tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Halloween that Haunted

The Halloween that Haunted


Hillary had been looking forward to this all year. The big Halloween bash at the town community center. There'd be dancing and drinking and contests. Not to mention the friends and acquaintances she hadn't seen since high school.

It was the one night of the year that Hillary let loose these days. An accountant by day, and a soccer and gymnastics mom in the evenings—not to mention caring for their large home, the 3 family pets and the hubby—her plate was definitely full.

One of the kids had come down with the flu the day before the party. She was so disappointed, but she just couldn't leave them home with a sitter if they were all sick or on the verge of it. Hillary told her husband Mac that she guessed they'd have to cancel and miss out this year. Too bad—those pirate costumes they'd come up with were really cool.

Mac felt bad for her. She never did anything for herself. If she wasn't working she was a shuttle bus for the kids to and from all there activities each week. And if not that then she was either cooking something or cleaning something. He didn't remember seeing her even sit down with a book to relax in the evening at all over the past month or two. That's when he came up with the idea.

"Why don't I keep the kids and you go. If I need you I'll know where to find you. And you won't feel guilty about leaving sick kids with a sitter. After all you worked really hard to make up our costumes it's only fair that you get to show them—or at least one of them off."

They were her friends anyway. I mean Mac had made friends with a few of them over the years, but she was the one who grew up here and she always looked forward to seeing everyone each year. He really couldn't care less. The funniest part of it all for him was decorating the house and making it all spooky and coming up with bitchin' costume ideas for the party each year. He wouldn't miss any of it. Well, he'd miss the dancing with his awesome wife and watching all the other guys check her out. She was still hot at 36 after 3 kids—had an ass that killed and abs you could bounce a quarter off.

"Are you sure?" I haven't been to a party alone since we started dating 15 years ago. Not sure I know how to anymore..." She replied with a giggle.

"Can you handle "The Brat Pack" all alone?" They are really testy when their sick. Oh, and clingy too. They don't want you to leave their side for a minute."

"We'll be fine. I'll order pizza for us well folks...and make chicken noodle Batman and Dora soup for the sick two. Maybe even make them some of my world famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Then we'll color and play board games and watch DVD's in bed until they pass out." Mac replied.

"Well, I can see I'll be leaving them in good hands...you got a plan for the whole night...so what the heck...just this once I'll agree to your idea and go anyway...I could certainly use the break from the day-to-day routine around here." Hillary smiled a big thank you.

The next night she got herself ready for the party, it was actually a little before Halloween, knowing that all the parents had to take their kids trick-or-treating on the actual day.

Hillary had done an amazing job making the costumes. She dressed in the white shirt she had made. It had a low V-neck and stopped just below her ample DD's. The only thing she'd kept after three pregnancies that she liked...besides the little ones of course.

The top was beautifully made. Long white poets sleeves of sheer framed her gorgeous midriff. Below them hung a tiny black skirt with a pirate's jagged edge. Almost a Tinker bell meets captain hook look if you will, the perfect balance between feminine-sexy and dangerous. Followed by black lace ribbons and bows attached to fishnet hose. Topped off by 5" black suede heels with silver buckles. She'd bought them especially for tonight. She loved the way they made her legs look—long and sleek.

As she finished pulling together the final touches, the big hoop earrings and the black and white stripped pirates cloth that laid over her long hair Mac came in to see how she was doing.

"I can't believe my eyes, look at you. 15 years, 3 babies and what seems like a lifetime later you're even more beautiful than when I met you." He said with a smile.

"Don't be silly. Age and gravity have taken a bit of a toll since then!" She replied with a sigh.

"Taken a toll...MY ASS! Do you know what I'd do to you right now if there were no kids in this house?" Mac said as he shook his head in amazement at his gorgeous wife.
"No what?" She grinned slyly.

"Well let's just say that this pirate is ready to conquer and ready to burry his sword..." Mac replied with a slight smack of the lips.

"Well, you keep that thought and if your lucky the kids will all be asleep when I get home." Hillary answered with a hopeful wink and an enticing smile.

Hillary kissed the top of each sandy blonde head and headed out the door.

As she mingled through the community center Hillary saw a few of her old friends from high school at the bar. They talked about old times, present lives, children, and old flames and the ones who had wished they were.

Hillary noticed that Darin had just walked in. He was the one that had chased after her for years. All through school, Mr. Macho-captain of the football team Darin had wanted her. He was okay at first she had thought. But as time went on he became belligerent and malicious to her with each continued no that she gave.

She had hoped to see him tonight, but with Mac present. For him to see that she knew she'd made the right choice all those years ago. To see them dancing and having fun and being a real couple in love. She doubted that Darin had ever found that with his controlling personality.

But now here she stood alone. No matter. She'd seen other guy friends of hers tonight. She'd just occupy herself with one of them. Johnny was here, one of Mac pals from work. He'd play along with no harm done she thought.

"Can I by you a drink stranger?" She smirked as she sashayed up behind Johnny at the bar.

"Hey beautiful! Where's the old man? I know he didn't let you loose looking like that without a fight!" Johnny said in a half serious tease.

"Sick kids...the flu. No sitter in 10 miles will touch that...so it was a one or none kinda deal." She replied.

"So, you see that pompous looking Mr. All American Football Captain over there?" Hillary asked.

"Yeah, why? He givin' you trouble?" Johnny replied.

"Not in the present. But he was a real stalking ass all through school. I was hoping to make him a little jealous with Mac tonight! Get a little revenge and show him that I did know best when I turned him down all those thousands of times." Hillary laughed.

"Well, we'll give the asshole a little show now won't we! It will be just as if Mac were here...besides he doesn't know I'm not you're husband now does he..." Johnny laughed with a conspiratorial wink.

"Come on hot stuff...let's get down." Johnny laughed as he led the gorgeous body of his friend's wife onto the floor. He'd dreamed about this for years...it was almost as if he was living out one of his own fantasies.

The costume contest was about to begin, Johnny in his gangster outfit and Hillary as the little pirate girl lined up with all the others. Hillary took 1st place in the women's costumes division. She didn't know the man who won; he was dressed as a mad scientist carrying Frankenstein on his back. It was the most ingenious costume Hillary had ever seen she snapped a picture for Mac and the kids to see later...all the while longing for Mac to be there by her side. But enough of that she thought. He can't be so I might as well try and have fun anyway, at least Johnny and some of her old girlfriend were there and there was lots to do and lots to drink.

Next up, bobbing for apples contest...how many could you grab in one minute...Hillary did her best, grabbing six and dropping them in Johnny's hand as Johnny edged her on.

"Come on baby...you always were good at that bobbin' thing!" He teased naughtily.

Johnny and Hillary showed some great moves on the dance floor guarantying that they easily won the dance off.

After the drinks and the dancing were all through, it was time to call it a night. Hillary and John said good night by his car. Trying to keep their charade going.

"You sure you don't want a ride home? Johnny asked her.

"Don't worry...It's just 2 blocks to the house. And nothing ever happens in this sleepy little town anyway." Hillary replied.

"Okay, well it was a fun night. You tell Mac I'll be glad to fill in for him again anytime." Johnny added with a laugh as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Hillary was in a great mood. She'd had so much fun tonight. It was great to get away from the kids and the house where something or someone constantly needed her attention. The only thing that could have made it more perfect was if it had been Mac that she had danced with and won the contest with. She missed him terribly when they were apart.

She hoped Mac hadn't had too horrible of an evening. He didn't do to well with throwing up...very sympathetic to other people's gagging. She grinned to herself as she remembered him trying not to be sick with her when she was pregnant.

As she walked down the avenue of the small country town she enjoyed looking at all the different Halloween decorations that the other townsfolk had done. Each little house's decorations as unique as the family that lived inside it. She picked out some of her most favorite in an effort to log them into memory so she and Mac would be sure to take the kids to each of them for trick-or-treating. Around here the most well decorated houses usually had the best, or nicest treats to offer on Halloween night.

Suddenly Hillary was taken violently from her peaceful thoughts. As gloved hands grabbed her mouth and her neck instantaneously. She tried to scream as she felt warm breath on her ear and listened to the gravely voice that was talking...she couldn't quite comprehend what he was saying—so shaken by what she knew would come next. As she tried desperately to tune into the voice and listen and see if she knew who it was she heard:

"Now you little teasing cunt...now I'll have a piece of the pie I've always wanted."

Hillary kicked furiously hoping to make connection with her attacker's most vulnerable part—the part that he was obviously thinking with at this moment. But as she kicked and squirmed she felt his grip tighten and felt the tip of a cold steel blade as it barely pricked the tender skin under her chin—he began to talk again she felt the drop of blood as it ran down to ruin her winning pirate costume.

"We can do this the easy way...or the hard way..." He said as he pushed the blade to her throat a little harder in exclamation of his point.

"Either way I'm going to have it...have what you've teased me with for years...and this time there's nothing you can do to stop me you little whore." The attacker continued.

She knew in that instant who her attacker was—Darin. She'd made a grave mistake tonight to think that she could flaunt and have fun with him in the same room—it had been just enough to push him over the edge. But in her heart she knew that she had done nothing wrong...she knew that if Mac had been there she'd have danced sexier and they'd have kissed and groped and had a ton of fun. None of which had happened with Johnny...just pure innocent fun. She had done nothing to deserve this. A woman always had the right to say no...and she was a happily married woman at that. What would ever have given Darin the idea that he could be with her...she didn't want him back in school and she sure as hell didn't want him now.

The smell of Jack Daniels on his breath as he lowered his lips to her neck made her want to vomit. She was spun around face to face with the black mask of Zorro. With the knife still to her throat he began to kiss her forcefully no matter how much she tried to scream out and to purse her lips—his tongue found it's way inside her mouth and deeply gagging down her throat.

As he held the knife to her throat with one hand he ripped open her pirates shirt with the other. Lowering his head and biting her tit through her bra as hard as he could. To which Hillary responded with a squeal.

"Those fucking tits...those huge bastards have taunted me for years. Always bouncing by me in the hall at school...always saying 'I know you want to see me and touch me and suck me...but ha ha you can't....' I outta cut the fuckers off as much trouble as they've caused me for the last 20 years." Darin the attacker said as she felt the tip of the knife slide down her neck and between her breasts.

As she felt his hand grope its way inside her short skirt he grabbed her pussy—the whole thing in his hand at one time and squeeze it as hard as he could before ripping her panties as he shoved three fingers deep inside feeling Hillary wince as they scratched their way deep inside her.

As Darin was about to throw her into the grass at the sidewalks edge of the town park, she knew it was going to happen and there was nothing she could do about it. Her screams had gone unheard by the sleeping people in the near perfect little houses across the street. It was 3 A.M. and there wasn't a soul around to hear or to help her.

Or was there? There was one who had heard Sarah. Heard pleas and cries to be left alone...to be left whole...physically and emotionally. Johnny had started home. He really wasn't thinking clearly when he'd left her there alone. He'd had so much to drink. And been so high on Sarah herself that he just felt he had to get away from her before he did or said something that he would regret.

But now as he crept through the grass he realized what real regret was. If he was to late—if anything had happened to her—he'd never forgive himself and he knew Mac never would either.

As Darin sat himself into enjoying what he wanted he missed the sounds of footsteps behind them in the grass. He couldn't hear them over his own moans of desire and sick need. As Johnny approached behind him he saw that he was just in time. He couldn't make it like nothing had ever happened. It would be something that Sarah would always be haunted by—what almost happened—

But the look on her face as she saw Johnny's hands wrap themselves around Darin's neck in a white knuckled grasp was one that Johnny would carry with him forever. The single most beautifully expressed measure of pure gratitude he would ever know. As Darin fell to the ground bleeding and unconscious, Sarah leapt into Johnny's arms. And in those arms of safety she would stay for hours that early morning.

They made an anonymous call to 911 to report an unconscious rapist in the park. He'd apparently picked the wrong victim to mess with. Sarah and Johnny both gave into the desires they'd been shrugging all night, and in each other's arms they found peace and experienced a supreme gratitude for just being alive.

They never spoke of it. That night, the failed rape attempt—their finding solace in each other. And they were never together again. Sarah never told Mac or anyone else. The haunting Halloween would forever stay between her and Johnny only. She was grateful to make it home to her beautiful family and there was no way that she would ever risk loosing them—or allowing them to loose her again. And she wasn't going to miss a single minute of her time with them in regret or in remorse—hers or Macs' for what might have happened that horrible night. She enjoyed every second with them all and put the past to rest.

But each time she and Johnny saw each other they both knew that they had something special. They had beaten the odds together and for that they would both always be grateful. That Halloween could have been the most haunting day of a lifetime for all of them.

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