tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Grateful Virus_Ch. 200

The Grateful Virus_Ch. 200


All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved.


Chapter 200 - epilogue

It had taken seven years. Jim slowed down a lot after the first four. Although he told everyone it was because he couldn't take the pace, it was really just that he couldn't bear for it to end. Finally, after seven years of traveling the world and impregnating 500,000 of the most beautiful women they could find, they had built up the enormous capacity of sperm needed to complete their plans. It was time for Jim to retire. They gave him and his wife a thorough round of plastic surgery to make them both unrecognizable. After the virus reached its goal, he would of course need to assume an entirely new identity. Once people got it through their heads that there was one man who was responsible for a billion new babies and the biggest population boom the world had ever seen, his old identity would likely not be a popular figure. The public might never understand the importance of what they had done. The Angels, too, made their plans to disappear as soon as the clinics opened, leaving an army of paid staff who had no idea who had really hired them.

Finally after four months of delays, all was ready, the clinics opened, and the Angels along with Jim and Jessica left the Hawaiian base behind. The clinics' advertising campaign was a huge success, mystifying men everywhere. A week later suddenly the demand dropped overnight to zero just as supplies dwindled and the clinic workers were beginning to wonder where to find the mysterious clinic owners who had provided this amazingly popular sperm, so they could order more.

* * * * *

As the clinics opened, the virus finally began to understand what the Angels had been up to with their careful collection of Jim's sperm. Women everywhere were becoming pregnant with replications of Jim, even if they had never met him! This was amazing! They had used technology in such an organized and efficient way for a goal it understood, all of this time right under its nose. Maybe they were intelligent after all! Now needing a new life goal anyway, it devoted all of its energy to learning their form of communication.

* * * * *

Jim and Jessica were adjusting to their new life in England. He was happy to be living an ordinary life again, but going out in public presented some emotional problems. Every time he saw a pregnant woman he wondered if she was pregnant with his baby. The odds were pretty good that she was. And almost anywhere he went outside of England he'd encounter women he'd probably had sex with. They wouldn't recognize him with his new face, and because there had been so many, he almost certainly wouldn't recognize any of them. But it was a pretty good bet with any attractive mother of three or four same-aged children. The other, much smaller problem was seeing hot women on the street and not being able to have them. His memories of those fantastic "field trips" in cities all over the world, recently so clear, had begun to seem unreal. It had been eight months now since his retirement. His masturbation fantasies of being back on the bus, or back in the adjustable-floor room, were losing their luster. He often wished he could remember more clearly.

Then one day he got a box in the mail with no return address. Opening it, he found it was full of DVDs, each labeled with a date from the past seven years. There was a note from Nicole that read "I'll remember our moment in the closet forever, but I sometimes wish my memories of it were clearer. So I thought maybe you'd want these." They were high definition videos of every day of his seven year long career as a stud. Apparently all of the walls in those movable-floor rooms, not just one, had been one-way mirrors, and there had been hidden cameras covering the inside of the buses too, as well a camera on the outside of the bus that caught each of his partners walking towards the bus and stepping onto it, or sometimes even the moment that an Angel recruited her. In these scenes, the Angel's face was always censored. Inside the bus, scenes were recorded from two fixed angles. Someone had done a lot of work editing them together. Each of the movable floor room scenes appeared to have been shot with very high quality robotic crane cameras, judging by the smooth panning to various angles, even including bird's eye views down from the mirrored ceiling. He found the editing and camera work on these to be superb, as they had been made specifically for him, matching his tastes. For example, each girl's face was shown in close-up, at least in a split screen, during his slow initial penetration.

And the angles were often exactly what he wanted, which was no accident as their selection had been based on observing what Jim himself seemed to want to look at when he was taking his time appreciating a girl's body shape. A very common shot in these movies was a view down a girl's back when her legs were spread and her back arched forward, pressing her ass out and accentuating her hourglass shape. This angle didn't show the pussy or breasts, which Jim thought was probably why porn movies seemed to neglect it, but Jim thought it was by far sexier to highlight a woman's body shape and the enjoyment on her face than to constantly show the sex act itself. The cameras would get it exactly right time after time, particularly in doggy style. In this position, the camera would often show the woman's face in the foreground in the bottom of the frame as she made eye contact with Jim in the mirror that hid the camera, but the angle was such that her head didn't block the view of the shape of the narrowest part of her lower back transitioning into her widely spread hips.

And best of all, the camera never missed the look of joy and gratitude on each woman's orgasm-wracked face as she felt his seed spurt into her womb. He had rarely had the time to really watch their faces during these moments, but now watching the DVDs these were some of his favorite parts. Particularly during tournament days when he went through rows of already-eliminated girls in doggy style, impregnating a few or sometimes as many as a dozen of them in the same orgasm. These scenes were insanely hot. He hadn't fully realized this while he was doing it, but the Angels had. They produced a separate edited series, hundreds of hours long, that showed literally all of these moments of impregnation in a row across the entire seven years. It went on and on, usually just showing the crucial second or two for each one as her orgasm peaked and then her sudden change of expression as she felt his seed enter her womb. Sometimes, particularly if he had found the girl to be really sweet or cute, and had therefore spent more time looking at her face than her body, the camera would show her moment of impregnation in slow motion and/or dwell on her face for a few extra seconds as she began to babble or even cry with joy.

Jim kept this treasure a secret his whole life, even hiding it from his wife. It was only after he died at a ripe old age that his children found it and realized that their father had been an important and mysterious historical figure. Selected scenes were released to the public, quickly becoming by far the highest selling porn series of all time. Any man who had ever admired a stranger's body found the bus scenes irresistible. The idea of sitting there and being able to instantly have whoever one wanted in a public place was, for many men, the ultimate fantasy. And it was not only a plausible scenario, but it had actually happened! This was real! People couldn't get enough of it. His all-virgin days were a huge hit, as were the tournament days, particularly the five-day marathon tournament in which he took care of a hand-picked set of the hottest 3000 remaining former Church of Sneezy members in exchange for all of them them giving up their pictures of him. That had not been Jim's favorite week, but it was a huge hit with fans. And finally they released specific videos from each location around the world for each of the major categories -- bus trips, virgin days, tournaments, impregnation moments, days for girls with sweet faces, days for tall girls, days for petite girls, and days for various other specific types of girls that Jim's continually changing tastes had demanded.

But that was many years later. First the DVDs sat in a box in Jim's attic.

A month after Jim got them, the virus suddenly began to talk to him by making him hear words in his head. He was sure he was going crazy at first, so he ignored it until it basically shouted at him.

"Jim, this is your virus, and I know you can hear me! Talk to me!"

"Shit! When did you learn to talk?"

"Last couple months. Didn't want to speak up until I was sure I would do it right."

"Virus, we have a lot to talk about."

The virus was horrified to learn that it had done wrong by impregnating all of those women and by creating a dangerous surge in world population that would soon strain all kinds of social institutions around the world, as it was already straining prenatal health care. The women Jim had directly impregnated had all had their babies already, but there were many more who had used the clinics who were now 4 months pregnant. Once it understood why the Angels had set up those clinics, the virus offered to undo what it had done to those women. Jim didn't know how to respond, so he talked it over with his wife. They told the virus that the real issue was that it had changed what people wanted. It needed to find a way to change that back. Then they could decide for themselves whether to get an abortion. It was wrong to abort their babies for them. Even though most of them probably would want abortions once they realized what the virus had done to them, some might not. The whole point was to let people decide their lives for themselves. Of course, the virus could assist people if they didn't have the means to do something they wanted (including getting an abortion), but it should never alter their desires or motivations. The virus agreed, promising to reform.

Over the next few weeks it spread its new understanding of language to hosts around the world and began listening to many people and having conversations with some of them, especially with world leaders, social scientists and later also ecologists, once it learned each such category of people existed. Soon it was thoroughly convinced of a very important truth that would guide the rest of its life.

* * * * *

I understand now. This is just like when I woke up and realized that Jim wasn't just an environment, he was an organism: a fragile, precious, miraculous system that I had been destroying in my ignorance. Their whole society is also such a system, and in my ignorance I almost destroyed it just like with Jim. I now owe this greater system an enormous debt. Again I must study it and find a way to repay it. But this time I will be able to learn by asking them what they want instead of assuming I already know. I will help them be what they want to be, as individuals and as a whole society, and I will protect them however I can from any threats I see in their future.

The top priority is that they too urgently need to wake up, as a society. Their society is also like a virus that is destroying its host in its ignorance. Few of them understand how fragile and interconnected the ecological and physical systems that support their lives are. As a society, they expand recklessly, ignorantly, just like I did in Jim's body before I woke up. With my help, they can wake up; their society can transition from a dumb, selfish, reckless organism to an intelligent, sustainable one.

* * * * *

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