tagGroup SexThe Good Neighbor Ch. 02

The Good Neighbor Ch. 02


My next contact with Helen and Jenny started when I received a call one Saturday afternoon from Helen. "Hi there, Ron, long time no see," her silky voice purred in the phone. Indeed, it had been two weeks since my "sleepover" and the erotic encounter with her and her daughter Jenny.

"Long time, Helen. How are you?"

"Great. Say, I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you."

"Of course, if it means getting to see you again," I replied.

With a smile in her voice, she said, "I'd like that too. So, here's the thing. Jenny and I have been planning a little graduation party." Jenny, a scholar, was valedictorian of her class, and was expecting a scholarship to Yale in the fall. Helen had seen her through the tough times since Jenny's father died when she was in grade school. As a beautiful and bright girl, Jenny was only slightly hampered by crutches, which she occasionally used due to having had polio as a child. This had restricted her social life, but I knew firsthand that Jenny was a self-confident, if somewhat naïve young lady destined for success. The night we shared just two weeks ago was vividly etched in my memory. The thought of giving her more "lessons" excited me.

"I like your parties. What's the favor?"

"Thanks, our last party was something special. The party started as a small get-together at our house for a few close friends and some of Jenny's classmates. Now it's grown to include several other sets of parents and neighbors. I just couldn't say no when Jenny invited them. It's coming up next weekend. I'm hoping you could help me as a kind of co-host, if you would." She mentioned that my daughter Mary, who was graduating with Jenny, was invited, as well.

"I can serve drinks and snacks with the best of them," I said.

"Thanks, Ron. I'll be eternally grateful, and will owe you big time. I want this to go well."

"I'm sure it will, with you planning it. Are you sure you have enough room for all the guests?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we do if I move some furniture around, open up the deck, and borrow extra tables," she began.

"I've got an idea. Mary's been talking about a get-together too. How about if we combine our lists and move the party to my cabin at Lake Osprey? It's large enough and has room to spread out on the porch and lawn."

"Oh, Ron, that would be great. Let's get together and do the planning."

Getting together with Helen sounded great to me. I offered to come over immediately and she said yes. I hung up and jumped to change from the ratty pair of jeans into a clean shirt and pair of shorts. I left a note for Mary, slipped out the back door, and cut across our backyard, through a hedgerow, into Helen's backyard. I remembered the last time I was here I saw Helen changing clothes through her bedroom window. Glancing up, I saw that the window was empty, but the deck was not. Jenny was laying face down on a lounge chair, obviously sunning herself. From my angle, all I could see was her arm draped off the chair, her auburn hair wrapped in a knot, and the curve of her tight rounded ass, which was barely covered with green bikini pants. She was faced away from me and didn't notice me coming toward her, across the lawn. As I climbed the steps to the deck, she turned her head and smiled.

"Oh, hi Ron!" Slowly, she rolled over and sat up, holding the top of her bikini to cover her breasts. She had been basking with the top untied so as not to have a tan line on her back, I presumed.

"Hi, Jenny. You are looking lovely, as usual." In fact, she was radiant, glowing with sheen from the tanning oil. Her figure included those perky breasts and long legs, just seeing the beginnings of mature roundness. Her big round green eyes were hidden behind wrap-around sunglasses.

"Thanks. I think Mom's inside," she said. "I was just about to go in. I've had enough sun. Can't take too much at one time."

Reaching out, I touched her shoulder. "That fair skin must burn easily," I said. Contact with her was like a surge of adrenalin. I could feel myself getting aroused, as I did so easily remembering what we had done in her house two weeks ago. As I started to back away, Jenny reached out and touched my leg, rubbing through the hairs from calf, over knee, to my thigh.

"Nice shorts," she said with a grin. "A little lumpy, though." Obviously she saw the bulge. She tugged on the shorts, teasing me. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to take them off and have Jenny's pretty mouth do her magic on my swelling cock. I was horny enough, and she was undressed enough, but it was still daylight and we were exposed on the deck.

"Jenny, are you teasing our good neighbor?" Helen was looking through the sliding screen door. She was barefoot, wearing blue shorts and a white halter-top, tight enough to accentuate her full figure and sexy curves. Her long dark hair was tied back and her bright blue eyes smiled with delight. "Maybe you should bring him inside," she added. "I've got cold lemonade ready."

Jenny grabbed a beach towel and slung it around her neck so the ends covered her breasts. I offered a hand to help Jenny up, pulling her easily as she arose. I reached down for her crutch and handed it to her. She still occasionally used it to compensate for the weakness in her legs, a holdover from a childhood bout with polio. Jenny flipped her sunglasses onto the top of her head and led the way inside, as I enjoyed the view of her tight ass and bare back. During my previous evening with these two women, I found out that they were neither inhibited nor lacking in their ambitions. I had hopes of a repeat performance with them, and was glad for the call today.

As soon as we were inside, Helen grabbed my waist, pulled me toward her, and planted a kiss on my lips. As neighbors, we had been friendly. After having sex with her and Jenny, we felt even closer, no longer afraid to express ourselves. We had a mutual respect for each other, a love for our children, and an obvious desire that was not sated with just one encounter.

Jenny seated herself on a stool at the breakfast nook and began pouring the drinks from a pitcher into glasses already containing ice cubes. Breaking from Helen's embrace reluctantly, I moved with her to the nook. I grabbed a glass, passed it to Helen, and took another for myself. "Here's to the graduate; long may she shine!" We toasted with the lemonade and took the first swallows. It was very good.

"Ron's offered the use of his cabin for your party, Jen. What do you think of that?"

"Wow, that's great. Will Mary be there too?" asked Jenny.

"Yes, she's got a couple of friends that will come. So it'll be a real party." We began to talk about the details, making arrangements for food and drinks. I had inherited the cabin from my Dad, who loved to hunt and fish. He had purchased it just before the park acquired additional acreage, almost encircling his property. There was still access to the lake at a small dock. I had considered selling the cabin to help pay for Mary's college tuition, but hadn't done so yet. It provided a place for me to get away and relax, even if I didn't fish as much as my Dad used to.

We made a list of Jenny and Mary's friends who had been invited, as well as the parents and other adults who would be there. It turned into a list of sixteen, not counting the four of us. We agreed to split the expenses. I promised to have the cabin cleaned up and ready for visitors before the following weekend. I drew a little map, showing the way to the gated driveway off the state highway, so Helen could duplicate it for the others.

"Well, I've got my work cut out for me," I said, getting up to go.

"Oh, yes," said Jenny. "You have to split all that wood so we can have a big bonfire."

"There's plenty of wood, I promise."

"I can see that you have split a few cords," said Helen, wrapping her hands around one of my biceps. "I just love a big, strong man," she sighed, batting her blue eyes like Olive Oyl mooning over Popeye the sailor man.

"I'm good to the finish, 'cause I eat my spinach," I said, puffing out my chest and acting the part. This caused Helen to giggle and Jenny to roll her eyes.

"You say you've got plenty of wood? I think there's wood in here, too," said Jenny as she put her hand over the front of my bulging shorts. "Maybe we should check it out." As her hands worked my zipper, I pulled the towel from her shoulders, fully exposing her breasts and the erect little nipples centered at the tips. I reached out to tweak the nipples and rub my palms over them. Helen leaned over to kiss me again, her hands busy at my chest. Helen slipped around behind me just as my cock sprang free.

"Oh looky here, it's a full cord," Jenny said as she peeled my shorts down to my ankles and off my feet. As I watched Jenny's warm hands wrap my hard shaft, I felt like I could explode right then. She had completely lost her inhibitions when it came to cock fondling, it seemed. Having Helen there too was almost more than my aching balls could stand. At once, I wanted to cum so bad.

Jenny stroked my cock, and then lowered her face to kiss the tip. Licking it sensually, she looked up at me. "Please, Jenny. I want you to suck me. Use your pretty mouth just like I taught you." In fact, Jenny was such a quick learner during our first encounter, she had successfully brought me to orgasm several times.

"I've thought about this every night since our last party. It's given me a hard on every night," I said. "I've dreamed of seeing you and your mother again like this."

"We've wanted it too, Ron," said Helen, as she nuzzled my ear. As Jenny licked my dick like a Popsicle, I reached for her head and pulled the tie holding her red hair in place. It flowed down from her head, over her shoulders, and tickled my thighs. Helen moved around to my side. I reached for her halter-top knot and untied it, freeing her breasts. I tossed the top aside and pulled her closer, burying my face between her full breasts. Reaching down, I slipped my hand between her ass cheeks, probing with my thumb upward under her shorts. Feeling the heat and wetness forming there, I pushed further. Helen quickly shed her shorts and I continued to feel my way upward to insert two fingers into her pussy. Moving and twisting my hand, bushing my lips over her nipples, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm in her pussy. My hand motion paid off, as Helen shuddered and moaned, hugging me tightly as she came.

"Oh, God, that was nice," said Helen as she sat down again. "I was saving that up, I guess."

I was rapidly losing control due to Jenny's ministrations on my lap. Feeling the familiar tingle and tightening, I said, "That's so good Jenny, I'm going to cum. Are you ready?"
With a mumbled "Mm, humm," she took me deeper, increased the pressure with her tongue, and pumped my cock from the balls to the tip, never releasing the suction at the tip. Pleasure never felt so good as I exploded, bucking my hips up into Jenny's face. "Ah, ah ahhh," I grunted as I came in her mouth. She continued to squeeze and suck as my cum gushed out in spurts. She swallowed once, twice, and then opened up to lick the tip, still holding on and slowly pumping. I was so sensitive that I immediately spurted again, the cum hitting Jenny's cheek and chin. My hand over hers helped slow the rhythm to increase the pleasure, as the last few contractions of the orgasm pushed a few more drops out of the tip. Those she licked off as she released my cock. Then she stood to kiss my lips. With drops of cum dripping off her chin, I kissed her tenderly, holding one breast in each hand.

"Jenny, that was fantastic," I said between heavy breaths. "Wouldn't you like to cum too?" She just grinned as she wiped the cum from her face with the back of her hand. I stood and pushed her back until she plopped down on the ottoman behind her. Kneeling before her, I pushed her knees apart and began by kissing her belly button. Licking and kissing lower toward the trimmed red bush, my tongue pushed out to probe between the folds of her pussy lips. Jenny held my head in her hands, encouraging me to continue. I pushed my tongue inside, wiggling it upward, pushing deeper. The taste was familiar and erotic. Jenny spread wider, allowing me the deepest access. My fingers held her open as I pushed inside. She moaned and her hands encouraged me to continue. Slowly, then with increasing pressure, I worked lips and tongue together, knowing it felt good to her.

"Oh yes, yes. That's it. Oh God. Oh, God." Suddenly, she spasmed, releasing her girl cum all over my chin, just as I had cum on her chin minutes before. Arching her back, Jenny cried out, "Oh I'm cumming! Oh, my. Oh my. Ooooh, wow!" The wetness increased and I sucked and licked it up.

Breathing heavily, she sighed "Wow, that was better than the first time!" I leaned back as she slid to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Look, Mom. He's still hard!" Indeed, even though I had a powerful orgasm, being near these two was a powerful aphrodisiac. I had a raging hard on that wasn't going to go away before I had a chance to fuck.

"I can see, honey. Roll over on your back, Ron. I want to take it like I took it the first time." I laid back and she stood over me, one foot on each side of my hips. Slowly she squatted. As she held my cock pointed toward her pussy, I felt myself sliding into her. Before I knew it, she had taken me fully inside.

"Oh, god, I love your big cock," she said. I looked down to see our groins touching as my cock was buried inside her. I reached up to caress her breasts as they dangled above my face. As our eyes met, I recognized the look of pure lust in her eyes. Helen lifted slightly, pushing up using her hands and knees, until only the tip of me was inside. Then she lowered herself down again to take it back inside. I could feel the familiar hot wetness around my shaft. She liked this position and we both knew how good it felt as she began to bounce. I thrust upward slightly with each rhythmic motion, wanting to go deeper. Again and again Helen drove down to my root, then withdrew to the tip. Each stroke felt like I was hitting bottom. It was hot and wet, and I was losing control fast.

She was breathing harder, and I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce above my face. Suddenly, she tensed and said, "I cumming now! Cumming all over that big cock!" Pushing upward, I felt her rhythmically squeeze me on the inside, her juices lubricating my cock. As she held herself up with her hands beside my shoulders, I pushed up and inside her, thrusting until I could not hold back any more.

"I'm cumming too! Oh, oh, now!" I felt the oncoming orgasm and I erupted and squirted my cum deep inside her. I pulsed as wave after wave of powerful jets pulsed from my cock deep within her.

"Yes, oh yes, I feel it. Give me that sweet juice! Oh, yes!" She pushed her tits in my face as she squeezed the last of my juice from me. Reluctantly, she raised herself, and I popped out of that tight, wet pussy. Our mingled juices leaked from her, dripping back on my cock and legs. She rolled off to my left side. We were both fully sated and exhausted. The smell of sex was strong in the air. Jenny was watching from my right side, still naked. She was playing with herself, grinning, and obviously ready to cum again. I watched her fingers dance over her slit in a circular motion, then probe inside. The tempo increased until she squeezed her hand between her thighs and sighed. She leaned over and kissed me. We lay on our backs on the floor, catching our breath. I realized we had two great cums apiece in the span of less than an hour. It turned out to be a great afternoon, filled with unexpected, but greatly satisfying sex. I knew the future held nothing less than more great fun with Helen and Jenny.

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