The Grateful Virus Ch. 04


Jim was stunned. Another virgin? And her pussy was even tighter than Kelly's, due to her small size and the fact that she wasn't taking time to adjust to him. A partner's pain was most definitely NOT a turn-on for Jim, but in this case the message it sent was overwhelmingly sexy. She wanted his seed, NOW, before he had a chance to change his mind. The expression on her sweet, innocent face made it clear she didn't like pain any more than he did, but she was willing to do anything to get his DNA. Anything to get his baby in her womb. What was her name again? Jim was appalled to find that this line of thought was an enormous turn-on. As nice and civilized as he thought he was, when it came right down to it his body wanted to reproduce, with his moral approval or without it. Her pace sped up and suddenly Jim was amazed to feel himself close to orgasm again, less than a minute after the end of the last one.

"Wow, I think he might come again," said Jen, studying his face.

"Trisha you better share!" shouted Kelly, suddenly standing up. "I only got one little spurt!"

Trisha was slamming her pale, beautifully shaped little body up and down on his erection, elation replacing pain on her sweet face at the thought of his impending orgasm inside her. He reached what he thought was the peak and hung there for a long moment. Was he out of semen? He was in completely new territory now -- he had had no idea it was even possible to come again so soon, not to mention three times in an hour. Then the real peak hit him. It was a whole other level of pleasure he had never known was possible. He was spurting into Trisha and involuntarily shouting with each wave of it. Jen and Kelly suddenly lifted her off of him and flung her onto her side on the bed next to him. Again his orgasm seemed to miraculously pause while Kelly mounted him. She sank onto him and milked the last spurts from his otherwise motionless body.

Laughing, hugging each other, dancing around, and even crying with joy, the girls put their pajamas back on and returned to their room, leaving Jim naked and unconscious on the bed.

They had literally fucked him senseless.

* * * * *

During all of this, the virus had been busy. Clearly the new approach had worked wonders. It still couldn't begin to understand either the sounds these hosts seemed to use to communicate or how their brains worked. But whereas before their brain functioning and communication had acted largely as barriers to the motivations the virus was creating, now it seemed to be quite the opposite in all of the hosts except Jim. The other hosts now seemed to be acting much more as allies. The virus felt that it could trust them now, even though it couldn't really understand them. Whatever they had communicated to Jim through the door with their strange, complex sound patterns had seemed to dissolve much of his resistance.

Even though the virus couldn't see a way to get Jim to stop resisting replication, the other hosts around him seemed to be able to take care of that, once they were modified with Mary's desire to replicate and with the arousal pattern discovered by the Jen-probe. But the pace was so slow! Including Nicole with the other four, there were five hosts in which Jim had ruptured, and the virus had made sure they each released four eggs. In other words, all of its efforts so far could only produce at most 20 Jim-replications. More hosts were needed. Many more.

Since Jim had also made efforts to resist spreading probes, the other hosts would have to take on that function as well. It was time to make the transition from mere exploratory probes to a full-blown viral spread. The virus developed a much easier way to induce a sneeze by stimulating a tiny part of the brain instead of physically tickling the nose. Based on this, it created a new form of probe and installed it in Kelly in the last moments before contact was broken. It was highly simplified. Its mission was to spread via sneezing and simply establish a few pre-programmed capabilities in each fertile host. Because these new probes did not need to explore or analyze, they could become fully operational in half an hour instead of 8 hours. It also included instructions for old versions of the probe, so that sneeze-messages from hosts with the new probe would cause any already-infected hosts to be fully upgraded within seconds. Of course, just like the explorer probe, the new probe would avoid harming its host in any way, feeding off of tumors, dying cells, and the like.

But even if many more hosts were available at this moment, Jim seemed to be in no condition to replicate again, or do much of anything for that matter. The virus had seen how difficult it was to make his second orgasm happen. He had almost run out of fluid by being very inefficient and releasing far too much at a time. That could be corrected. By watching Kelly, the virus had just learned that if even a small amount of fluid was released deep inside a woman while she was coming, the pumping action of her orgasm could propel the fluid just to the right spot. So this is the function of the female orgasm! The new probe would therefore also have to be able to induce a female orgasm, timed perfectly to coincide with such a spurt from Jim. And the virus would also need to suppress unnecessary additional spurts, while giving Jim the same amount of pleasure as a regular orgasm. The pleasure was clearly there to motivate Jim to replicate, and the last thing Jim seemed to need was less of that motivation.

* * * * *

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