The Gym


Hi my Name is Vicky. I'm 18 5'2 100lbs 32b cup size red hair green eyes shaved completely and a nice firm body all around. I like to work out keep my self in shape and go out partying. This is a story about an older woman that I had to have that I saw at the gym one-day well working out. It all started well I was working my on my legs and ass she walked by I saw her reflection in the mirror and it was like I was struck by lightning I knew I had to have her. I watched her work out for the rest of the day moving near her each time she moved to watch her as I pretended to work out. When she headed for the shower I did as well. I went in stripped down and toke the shower stall across from her hoping she would be interested.

I had shaven that morning and was feeling very confident I lathered my body with my body wash as I always did. I looked her up and down getting a full view of her beautiful mature body if I had to have guessed I would have said she was 30. Was I ever wrong. She was 5'5 about 110lbs 36c cup size very little sag in them blonde hair blue eyes she had a small bush of pubic hair well trimmed fallowing her natural curves made her look very sexy she look like she was in very good shape. As I continued to watch her I could feel my juices start to flow my nipple became very hard despite the warmth of the water. She looked over at me and smiled and said hello almost catching me starring. I said hello back smiling as well. I turned around to give her a view of my backside smiling as I did only breaking eye contact when I had to turn my head to face the wall. I stood there a little bit pushing my ass out as I rinsed the body wash off running my hands over the front of my body pausing at my breasts to really make sure it came off or least that's what I wanted it to look like as I did looked back and coat her stair at me with a look of desire in her eyes. I turned back to the wall finish rinsing and turned back around to find that she was gone.

I quickly finished up went into the change room and she was nowhere to be seen. dam I thought to myself as I got dressed. As I walked out to my car I hoped I would see her tomorrow though I didn't think so because I had never seen her before today. I got into my car and drove home thinking about her the whole way making myself wetter and wetter thinking about every curve of her body how it flowed. I was so turned on that half way home I had to pull over and pleasure myself. I undid my jeans slid them down around my knees along with my panties opened my legs enough to slide 2 fingers into my wet pussy I quickly pumped my fingers in and out moaning loudly the whole time till I cummed hard. Wave after wave of pleasure washing over me as I climaxed think of her the whole time. As I calmed I realized just how much I had cummed my thighs were moist and there was a small puddle in my seat. I blushed to myself as I pulled up my panties and jeans hoping no one saw me. I drove the rest of the way home still thinking about her.

The week went on and just as I thought I did not see her. I woke up Sunday morning toke my shower got dressed and went to the gym by this time had given up all hope of running into her again. I was wrong again. I was working out on the treadmill going at a slow jog when she walked in front of me making me nearly lose my balance. She got on the treadmill next to me and matched my pace. She said hello again. But this time she introduced her self. I'm Cathy she said. I'm Vicky I told her. And we started chatting from there we talked about all sorts of thing from the weather to what we did for a living and I found out she was really 42 not 30 like I had thought which I had to compliment her on looking so hot for her age. Cathy blushed and said she hadn't heard herself been called hot in a long while though I don't know why with the way she looked.

After 45 minutes we hoped off the treadmills and headed for the showers talking all the way there. When we stepped into the shower room I suggested we share a stall kind of laughing to make it sound like a joke but really hoping she would go for it and to my surprise she did. I stepped in the stall first and Cathy fallowed right after closing the privacy curtain that had stayed open the week before on both of our stalls. I smiled to myself and turned the water on feeling the warmth fall over my body. I turned around facing Cathy reaching just passed her grabbing my body wash our breasts just barley touching each others just as I hoped they would. I stepped back poured some body wash on my hand and lathered it up then spreading it on my body ever place I could reach paying special attention to my breast and bare pussy which I noticed Cathy also paying special attention to as well watching my hands move over my body. I turned and rinsed myself off asking her at the same time if she would do my back. She said she would be happy too.

As soon as her hands touched my back I was in heaven she had a very soft touch I could feel myself getting excited again my nipples growing hard and my pussy becoming moist. Cathy spread it all over my back and my sides up to my breasts I shivered when I felt her hands touch the sides of them and hoped she would continue over them but to my disappointment she didn't she just stepped back and said all done. I sighed to myself and turned around and rinsed my back looking her in the eyes the whole time. Cathy blushed back at me and I knew I had to do something to move this along cause I didn't think I could wait any longer. I stepped closer to her till I was face to face with her she was blushing a even brighter red now as I leaned in and started to kiss her softly she slowly started kissing me back and then suddenly broke the kiss and said are you sure we should do this? I moved closer backing her against the shower stall wall. Whispering yes I'm sure. And then started to kiss her again this time she kissed me back right away.

We stood there kissing for what seemed like forever loving every moment of it. But I broke the kiss kissing my way down her neck placing kisses all over it then down to her breast making sure not to miss any part of them stopping only to kiss and softly lick and suck her nipples which became little pebbles in my mouth quickly then proceeding down her tummy over her pubic patch paying special attention to it making sure not to miss any part of it. Moving down to her beautiful puffy pussy lips placing many kisses over then before letting my tongue come out licking them softly up and down her legs parting for me as she stood there my tongue slowly worked its way inside of her finally tasting her sweet nectar that I desired more then anything else at that moment. Pushing my tongue deeper and deeper inside of Cathy not able to get enough curling my tongue scooping out her juices into my mouth hearing her moan louder and louder till she climax sending wave after wave of sweet nectar in to my eager mouth. Feeling her juices run down my chin. She slowly calmed and I backed away looking into her eyes slowly getting to my feet kissing her once I was face to face with her knowing she's tasting her juices on my lips ours kisses became more passionate.

This time though she broke the kiss trying to copy my every move as she worked her way down to my shaved bare pussy. She timidly licked my pussy lips slowly pushing her tongue inside of me once in though there was nothing timid about it she started licking my pussy like a wild woman trying to get every drop of my sweet juices. Moaning to her every tongue movement but instead of curling her tongue inside of me she flickered her tongue which drove me over the edge I moaned very loudly hoping no one would hear me as wave after wave of pleasure and cum burst out of my pussy into her mouth. I toke a little while longer to calm down then Cathy did I was shaking as I tried to keep my balance I finally calmed. Cathy stood up and kissed me passionately I could taste myself on her lips. We kissed for a while longer before giving ourselves a quick rinse then getting out of the shower moving to the change room that was thankfully empty.

Once dressed we exchanged phone # and addresses. I told Cathy I would call her that night. And I did but that's a story for another time.

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