tagFetishThe Good Girl Ch. 04

The Good Girl Ch. 04


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It had been two weeks since Shannon and I had been to the club for the first time. We'd found out that every month they hosted a "Fantasy Night," where they tried to satisfy any fantasy they were able to for one of the female members. Names and fantasies were submitted and drawn at the end of every month, and the fantasy night was held the next weekend.

As luck would have it, the first drawing after we joined, my name was pulled. Shannon had submitted the fantasy that I'd told her, about wanting to be used and degraded by a huge group of men. Once she had told me she'd submitted it and I'd won the drawing, I was ecstatic. This had been one of my biggest fantasies for as long as I could remember, and I'd never been able to have it fulfilled. And the best thing was, Shannon was going to be directing it all!

I could hardly sleep the week before. I was so horny the entire time I think I almost fucked Shannon to death. We even had to buy a new strap on because I got a little too "enthusiastic" with ours.

Finally, mercifully, my day arrived. Shannon had gone shopping to get some things for the night, and to help prepare the club for my fantasy. I spent the entire day trying not to break down and just mindlessly fuck myself until I couldn't walk straight. The thought of what was going to happen later had me bouncing off the walls. It took all my self control, but I didn't want to spoil the anticipation.

Shannon picked me up at 6 and drove us to the club. I couldn't sit still in the car I was so nervous. As soon as we arrived it was clear that she was in charge for the evening. She took me to one of the dressing rooms and started preparing me for my evening.

"I got us a new toy." She said, pulling me into the shower. "It's an enema nozzle that attaches to the shower head. It'll get you nice and clean. Trust me, you're gonna need it!" she giggled.

I felt like I was being pampered like some kind of model. She soaped me up, washing my smooth curves with her slick hands and then kneeling down behind me and spreading my cheeks. She stuck her face between them and dug her tongue into my asshole for a second, lubing it up and then slowly pushing the nozzle into me. She wiggled it around a little, teasing me forcing me to lean against the shower wall for support as my knees weakened. Once it was all the way in she turned it on and I felt the warm water rush into me. It felt amazing! I'd never felt so clean after she finished with it.

Shannon helped me dry off with a towel and then styled my hair into long, soft curls. She dragged me over to the closet, grabbing a bag from behind the racks of clothes and starting to pull some stuff out.

"I saw the way you gawked at that serving girl the first night we came here." She said, sifting through the bags. "So I got an outfit just like that one to show you off in!"

She came out of the closet with a bunch of clothes and dumped them on the floor. She kneeled in front of me and slid a pair of white see-through panties up my legs, followed by a black, pleated miniskirt. Then she pulled out a sexy schoolgirl blouse, tying it up tight under my tits so they were almost spilling out, and gave me a pair of black heels to put on. The last accessories she put on me were a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, just like the serving girl wore, and a matching pink collar with the word "WHORE" in big shiny letters. It had a little lock on the back that was connected by a long silver chain to her wrist. She dabbed some gloss on my lips, and then pulled me over to a full-length mirror to admire her work.

"God damn you look delicious!" She said "I should dress you up more often."

She turned toward me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Alright. Are you sure you're ready to do this?" She said with a concerned look. "It's not too late to back out."

"Yeah, I think so. I want to." I said.

"Ok. I'll be right there with you, filming everything." She said, smiling and giving me a quick hug. "I love you."

"I love you too." I said, hugging her back.

"Let's go!"

She grabbed my hand and led me out the door of the dressing room and down the hallway toward the main room. My heels clacked and echoed in the empty halls. As we got closer the sound of voices got louder and louder. I was shaking with excitement and my knees were quivering as we walked. My pussy was hotter and wetter than I could ever remember it being. My panties were already sopping wet, and I could feel the juices leaking through and trickling down my thighs. Finally we rounded the last corner and I got my first look at the main room.

I almost fell over. There were way more people than I ever thought would come. There had to be over a hundred guys. There were also a lot of girls, which I hadn't expected. I knew the club had a lot of members, but this was incredible! The girls were sitting at the bar or in chairs around the raised platform in the middle of the room, obviously there to watch the spectacle of me getting fucked half to death. Most of the guys were already naked and mingling around the platform, waiting for me to arrive. Shannon led me through the crowd like a puppy on a leash. I could feel my cheeks getting red with embarrassment as hands reached out and groped me and I heard the guys whispering. I'd never been in front of this many people in my life, even in normal clothes, much less dolled up like a slutty schoolgirl!

We finally weaved our way through the crowd and up to the platform. It had a big mattress covered in plastic laying in the middle, with a huge mirror on the ceiling above it, and a video camera mounted on a tripod in front of it. It almost looked like some kind of sacrificial sexual altar. Shannon helped me up and pulled me over next to the bed, yanking the chain down and making me drop to my knees beside her. I put my cuffed hands in my lap and sat on my heels obediently.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" She said, focusing the crowds attention. "This is Heather, and tonight, she's yours. Tonight, you'll fulfill her nastiest fantasies. She's going to be your cum slut; degraded, covered from head to toe with your nasty sperm, and fucked into oblivion.

She yanked me to my feet and spun me around, bending me over and lifting up my skirt. She rubbed her hands over my cheeks and spread them. "I want you guys to stretch these cute little holes wide open. Look how fucking wet she is already!" she said, pulling my panties to one side and stroking a finger up and down my slit. I felt like a doll on display. She ran a finger up my thigh, gathering a little trickle of my juices on it and mashing it into my clit. "Tonight, she's your sex toy. I want you all to stuff her with cock like a cheap, dirty whore, and fill her up with your hot cum. You think you can handle that?"

The crowd roared their approval, and goose bumps spread across my skin. I couldn't believe I was actually about to do this. To live out my ultimate fantasy.

"Alright then, let's get this party started!" Shannon shouted.

She pulled a key out, unlocking my cuffs and removing the chain connecting me to her wrist.

"Good luck!" she whispered, grinning and hopping down off the bed. She headed for the video camera, but before she was even off the platform five guys rushed it and started devouring me.

I squealed as they threw me onto my back on the bed and I immediately had a cock thrust in my face. I gobbled it up as I felt another man in front of me, pulling my panties aside and munching on my cunt as both my hands were filled with hard meat. The last guy kneeled on the other side of me and untied the knot in my shirt, letting my tits spill out. He didn't even even bother to take my shirt all the way off before he mounted my chest and his cock disappeared between my soft mounds.

Within 10 seconds I was already getting well fucked by five guys. I could tell it was going to be a good night.

I stroked the guys in my hands back and forth as the one kneeling next to me bounced the head of his cock off my shiny lips. My pink tongue flicked along the underside of his head and I planted wet kisses along the bottom of his shaft before wrapping my lips around the fat head and sucking hard. The guy straddling my tummy pushed my tits together and fucked the smooth cleavage as I moaned. He stood up and grabbed my wrists, pulling me up so I was kneeling. All of the guys surrounded me and started slapping my face with their cocks.

"Fuck yes, beat my face with your dicks!" I moaned I worked my clit hard with my fingers and inhaling their scent as about 4 feet of hard cock meat slapped my face. I grabbed the one in front of me and sucked the balls into my mouth. My wet tongue rolled all over them, making big circles around each one before I tightened my lips around the base of his sack and sucked on them, warming them up with my hot mouth. I lashed his balls with my tongue, getting them nice and slick before letting them slide out.

"Make me your cum bucket..." I pleaded, letting the balls flop out of my mouth. I grabbed his cock around the base and rubbed the length over my face, relishing the feeling of the hot rod sliding over my flushed skin. "Please, fuck me like a dirty little whore!"

I opened my mouth wide and it was instantly filled with eight inches of hard dick. The guy behind me grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair, wrapping it around his cock and jacking off with it. I moved my mouth and hands from cock to cock, licking, stroking, sucking, and trying to make sure no one was left out. Once they were all wet with my saliva I was thrown down to the bed again, one guy crawling beneath me, hiking my skirt up as I straddled him and positioning his cock at the puckered entrance to my ass. I spit on my fingers and rubbed them against the little hole before he grabbed my hips and pulled down hard. I gasped as his big mushroom head split my asshole open and he pushed deep, until my cheeks rested on his thighs, making me cry out as my bowels were filled. I leaned back and kicked off my heels as another guy kneeled between my legs and impaled my sopping cunt. I was now sandwiched between them with a long, thick cock filling every inch of my holes. I loved being filled like this. There's no better feeling than being completely and utterly fucked. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices trickling out of me and running down my ass cheeks. Both of their cocks shined with my wetness as they pistoned in and out of me.

"God yes... Fill me! Pound those cocks into me!" I moaned.

I turned my head sideways and a thick rod pushed past my lips and down my throat, silencing my screams temporarily, and making my body airtight. I opened my mouth wide and gagged and moaned around it as it lodged deep in my mouth, the balls resting on my chin. The guy grabbed the back of my head and pushed it up and down, making squishy wet sounds as the fat head massaged the back of my throat. I stuck my tongue out with the cock still buried down my throat and flicked the tip against his balls. My eyes started to water just before the guy pulled back and pushed his cock head into my cheek. I slapped my face where it poked out, making my eyes tear up even more as I bounced up and down on the cocks fucking my ass and cunt. I could feel them grinding against each other through the thin wall separating my holes.

The guy pulled out of my mouth and started jerking off in front of my face. "Come on, cum on my face!" I panted. "Fucking spray me with that hot load!" I reached up and stroked his balls lightly with my fingertips, tickling and massaging the heavy sack as his cock swelled and several blasts of thick cum erupted from the head. Warm, gooey jizz coated the right side of my face and dripped down my cheek as several more arcs splashed against my nose and lips. My fingers flew to my clit and I rubbed it furiously back and forth as my cunt exploded in orgasm, my cum oozing out around the shaft in my pussy and lubricating the one impaling my ass. I sucked the head of the cock into my mouth and swirled it around, savoring the soft taste of the cum as the lasts few blasts squirted out and glazed my tongue. He grabbed my hair and slammed my mouth down on his cock one more time, forcing me to deep throat it and choking me for a moment before finally pulling out.

"Fuck..." I gasped. Cum dripped from my lips as I fell back against the guy underneath me and he grabbed me around the waist. The guy in front grabbed me behind the knees and helped lift me up so that they were standing with me sandwiched between them.

They started thrusting up inside me and I held on tight as they skewered my little body. I felt tiny being crushed between these two big studs, especially with both of them lodged deep inside me. My weight was being supported only by their hands and cocks. With every thrust into my ass, my pelvis was pushed against the guy in front of me, grinding my clit into his stomach and driving me wild. He cupped the cheeks of my ass and spread them, pulling my asshole taut as the huge cock slid in and out of my bowels. I could feel the tip of the cock in my pussy brushing my cervix with every lunge forward.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!" I yelled, urging them to push my limits. "Stretch those fucking holes!"

They both picked up speed, working up a rhythm and starting to really bounce me up and down on their cocks. I couldn't help but giggle to myself at what I must look like being suspended and fucked by these two guys. My legs were sticking out and bouncing all around as they pistoned into me, my little skirt was bunched up around my stomach, and I was thrashing my head back and forth. Little orgasms rippled though my twitching pussy every few seconds and made my body vibrate with every hard, hole-stretching thrust they gave me.

I wrapped my arms around the neck of the guy in front of me and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. I licked his teeth and he sucked on my bottom lip as he slammed into me harder. The guy in my ass started to squirt first, his cock expanding and shooting several blasts of cum up my butt. I felt his hot breath on my shoulder and neck as he groaned and drained his balls into me. His shrinking cock slid out of me and cum trickled out of my ass as the guy holding me continued to pound my soaked cunt into submission. I wrapped my legs around him and he grabbed my ass, pulling my body away from his and then slamming back into me with a wet slap.

Eventually his arms gave out from holding me and he leaned forward, flopping me back down on the mattress. He yanked my skirt off finally and tossed it aside. I laid on my back and pulled my knees up to my tits, spreading my thighs and fully exposing myself to him.

I felt like such a slut. I didn't even know this guy's name and I was spreading my legs open as wide as I possibly could for him, teasing him and craving nothing but his cock in one of my nasty holes. My pink pussy gaped open and cum was trickling out of my asshole, dribbling down onto the mattress. He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and lifted it so my back was vertical and my legs hung over my head. He spit on my asshole and started to wedge his cock in, the engorged head slowly popping into my anus and pushing deeper. Once he was in balls deep he pulled back all the way and slammed my ass hard, pile driving me with his cock.

"Fuck yes! Fuck my butt!" I yelled.

There's something I love about the word "butt." It usually sounds so innocent, but it can sound so fucking nasty when you're screaming it out with a nice big cock buried up your ass.

Another guy kneeled next to my head and offered me his cock. I slid my fingers around the base and rubbed the head all over my lips before wrapping them around him. He reached up and slid two fingers into my squishy pussy, massaging my clit with his thumb and pushing his fingers into my g-spot. He fingered me hard and spanked my ass and thighs with his other hand as the thick cock pounded my bowels. It felt like every sensitive part of me was being stimulated all at once and I could feel a massive orgasm coming on.

"FUUUUUUUCK YES!!!!" I cried out, clenching my eyes shut as my pussy exploded, cum spraying out over his hand. The guy fucking my ass grabbed my legs and bent them forward as my pussy erupted, so my own hot juices splashed my face and tits. I was cumming all over myself, and it was so fucking hot that another orgasm ripped through me right away. My asshole clenched around his cock as he kept pumping my ass through my orgasm. More hot girl cum squirted out of my twitching cunt than I thought possible, drenching my face, chest and hair. I was nearly drowning in my own cunt juice. It was so intense that tears started streaming from my eyes and I blacked out momentarily.

I awoke to the cock I'd been sucking exploding on my face. It erupted onto my slick lips and the cum splashed wetly off my cheek. My whole face was slick with my own juices, so his cum just slid off and dripped down into my wet hair. The guy was still fucking my ass and I bucked my hips hard against him, rippling his cock with my tight ass muscles. His body shuddered and he exploded inside me with a groan, filling my ass with cum as I milked his balls dry.

His cock flopped out of me and my ass fell back to the mattress. I had only seconds to rest before I was descended upon by three more guys, who quickly made me airtight again. The pressure was incredible. The cocks fucking me now were all thicker than the last ones, and I was completely filled up. I don't think I'd ever had as much dick inside me as I did at that moment. I sucked hard on the giant piece of meat in my mouth until it exploded and another took its place.

For several minutes I was pounded in my pussy and ass as guys came up and blasted their loads on my face and in my mouth. I was slowly being drenched with their cum, and guys stood all around me, jerking off and waiting for their chance to fuck me or cum on me. Strings of jizz dangled from my chin and swung back and forth as I was fucked. The room was hot and I was getting sweaty, so the cum on my skin was staying slick and wet. One guy rushed up mid orgasm and pushed his head past my lips, firing several spurts and filling up my mouth with creamy semen. He pulled out and I gave the tip of his cock a little kiss before opening my mouth, swirling the cum around with my tongue, and then squeezing it out through my pursed lips. It drooled out the corners of my mouth and a big white glob plopped onto my cleavage, sliding down my wet chest and stomach before gathering in a little puddle in my belly button.

I stared up at the mirror on the ceiling and watched the two guys grind their cocks into my holes. Every part of my body that I could see was streaked with white streams of cum, and my face looked like a freshly glazed donut. Some of my platinum blonde locks were pasted together with it and my thighs were a slick, creamy mess. I scraped some away from my face with my fingers and rubbed it back and forth on my clit, making it nice and slippery as the cocks fucking me picked up speed. I clawed at the back of the guy on top of me as my body spasmed in orgasm and they both thrust balls deep, erupting inside me.

"Fuck yes!! Give me your cum! I want your fucking cum!!" I screamed as my ass and cunt clenched on their cocks, my body shaking and spasming and cum pouring from my pussy. They both fired several hot blasts of cream, splashing my insides with sperm before slipping out of me.

I flopped back down on the slick mattress, laying my head back and spreading my legs wide. I gently massaged my swollen clit as their fluid leaked out of my sloppy holes, waiting for the next piece of meat to fill me. My body felt amazing. The light of the club shined off of my gooey skin, making my pale curves glisten. I was so drenched it felt like I was covered with oil, and there was no resistance anywhere. Just slick, slippery pleasure. I gently ran my fingers over the sticky cum on my face, rubbing some of it into my skin and lapping some of it off my fingers. I swiped my pussy with my hand, gathering some of the cum still drooling out of it and rubbed it into my stiff nipples, pinching and squeezing the slick buds until they hurt.

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