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The Good Neighbor


I am a divorcee, aged 34, fairly good looking, but not an Adonis by any stretch of the imagination. I have a really good position, which pays me very well. That's part of the reason I am divorced. I spent so much time doing my work and trying to get ahead, that I neglected my family. I don't blame them at all for leaving, since I was never here for them. I did make a name for myself with the company, but it was at the expense of my family. I did, however, manage to buy us a nice home and automobiles. We had a two-car garage but I had given up my side of the garage so that I could use it for a gym. I purchased some nice gym equipment and set it up in the garage so that I could use it at night and on weekends as I come from a family with a long history of cardiac problems and I wanted to avoid that as long as I could.

Anyway, Jackie left me and took our teenaged daughter (Taylor) with her and moved to an apartment not too awfully far from here. That, at least, allowed the daughter to finish high school at the same school with all her friends. She is a very good-looking girl with long dark hair and a ready smile. She is very out going and flirty. She and the two teens next door spent a lot of time together when she lived here.

Next door was a couple with two teenaged children. The husband is a contract truck driver who drives mostly for Defense Department contractors, hauling explosives and missiles, and that sort of thing. He is also gone a lot. But his wife has hung in there with him. He does provide well for them though. But when he is home, he is home for maybe a week at a time. That, of course, with the kids in school, gives them time to catch up and make up for lost time.

We were good friends with the family next door. We often times ate meals together on weekends, the women shopped together, the kids hung out together. The father and I didn't have a lot in common. He was a nice enough man, very knowledgeable about a lot of things, but he was a man who enjoyed working with his hands and getting dirty. I, on the other hand, enjoyed working at a desk, in a shirt and tie, making-the-world-go-round, on paper! But we both enjoyed sports and that is where we got along best on weekends. He was also a handy man to have around when something broke. He had taught me a lot about owning a home and maintaining it. I, in turn, taught him a little about such things as the stock market, computers, and some of the technologies of today.

Without my knowledge, and it sure didn't matter either way, Jackie had given Janice (the wife next door) her permission to use my gym equipment. (I had a lot of pride in the 'gym' that I had put together in my garage.) Well, she gave that to the whole family. We had traded house keys long ago, just in case of any kind of emergency. We also knew the alarm codes to each other's houses. You never know when one of the kids is going to loose their house key, or one family be gone when the power goes out and then the alarm goes off, when no one is home. It was a matter of convenience to both families. Of course, when both families were home, the kids didn't bother to knock at each other's doors. We were like one big family living in two houses.

Nowadays, when I am home on weekends, I am usually out in the yard cleaning, cutting, trimming, planting, whatever. Just trying to keep it looking nice. It is a very nice neighborhood. On Saturdays, I like to get out early and cut the grass and edge and trim, and also check out all the neighbors as they go for their walks and jogs and runs and whatever.

For my exercise, when the weather is nice, I raise the garage door and it is almost like 'working out', outside. When the weather is bad, the door might be open or closed depending on whether it is a driving rain or extremely cold. Most evenings now, I will be working out and suddenly there is Janice. She is bringing me leftovers from the dinner she and the kids just had. Let me tell you, I don't mind that at all, because she is an excellent cook! She is a good-looking woman too. But I have never even seen a hint from her that she would ever consider messing around on her husband.

Well, about 9 months ago, I came home from work early. There was a storm and the power had been knocked out in the grid where my office was on the other side of town. This did not affect the power at home, because we were on a different power grid. Anyway, I got home in the middle of the afternoon in a pouring rain and just left my truck in the driveway rather than have all that water in the garage to clean up later. I entered the house through the door in the side of the garage and hung my raincoat in there to drip dry. As I entered the house through the kitchen, I heard a noise back in the house. I keep an aluminum baseball bat leaning against the back door frame for just such a time. (There's one leaning against the frame of the master bedroom door, too). Anyway, I eased down the hall, listening to identify where the noise was coming from. As I got closer, I realized it was coming from my master bedroom. I put my back to the wall and eased to the door and peeked around the frame to size up the situation. I almost choked!! There on my bed, it was Janice, naked!! And she was fingering herself hard and deep! Her left hand was almost buried in her pussy and her right hand was trying to do serious damage to her right nipple. Good grief, she was so fucking hott!!! She was very near orgasm! She had to be! She was humping her ass up and down and moaning and throwing her head back and forth on the pillow! She was really into it. I slowly laid the bat on the floor against the wall and got on my knees and crawled in. (Don't ask me why, I don't know!) Anyway, I crawled over to the bed just when she started to orgasm. She screamed out, (not real loud, but enough to scare the shit out of me!) I got it together again and reached the bed and raised up and put my right hand on her left tit and squeezed and she moaned. Then instantly she screamed and jumped all the way across the bed away from me. Her eyes were as big as baseballs!! She backed to the wall, still screaming and then she realized it was me and she dashed to the bed, grabbed her clothes (Shorts and tee shirt) and ran out of the room, crying. I sat there on the floor, feeling like the devil, like pure shit. I had ruined her orgasm, for nothing, and I had scared the hell out the only woman who treated me like a friend! How in the hell was I going to fix this? I sat there on the floor for a good 15 minutes, trying to figure out why I was such an asshole! And how I was going to apologize to her. I loved that lady a lot, as a best friend, really. We talked a lot. Mainly about the kids, and life in general. Now she may never want to speak to me again.

I finally got up, walked through the house and went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Finally it finished and I sat down at the table with a cup and thought about it. Then I remembered that Taylor (My daughter) was coming over this weekend. I would call Janice and invite her and the kids to go out and eat with Taylor and me on Saturday night. But I also thought that I should wait a day or two before I called her to let her cool off some.

I saw her a couple of times over the next few days as she was taking her daughter and some of her teen friends out in the car to a movie or whatever, but I hadn't spoken to her. Then on Thursday evening, she took Cristy out in the car and came back alone. I was in my 'gym' at the time. When she got out of the car, I called to her and asked her if I could talk to her, please. She came over slowly and stood glaring at me. I could readily see she was still mad at me. And by now I understood why. Not because I had interrupted her orgasm, or because I had scared her, but because I had caught her naked in my house.

I said, "Janice, I am so very sorry. Please forgive my stupidity! I should have left and come back later. Or made some noise in the garage to let you know I was home. I am so terribly sorry Janice. Honey, I love you so much! You are my best friend!! I beg you, don't be mad at me because I am so stupid!"

She almost smiled, but didn't.... quite. She said "Ricky, I am not so much mad at you as I am mad at myself. I am sorry for invading your house. I should not have done that in your house Ricky, I'm sorry too."

"Will you have some coffee with me? I know the kids are both gone, so come on in and have a cup with me. We'll open the living room drapes so the neighbors can see us sitting there and know we are not fooling around, ok?

"Ok, good idea. The drapes, I mean. The neighbors would talk!" We went inside and I poured us both a cup of coffee and we sat down at the table.

"Janice, just out of curiosity, why were you over here ... uh ... anyway, ...and not at home?"

Her head dropped down, she was embarrassed, but she said, "Ricky, Jackie and I have been the very best of friends for a long time, you know that. We talked about everything. Including sex, of course. I complained to her once that I couldn't .... Uh ... masturbate without fear of being caught by one of the kids, especially since Josh got a car. He was subject to walk in at any time! Jackie told me to come over and use your bedroom and she told me where your stash of porn DVDs is too. You two were not home during the day and I had a key, so it was obviously the best thing to do when I had that need. But I haven't had the nerve to ask you about it since Jackie left. I guess I should have! I'm sorry Ricky, I won't do it anymore."

"Yes you will too!! I want you too Janice! Like I said a while ago, I love you, you are my best friend. I want you to feel at home in my house. Oh Janice, I just thought of something. When do you have to go pick up Cristy?"

"In about another 2 hours now, I guess. Why?" She asked.

"Listen, will you trust me again, Please?"

She nodded her head 'yes'.

"Ok, finish your coffee and go home. Then come out the back door and come back over here. I'll close the drapes and let you in the back door. No one can see you then. OK?"

"Ok but we aren't going to bed together, you know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Janice, I know that, that is not what I was thinking!, I promise."

I walked her out through the garage and watched her go home. Then I closed the garage door and went in and closed the drapes and opened the back door that goes from the kitchen to the back yard. We have big privacy fences around both back yards... for the girls to sunbathe I think!

Janice was soon there with me. We went in and she sat down at the table again and said "Now why did we do all that Ricky?"

I sat down at the end of the table next to her on the side of the table. I reached over and put my hand on her arm and she looked at me a little nervous. She was probably thinking that I was going to try to seduce her. "Janice, there is something I have wanted to do forever, and never had a partner to do it with. I hope, sincerely, that you are the one. Janice, will you go back in there and masturbate for me while I watch you? Please? I promise on Taylor's eyes, I won't touch you. Please?"

Her mouth opened, in shock, as she looked at me. "Are you serious Ricky? Really serious?"

"Yes, honey, oh god yes, I've wanted to do that for so long now. I've watched it in porn movies before, and I think that is so erotic! I just want to see if it is that erotic in person. Will you please? I won't touch you, I promise. I'll sit in the chair in the corner and watch."

"Ricky, I don't know. Pour me some more coffee and let me think about this a minute."

I poured us another cup of coffee. We sat in silence for a few minutes and sipped our coffee. Then she looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said, "Ricky, you could have jumped on me the other day in the bed and I might have fought at first, but I was so horny that I would have let you fuck me, I think. I was that horny! But you didn't do that. So I believe you when you say that you won't touch me. So I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll do what you want me to, but only if you will get naked with me and sit on the opposite corner of the bed and masturbate for me too. I'll watch you and you watch me. Is that ok with you?"

"Oh my god yes Janice. Let's do it. I got up and walked to the bedroom and asked her, "Do you want me to put a porn flick on the TV to get us started?"

"Have you got one of girls on girls? I've never tried that, but it is very interesting and erotic to me."

"Yeah, I got one of those!!" I dug around and found it and put it in the DVD player.

I turned back around and Janice was naked except for her panties and sitting on the side of the bed. "This feels so weird Ricky!! I hope I can get into it now that I have agreed to it."

I striped down completely, and went to the foot of the bed on the opposite side of the bed. I sat down on the bed 'Indian style' with my legs crossed in front of me just above the ankles. Janice sat down just like me. We both watched the TV for a minute and I started slowly stroking my cock, which was about half hard already, watching the girls on the TV. Janice watched the TV for a minute and then looked back at me and moaned. My cock was standing up nice and hard by then. Her gaze locked on my cock and she started rubbing her pussy lips.

In just a half a minute she got up and jerked her panties off and said "Oh god I can't believe I'm doing this. I am dripping wet already Ricky. Please don't take advantage of me. When I get so horny, I'll do anything to get off!

We were both working ourselves pretty furiously pretty quickly. Janice fell over on the bed and rolled to her back. She was really getting into it. Her legs were up in the air and spread wide and she was looking from me to the TV and back again. She was stuffing three fingers in her pussy by then. Then she started talking to herself. "Fuck my pussy bitch, ram your fingers inside me ... harder you slutty bitch!! Make me cumm dammit!!" She looked back at me and said "I'm ready Ricky!! I'm ready... OHHHHH!!! fuck!! FUCK!!!! Here it is!!!!! NOW!!!!! She went into convulsions with her eyes closed and had all four fingers stuffed in her pussy and one tit looked like it would be ripped off her soon!

I was there too. I shot cum so hard it splashed across her on the other side of the bed. Twice it shot across her and splashed on her body. Most of it right around her tits. The rest fell on the bed and on my hand. Damn!! I have never cum like that from masturbating ---- never!!!

I caught my breath and said "Oh jeez Janice, baby, that was so fantastic!!! I've never cum that hard before!"

"Did you suspect that it would do that to us Ricky? Fuck!! I've had some great orgasms before but that was something else!!! I think if it had lasted a few seconds longer, I would have had my fucking arm inside me!! It was the best ever Ricky!! The best!!"

I got up and went to the bathroom and brought her back a warm wet washcloth and told her she had cum all over her. She laughed and said, "Damn! I guess you did cum hard, didn't you!!" As she cleaned herself off.

"Thank you Janice, that was fantastic!! I hope you'll consider doing it again sometime. I really enjoyed it!!"

"Oh I think we can arrange that Ricky. As long as you understand that we aren't going to have sex. I won't cheat on Jerry, not ever. OK?"

"Sure, I understand completely!! I will never ask you to either. Now, you know where my porn is, you have a key, please feel free to come over anytime and play honey. You know I am never home during the day. If the neighbors say anything, you can tell them that you are just helping me keep the place clean. Or you can come and go through the back door and no one will see you. That's up to you. But do me a favor? Would you leave me some little sign that you have been here? Just in case I need to do it myself, I can think about that too. Just leave the DVD sticking out of the player, or a towel on the bed ... hey, that's an idea. Put a towel under you, it'll catch your juices and then when I come to bed, I can smell pussy as I jerk off!! Ok with you?"

Janice walked over, fully dressed again and she hugged me and said "You are a good man Ricky. Of course I'll do it. That won't hurt anyone!"

We walked to the kitchen and I said "Another cup of coffee Janice?"

"No, I'd better get back over to the house in case Cristy calls and wants me to come get her early or something. But we'll talk tomorrow, I'm sure." She hugged me again and said "Oh god Ricky, that was some kinda good. I'm glad you thought of it."

"I'm more glad that you weren't mad at me for being so dumb the other day! Thank you Janice, for a great evening!"

She left and went home and I got a cup of coffee and watched TV for a while before going to bed.

That weekend when Taylor came over, I took Janice, her two children and Taylor out to dinner. When we got to the restaurant, I asked the hostess for two adjoining tables. She looked at me kind of strangely and said, "Sure sir, right this way please." She led us to two tables and I told the children to take one and Janice and I would take the other one. That way, we won't interfere with each other's conversations. The kids thought that was a great idea! But we did spend a lot of time talking back and forth between tables. I guess Taylor and Janice's two, Cristy and Josh, had missed each other quite a bit, because when Janice and I finished eating, and we talked too, the kids were only about half finished. But they were so happy together it was worth it. Janice and I were like kids ourselves watching our kids interact. They were all great kids. Josh was already out of school and going to college and the two girls would be out this year. I guess Janice and I will be having "empty nest syndrome" at the same time.

A couple of weeks went by and I noticed a few DVDs sticking out of the player, usually the same girl/girl one. And every couple of days, a towel left on the bed. Then on a Thursday evening, I came in and went to change clothes and noticed two towels on the bed. I wondered about that!! Had Janice brought another lady here to play? Why two towels? Hmmmm. I'd have to ask her about that.

Janice called me on the phone on Thursday night, (both kids were at home) and told me that Jerry was coming home on Friday and they were going to go "find a quiet place for a couple of days" and would I watch out for the kids. Of course they were no problem. Josh was usually out with his buddies or his "at the time" girlfriend. Cristy usually had a sleep over. So I would just have to be close to a phone if they needed me.

Friday afternoon, I came in from work early, because I was watching the kids and I wanted to be home when they got out of school. I had not done that before. But I was using the 'child-sitting' as an excuse to take off a little early. It was pretty quiet at the office anyway.

I went by the Lowes Home Center on the way and picked up some tulip bulbs that I wanted to put out in the front yard. I got home about 4 PM. That was about 2 ½ - 3 hours earlier than normal for me. I pulled up and parked in the driveway and got out and went in the house.

I stopped as soon as I entered the kitchen door from the garage. I heard the TV in my bedroom. I stood still for a minute, listening. Yep, it was a porn flick. All the moaning and groaning, you couldn't mistake that! Well, again, in my mind, Janice is gone with Jerry, so who the fuck is in my bedroom? I picked up my bat and walked across the kitchen and sneaked down the hall, hugging the wall to my bedroom. I leaned forward just enough to get one eye around the door frame and there was a damned good looking redhead on my bed, with her jeans laying on the floor beside the bed. She was intent on the TV and I looked again, closer, at her face. Then I think I know her. She is a friend of Cristy's. I stepped into the bedroom and leaned up against the door frame and cleared my throat.

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