tagFetishThe Gunge Angel Ch. 02

The Gunge Angel Ch. 02



Hi Alex,

Love your pics! Always wanted to get messy, ideally with a girl but have been curious for a long time abt what it wd be like to get messy with another guy. Haven't found a lot of guys online who I'd like to do it with but your pictures made me feel a bit...you know what! Anyway if you'e up for it I would like to book you for a session.

Q.: What kind of wam do you like?

A.: Pies, gunge, messy humiliation, usual kind of thing. My fantasy is to be with a bunch of blokes and we're all getting each other messy in a huge pool of gunge, eventually it starts to focus on one guy and we really mess him up and humiliate him big time! I can never decide if I want to be this guy or one of the guys messing him up. ;-P

Q.: What kind of thing do you think you'd like to do in the session?

A.: Pieing, mutual gungeing, like to take it from there, maybe if you fancy it we could have a messy wrestling match? Winner can do whatever he wants to the loser? Gotta warn you though, I play to win :).

Q.: How did you hear about gungeangel.com?

A.: Probably through umd.net. Love the site! Love to see more pics of you being gunged - unless you can get me first ;)

I took Karl on as a client with a certain amount of trepidation. His picture made him look handsome, in a sporty kind of way (although I was determined not to confine myself to clients who I thought were attractive - having said that, I didn't get many offers from unattractive people and most of the ones who did offer never took up the booking, or cancelled at the last minute). But I was afraid he'd be a bit coy or jokey about the whole thing. I didn't want it to be a joke. I wanted it to be something potentially funny, but also serious.

However, the minute he answered the door, my fears melted away, and indeed were replaced by slightly different fears (of a more welcome kind). Karl was about my height but he was more muscular than me and he exuded sex. He had the confidence and the charm that I'd never felt around women; he looked directly at me, and I felt myself blink and blush as I introduced myself. He grinned at me, pumped my hand and invited me in.

He seemed all energy, almost bouncing from one foot to the other as I formally introduced myself ("Hi - well, as you know, I'm Alex, and I'm your gunge angel for this afternoon, and before we go any further I'd just like to lay out the ground rules for the session, if that's okay"). I spelled out the rules, reminding him of what he'd paid for, and he nodded and grinned. He gave me a Diet Coke to drink, and I noticed that he himself drank Coke Zero.

Then, when we'd made a bit of small talk and relaxed, I said "Okay, so... shall we do this?"

"Definitely," he said. He had an accent I couldn't quite place, northern English, but not whiny like they sometimes are. He leapt up.

"Where d"you wanna do it?" he asked, grinning. I smilingly explained that I had to set up first. He suggested his living room, and after we'd moved some furniture aside I soon spread out my newspapers and plastic sheeting and my pies, and filled my buckets, then I excused myself and went into the bathroom to change into my combat gear of grey tee, black jeans and white briefs.

I emerged to find Karl standing in the living room in a pair of tight white briefs. He smiled, looking a bit sheepish.

"Have I moved too fast?" he said.

"Not at all," I said. "Do you want me to start out equal?"

"No," he said. "Spoils all the fun."

We knelt, facing each other, each of us grinning, two young guys in the same room, feeling the absurdity of all this - and yet there was a definite electricity in the air. Karl was every inch the lady's man, and yet here he was, facing me, a slim and fully clothed young man, obviously the more feminine one, obviously the one who would be the submissive if anything were to happen between us.

"Would you like me to start?" I said.

"Yes," he said softly, more serious now, staring at me, his slightly fleshy lips parted.

"Okay," I said. "I think I'm gonna drop you in the deep end, and just pie you in the face. Okay?"

"Okay," he said.

I lifted a pie. I looked at him. He raised his eyebrows, grinned tightly and looked comically nervous.

I pushed the pie into Karl's face, and as I did so, I could see how he relaxed - the tautness and nerviness went out of him and he gave into the sensation. I heard his grateful moan with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Then I went to town on him, pieing him repeatedly, sandwiching his face, smearing pie over his chest and scalp. He sat, cross-legged, breathing heavily, moaning with pleasure as I did so.

After ten minutes, Karl was a mess and I saw still clean. Half my pies had gone. I looked him up and down. His face and head were caked with gunge. He was blinded by it.

"Lie back," I murmured, pushing him backwards. Uncomplaining, he lay down on his back and I looked down at his splendid body, his head and shoulders and chest and belly smeared with gunge.

I reached inside his briefs and touched his cock. He gasped. I took it in my fingers and grasped it, feeling it swell, and I pulled on it. Karl quickly got erect and I knelt over him and took him in my mouth.

"Ooooh," he moaned. "Oh, God, Alex, that's fucking... mmm, yeah..."

I sucked on Karl as I caressed his torso and hips, still covered with the briefs, his tight arse clenching as I gave him what must have been the most unexpected blowjob of his life. My own cock was already hard, and I was wondering if there was any way that I might be able to manipulate Karl into offering me his arse; I had never fucked another guy, but the idea of dominating this bigger, stronger, more masculine guy was sweetly arousing.

As my lips and tongue stroked Karl's cock, urging him on, I was caressing his hips ever more boldly, and then I was tugging on his briefs, threatening to remove them, and he wasn't protesting but was moaning louder - and then I was actually pulling them down, stripping Karl nude, and as his pants caught on his cock (I let it out of my mouth long enough for his pants to slide off him) he was squirming and gasping beneath me. Then at last I had got him stark naked beneath me, and was preparing myself to make a move for him.

And that's when he rose up beneath me and started to grapple with me, and I realised that he'd been playing me all along; he was much stronger than me and he soon had me in a grip, he nude and me still clothed but unable to free myself. And he was unbuttoning my jeans.

"Oh no you won't," I gasped, "you're mine, I've got you..."

"No way," he muttered in my ear, "Alex, no fucking way, I've wanted this..."

He got my jeans off my hips and we struggled. He was naked and slippery, and soon I was slippery with his gunge, and then he had a hand free and grabbed a pie and pied me in the face.

I was so stunned that I failed to stop him dragging my jeans off my legs. But then we grappled again, and he was ripping my t-shirt as I gasped and swore. And something about fighting a naked man... I dare you to do it, and keep your honour. Karl was all arms and legs and chest and cock, and my torn t-shirt was ripped off me and I lunged to make a break, but he grabbed a bucket and my head plunged into the bucket instead, and all went dark and cool and sweet-smelling as my head sank up to the neck in cake batter.

I fought to pull my head out, but as I did so, I felt him pulling my briefs down, uncovering my bum and my cock beneath me, and then I was finally naked and blinded. I pulled my head out with a huge gasp of air, and Karl got off me, and I heard him laughing.

That was what broke the tension, in a way; he laughed. I couldn't help it. I began to laugh too, after I'd wiped the gunge out of my face. Here we were, two grown young men, naked and covered in gunge, wrestling... and yet we were playing like small boys.

We sat there, laughing, and he even grabbed me and flopped on top of me, and we smiled at each other, and then he gave me a playful kiss on the lips.

I stared at him for a moment - and then he slapped a pie into my face.

Then came a hilarious and strangely blessed few minutes in which we were just deliriously pieing each other, trying to get each other as messy as possible, not caring about what it meant or what we were trying to say, just enjoying wrestling and feeling the gunge on our skin. And then it got a bit more strenuous, and we were grappling more seriously, fighting each other for the last pie, and we were each equally determined.

"I'm fuckin" gonna get you, Alex, I swear," he said. "Not a fuckin" joke. Gonna get you with that."

"No chance," I gasped, with his arm round my throat, so I knew it was a bit of an empty boast. And even as I lunged for it, sure enough, he managed to grab it and push it up into my face, and I groaned with humiliation as I let myself take it.

Karl's naked, slippery body was on my back and his genitals were pressed up against my buttocks, and he couldn't help himself from jerking his hips into my rear. This was not something he'd paid for. It was more like the reflexive victory move of a dominant animal.

"Oh," I gasped, warningly, "oh..."

"Oh God," he groaned, "I've gotta do it, man."

"No," I whimpered, "I have rules..."

"Please," he gasped, and he was blatantly fucking the crack of my bum with his erect cock, at this point, although that was as far as it had got, and blinded and humiliated as I was to have him mounted on my hips doing this to me, I was finding it dangerously arousing.

"Oooooh..." was all I managed to moan, but it was all happening so fast. This time I made a conscious decision, and yielded, going limp beneath Karl, and he pushed his hips downwards and the tip of his thick, stiff cock touched my slippery anus.

"AAH! AHH! AHH!!" he gasped as he jerked his hips forwards, and it was more a symbolic gesture on his part than serious coitus, but I felt the very tip of his prick pushing at my all-too-receptive ass, and I couldn't help but make high, girlish moans as he, too, realised that, just for a second, the tip of his cock pushed inside me and he was actually bum-fucking me. He slid out of me and came immediately, his cum squirting over my anus, and before I had even recovered, I felt him getting off me and tugging my arm. I wiped the gunge from my eyes and saw that he was lying next to me, prone, his legs apart.

"Come on, Alex," he urged, "you've gotta."

I got on him and quickly pushed my cock between his muscular buttocks, and as we squirmed on the ground I came too, although I'm pretty sure I didn't do it inside him. And then we were just lying there, breathless, naked, two young guys panting with the extremity of what we'd just done to each other.

Karl was the first to pick himself up, a bit bluff, very blokeish, not at all alluding to the fact that he'd just fucked another guy, and I realised that it wasn't something he wanted to talk about. I matched his tone and pretended it had all been a bit of fun between blokes, and he let me shower first and went after me, rather than shower with me. As he saw me out, he briefly squeezed my hand and gave me a short, passionate kiss on the lips, but that was it.

I never saw Karl again.


Hi Alex,

We are Max and Alice and we love your site! We'd really like to have a session with you. We are 22 and 20 and we've been into wam ever since Max showed Alice what it was like and we've always been turned on by the idea of having someone else get messy with us and see where it goes (;-)) but we don't know anyone else who is into it!

Q.: What kind of wam do you like?

Pies, gunge, shaving foam. Alice loves messy humiliation! We usually start off in underwear and take it off during the session but when we don't, it's only because we started off nude.

Q.: What kind of thing do you think you'd like to do in the session?

We'd really like to just go free form and see where it goes ;-) Max is bicurious (never been with another guy, just curious) and Alice is really into the idea of two guys messing each other.

Q.: How did you hear about gungeangel.com?

Max heard about it on umd.net and he told Alice about it.

We really hope you'll say yes to us, we are a fun-loving couple and we don't take this too seriously but we think we can promise you a really good time!

Max and Alice turned out to look exactly as they sounded. Max was skinny and had a beard and was good-looking in a thin-faced kind of way, while Alice was rather larger than Max, a cute, plump redhead with glasses and freckles and a sweet face. They were very pleased to see me and they listened carefully as I explained the rules. We agreed on safe words and then we all went off to change.

I returned in my angel gear to find them in underwear - Max was wearing boxer shorts and Alice a pink bikini that didn't cover her up well at all. Her large boobs were almost spilling out of it.

We began to play. I slipped almost straight away into the role of the dominator, somebody who'd appointed himself the task of gunging slaves; this was proving popular with clients because they usually liked to turn the tables on me and gunge me worse than I'd done them. I was fully prepared for Max and Alice to go that route and I deliberately decided to provoke them into doing it by gunging first one, then the other, to arouse them as much as possible.

I cuffed Alice's hands behind her back and turned my attention to Max, first making him kneel, then pieing him several times and reaching around him to slip my hand inside his boxers and jerk him off a bit. Max found this evidently arousing and so did Alice, who was sitting opposite us on a kitchen chair, cuffed, immobilised and panting with lust as she watched me gunge and fondle her man. Then I stripped Max naked and pied him in the crotch, before bending him over and forcing his head into a bucket of cake batter twelve times in succession. When he was completely covered in gunge I made him scoop as much of it as possible off himself and the ground and put it back in the bucket.

Then I cuffed Max to a chair and made him watch as I turned to Alice.

She sat, giggling at first, and then whimpering a little as I delicately and slowly undid her bikini top, exposing her breasts, and then gently slid down her bikini bottoms, stripping her nude. She protested and blushed delightfully. Max was sitting opposite her, streaked with gunge, his cock stiff in his lap.

Then I pied Alice in the face, then on the sides and top of her head, and waited for the pies to fall off. When they did she was trembling with lust and panting, and I quickly inverted the bucket of mixed gunge over her head. She gave a muffled squeal and I uncuffed her, and she came forward on her knees and then went on all fours, the bucket still on her head, gunge still dripping out of it, her ample naked body streaked with it.

On an impulse I uncuffed Max too, and he scrambled over to his girlfriend and got behind her and entered her. Alice started to squeal with delight, but didn't take the bucket off. I watched for a bit, but they seemed to be completely absorbed in each other and were ignoring me.

I went into the other room and changed back into my street clothes, and when I checked on them, they had refilled the bucket and Alice was on all fours before it, naked. Max inserted her head and then mounted her as he did so, and as she came down the bucket spilled out and her body started to shake and jiggle as he fucked her. Thick, muffled moans came from inside the bucket as Alice ecstatically received her boyfriend's love prong up her moist pussy, as she lay prone and messy with her head in a bucket of gunge.

I let myself out of the flat. That evening I got a rapturous message of thanks from them. They became very good clients, not so much that they booked me very often (they couldn't really afford me) but they introduced me to a lot of their friends.


Hi Alex,

Your site is absolutely yummy and we would love to play with you. We are a couple of fun-loving guys who like to get messy with other good-looking guys and you look perfect. We don't know if you have ever been with a LGBT couple before but we assume that's okay.

Q.: What kind of wam do you like?

Massive messiness with pies, gunge and humiliation! Plus we like to get very, very naughty in the mess! No savoury stuff but we do get physical.

Q.: What kind of thing do you think you'd like to do in the session?

We'd like you to be our slave! We want the full Deluxe service and we like to get very very naughty! Seriously, if you are thinking of saying yes to us, you should be prepared as we can go on for a long time and we really like to show a guy a good time - you may not be fit for much else afterwards! If we tire you out we can offer you a spare bed, although you're also welcome to share ours if you want. We just can't get enough of looking at those pics of your tight little bum and lovely messy cock and your head covered in gunge! Yes, we do really do want to f*** your brains out...

Q.: How did you hear about gungeangel.com?

Not a lot goes on in the world of wam without us hearing about it.

Once I'd said yes to James and Greg, they were very enthusiastic but also very determined that I be prepared for our afternoon. We planned the whole thing in some detail, or rather they did, asking what my limits are and constantly wanting me to reassure them that I was okay with a bit of rough play and humiliation.

I wore old jeans and an old white shirt to the session, taking clean clothes in a bag, and when they buzzed me up to their flat I felt my mouth getting a bit dry. We had talked in advance about the stuff that I usually talked about before the session, so when I knocked on their door and it swung open to reveal an empty hallway, I wasn't too surprised.

I went into their flat and closed the door behind me, and I said "Hello?" as I put my bag down. Then I saw a sign - an arrow drawn on a piece of paper, at the other end of the hall.

I went over and entered the room. It was their kitchen.

The first thing I noticed was that the table and chair were pushed against the wall, and the floor covered in plastic sheeting.

I looked around.

I was grabbed from behind, and a pie was pushed into my face, blinding me. I groaned as I was pulled to the floor.

I understood - James and Greg's fantasy was that they were kidnapping me. I gave in to it and struggled, but not too hard, as they began to tear at my clothes.

I was held down by two sets of arms and I squirmed as they pulled my runners and socks off, then I felt my t-shirt being pulled up.

"Mmmmph!" I squealed under my pie and spat some out. "No! Please!"

"Give in, Alex," said a confident voice. "You know this is happening." Another pie was shoved in my face and my t-shirt was ripped, then another pie smeared across my bare chest.

"Oh, please..." I mumbled, as strong hands tore my shirt off me. Somebody pulled the waistband of my jeans and squirted what felt like whipped cream inside them, and I screamed from the cold. Then they were dragging me across the floor as I squirmed, blinded and helpless, and I felt the floor change to tiles as we entered a bathroom. I was placed on the tiles and made to kneel, one of them kneeling behind me, and another pie was pushed in my face, then a sandwich - one on each side of my head. I moaned again.

Then hands were wiping the gunge and pie from my head, and before I could see clearly, someone took my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips - tenderly but also firmly, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I responded with a startled "Mmm!" and reached out with my hands. I touched a male body that appeared to be naked - except that I felt briefs on his hips. He was a little overweight but his skin was smooth.

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