The Halloween Parade Transformation


"Wait Brent," I blurted out, "and just answer me this first. Did you enjoy what we just did?"

"It was fucking awesome Jamie but..." was all he got out before I was kissing him with all my passion.

Brent responded to me enthusiastically and soon his warm hands were fondling my ass cheeks as we kissed. When we finally stopped I could feel his erection had returned and was pressing into my midsection.

"Let's go to your place Brent," I told him as I looked deep into his chocolate brown eyes.

He smiled in reply and took my hand as we headed down the alley. When we reached his room his roommate was out, not that I would've cared at that moment. If there'd been a large crowd there it wouldn't have dissuaded me a moment I was so turned on. Once Brent closed the door I was all over him, kissing and groping him until he pushed me to arm's length.

"Wait up a minute Jamie, just let me use the bathroom first," he said.

He disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes and when he returned he was naked and sporting a major hard-on. It looked even more impressive when it wasn't surrounded by clothing, standing proud and erect and surrounded by a thick nest of dark hair. I hurried into the bathroom and took a pee before cleaning up a little. The red thong was all I removed but I stayed in costume as Supergirl. When I came out I saw that Brent was sitting on the bed playing with his phone so I knelt between his hairy legs.

"Aimee texted me so I told her something came up," he told me as a way of explanation.

I giggled before answering as I took his thick shaft in my hand.

"Something sure has come up and in a very impressive fashion."

After I'd said that I leaned in and gave the swollen mushroom head a kiss before opening my mouth wide and taking as much in my mouth as I was able to. Brent was leaking pre-cum which tasted salty to me as it met my taste buds. I pulled my mouth off him making him groan with disappointment so that I could wrap his impressive length with both of my hands. One hand gripped him at his base before there was a narrow gap of flesh above which my other hand held him still leaving some shaft as well as the head uncovered.

My mouth resumed sucking on him and I used my wet tongue on his sensitive underside causing him to thrust forward as he moaned in appreciation of my efforts. My jaw quickly ached from his girth but Brent wanted more than my mouth anyway. He pulled my head off him and stood up bringing me with him. Wrapping his arms around my waist he lifted me and sat me on a table next to his bed. He bent down and pushed the short skirt to my waist before kissing the skin on my thigh. His arms hooked under my knees and lifted them wide leaving me open to his further designs.

The head of Brent's cock pushed against my hole while his hand held the shaft steady as he worked it into me. We gasped simultaneously from the feeling as he slid deep inside me and Brent didn't stop until his balls rubbed against my ass. It didn't hurt like it did before as I was now used to his large organ. He pumped his hips in a herky-jerky manner to start but as he continued the movements became smoother and faster.

"Put your arms around my neck Jamie," Brent said and once I did he lifted me from the table and lowered me to the bed.

His thick erection slid from me as he pushed me onto my back and knelt at the floor between my legs. Brent pushed his cock next to mine dwarfing it in size. After a moment he pulled it back and entered me again. Brent resumed his thrusting as I held my legs up in the air. His hand grasped my shaft and stroked it making it hard quickly while his pace didn't slacken at all with his thrusting.

"Are you close Jamie?" Brent asked, the perspiration coating his face from his exertions.

"Yes baby I'm going to cum soon. Please don't stop what you're doing."

Not only didn't he stop his movement he actually increased the speed of both his hips and hand. In less than a minute I was there as Brent's hand was a blur stroking me. Spurts of white shot out of me and landed on my costume as he literally fucked the cum out of me as each thrust of his was matched by my release. Brent managed to clamber onto the bed after nothing remained in me, where he adjusted my body.

He slipped my legs over his shoulders then leant down allowing our lips to meet as my legs were pushed to my chest. His tongue slipped in my mouth as he pumped as fast as he could. This position allowed him to reach deeper in me than before as his hips slammed into me with each thrust. Before long Brent cried out as his body tensed and he swelled inside my tight hole.

"Fuck yes Jamie," he cried out as for the second time that night I felt him explode in my depths.

Once he recovered he pulled from me and cast himself on his back. Brent pulled my spent body against his and after all I had experienced blackness soon overtook me. When I awoke the next morning I was on my left side with Brent behind me and we were covered by a sheet. His lips were gently kissing the skin of my back while his hand was softly stroking my semi-erection.

"Morning Jamie," he whispered to me.

"Hi baby," I replied spreading my legs wider and giving Brent greater access to me.

"Do you like that, you naughty slut?" he asked as I felt his erection pressing into my ass.

"Hmm, yes baby."

Right after that I was prodded by Brent's morning wood working its way between my cheeks and it felt slippery as if it was coated in lube. He moved his hips until my hole was lined up with him, then he slowly started to work it in.

"Jamie I'm going to fuck you but try to keep it down as my roommate is sleeping," he hissed to me.

Looking across the room I saw a blanket covered figure on the bed across the room from us. Brent's hand moved from pleasuring me to holding my hip as he sank his shaft deeper. Once he was past the halfway point Brent slowly thrust in and out using a short hip motion. This went on for quite some time as his deliberate rhythm prevented him from peaking fast.

However once his hand again found my erection I was soon at the height of pleasure which he pushed me past by forcing his cock balls deep into me for a few thrusts. It proved to be too much for my erect member as my cum shot onto Brent's hand as well as the sheet I was wrapped in. This also had an effect on him as he now picked up the pace of his thrusting and I heard his breathing become harder.

Without warning he slid from me and then moved his whole body, managing to scramble from beneath the sheet and straddle my head. His hand gripped his engorged shaft just beneath the bulbous head and once he was over me he aimed it to my open mouth. Removing his hand he fired a thick rope of cum onto my waiting tongue followed by another.

Brent's hand now stroked the shaft helping it to discharge the morning jism to my eager mouth. I managed to raise my head so that I was able to suck on his sensitive head making him moan louder than he intended. Luckily it didn't disturb his roommate as I swallowed down every drop of his morning treat. Once he got off me I crept to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up as best I could before sliding the red thong back on. After leaving the room I retrieved the purse and Brent walked me to the door where he kissed me goodbye. I'd only reached the street a couple of minutes before when my cell went off. When I checked I saw it was a text from Brent.

[I'd love to take 'Jamie' to dinner sometime and perhaps dessert afterward. Brent]

After reading it I had to wait a minute before continuing on my way as the front of my skirt had been pushed out due to my excitement.

THE END by rutger5 (An original story 2011)

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god you lucky gurl

I wish I was that lucky my first time was with a group of kids looking for money I did not have any and they decided they would fuck me once we were in school word got out I was a slut then I seemed tomore...

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