tagNovels and NovellasThe Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 10

The Happiest Day of Her Life Ch. 10


All of the characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18.

This chapter contains, in no particular order, elements of lesbian sex, group sex, gay male sex, pegging and bondage.

Previously, in this series, a young woman was violently raped by six men on her wedding night after one of those men killed her husband in front of her. The men took the virginity she'd saved for her husband. The woman, Marie Stevens Melar, was an Emergency Department nurse and used her training to get through traumatic experiences to push all thoughts of grief to the back of her subconscious. She had gone through the motions, but not allowed herself to grieve. She lived in a house on Long Island's south shore with her sister, Jenn Stevens, and Jenn's fiancé, Chloe Drasher. Marie identified her attackers and testified against them in court. Marie had a few scars, one from the night of her rape when she was nearly stabbed to death; one from a gunshot wound to her shoulder that she received during a trial. Marie had a support system in place: her housemates, her parents, Catherine and Harry (who, secretly, are into bondage), her brother-in-law, Frank (who, not so secretly, has a crush on her), her judge friend, Holly, and several nurses with whom Marie had slept. Kevin, Marie's therapist, had noticed that Marie finally seemed ready to begin the grieving process she had denied for so long. Chloe had been hit by a driver, Dori Lee, who was texting. Frank flew up to see Chloe. Jenn stayed in the hospital room with Chloe. Marie had given notice and left the hospital. She had crying spells due to sadness and guilt. She moved into Tarabella, an immense manor in Bridgehampton. Marie changed several of the rules at Tarabella and gave the staff new uniforms. Dori Lee tried to evade capture and was hit by another vehicle. Chloe saw Dori in the hospital and identified her. Marie visited her three remaining attackers in prison. Marlon, the one who killed Marie's husband, escaped prison and sought revenge. He attempted to rape Chloe, after she was discharged from the hospital, and was beaten to death by Jenn. Jenn and Chloe moved to Tarabella. Jenn walked in on Marie and Jayne, Marie's Chief of Staff. Marie tied Jayne up and pleasured her vigorously. Jayne was given three hours to return the favor.

Thank you very much for the votes and comments on the previous chapters. Please feel free to give polite constructive criticism. I'm happy to answer questions, except about what's coming next. I do, eventually, read all the comments and often respond to them. So you are welcome to ask questions or, politely, tell me what I'm doing wrong. How else will I learn? Special thanks go to my Beta Reader, FangsAnarchy, for her help and her enthusiasm for this series. This chapter would be crap without her suggestions and questions.


Jayne smiled mischievously at the sexy body of her friend and employer. She still had not completely reconciled her inner guilt about sleeping with the boss, but the naked vision before her pushed most of her guilt to the back of her mind. Jayne climbed on top of the bed and crawled between Marie's legs. Jayne rubbed her cheek against Marie's thigh. Marie moaned softly at the gentle contact. Jayne's tongue snaked out of her mouth and grazed its way along Marie's thigh as Jayne's face neared Marie's crotch. The raven haired 28-year-old cooed at the younger woman's attention. Jayne slid her hands under Marie's thighs and guided them up. Jayne continued to lift Marie's legs until they pressed against her tits. Jayne held the legs in place as her mouth lowered to Marie's mound. She kissed the succulent flesh there and then stopped. She smiled at Marie and then began to lick. Marie let out a yelp of surprise as she realized Jayne was licking her asshole. Marie's surprise turned into lust as she was filled with pleasurable sensations. This was not new to her. Her ass had been licked before. Jenn was an ass licker as was Chloe. Marie tightened up a little because she knew what generally followed a licked ass. It was not necessarily a bad thing unless the lover in question was in a hurry.

Jayne did not rush. She listened to her employer's noises of enjoyment and used the volume to guide her tongue. Jayne began by licking the rim of Marie's asshole. She kissed each cheek of the pear-shaped ass. She dragged the flat of her tongue over the hole several times as though it were a lollipop. She did this for close to fifteen minutes before beginning the cycle all over again. She paused after lathing the butthole a second time, listening to Marie's heavy breathing, and then plunged the tip of her tongue in Marie's rectum. Marie grasped the sheets of her bed tightly.

"OH! Holy shit, Jayne! Oh, yes. Oh, yes...."

Jayne bobbed her head and fucked Marie's ass with her tongue. Marie's head thrashed from side to side. Jayne moved her tongue in and out of the tight hole very quickly and then stopped. She dragged her tongue up to Marie's cunt and filled the desperately wanting anus with her index finger. Jayne licked Marie's outer labia as her finger plunged shallowly into the asshole. Marie was becoming very loud. Jayne reached up and placed the index and middle fingers of her free hand into Marie's mouth. Marie sucked greedily on the fingers and her moans were effectively muffled. Jayne gently bit one of Marie's pussy lips and playfully tugged. She released the lip and circled Marie's hooded clit with her tongue. Marie sucked harder on the fingers to show her appreciation. Jayne brought her tongue back down to the labia and painted Marie's quim with soft, rapid, flicks.

Jayne felt Marie's body convulse as she slid the index finger of her right hand slightly deeper into Marie's ass. Jayne pushed her tongue in and began pleasuring Marie's inner labia. Jayne suddenly pulled her fingers from Marie's mouth and plunged them, palm up, into Marie's pussy. She curled and released her fingers several times, searching for Marie's G spot. When she was certain she found it, she rubbed it mercilessly and plunged her right finger hard and fast in Marie's ass while simultaneously sucking hard on Marie's clit.

"FUCK! Oh, God, Jayne! Oh, fuck. Oh, my God, babe, I'm going to cum so fucking hard!" Marie felt an inner heat expanding in her core and radiating outwardly through her extremities. She felt her toes involuntarily curl. Marie felt herself, internally or perhaps spiritually, being pulled hard. Her core seemed to stretch hard, like the basket of a slingshot pulling back further and further until it reaches the critical stage of needing to fire or to snap and break. The tension increased and she waited for the snap. She felt her body about to shoot wave upon wave of ecstasy throughout her entire being.

Jayne loved that Marie called her "Babe". She redoubled her efforts and had Marie screaming out in pleasure. Marie ran her fingers through Jayne's thick brown curls. Just as Jayne was enjoying the feel of her boss' fingers in her hair, Marie pushed down on Jayne's head. Jayne took this as a cue to breathe through her nose and suck the clit harder.

Marie's body bucked violently as a monster orgasm hit her like a Mack truck. Jayne followed the erratic motions and did not let up on her three-pronged siege on the billionairess' beautiful body. Marie screamed and cursed as her curvy body shook and seized in response to the tidal wave ripping through her. Marie squirted her nectar, which hit in the center of Jayne's chest and dripped down Jayne's cleavage. The sudden temperature change on her chest surprised Jayne enough to stop her. She released Marie's clit and looked down at the splash that had hit her chest. Jayne slowly slid the fingers of her left hand out of Marie and licked them clean. She, then, used the same fingers to scoop the mystery liquid out of her cleavage. She was surprised, when she tasted it, that this fluid had the same vanilla and mango taste of Marie's nectar. She suddenly realized that Marie had ejaculated.

"Holy crap, Ms. Marie. I didn't know you could squirt!"

"This... was... only... my... second... time," Marie said between gasps.

"It won't be your last time, if I have anything to do with it," Jayne said with a huge smile.

Jayne looked at Marie's sweat covered body and watched the provocative rise and fall of Marie's chest. Jayne climbed up and kissed Marie's forehead. She pressed her forehead gently to Marie's the same way Marie had earlier that day. She laid down next to Marie and kissed her softly on the cheek. Marie turned to look deeply into Jayne's chocolate colored eyes. The two women stared at each other lovingly as Marie attempted to recover.

When her breathing finally returned to normal, Marie reached for her cell phone. She hit "4" on her speed dial as she absentmindedly rubbed Jayne's left nipple.

Frank answered his cell phone immediately when he saw Marie's name on his Caller ID.

"Hey, Ree! What's up?" he asked. Marie could hear his smile over the phone.

"Hey, Frank. I was just wondering if you had anything planned for tonight. I was also kind of wondering how quickly you could get to Tarabella."

"Nope," said Frank. "My Friday night plans went bust on me. Umm, it would take me a little under three hours to get up there if I include the time it would take to file a flight plan."

"Then you'd better move your ass," said Marie. "We're having Dinner and Board Game Night at Tarabella with an overnight to follow and, with the exception of Holly's husband, it's a taco festival."

"I'll see you in three hours, then," said Frank. "I love you, bye!"

Frank quickly hung up and Marie did not have a chance to respond. She put her phone down on her nightstand and became more active in carressing Jayne's spectacular body.


It took Frank a few seconds to realize he had said, "I love you." It was a reflex. He didn't mean to say it. He loudly slapped his palm to his forehead and then went ahead with packing and filing his last minute flight plan.


Jayne's eyes were closed as Marie's fingers traced over the curves of her body. Marie kissed Jayne's neck and guided her by the wrists to pin her arms over her head. Jayne heard the drawer of Marie's nightstand slide open. She heard the various objects in the drawer being rustled about. She heard a metallic jangling sound. Jayne heard a click above her head, quickly followed by a second click just to the right of the first. Marie lifted Jayne's wrist again and the next click Jayne heard was accompanied by cold metal tightening quickly around her wrist. She freely lifted her other wrist for Marie to cuff. She didn't have to wait long. Jayne felt a soft material, she couldn't tell if it was silk or satin, cover her eyes. It seemed silly to Jayne, since her eyes were already closed, but she lifted her head and allowed Marie to tie the blindfold.

"Oh, Ms. Marie," Jayne said demurely, "what do you plan to do with me? I've been such a naughty, naughty, maid..."

"You'll find out soon enough, Babe."

Jayne smiled at being called by this new pet name again. Her smile turned briefly into a wince when she felt Marie's hand slap her right tit.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Marie! Punish me! I've been so bad. I've been OOOOOH... oh, so bad, Ms. Marie. OOOOOOH! OH! OHHHHHHHHH!"

Marie would slap each tit and then rub the spot where her hand had landed. She went back and forth between the two large breasts. Jayne pretended to struggle against her cuffs. The slaps were hard but not unbearable. The gentle rubbing after each stroke was helpful. It was a lovely balance and merging of pleasure and pain. Jayne pouted when the slapping stopped but smiled when she heard further rummaging in the drawer.

Jayne gasped when she felt something cold and wet drizzling onto her pussy. She tried to smell what it was but before she could identify any odors, Marie's fingers rubbed the viscous fluid in and Jayne was sure it was lube. Jayne heard the lube being squirted again but didn't feel any of it on her. She next heard Marie grunting. She was very curious as to what was going on and what Marie had in store for her. The next sensation she felt was something huge pressing against her labia. Jayne took in some deep breaths as the massive intruder slowly impaled her. Slowly and steadily the thick, cool, shaft pushed its way deeper. Just when Jayne felt she couldn't fit any more inside her, she felt Marie's flat stomach lay down against her own. Marie's stomach lifted up and the shaft pulled out a bit. The shaft pushed back in and Marie's stomach once again touched Jayne's. Jayne began to slowly grind her hips against Marie's. She did not feel a harness. She only felt Marie's soft skin. There was no harness, Jayne realized. This wasn't a strap on! This was a double sided dick and it was huge!

Marie began thrusting in earnest and Jayne could not keep herself from moaning.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ms. Marie.... Fuck me, Ms. Marie. Fuck your naughty little maid."

"No," said Marie. "I'm going to fuck my hot Chief of Staff!"

That didn't sound as sexy to Jayne, but it was Marie's game. Marie fucked the hell out of Jayne. Jayne had been with big men before but had rarely been stuffed as deeply or as hard as Marie was hammering her. Jayne felt Marie as the raven haired employer lifted the brunette's legs up to give her better access. It seemed impossible, but the huge phallus sank even deeper into Jayne. This assault was so hot that Jayne never felt the orgasm sneak up on her until it shook her like an earthquake. The enormous shaft was suddenly pulled out from Jayne and she heard a scraping sound from the nightstand. The thick rod thankfully plunged back into her and returned to its mission of hammering the daylights out of Jayne. Marie's body pressed hard against Jayne's legs which, in turn, dug into Jayne's F cup breasts. Marie pressed down very hard and Jayne was about to beg her to stop until she heard a loud click and her left wrist was suddenly free. More pressing followed as did another click and her right wrist was free.

Marie slowly pulled out of Jayne and guided her to turn over and get on all fours. Jayne did so enthusiastically and waited impatiently for the continued assault on her cunt. She felt Marie's hands on her hips. She felt the artificial cock push at her pussy. She mewed as she felt Marie push it in all the way in a single thrust. Marie allowed Jayne to grind her ass against her before she started thrusting again.

Jayne loved to be fucked in doggy style. She loved the feel of her tits swaying below her. She loved the slap of Marie's crotch against her ass. She loved the huge monster cock, fake as it was, slamming inside of her. Marie did not slow down as she pressed her tits into Jayne's back. Marie wrapped her arms around Jayne and continued to drill her. As much as Jayne loved the embrace, it prevented the swaying of her tits. Jayne felt a new sensation. Marie plunged deeply into Jayne and stayed there. She pulled on Jayne's chest. She lifted Jayne's arms off the bed and continued to pull. Marie swung her legs forward. Jayne followed suit and was suddenly sitting on Marie's lap. Marie's tits were still pressed against Jayne's back. The monster cock was still in her cunt. Marie moved her arms. Her hands were soon on Jayne's ass and pushed her up. Jayne followed the guidance of the hands and was happy when they guided her back down. Jayne, filled with lust, rode Marie's fake cock like they were going somewhere.

Both women moaned repeatedly as Jayne bounced hard on the huge dildo they shared. Jayne felt the orgasm building inside of herself. She did not fight it as it washed over her. The impact made her lose her rhythm and she soon felt Marie's hands guiding her. They pushed her up. Marie's body arced into the bridge position and Jayne followed her lead. Suddenly, while Jayne was still arced, Marie began to piston her dick hard and fast. Orgasm after orgasm hit Jayne. Marie hammered Jayne for a good three minutes until exhaustion overtook her and the two women fell. Jayne fell hard onto Marie and quickly rolled off of her.

Marie slowly pulled the huge dildo out of Jayne. A popping sound and a long low moan told Jayne the didlo was also out of Marie. The large toy fell to the floor with a loud thud. Jayne felt Marie spoon against her and, soon after, the blindfold was removed.

"Oh, my God, Marie! That was... That was so.... Oh God, I love you."

"I love you, too, Jayne. Jenn will be here in forty-six minutes. Why don't we rest for about fifteen or so and then we'll take a shower. How does that sound?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, wait. Let me catch my breath for a second," said Jayne. "Oh, that's better. If it's all the same to you, Marie, I'd rather take the shower now. If I rest now, I'm going to fall asleep and I won't wake up until tomorrow."

"Hmm. You're probably right," agreed Marie.

Marie playfully slapped Jayne's ass before scooting off the bed and running to the en-suite bathroom. Jayne laughed too hard to give a proper pursuit. Marie enjoyed the sound of Jayne's laughter and added some of her own. When Jayne caught up to Marie, she wrapped her arms around her and pulled Marie into a passionate kiss which was eagerly accepted and returned.

As the kiss continued, Marie's hand fumbled to start the water in the tub and turn on the shower. Jayne was little help to her choosing, instead, to smother Marie with kisses. Marie left her right hand under the shower stream as she kissed her buxom lover. When the water reached the right temperature, she carefully guided Jayne to step into the tub with her. Jayne did not stop kissing Marie until her wet hair fell into her eyes.

Jayne giggled as she pushed her hair out of her face. Marie looked so amazing to her. She knew, instinctively, that she and Marie had gone too far too fast, but she didn't really care at that moment. This wonderful feeling was worth feeling. It might lead to her being fired or losing Marie as a friend but all of that would be better than never having felt like this.

"So much for taking things slowly," Marie said.

"What do we do now?" Jayne asked with a giggle. Marie was falling in love with that giggle.

"Short term? We enjoy our shower and get dressed for our ride with Jenn. Long term? I don't know. I love you, Jayne, but I need to be completely honest with you. I have feelings for Frank. I don't know what those feelings are. When he gets here, tonight, I'm going to be completely honest with him also. I don't want to lose what you and I have but I need to understand why my heart is drawing me to two completely different people. Does that make any sense?"

"If you choose Frank," Jayne asked, "will you fire me?"

"Your sexy ass isn't going anywhere. I haven't chosen anyone. If, IF I chose Frank, he would have to grow up and accept what you mean to me. You're my right hand, Jayne. I can't function without you."

"Huh," said Jayne. "I'm your right hand? That's an odd thing to say considering I'm left handed."

"In that case, fuck the metaphor," said Marie. "I love you and I need you here. Will I always love you as a lover? I hope so, but I need to understand these things bubbling up inside of me. I know this isn't fair to you, but..."

"Just shut up for one second, Marie," Jayne interrupted. "I get it. I completely understand. You're not the only person I've worked for here that I've had a crush on."

"You had a crush on Frank?"

"Uh huh," said Jayne softly. "I get it. I see what you see in him. Hey, I was lucky to have ever met someone like you. I'm sure as hell not lucky enough to keep you. All I ask is that you don't drop me like a rock. I just..."

"Hey," interrupted Marie, "what's say we enjoy our shower together and put the melodramatics on hold until I can talk to Frank and we find out how he feels about all this?"

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