped back away from Erica, she could see Erica’s nipples had begun to swell. Their color darker, her peaks rising outwards.

Sam didn’t know quite what to do, it wasn’t unusual for a patient in these circumstances to physically respond to the examination in that way, but Erica seemed to actually be enjoying herself as if it were an erotic experience. Sam thought some questions might help distract her from the situation.

“So Erica, why did you decide to get breast implants? From what I saw in your file you didn’t seem that badly off,” asked Sam as she again was forced to cup Erica’s breasts to exam the flesh around her areolas.

“I did it for career reasons, they helped open a few more doors for me,” replied Erica. She closed her eyes and almost moaned as Sam gently probed the outer reaches of her swollen nipples. Sam’s face was mere inches from her erect tits; it invoked a plethora of memories in Erica’s mind.

“Oh yeah, what job do you do, acting or modeling?” asked Sam honestly, she hadn’t even remember what she had been thinking about Erica before.

“You could say acting. I’m in the adult film industry, porno, basically I get paid to sleep with other people. Hence the need for bigger breasts, they’re almost a necessity nowadays,” answered Erica swiftly. Sam immediately stopped what she was doing and looked a little shocked at the response.

“That should be it for the physical, you can put your clothes back on,” said Sam and she shuffled over to the desk to finish up with Erica’s file. “Everything appears to be in order, I’ll just finish your report and you can go.”

Sam knew she was probably coming off as grossly uncomfortable; it wasn’t that she was worried about Erica, more that … she didn’t know what. There was a strange feeling in Sam which she assumed was something to do with Erica’s reaction to the exam. Was she actually getting sexual gratification out of what Sam had been doing?

Erica had put her shirt and bra on and carried her jacket over to the desk, throwing it down on the chair. She stood waiting for Sam to look up from her note taking. “You know, the other nurses usual take about ten minutes to do that, was it something I said that made you uncomfortable?”

Sam couldn’t help but notice the slightly innocent inflection Erica put on her face, she matched it be twirling her hair around her finger like a school girl, pouting her lips. “No, no, not uncomfortable, it’s just I didn’t need any longer, everything seemed to be fine,” stuttered Sam as she signed the file and closed the clip board.

“You know, you don’t have to be scared of me, I don’t bite,” Erica said with a mischievous grin. “You know, you have the perfect look for the porn industry, you have an awesome body, even if you don’t flaunt it.”

That last comment sent Sam to her feet, she smiled briefly to accept the compliment but then picked up the clipboard and walked around the desk, headed for the door.

“Look I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable,” Erica chased after Sam as she got a hand on the door handle. “Sorry if I came off the wrong way …” Erica had a grip on Sam’s wrist to get her attention.

“It’s nothing like that, I’m just … busy I have a lot of patients to see today, and …” Sam tried to ease the door open but Erica had pushed a foot against its corner stopping it from opening. “Ohhh, I almost forgot, you probably don’t need to see us again, everything is fine with your post-op.”

“What happens if I want to see you again?” asked Erica is a low voice. “If I book another appointment, will it be with you?”

Sam was nearly ready to scream for someone to come get the door open and away from her patient who seemed to have a firm grasp on her arm and wouldn’t let the door budge. She was also pressing up hard against Sam, pushing her back into the door.

“Well you can never guarantee these things, it’s a busy practice as you can imagine.” Sam let out a nervous giggle, well and truly scared of what her patient was trying to do.

“You know I was the same way the first time,” said Erica in a deep sexual tone. She pushed her breasts up into Sam who tried again in vain to pull the door open. “It can be a little daunting at first, but you’ll soon find how enjoyable it is.”

“Sorry, I must go, I have to … besides I don’t want to be in the porn industry, can you …” Sam squirmed as Erica pinned her further to the door, her breathing frantic.

“I didn’t mean the porn industry, I meant what you wanted to do before,” said Erica in a cryptic way, the words flowing over her crimson lips, she brushed back her hair with her free hand before pushing back up against the door.

“Look, Ms. Taylor, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m going to call security if you don’t open this door right away.” Sam was well and truly frightened of Erica now.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, before, when you were touching my breasts, you wanted to kiss them didn’t you? I can tell the look, I’ve seen it before, you don’t have to be scared, you can kiss them.”

Erica pulled her shirt up over her breasts and then pulled her bra up as well, her breasts dropped free, her nipples fully engorged and standing at attention. She rubbed them against Sam’s arm and clipboard, breathing in slowly and deeply.

“Go on, touch them, I don’t mind.”

“Look Ms. Taylor, Erica, I don’t know what you want, but …” Sam scrambled to get the words out. Erica had put on a sexy look, glaring deep into Sam’s eyes. Sam knew that look, it was universal for lust, she could feel Erica’s firm breasts push up hard against her.

“You know exactly what I want,” Erica said in a stern sexy voice. Sam watched as Erica’s face drew nearer to her, almost paralyzed she sensed what was about to happen. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind then she felt Erica’s lush lips press gently up against her own, she tried to turn her head but was pinned to the wall. Erica’s moist lips smeared over Sam’s and slightly nibbled on her lower lip.

Erica pulled back from Sam. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” She winked and again moved in on Sam. It was almost as if Sam had surrendered to Erica she found that she couldn’t turn away physically, or mentally, it was as if she was accepting the gorgeous porn star’s invitation.

Erica planted a firm kiss on Sam’s lips, this time she could feel some pressure returned, she pushed her tongue between Sam’s lips and found her willing to accept. It took no more than a second and the two were passionately kissing, their tongues intermingling in each others mouths. A sharp clatter was heard as Sam dropped her clipboard to the hard floor and the two embraced, their hands exploring each others curves.

Erica withdrew her tongue from Sam’s inviting mouth, “go on, touch them, they are so hot for you.” Erica pushed her chest outwards her swollen nipples pointing directly at Sam as she stood staring at the massive size. Sam lowered her head down and gently nuzzled her cheek and nose against the center of Erica’s tits. She softly kissed the inside of each one, sending a noticeable quiver through Erica’s body.

“Ummm, kiss them, suck on them,” purred a very aroused Erica as she closed her eyes sensing all over Sam’s movements. Sam gently cupped the massive tits and pecked each one before lavishly licking each nipple, much to the delight of a moaning Erica. Her fingers worked their way over her hard nipples before settling on them and softly rolling each one. Sam returned her warm mouth to each nipple briefly sucking on each one, taking the initiative away from the porn star.

“Oh, that is so hot,” murmured Erica, clearly wrapped up in her own self indulgence. Sam stopped what she was doing and stepped back from Erica. “You can’t stop there,” pleaded a horny Erica.

Sam winked at Erica’s demand but did not approach her, the cat and mouse game brought a broad smile to Erica’s face. Erica sauntered up to Sam and placed her hands over Sam’s chest and rubbed gently, she then slid a hand down her stomach and over her covered mound. Sam didn’t flinch for a moment as Erica expertly rubbed every sensitive region on her body. Erica leaned over and kissed Sam firmly on the lips, Sam returning the kiss with more force than before.

“Well, if you want to play that way,” grinned Erica as she plucked each button on Sam’s shirt open, she slid her hand up over Sam’s bra tracing a circle around her pert breasts. Sam still remained totally impassive, much to the surprise of Erica who was now going all out to get a response from the hot nurse.

Sam could feel the soft hands of Erica run over her warm flesh, they were contrasted by the rigid edges of her false nails, their hardness sending pleasurable signals through every corner of her body. She could feel her own breasts begin to swell under Erica’s pressure, and a fire spread through her moist crotch.

“How do you like that?” whispered Erica directly in Sam’s ear before nibbling on her lobe. “Do I make you feel good? As good as you made me feel?”

Again Sam gave no response, her mind totally focused on her own growing desire for sexual release. Erica flung Sam’s unbuttoned shirt back over her shoulders, which then fell to the ground. Erica pushed her body up hard against Sam and began to grind her own mound against the nurse’s thigh, her hands running along the hem of Sam’s skirt, looking to gradually loosen them.

“Well if you’re not going to talk, then maybe I should just keep going. Okay with you?” Erica purred, kissing Sam on the cheek. She had found the hidden zipper to Sam’s skirt and swiftly undid the garment, sending it to the floor. Sam wore a somewhat conservative pair of low rising cotton panties. Erica ran her nails over the soft fabric before running them around her hips and up her back to Sam’s awaiting bra.

Before Sam could react her bra fell to the floor, her hardened nipples exposed to the open air. Erica pushed up against Sam again and began to grind more furiously, their nipples catching each others as they maneuvered.

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