tagGroup SexThe Grateful Virus Ch. 04

The Grateful Virus Ch. 04


All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved.


Chapter 4

Back in Jen's room, the girls were all sitting in a circle on the bed having an intense conversation. "I know it's not the best time in my life for it," Jen said, "but somehow I just have no doubt or fear in my mind. I'll find a way to make it work. It's so right. I've never been surer of anything."

"Me too, Jen. I know exactly what you mean," said Helen.

"Same here," said Kelly.

"So what are we waiting for?" asked Trisha.

"Let's do it!" said Jen.

"Wait, Jen, let's think this through first," Helen said. "What are you going to say? Are you just going to knock on his door and tell him we all want to have his babies? There's no way he'd agree to that, even if we could seduce him. He already said he's married and won't cheat. He wouldn't even do it with protection, much less without."

"Shit, you're right." Jen sat back down on the bed in frustration.

They all sat in silence for a few minutes. Then suddenly a phone rang. Nobody moved. They all looked around at each other.

"Is that yours?"

"No I thought it was yours."

"Where is it?"

"Hey it's in the closet... Here it is. This isn't any of yours?"


"Not mine."


"Holy shit it's his! Who does it say is calling?"

"It says home."

Jen's face lit up with an evil grin. "Give me that." The phone had stopped ringing. Jen opened it up and copied Jim's home number into her phone. "Kelly, download those pictures, just for backup. You're bringing your camera for show and tell."

Jim had just gotten in bed when there was a soft knock on his door. He fastened the safety latch to the door, opened it until the latch stopped it, and looked out through the gap. It was the girls from across the hall. All four of them. They were wearing PJs and wicked-looking smiles. There was lust in all of their eyes -- not just in Jen's anymore. Nobody seemed to be able to speak for a long moment as the virus hit all five of them hard with fresh waves of lust. Finally Jim croaked out a "What's up?"

"Jim," Jen whispered slowly, "we want to stay up and party a little more. We can't do it in our room with the coach right next door. Can we use yours?"

"Uh... I'm sorry girls, I don't trust myself."

"Ok then. We'll just go and make some prank calls, since there's nothing else to do. Oh speaking of calls, you left this in our closet." She held up his phone.

"Hey Jim, didn't this picture turn out great?" Kelly asked, holding up her camera, which was displaying the first picture of Jim and Nicole kissing. His face, eyes closed and covered with lipstick kiss marks, was turned partly toward the camera and clearly recognizable.

"Shit," Jim said, and banged his head on the wall a few times. "Ok I get it. What do you want from me?"

Jen smiled a truly wicked smile and paused, savoring the moment. "Your pants, Jim." The other girls suppressed giggles. "Let us in."

He swallowed hard, uncertain what to say to make them not follow through on their threat or how exactly he'd explain this to his wife if they did. The pictures were just kissing -- it could be worse. Anyway, there was no way in hell he was going to let these lust-crazed girls in.

He took a deep breath. It was a big mistake. His nostrils filled with the smell of their desire. That smell, combined with a huge wave of arousal from the virus, seemed to temporarily knock something loose inside of Jim. He closed his eyes and leaned against the doorframe, trying to regain control. Jen saw his tented boxers come into view in the crack in the door. She reached a slender arm in and stroked his erection lightly. Jim gasped and opened his eyes wide as his hips involuntarily thrust toward the door. Jen's warm hand closed around his cock through the thin cotton. Helen's hand found his balls and cupped them gently. Kelly reached through the door and lightly scratched along his chest with her fingernails.

"Jim, we just want to play," Jen said as she drew his cock out into the open air of the hallway. "Don't you want to feel just a little more of this?"

Jim's momentarily overwhelmed brain did not seem up to the task of producing a coherent sentence, much less any actual thinking. He just moaned.

"Jim?" No answer. "Everyone stop touching him for a sec. Hey! Helen, hands off!" She slapped at Helen's hand, which reluctantly withdrew from his cock. "Ok. Jim? Hello in there Jim. Want more?"




"Ok then open the door, sweetie, and you can have all you want. We're all yours."


"Yes Jim, just open the door."

"Ahhhh!" he gasped as Trisha took his cock into her mouth.

"Trish! What the hell! Fucking freshmen! Cut it out for a sec, all of you!" Jen pushed Trisha off and elbowed everyone else's reaching hands out of the way, blocking their access to him. "OK. Jim? You want more? All you have to do is open the door."


"Yes, door. Open and we're all yours. Open the door. Do it now."

"Wife. Can't cheat."

"Not Wife, Jim. Wrong thought. Think pictures. Think phone call. Think blackmail, Jim. Not cheating. Not your choice. Not your fault."

"Not my fault?"

"That's right Jim. Blackmail. No choice. Not your fault," she said as she pushed his cock back out of the door crack. He seemed like he might have been about to close the door on himself. "Now open up, and it will all be better. You can have all you want, and it's not your fault."

The door slowly closed. There was a clicking sound. The girls waited in breathless anticipation for a long moment.

And then it opened.

Jim stumbled back into the room as the four girls swarmed in. They were all around him, pressing and grinding against him and running their hands everywhere. His boxers were quickly tugged off. There was a minute or two of chaotic groping, kissing and grinding in which all of the girls shed their clothes. Then Jim's brain began to function again, but not nearly well enough to question the idea that he had no choice, which it had accepted in its earlier weakened state directly from Jen's mouth. He had no choice, so he might as well enjoy it. He was enjoying it immensely of course, but this was too much of a chaotic blur, and he wanted to remember each of them. If this was to be the hottest thing that ever happened to him, which seemed quite likely despite how amazing his brief encounter with Nicole had been, he would curse himself for years if he didn't remember what they looked like.

He decided to try to appreciate and memorize each of their bodies as best he could, one at a time. He turned to Kelly, the tall brunette with the kind of cold beauty that intimidated men, especially men like Jim. But now her body was his to do whatever he wanted with. Her eyes were closed and she writhed and moaned in response to his touch, as if it was somehow ticklish even just to touch her small breasts. He ran his hands all up and down her, reveling in the feel of her soft young skin against his while trying to get a look at her lanky, athletic body. He had to hold her away from him to get a good look -- she was doing her best to press as close as possible to him at all times. Then he gave in and drew the girl close again for a kiss, feeling her whole body pressing and grinding against his while his hands squeezed her cute, perky ass.

He then repeated the process with Helen. When he finally drew her in for a kiss she was able to maneuver his cock so that it ran along the outside of her pussy. The sensations were incredible. His cock ran along the outside of her a few more times while his hands found Kelly and Trisha's slits. Both had surprisingly tiny openings. Jen pressed her body tightly against him from behind. All of their hands were caressing him everywhere they could reach. It felt far too good. Afraid he might embarrass himself soon, he broke away and turned to Trisha. She seemed to be the youngest of the group, with a stunningly sweet, fresh face, blond hair, and small, jutting breasts. Her pale, tiny body was a little on the thin side, but healthy and hourglass-shaped. It was very difficult to keep her away from him long enough to get a good look. Despite how sexy her young body was, he was even more turned on by her sweet face and beautiful eyes. He put both hands on her flushed cheeks to make her look into his eyes instead of down at his cock. Her response was to close her eyes and kiss him while pressing her whole body tightly against his.

Then he finally turned to Jen. Unlike the others, she cooperated when he pushed her away to get a look at her. As he was running his hands all over her tight, tanned body, she stepped her legs apart as she had earlier that night. His hands instantly sought her crotch and he relived that memory for a moment, watching her gorgeous lithe frame stretched out and grinding against his hand as he stroked her sopping wet sex. Then she turned away from him, spreading her legs and pushing her unbelievably hot ass backwards toward him. It was perfect -- rounded but tight, smooth, and perfectly transitioning into her shapely thighs below and narrow waist above. Even before she spread her legs there was a sizable gap between her upper thighs. With them spread and her back arched, her beautiful pussy opened up to his view. He couldn't resist it. He stepped forward until his cock rubbed along the outside of her slit. She moaned and ground against him, then spit into her hand and brought it to the underside of his cock, pressing it harder against her while coating its other side as he gave a few thrusts between her hand and her pussy. Then she arched her back again while pushing his cock backwards until the tip nestled in her tight entrance. She paused, savoring the moment.

Jim wanted her so badly he could hardly think, and the sudden feeling of her tight entrance around his tip was heavenly, but it also brought back to his lust-clouded mind the consequences of a similar moment less than an hour earlier. Somehow recovering his willpower, he put his hands against her ass to keep her from pushing back onto him.

"Wait. Don't we need condoms? There's a pharmacy not far from here. I could be back in 15 minutes," he said.

"No," said Helen in his ear. Her body was pressed up behind him, so he couldn't see her wicked smile. "We're all on the pill. Don't worry."

A small part of his brain pointed out that pregnancy was not the only thing to be worried about here. Of course, none of them could have known yet that the virus made all of them immune to all forms of infectious diseases, as it would soon do for the entire world. The girls simply didn't care, and for Jim the thought was drowned out by a wave of pleasure as Helen's hands on his ass held him still and Jen pushed the first inch back onto his cock, overpowering the feeble resistance of his hands. He gasped. The sensation was incredible, as was the sight. The moment in the closet with Nicole had been mind-blowing in its own way, but it had been too dark to see. This time, he could see Jen's pussy stretching around him as his cock slid slowly into her tanned body. God, what a body! He couldn't get over how gorgeous Jen's skin was. Her shape wasn't as extreme of an hourglass as Trisha's, but something about her -- maybe her flawless skin, the way she held herself, her confidence, or the way she moved -- something just made her by far the sexiest. He wanted to come inside of Jen. But he was dying to sample the other girls too.

To his relief, another difference about this time was that he seemed somewhat more prepared for the waves of pleasure. He had been dreading coming on the first stroke into Jen, as he basically had with Nicole, but as he finally buried himself all the way in her he was only feeling a slight early warning tingle. Jen leaned forward and rested one hand on the bed while stroking her clit with the other. He pulled back out slowly, deliciously, and then slid back in. After a few more glorious strokes he felt his orgasm building. Just to be on the safe side, he paused deep inside her and closed his eyes for a minute. He found Kelly and Trisha's pussies with his hands and again marveled at how tight their entrances were. He positioned a fingertip at each of their tiny entrances while sliding most of the way out of Jen, and then suddenly penetrated all three girls at once, producing gasps from Kelly and Trisha and a moan from Jen. His index fingers were only inside Kelly and Trisha about a quarter inch. He didn't know a girl could be so tight. It didn't feel like anything bigger than a finger could possibly fit in there.

He was dying to find out. After savoring two more strokes inside of Jen, he pulled out and turned toward Kelly, who was facing him with her legs slightly apart grinding against his left hand, with his index finger still wedged tightly just inside her entrance. He maneuvered his erection between her legs and began rubbing it against her exposed and engorged clitoris. She groaned with need and tilted her pelvis toward him, holding onto his shoulders and leaning her upper body back. This caused his tip to slide toward her entrance. He took his finger out and let his cock take its place. He pushed gently and felt the tight constriction around the very tip of his cock that indicated he was in the right place. But he couldn't seem to get it to go any farther. Was it the wrong angle? He bent his knees slightly, getting more directly lined up, and tried pushing again. It only went in a tiny bit more. She really was too tight!

He caught Kelly's eye and said "I think it won't fit."

Kelly looked down and mumbled something out of the side of her mouth to Jen. Jen giggled at them and shook her head, then got behind Kelly, and with a nod to Trisha behind him, pushed Kelly down hard. Trisha's hands were on Jim's butt, and she pushed at the same time. Kelly's eyes widened and locked on his, but nothing else happened for a moment. Jim would never have pushed this hard, reasoning that a girl that tight would need him to go slow and give her time to adjust. He hadn't imagined the possibility that one of these wanton sluts could be a virgin. Jen and Trisha pushed even harder, and suddenly Kelly's hymen gave with a pop. Finally Jim understood as he slid an inch into her virgin pussy. The realization that he was taking this gorgeous young girl's virginity was such a huge turn on that Jim was instantly back near the edge of orgasm. Fortunately the other girls held them still while Kelly's initial pain passed.

Helen had a hand in between them gently rubbing Kelly's clitoris, which soon produced some moaning and grinding again from the partially deflowered girl. Jim slowly started to move a little bit in and out, going slightly deeper each time. He still had to apply quite a bit of force because of her tightness, despite how wet she was. Whenever he went in a little farther, she clenched up even tighter and grunted softly, making any further movement almost impossible for a few seconds until she relaxed. Soon he was fully buried in her and moving, still slowly, but continually all the way in and out. She leaned her head back, resting it on Jen's shoulder. All traces of pain had left her expression as she arched her body and thrust her hips to meet him. Jen's hands played with her nipples and Helen's with her clitoris. Jim had one of her perky, cute butt cheeks gripped tightly in each hand for leverage. He started to push in harder with each stroke, reveling in the amazing tightness of this girl and the thought that he was taking someone's cherry -- a first for him. And all he knew about her was her first name. And her lanky young body was amazing, not to mention the model-like cold beauty of her face. She was REAL! That was his cock sliding into this textbook definition of an unattainable woman. This combination of thoughts was far too sexy. He had to pause again for a moment to avoid coming.

Kelly whimpered and tried to move again, but he held her still. "More, more!" she moaned.

"Just a sec. I don't want to come yet" he said.

This seemed to drive her wild. "Oh god! Do it now! I need your come in me!" she grabbed his hips and forced herself up slightly off of him, then back down, hard. Her pussy began to convulse around him in a powerful orgasm as she moaned and shook and begged for him to come in her. He didn't want to come yet! There were still two other girls he hadn't tried, and he wanted to make it back to Jen! As his body hovered on the very brink of orgasm he gripped her tighter, holding himself motionless deep inside her as she writhed and tried unsuccessfully to lift off of him again. His erection gave a little pre-orgasm spurt of come deep inside her, but he didn't actually release yet. He could tell he was going to be able to back down from it in a few more seconds of stillness.

Kelly's eyes had gone wide and a bizarre expression had entirely replaced the look of orgasmic pleasure on her face. It was almost a look of triumph. Or fulfillment. She looked like she was about to cry with joy. Like this was the best moment of her life. She was babbling about something. He heard the words clearly but they just didn't make any sense to Jim's pleasure-clouded brain. "I felt it! I felt him putting his baby in me! Oh thank you Jim, thank you! It's inside me! I'm so happy!"

The other girls all went insane. Even more insane, that is. Jen ripped Kelly off of him and dropped her, wheeling back toward him and shouting "Mine!" At the same time Trisha, who had been pressed against his back, tried to come around to his vacant right side while reaching for his cock, but Helen's hand was there first, pulling him toward her as she sat back onto the dresser with her legs spread. Trisha's legs got tangled with Jim's and she was flung onto the bed. Jen was still extricating herself from Kelly's indignantly flailing limbs on the floor. Jim was half-falling toward Helen. She kept her left hand on his cock and made sure that he fell directly into her pussy, sliding immediately all the way in. The stimulation was, of course, more than enough to push him over the edge.

"Oh! I'm coming!" he moaned as he grabbed her waist, pulled back, and thrust deeply inside her soft pussy again. He was spurting inside of this girl moments after taking another girls' virginity, and he wasn't even sure what this one's name was. Heather? Hanna? Her button-cute little face was overflowing with joy as she looked deeply into his eyes, watching the signs of his orgasm intently.

With an animal snarl, Jen ripped him out of Helen and threw him back onto the bed next to Trisha, quickly jumping on top of him before the younger girl could. He had spurted twice inside of Helen, but as Jen fumbled with his cock to get it lined up with her entrance, his orgasm somehow seemed to pause and wait for her. Then it resumed as she sank her tight, tanned body down onto him and milked the last of his come, rocking sensually up and down with a look of triumph that fit her sexy little party-girl face much better than it had fit Helen's or Kelly's.

"No fair!" Trisha whined at Jen, "Let me have some."

"Sorry kiddo, I think he's done for a little while," Jen said as she slid off him and quickly put her hand over her pussy to try to keep his come from leaking out. Helen, still over on the dresser, was doing the same.

Comprehension was starting to dawn on Jim. "But you're all on the pill! Aren't you?"

Trisha saw the growing panic in his eyes and realized she might not get another chance. Before Jim could stand up, she jumped on top of him, lined him up with her entrance, and pushed down with all of her might. Her hymen gave and despite the pain she immediately shoved all the way down onto him. Then, pausing only briefly, she pulled almost all the way out, and pushed down onto him again. Her already tight, tiny, virginal pussy was clenching with pain, making it very difficult to move him in and out, but using her whole weight plus the wiry strength of her arms pulling up on his waist, she was able to do it.

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