tagGay MaleThe Hanky Code Pt. 12

The Hanky Code Pt. 12


I had no comprehension of the time this abuse lasted. I didn't even try to take it or manage it, or do anything, I just lay there.

My two mechanical Masters reamed my throat and pussy simultaneously so that both the ends of the two cocks wouldn't have been more than a few inches apart at the end of their in stroke. If I'd been aware of the situation I would have realised that I was the perfect spit roasted pig, I would have found it amusing in other circumstances.

Bill had talked about the two machines fucking the last semblances of my mind from me. They succeeded, I was no longer thinking in any rational way, I wasn't even hoping for it to stop. I knew it was what I was programmed for, what I deserved as a pig, what I had chosen with glee and a hard cock, was this full transformation.

Bill strode back over to the sling.

"What a magnificent pig we've got now guys. Look at it, it isn't even fighting, not trying to take the strokes in the least painful way. It is simply accepting of its fate and its true place in life." The other 7 guys simply nodded and looked on in some amazement.

"You were right boss, these machines were the final step to getting this pig trained, I admit I thought it was too much, but the pig is just taking it, in fact its clit is still trying to get hard." Mike was admitting he was wrong, wanting to stay on the good side of Bill and also impressed at the culmination of the training.

"Ok guys get those cocks hard, this pig needs 8 more loads in the next 15 minutes to send him back even fuller to Master S for the final session."

The 7 guys started to stroke their cocks back to complete erections, not that it needed much with the live porno in front of them.

" Shockspot increase speed to 200 rpm."

That was it, I didn't even hear, or worry, or feel.

The machines worked faster and the depth of the cocks going in was amazing to watch for the assembled company.

"Fuck would you believe it can even take this, it's amazing." Mike again sounded just a little worried, but in awe of Bill at the intensity of the training.

"What a fucking throat whore it is now, look 6 inches and not even a hint of a gag, this toy is perfect for absolute abuse now. Master S is a fucking genius. I'm going to have to upgrade the machines at the farm, these definitely take it to the ultimate level." Bill was smiling sadistically, he plainly loved the transformation, the complete removal of will, of thought, of mind.

"Shockspot cease."

The final thrust and the two machines were embedded deep in me. The cock being so deep in my throat made breathing harder, forcing me to take on copious quantities of poppers.

Then finally the machines were wheeled out. I didn't even feel relief, so far gone was I, in fact if I felt anything it was just emptiness, I craved more use in the depths of my soul.

"OK pig no swallowing the cum you get."

Three of the guys lined up at my head and started to stroke to feed me once more, whilst Charlie lined up on my sore pussy.

"Fuck it's like fucking after a horse has been through, hope it tightens a little."

It must have been enough for him, as after a couple of minutes he shot another load into my pussy. The next guy Mike, took his place as Bill replaced the ball gag over my mouth full of cum. Bill then had them lower my head so that my pussy was higher than my head simply to keep as much cum in my pussy as possible.

By now they were all so turned on having watched the machines working that none of them lasted long, just a perfunctory fuck and deposit of more cum within my pussy.

That was until Bill dropped his trousers and showed off by far the thickest cock I'd ever seen. He'd needed me to be so open, just so he could get his short but insanely thick circumcised cock in me. As he'd not cum so far, he lasted a long time and enjoyed the roughest fuck from a guy that I'd taken so far.

A true pounding which before the machines would have caused me all sorts of pain, but in my current state had me delirious with pleasure. He was in deep enough and just at the right angle to hit my prostrate with every stroke.

My clit was full to bursting and finally gave up the resistance as I came heavily, with the clit cage still on all this did was coat my clit head in copious quantities of cum which Bill happily scooped up and coated my lips and face with my pig juice. Just In case the mouthful of cum I had under the ball gag wasn't enough.

Bill was warming to his task and enjoying the encouragement of his guys until I felt him slam in one last time, burying himself deep, I was so euphoric by then that I was almost sorry the ploughing seemed to be coming to an end. It was not to be though, he was just taking a breather and them warmed again to his task of stretching my pig pussy even further.

"Fuck this pussy is good boys, ummmmm I am enjoying stretching this cunt wider and wider."

Bill then concentrated on pummelling my insides, not deep but all encompassing, stretched to the absolute limit with him pistoning in and out as fast as he could. He kept changing the angle with the specific aim of loosening my slut hole more, stretching it wider and wider for Master S to use.

He was so strong in pulling my thighs hard against him making sure he squashed my arse cheeks apart to get in as deep as he could. When he bottomed out in my cunt, the feeling was one of being completely owned, being possessed by my superior and I loved it.

He pulled my big swollen ball sac out of the way, roughly holding that and my straining clit out of the way so he could see his cock stretching me to my new limits. With the thickness of his cock, I couldn't believe that many people could take him as fully as I was being forced to and that made me strangely proud of my new piggie depths.

With my head still lower than my pussy the cum was only just dripping down my throat as I tried in vain to swallow more. All I could taste and smell was other men's cum, for the last 24 hours cum had become part of my essence, my big belly full to bursting with it, my nostrils coated in it.

Cum lip gloss on my slutty swollen cock sucking lips, I was a total cum whore now, ready to be whored out by Master S to the most depraved Masters. I was almost ready, the transformation almost complete.

My prostate was being fucked mercilessly by Bill, turning me on more and more.

"Guys work on the pigs udders, slap them, make them red, work those fucking pig nipples for me, whilst I breed this pig slut. I want it to have some pain to go with the pleasure I'm giving it."

Mike and Charlie took their orders seriously slapping my tits hard, making the nipples get even more erect, not that they could go down in their saline injected state. I couldn't think at the time, but if I had been able to I'd have worried about how long my modifications would take to go.

Walking into a business meeting with these huge erect 1 ½ inch beautiful nipples would raise more than a few eyebrows, especially on the end of my stunning double D tits that Master S and Steve had given me.

I couldn't think about that in my current whorish state, all I thought about was the taste and aroma of cum, the pounding of my pussy, the pleasure I was feeling deep in my body.

The assault on my pig udders continued, slapping , tweaking, hurting, I was afraid to admit it to myself, I was loving it. Revelling in the pain mixed with pleasure, getting attention from three studs, being worked over completely, I was in heaven again, even with the levels of pain.

I'd never been a pain slut, up until now, but now that warping of my mind was being completed. Soon I'd crave more pain to go with the guilty pleasure I got when my pussy or throat was being heavily worked. The actual satisfaction would come from being a virtually no limits gay whore.

My tits were bright red now and the obscene nipples purple and angry. My belly still jutting up and glistening with the sheen of sweat. My dirty clit and sac covered in cum and still caged. I was a dirty, whorish pig doing what I was now good for, living my new life.

Each new level of the degradation I was being forced to love, took me deeper and deeper into the pig mindset. Each little stage taking me further from the straight married guy who walked unsuspecting and horny into the store. Look where that horniness had got me.

Even though much of this had been in my fantasies, it was so much more serious than I had even imagined even in my dirtiest dreams.

With a final frantic set of thrusts Bill got ready to breed my pussy. When he finally filled me with his spunk I felt like he was pissing inside me, the quantity of cum felt so large.

"Boys get the pig plug for me, I want this pig full of cum in every hole when Master S sees it."

Drey walked over with a very wide screw shaped plug with a pig tail on the, this really was the next level of humiliation.

As Bill pulled out allowing my pussy to close a lot, Drey started to screw the piggie plug into my pussy, opening it wider with every turn, but sealing in the breeding juice inside my cunt.

Two of the guys started to unlock me from the sling and picked me up by the harness then setting me on the floor on all fours.

I could barely move a muscle everything ached, the cum filling my mouth was now easier to swallow so I concentrated on getting my protein fix.

As I did this Mike and Drey lifted my feet to my ass and strapped my ankles to my thighs so that my knees became my trotters as did my hands. Now I couldn't have walked if I'd tried.

I had to move around on all fours, just like the pig I had chosen to become. Then they brought over a pair of leather closed fist gloves and locked them in place on my hands. Now I really did have trotters.

There I was with a pig tail, my pig mask (still sniffing as many poppers as I could to keep myself high), no longer able to walk or stand, harnessed and my tits and belly sticking down towards the floor. My clit still in its cock cage, leaking cum everywhere.

The ball gag retaining what was left of the loads of cum in my mouth as I tried in vain to swallow all of it. My ass full of a few loads too and my stomach still swollen by the copious amounts of cum and piss I'd been forced to drink.

I was a fed and watered little piggie, hairless, glistening with sweat from the exertions of being fucked countless times. I had been prepared for the final part of the transformation, the Red hanky, I had been prepared for Master S as a real pig is prepared for an agricultural show.

I kneeled on all fours breathing in more poppers, unsure of what was to happen as I heard the creak of the door open.

I was facing the other way and so couldn't see who had walked in.

Then Master S whistled a long low appreciative whistle.

"Well Bill you have done me proud, this pig is almost perfect for the future role, thanks for doing that stage of the training. We all loved watching it and that film will sell like hot cakes once I have it on the website."

"I love the touch of the leg strapping, just perfect and the pig tail, nicely holding in the extra cum until I feed the pig in a while."

"Please feel free to stay in here for the next stage of training, I could do with a few hands to help, although the film will focus on me doing the last, most extreme training for the pig."

"One question Master S, will the pig be for sale after the training is completed?" Bill sounded very keen to get his hands on me.

"Why? are you thinking of taking him to the farm Bill?"

"That was exactly my thought, I'd love to have it there and use it extensively, I'd sell it by the hour to some of my more extreme clients."

"He'd be perfect for that, although you'll need him to be able to take the full fist won't you?" Master S seemed as though he was happy to sell me, like a prize pig. Which I guess I now was.

"Hell yeah, if the pig is going to take on the boars I have, the dogs and hopefully one of the horses I'll need it capable of taking those without being split in two."

Even in my completely drugged state I realized they were talking about a real farm and real animals. That I had not signed on for, or chosen any hankie to suggest that would be ok. I had to let them know I wouldn't do it.

I breathed in heavily almost collapsing as the poppers hit me so hard, fuck I loved this feeling, being completely filled by the plug, soaked in cum, full of it. The thought I'd just had was gone, what had I not been happy with???

I kept trying to remember what it was, but each deep breath of poppers took me deeper, I was almost hyper ventilating in my current state, this simply removed the thought from my addled brain.

Fuck what was it, what was it. Then I remembered with dread, fuck, pigs, dogs, horses, oh my God what had I got myself into. Shit I had to tell them it was not for me, but how? I tried to talk, but the mouthful of cum and the gag, just made me only capable of grunts and snuffles.

"Hey Bill see how excited the pig is just at that thought of being a proper pig and servicing your more outrageous clients and some of your farm animals, I think it's time to take the clit cage off and to see how excited it really is."

Shit the thought of my clit being freed after 20 odd hours was immense, but not if Bill and Master were going to use that against me. If they said my arousal proved how much I wanted to take my pig role further, that wouldn't be fair, they wouldn't do that, would they? I wasn't ready for that.

Master S reached around my thigh and touched my clit, I grunted at the touch.

"Fuck this pig is ready for release" he used both hands and unlocked the cage, pulling out the urethral plug which I'd worn for so long.

Then off came the cage from my turgid clit head which started to swell immediately. Master S's drugs were still swilling around my system, I couldn't prevent an erection. He left the ring around my ball sac and cock, still tight and not going to come off without my balls swelling going down some.

As my clit head had swollen it had kept my foreskin retracted and now that wasn't going back over until my entire clit had softened again, not that there was any chance of that happening anytime soon.

The shaft of my clit which had been forced inside my body for so long, it was plainly desperate for relief and it grew and grew until it was 6 inches of rock hard clit, topped off by a bright purple straining clit head, holding the taut foreskin tight under the glans. It didn't even look human with the raging cock head and tight foreskin.

Now the talk of pigs, dogs and horses disgusted me and I wanted no part of it. But I couldn't stop my clit from betraying me.

"Just look at the whorish pig, it's clit is rock hard, it obviously likes the idea of a weekend at the farm S." Bill was using this against me, but he knew all I could do was grunt.

I looked even more obscene than before and my arousal was plain for all to see. No one who saw me on video would believe that I was anything other than a completely horned up pig, desperate for the most depraved use.

"Well looks as though you have your answer Bill, we have the pig growing to full erection on camera, just as we mentioned it being fucked by pigs, dogs and horses. In fact I can't tell which turned it on the most, I think it was the mention of a horse don't you, a real size queen piggie we have here."

I squealed out to show that was not what I wanted, not what I meant, begging them to change their minds with my high pitched squeal.

"Ahhhhh look, it's squealing at how happy it is, a really excited pig, it really is desperate for a full horse cock, I'm already thinking about the possibilities. Just the thought of seeing a horse behind your piggie, fuck that'll be good. Has me fucking hard at the thought." Bill was taunting me smiling straight into my eyes now.

"Don't forget Bill you'll have every single one of the pigs contacts, most importantly his darling wife, but also family, friends, colleagues, the full house. If you can afford my pig, then you can blackmail it into anything, anything your dirty fucking mind can think of." Master S was plainly so pleased with the ongoing transformation.

"In truth I don't think you'll have to threaten blackmail, it's nearly completely reprogrammed, just the fisting for tonight, then the animal taboo next time it's here in San Fran on business. Then the pig will have been completely broken in."

"Do you think there's any chance the pig won't return to San Fran and come back to you S?" Bill was obviously concerned he might lose his chance at the me.

"No, that won't happen. It's been fully trained. It'll long for me to use it again. Long to be fed and watered properly and to look like the pig it is now. It simply won't be able to fight its own animal urges."

"Look at it Bill, this is it's life now, dirty little whorish cum soaked pig that it chose to be."

"It'll be wandering along in its boring vanilla life. Then it'll pass a gay sex shop and it won't be able to resist popping in, just for a look around it'll think."

"The first time it does that, it's mine. It'll nervously ask to buy some poppers, I don't think it will even be a conscious choice for the pig, it will need its slut juice."

"Just think about the first time it unwraps the bottle of brown, taking off the wrapper and opening the first bottle after this weekend. It'll know it shouldn't. But it won't be able to help itself, it's programmed to sniff and sniff deeply. As soon as it does the genie will be out of the bottle, if you'll pardon the pun." Master S wasn't really speculating, more just stating facts as he saw them.

"Each and every hit of poppers will bring it back, it'll think of this weekend and its Master. I guarantee it'll want to taste piss and cum every day from now on."

I was listening and realized I was no longer squealing or grunting in objection, there I was on all fours, my pig tail plug in. My distended pregnant belly hanging below me, my luscious tits framed by the tight leather bra and my nipples jutting down obscenely. I really did look like a pig as well as act like one. I was breathing my slut juice deeply, savouring it and nodding my piggie head. Pete was gone, he was no more.

"It simply won't have a choice, it'll need to be fed and watered, like a crack whore who can't function without her next fix. The difference being for this whore, loads of semen and piss will be the only respite from its addiction."

"The funniest thing is, I think at first it may even think that its own piss and spunk will do, but it will need a true man's cum, not a sissies or a pigs. If it tries that it will realise after a few days that the craving, the hunger is deepening.

Becoming all-consuming for the loads of real men, that's all that will satisfy its cravings. That's the only way it will be able to scratch the incessant itch I've placed deep within its psyche."

"Just look at it listening to us Bill, it's not disagreeing, now it knows it's place, its functions and is taking it all in, happy to be my dirty fat fucked pig."

"It'll associate abuse with pleasure, knowing that it's cunt and throat needs to be ploughed and raped to give any form of pleasure. Focussing on sucking as many men's cocks as its whorish mouth can take. No vanilla life for this pig now. No sexual pleasure at all without pain and abuse."

The way Master S said it, left not room for debate, it was a fait accompli. Choice was now a thing of the past.

"Ok guys, the final programming let's get this pig fully earning it's red hanky, fuck I'm going to enjoy looking deep into those beautiful blue pig eyes as I open its cunt with my fist."

Master S stared into my eyes as he said this, I just breathed more slut juice, I knew deep within that I'd need as much as possible.

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