tagNonHumanThe Grand Zucchini at 45

The Grand Zucchini at 45

byDecayed Angel©

Dear readers, apparently free speech is not free and aging copyrighted characters can cause problems at Literotica. So, to protect the innocent the names have changed. Please be sure that if you recognize some parts of this story as something you might have heard before at Halloween, say on a special hourly cartoon, this recognition is purely coincidental. These characters are in no way related or styled after any other fictional characters, cartoon or otherwise. This story was originally submitted in Celebrities but no one has heard of Carson Tan, Larry or The Grand Zucchini until now.


Oddly, turning forty-five had been a depressing thing. Somehow turning forty was different, a banner year with successes at work and private life, but now twenty-seven days after his forty-fifth birthday Larry continued sinking into depression.

It suddenly seemed that the guy who knew all the answers, the one who silenced the party at Christmas with his stunning rendition of the Nativity Story, the one who preached Zen philosophy while his sister Linda ranted, and the one who brought clarity to his disaster of a friend, Carson Tan, was somehow standing at the middle of his life, lost and completely alone.

With Larry' sage advice, Carson Tan survived his tumultuous marriage and subsequent divorce from Spearmint Sue, as she finally came out of the closet and moved in with Marsha. Carson then married the true love of his life Linda, who had finally given up on cleaning up Pig-Pen's life and divorced him. To both Carson and Linda, Larry was a supportive friend, little brother and most importantly, a ruthless divorce lawyer.

Of course all this did not help Larry as Marsha left him for Spearmint Sue. Although he was a ruthless lawyer for others, he crumbled when faced with the heavy decisions and heartbreak and basically let Marsha take him for everything he owned. Zen or no Zen it killed him to have to drive around in a sixteen year old Toyota Celica while Marsha drove his Lexus.

He sat meditating on his failed marriage so much that he injured his knee and had to undergo surgery. There were glitches and now he limped around, his knee squeaking strangely with every step. Of course Marsha got the house, the pool and whirlpool so Larry had to join the YMCA for his therapy. It wasn't bad; he was just unaccustomed to the odd, greasy film covering the surface of the water.

Desperately wanting to overcome his depression he treated himself on his birthday and bought a cat. He found a beautiful orange one at the pound and immediately bought it. After spending several hundred dollars in shots and vet visits to clear up its mange, he happily welcomed "Zucchini" into his home.

Well, his happiness lasted less than a month, because one day, Schultzy ran the cat up a tree. Larry called the fire department but just as the fire truck was arriving to try to extricate the cat, it decided to leap to the ground, right in front of the truck. So now, instead of spending Halloween quietly at home, passing candy out to the neighborhood youngsters, Larry walked down the lane with a shovel and a plastic bag full of the remains of Zucchini.

"Well Zucchini, I sure enjoyed the time we had together. We didn't get to share much but I'll tell you the story I was saving until today to tell you. It's about a silly boy who every year skipped Halloween.

"He didn't really skip it, no while everyone else was running around trick or treating, this boy would walk down the lane, just like we are tonight. You see, down the hill a ways is a Zucchini patch. Yes, it's a perfect place for you now, returning my Zucchini to the Zucchini patch. Anyway, year after year this silly boy came here waiting for 'The Grand Zucchini' a magical and mysterious being whom, if someone believed enough, would come and reward his believers with wonderful gifts and happiness.

"So, every Halloween night, I... I mean this boy would come to the Zucchini patch, yeah... that place with the white fence there. The boy would come down the hill, climb through the fence and sit on a rock, watching the Zucchinis in the moonlight.

"Oh Zucchini, yes, the rock, it's still there, see it? Yes right over there."

Larry walked over to the rock and sat down. It must have been thirty years since he last sat on this rock while his friends taunted him before rushing out to trick or treat. Thirty years and somehow the rock felt the same, cool, smooth, so strangely inviting. Its white color seemed to glow in the moonlight, adding to the magic of it all.

"Of course, 'The Grand Zucchini' never appeared and I... sorry, I mean the boy, was left wondering if it was because he never believed enough or if perhaps he friends were right.

"I better do this Zucchini," Larry said, grabbing the shovel and searching for a small open spot amid the large Zucchinis and the tangle of vines. In the faint moonlight, the entire patch was eerily black and white, the Zucchinis were a light gray against the almost pitch black vines and leaves. The white rock glowed like a beacon, as if calling Larry back.

He jabbed the shovel into the soft earth and began to dig the grave for his cat. "Funny," he thought, "I always told Carson Tan it was okay to cry and now, at the saddest time in my life, I can't cry." Was it because the sadness had become so ingrained in his life that this was just inevitability or did the Zucchini patch, with all its disappointments over the years do something to Larry?

Larry finished his excavation and gently placed Zucchini into the hole. He looked up at the moon and then down across the vast Zucchini patch, noticing the fog seeming to rise up from the dark vines. He then pushed the pile of dirt back into the hole, tamping it some with the shovel.

He whispered, "Goodbye friend," and then walked back to his rock and sat down. The fog hung just above the Zucchini vines, so when he sat down it was like looking across a white capped sea. The wispy clouds seemed to undulate like the waves he remembered from the beach. The graceful movement of the fog was almost hypnotic as Larry recalled the time he spent each year on Halloween.

"Hello Larry," came a voice from somewhere behind him.

"Oh hello again," he said, recognizing the voice from so many years ago. He turned and looked at the nice lady who visited him each year he came to the Zucchini patch at Halloween.

"You've been gone a long time," she said, walking toward him, her long auburn hair bouncing a bit with each step. "You've changed some Larry."

"But you haven't" Larry whispered in amazement, "You look just the same. You haven't aged a bit from when I remember you."

"You don't think so?" she asked, smiling. She walked over to the rock and sat down next to him, just like she used to do so many years ago.

"Every year you came out to visit me. You were always so nice and you'd sit with me while I waited for..."

"'The Grand Zucchini,'" she whispered, "Yes, I remember."

"You seemed old to me then, but now, you look the same, so young, so beautiful."

The woman smiled and her face flushed a bit. Yes, she was beautiful, he face seemed to glow in the moonlight, her prominent cheekbones reflecting the light, casting a slight shadow down her face to her delicate chin.

Larry longed to touch her soft neck, let his fingers flow through the curls in her hair, the slip wistfully down to he beautiful breasts. His eyes lingered a moment there, drawing in the faint hit of cleavage showing about her blouse and then descending downward, rolling over the distinct curve of her hips. Realizing he was simply staring at her, he jolted his head up, and gazed into her eyes.

"You know Larry, I am not what you think."

"Not a nice lady?"

"Well, I am a lady and I am nice, but there's more to it than that. I didn't just come here to talk to you. I am here for a reason, a truly profound reason."

"I don't understand," Larry said, trying to figure out what she was talking about.

"You called me."

"I called you? When did I call you?"

"You called me whenever you came here."

"You mean at Halloween?"

"Yes, at every Halloween. Do you remember what you would say once you got here?"

"Not exactly... something like 'Oh Grand Zucchini please come this year."

"And every year..."

"It was you!"

The beautiful woman nodded, reaching her hand out to Larry' cheek. "Don't you see? I was here for you, you just weren't ready to understand. I was waiting for a time when you needed me the most."

"When I was fifteen..."

"Yes, the last time you were here. Your friends had begun chiding you for being gay. In later years it drove you to Marsha."

"Yes, so ironic."

"Ironic? Oh yes, her and Spearmint Sue now. Yes, I knew you weren't gay, everyone should have realized it, you were just more sensitive than most the other guys. At fifteen you were almost ready, but then after that you never returned here."

"Yes, I was hanging with Marsha then, she told me how silly it looked, a person my age coming out to the Zucchini patch on Halloween."

"Or any other day," she replied.

"You mean..."

"I was here for you at any time. You came looking for me each Halloween, but I was always here."

"And to think all these years I yearned for The Grand Zucchini and you were here all along."

She reached her hand out to Larry' cheek and repeated, "I was here all along."

"So here we are, me a middle aged man and you, a beautiful, what? Thirty-year old?"

"Age really isn't important, I am here, just for you, The Grand Zucchini is here for you."

Larry smiled, shyly reaching out to touch her hair. He let the Zucchini colored strands slip through his fingers, his mind spinning. "What should I call you?"

"Hmm... good question, I guess you can't call me Grand Zucchini can you? How about Moira? I've always loved that name."

"I am pleased to meet you Moira," Larry said, standing up and facing her. He reached out his hand to shake Moira's.

Moira stood up, shook Larry's hand and then moved forward into his arms. Turning her head up to his, she kissed him, first shyly, then hard, letting her tongue slide over his lips, inviting him.

Larry plunged his tongue into her mouth, pulling her tight against him as he ground his hard cock into her thigh. It felt so good to feel a woman so close to him, a woman who wanted him as much as he wanted her. He kissed down her neck as she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra from the front.

Pausing, he stepped back to look at her, to see her breasts. Holding his hands out, he cupped both and gently squeezed. "So perfect," he thought, "not too big, but just big enough to hold like this." Looking at her nipples he was surprised at how they stood out and he moved his mouth to one and gently sucked it in, listening to her breath quicken.

His hands dropped, sliding down over her hips and reaching behind her to cup her ass. He gently kneaded her ass as he moved his mouth from right to left and back again, licking and sucking her hard nipples. Moving his hands to the front of her pants, he began unfastening them when Moira stepped back and kneeled down, quickly unfastening his belt and pants.

Larry could only watch as she removed his cock and slid her mouth over it, her tongue circling over the head and her hands stroking his shaft. He could feel her beautiful hair bouncing off his thighs as her head and hands pistoned up and down on him. Picking up her rhythm he began thrusting his hips forward as she sucked him in deep, her fingers moving to his balls.

Wanting to hold off coming so soon, he moved back, trying to pull away from her, but she held tight to him, sucking even harder. The sensation overcame him as he arched his back, letting her have all of him. The pressure in his balls increased and with an ecstatic jolt he came, spurting his warm cum into her mouth again and again.

Leaning back, he settled onto the rock as she rested her head on his thigh, gently lapping up the last of his cum as it oozed from him. Looking down at her, all her could do was savor the sight of her, her Zucchini hair cascading over his thigh, her tongue silently darting to the tiny opening in his cock. She then looked up at him and smiled.

"But Moira, why didn't you let me pull away, so I could last for you?"

"Don't you understand Larry, this is not just about today, I'll be here tomorrow, and the day after. I wanted to do this for you and if you still want me just come back tomorrow. I'll be here."

"But why don't you come with me back home?"

"I can't do that Larry, if I do, everything will change."

"What will...," she stopped when she held her finger to his lips.

"Shh, shh, I will tell you more when you come back. The moon is rising and there are people coming down the street."

Larry quickly zipped up his pants and fastened his belt, looking up the road. Sure enough several trick or treaters were wandering down the hill, followed by their parents. He looked back to Moira, but she was gone... all that remained was the wispy fog.

Larry sat back down on the rock and crouching just a bit, ducked into the fog as the children rushed by and then later the parents ambled slowly. He thought he recognized the voices, so he held his breath in absolute silence so he wouldn't be noticed. That is all he'd need now, to be discovered in the Zucchini patch on Halloween.

After the people passed by, Larry remained sitting on the rock, hoping Moira would return, but after about an hour he stood up, climbed through the fence and walked back up the hill toward his old house. The house he had tried to sell after his parents died, but was forced to move back into thanks to Marsha and her lawyers.

Larry went to bed that night and something happened for the first time in a long time, he immediately fell into a deep and restful sleep. He awoke the next morning, and after breakfast picked up the phone and made a short but very sweet call.

"Hey, Sue, I need to speak to Marsha please," he began. Once Marsha answered he quickly spoke, "Marsha, I decided you are right, if Massachusetts says you and Sue are married, who am I to question that? I wish the two of you a long and wonderful life together."

"What made you change your mind?"

"Well, it's the day after Halloween, Happy November."

"Being a bit flippant aren't we Larry."

"No, you see, now that you are married, the alimony stops," he replied gleefully.

"Hell, I'll call my lawyer and stop that shit."

"Oh you mean you will have your "marriage" to Spearmint Sue declared a fraud?"

"Well no," she said pensively, "but..."

"But nothing, if you are married then alimony ends. If you want alimony to continue you have to declare the marriage a sham."

"But... but..."

"Are you married to Sue?"

"Well yes, but the alimony..."

"Yes or no Marsha? Either you are married and the alimony ends or you're not married."

"Damn you Larry..."

"Face it Marsha, your little hit parade over me is over. The alimony stops today. Say hi to Sue for me," he said, hanging up the phone. He had finally stood up to her and it felt good.

He sat down at the table and smiled. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he looked forward to the rest of the day. Larry then hopped up, got dressed and walked down the street to the Zucchini patch. He didn't see Moira, but as soon as he climbed through the fence, she suddenly appeared from a thicket of trees as the back of the patch.

She waved to Larry and headed toward him, her hair tossing and her hips swaying seductively as she walked. Her long dress fluttered a bit in the breeze, but as she got within a few feet of him, she crossed her arms, grabbed the fabric and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the ground.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Larry looked at her, her beautiful breasts, the sexy curve of her hips, the soft, curly patch of Zucchini hair just below her flat stomach. He quickly pulled off his shirt and then his pants as she sat down on the rock and watched him undress.

When Larry was naked he moved toward her and she opened her legs to him. He gazed at her pussy as he kneeled between her thighs. Her beautiful red hair curled down to a beautiful slit, with just a hint of the clit peeking between her lips. Moving closer he breathed her damp fragrance and then slowly worked his tongue between her lips, moving up and down as her labia opened up to him.

Sliding his tongue into her opening he tasted her. The tangy, salty taste ran a chill down his back as he shoved his tongue deep into her cunt. He then ran his tongue up her slit, finding her clit and circling. As she began moving her hips in response, he slipped two fingers into her, pushing them in and out.

Larry glanced upward, watching Moira's breasts heaving with each breath, her eyes closed, her teeth biting her lip. She then came, arching her back and moaning, "Larry, oh Larry, yes... yes." He drew her clit into his mouth and held it there as he felt the walls of her pussy contracting on his fingers, once and then again, and once more. Still watching her face, he noticed a tear roll out of the corner of her eye and tumble down her cheek.

She opened her eyes and said, "Larry I want to feel your cock inside me, please put your cock in... please."

He stood up and moved toward her. She grabbed his erection with one hand and pulled back one of her lips with the other as she guiding him into her. Larry leaned forward, letting his cock slowly slide into her. He moved slowly, resolutely until his pubis pressed against her clit.

As he began thrusting and withdrawing his back began to hurt because of the odd position they were in on the rock. He whispered, "Quick, turn over, it will work better that way."

Moira stood up and Larry gently turned her. "Put your hands on the rock and I'll be behind you," he said, nodding his head at the rock as his hands gently pushed her back down.

Quickly seeing what he wanted, she bent over at the waist, rested her hands on the rock and spread her legs. Reaching back under herself, she took his cock and guided it into her pussy once again. She felt him slide easily into her wet opening, and smiled at the wonderful, full sensation she experienced.

Larry grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her again, this time without the pain in the back. He watched her ass jiggle some as he sank in up to the hilt, his balls slapping against her clit. She then caressed his balls and he realized that she was touching her clit as he was fucking her. Just the thought of that turned him on immensely and in just a few moments he felt the pressure building inside him.

Wanting it to last longer, he slowed a bit, pausing between thrusts, his cock deep inside her, her body lifted up by his hips. Continuing like this he seemed to regain control, but then she moaned and he felt her pussy contracting over and then releasing his cock as she came on him and he went wild. His thrusts were fast now as their bodies slapped together with such force that her feet were lifted off the ground. He thrust again and again until, yes... yes, the sensation shot though him. Immense pleasure rolled down his cock and into his balls and he came, shooting his sticky, hot cum deep in her pussy.

"Oh Moira, I love you, I love you," Larry moaned, collapsing onto her back, pushing hard against her ass trying to keep his cock in her pussy for as long as possible. They remained like that, catching their breath for a few minutes, until finally his cock slipped out of her.

Moira turned from beneath him and sat on the rock. She gazed up at him and said, "I love you too Larry, I always have."

"We should be together then, but you say you can't come with me."

"I can come with you, but things will not remain the same."

"What do you mean?"

"If I come with you, I will not stay like I have all these years."

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