tagLoving WivesThe Happy Trick-or Treater

The Happy Trick-or Treater


All his life, Tony Miller has enjoyed every aspect of Halloween trick-or-treating, from going out as a child dressed in scary costumes to handing out treats to children at his parents' home as a teenager to escorting his two children on their rounds as a young father. He likes the camaraderie of the other parents and their children out on missions similar to his, and seeing their offspring dressed as space aliens and Disney characters and whatever else struck their fancy. All the people in the neighborhood where he lives feel much the same way, smiling at the youngsters and exclaiming at their costumes and doling out the candy and other treats. This includes Myra Davis, who lives next to his home and whose husband is in federal prison doing a year for tax fraud and other white collar crimes.

When she opened the door to Tony's children, she oooed and ahhhed at their clever garb and dropped a handful of wrapped candy into either of their bags. She also noticed their father's athletic physique and ruggedly handsome face. She had seen him mowing his lawn, wearing only shorts and sandals, and had lusted after him then, and had even spoken to him across the fence, but this was the first time he had been on her porch in the evening. Myra asked Tony to step inside for a minute, because she wanted to speak to him.

What she wanted to say was to ask him to come back to her house after he was through taking his son and daughter on their trick-or-treating rounds. He had enjoyed chatting with her occasionally, and knew her to be a voluptuous young woman with long blonde hair and a peaches-and-cream complexion, but he had never seen her looking as much of a hotsy as she was that night.

Myra was wearing a Tinkerbell costume, and her luscious breasts, clear down to their lovely pink areolas, were spilling out over the top of her tight, low-cut green dress. He decided returning to her would be a wonderful idea, and it was getting late anyhow, so he took his children home and told his wife, Edna, he had to go back to fix something for the neighbor. She may or may not have heard him, for she was too busy plundering the goody bags the children had brought home to pay much attention to what he said to her.

Tony rang the doorbell at Myra's house and, less than a minute later, he heard the shutter on the door's peep hole being opened. Seconds after that, the door swung open and he entered. He didn't see the lady of the house right away but, when he turned to his left, he saw her standing in the dim light of the foyer. Any doubts as to her reason for wanting him to return to her were dispelled by the sight of her, with her arms out for an embrace and the top of her dress pulled down so she was naked above her waist.

Her succulent, completely natural breasts were no longer just spilling out, but were exposed fully and were swaying enticingly as she moved. Myra smiled at him lasciviously and rolled her shoulders, so the luscious orbs bounced even more alluringly in front of him. Tony did not hesitate any longer, but stepped forward into her embrace and her wet kiss. Her tongue was thrust against his mouth, which opened wide to receive it, and the man and woman stood there, hugging and grinding their lips together while lingually caressing each other for almost a minute.

Myra stepped back, still holding Tony's hand. "This way," she whispered. After turning off the porch light so no more trick-or-treaters would show up, she led him in the direction he knew would lead to the master bedroom.

Standing beside the queen-sized bed, which already had the blankets turned down, they embraced and kissed again, while Myra pushed her dress the rest of the way down her legs and off, nudging it aside with her foot. She had been wearing no undergarments, and was completely naked in front of him. Still in his arms, she leaned back, grinned at him, unzipped his jacket and started to undo the buttons on his shirt. He shucked off the outer garment and aided her with the buttons, shrugging out of the shirt when they were through. The excited and eager woman peeled his undershirt off over his head and tossed it aside, leaving him bare above the waist.

She had just gotten started, and gave his chest a little push so he sat on the bed. Quickly, Myra went to her knees and removed her guest's sneakers and socks, tossing them aside before reaching up to unbuckle his belt and unhook the waistband of his pants. Tony arose from the bed while she pulled his pants around his ass and down and off his legs, and again when she did the same for his jockey shorts. Less than two minutes after entering the bedroom, he and Myra were equally naked.

The sexy blonde knew exactly what she wanted and started doing it. From the sight of her nude sumptuousness and the feel of her body against his and the thought of what would be happening momentarily, Tony's cock was fully erect. She reached up and gently held the shaft in one hand before leaning with her elbows on his bare legs and starting to lick the head. Myra relished the velvety texture almost as much as Tony relished the sensation of her agile tongue on his cock, and it got better for both of them. Her mouth continued fondling his erection as she moved her face downward, until she was licking around the ridge. Myra raised her head while holding his shaft gently in her fingers and smiled around it before taking it back into her mouth.

She lowered her face as slowly, but farther, still caressing the hard shaft with her tongue, pausing only when she felt the tip pressing against the back of her mouth. The delay was brief, because Myra opened her throat and her face kept moving closer to his crotch, until Tony's pubic hair was tickling her nose and lips. Once again she paused, while her tongue laved the entire length of the hard shaft it could reach, until she began slowly raising her face, licking everything until the head of his cock was nestled between her lips. Tony's body was squirming in front of her from the intense pleasure he was receiving, and he told her how fabulous it was to him.

Myra took his cock out of her mouth again. "I'm glad you like it, because it feels great to me too." She said nothing more, because there was no need, and her mouth quickly became too full to talk anyhow.

Always moving slowly, she bobbed her head up and down, enveloping and releasing his cock while he sighed and moaned blissfully. She really does love taking a hard cock such as his into her mouth, and it had been months since her husband's had been available to her. She loves everything about sucking the cock of her neighbor or any other man, from the way its thickness forced her mouth open to the way its hard roundness felt to her tongue to the sensation when the head wedged its way down her throat.

It was great to Tony too. Although not even thirty years old, Edna had lost what little interest she ever had in sex with him, and had never been willing to take his cock into her mouth, or do any of the other "disgusting" things he wanted to do. Even worse, she had fallen under the sway of a fundamentalist preacher, and believed him when he said the only reason for sex was to produce children, and having sex for any other reason was an abomination.

Tony doesn't believe a word of that, and he considered the fabulous blow job he was getting from Myra to be about as far from an abomination as anything can be. He loved everything about it too. He loved the way her lips provided the perfect pressure on his shaft, so that it slid easily inside but with just enough resistance to send waves of pleasure crashing through his body. He loved the feel of her soft tongue stroking his cock as her mouth engulfed it. Being sucked off by Myra was a visual delight too, watching his erection sliding in and out of her pretty face and the way Myra's beautiful blue eyes looked adoringly at him as her head moved slowly up and down.

There are other things that give Myra a thrill when a cock is available, and she started doing some of them. After ten minutes of slowly caressing Tony's shaft with her lips and tongue, she took it out of her mouth, smiled at him around it and held it in one hand so she could hold one of her breasts with the other and rub her erect nipple against the head. After a few seconds of that, she gave him the same treat with the other pink nubbin, exulting in the way the three-sided connection between her clit and her nipples was formed.

After less than a minute of providing and receiving carnal joy with her nipples, Myra enfolded Tony's shaft between her succulent breasts and started stroking him in the channel they formed. One of her favorite things about pleasuring a cock such as his has always been watching the man's face and seeing the grimaces of joy flickering across it. Tony did not disappoint her; besides his face being a mask of bliss, he was writhing on the bed in front of her.

There was nothing false about his reactions. The blow job he was getting that evening was one of the greatest sexual thrills of his life, especially considering the way his wife thought about oral sex and how she equated almost any kind of sex with sin. As Myra stroked his cock between her lovely breasts, she bent over and kissed or licked the head every time it came near her mouth. She was doing such a tremendous job that, although he wished the moment could last forever, he started to feel his cock throbbing in its warm, soft nest.

Myra felt it too, and wanted to be sure that Tony's cock was in her mouth when he started cumming. Quickly, she engulfed it and started sucking again, faster this time and without taking the head down her throat. She was careful to keep her tongue positioned so his cum would spurt onto it when he ejaculated, and she would be able relish the taste and texture before swallowing the semen.

A minute later, Tony moaned and his ass clenched as he climaxed, spurting a big gob of cum into the mouth that had earned it. Myra kept sucking his cock, and he ejaculated twice more before he was through. She continued stroking with her mouth until she was sure no more of the delicious treat would be forthcoming, and gently removed his shaft, holding it upright so none of his cum would run out and be wasted.

Myra had caught all three bursts of semen on her tongue, where they pleased her taste buds immensely. She swirled the viscous fluid in her mouth, savoring the flavor and texture until she let it slip down her throat and returned her mouth to Tony's shaft. She licked it clean, like a young girl enjoying a trick-or-treat sucker, making sure her tongue wiped all the cum from the outside.

She wasn't through yet, because she knew there was still some of Tony's semen inside the hard cylinder she was holding, so she placed a thumb in front of his scrotum and the fingers of the same hand on the opposite side. Myra moved her hand slowly toward her mouth, catching all the tasty juices on her tongue, until her fingers and thumb reached her lips. She treated the mouthful of cum the same as she had the first and, after swallowing it, she leaned back on her heels, licking her lips for any stray droplets, and spoke to the man who had just fed her the delicious snack.

"I hope you liked that, Tony. I certainly did, but it's your turn now to do the same thing for me." She stood up beside the bed and smiled at him, hoping he would do for her what she had just done for him.

"That was fantastic, Myra, the best I ever had. Just lie on your back, and I hope I can give you even half as great a time as you just gave me."

She smiled lasciviously and did what he asked, lying on her back with a pillow under her head and waiting for him to join her. She didn't have to wait very long, for Tony loves eating a beautiful and juicy pussy as much as he loves being sucked off by an expert such as the sexy blonde lying on her bed and waiting for him. He picked up another pillow, which he would place under her ass, and knelt beside her with one of her gorgeous breasts in either hand. Avidly, he leaned over and started licking one of Myra's big, pink nipples.

Because of her high level of arousal, the precious nubbin was so hard Tony could even feel the tiny individual ridges, and her other nipple was in the same delightful state when his tongue switched to it. From the joy of sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, the lady was already writhing on the bed, and he was able to smell the delectable aroma of juices from her pussy. He was enjoying the feel of her breasts in his hands and her nipples under his tongue, but he knew her pussy would be an even more delightful place for his mouth.

Myra knew it too. "I really love that," she whispered. The girls love what you're doing, but my pussy needs you more." To emphasize her needs, the aroused woman was pushing on his shoulders, urging him to go lower on her body.

Tony had no objections whatsoever, and started licking and nuzzling his way down her sexily plump belly, stopping to swirl his tongue in her navel. Myra giggled and kept pushing him downward, more urgently than before. Her pussy was producing something with the most heavenly aroma of his experience, and he was in need of knowing if it could possibly taste as delicious as it smelled. When he reached her Mount of Venus, he picked up the pillow he had set aside and started to walk on his knees around her feet.

She knew where he was going and what the pillow was for and wanted him to get there and use it as much as Tony did. Myra raised her ass from the bed and he slipped it under her, putting her pussy at the perfect height. She lifted her legs; he ducked under them and was kneeling between her knees when she rested them on his shoulders. Tony reached around her thighs until his hands were on her mons and leaned in more closely to gaze raptly on the beautiful pink and white confection that was waiting for him to pleasure and to give pleasure to him.

She had apparently shaved or waxed that morning, because Myra's pussy was totally lacking in hair, and her skin was creamy-white and flawless and set off the darker pink of her lips as they blossomed through her slit. Tony gently took hold of the edges of that slit and parted them. A cloud of incredible fragrance arose to please his nostrils and, when he lowered his face to sample the flavor of the juices that were producing that aroma, their taste was more delectable than their scent. Some of the nectar had spattered on Myra's thighs and he licked it from there and from her crotch before his tongue started to caress one of her outer lips.

The beauty and the aroma and the flavor of her pussy had been delightful in the extreme, but his sense that was the most pleased was that of touch. The texture of the skin of the insides of her thighs and her crotch had been soft and smooth, but her outer lip was like a vibrant satin pillow as he slowly licked upward. A fifth sense was gratified when Myra began moaning aloud from the intense pleasure his tongue was giving her.

Taking his time, Tony licked slowly to the end of the lip, going over the same places repeatedly, until he reached her soft Mount of Venus. He kissed her there and brought his mouth back below the dripping pink hole where he had started. After feasting on the fresh juices Myra had produced, he licked her other outer lip the same way, kissing her mons again, before raising his head to see what effect his ministrations were having on the voluptuous blonde.

She seemed to be having as much fun as he was; her body was writhing on the bed and her head was rolling back and forth on her pillow. Myra's beautiful face was a mask of utter bliss, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a smile. Tony didn't spend much time looking, because he could smell more of the delicious juices that had just been produced, and he brought his mouth back down to lick them off her pussy, before starting to apply his tongue between an inner and outer lip.

Although he knew his wife was expecting him back soon, Tony was having too much fun to want to hurry anything, and he was sure the neighbor lady felt the same way. Taking his time and thoroughly enjoying what he was doing, his tongue probed between the labia, licking both simultaneously. The outer lip was slick and wet and the inner one was spongy from being swollen with Myra's lust, and the contrast was one of the best tactile sensations of all. Even better, though, was the way her whole body moved under him and her hips swiveled, thrusting her legs out and back past his head like a set of pistons. When he reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the one on the other side to form a clit hood, Tony raised his head again to see how Myra was responding.

Her reactions to his eating her pussy were all that he could have wanted, and it was obvious the lady was having a marvelous time in bed with him. Her whole body and her head were thrashing from side to side, besides the movement of her legs, and her pussy was fucking up into his face. She had lost control of some of her muscles, and her arms were flailing the mattress as she completely gave herself over to the tremendous pleasure she was receiving. Tony smiled to himself and started between the other pair of inner and outer lips.

He licked and sucked and nuzzled them the same as he had the first pair and, when he reached her clit again, he saw it had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood, and resembled a lovely iridescent pearl. Myra was sobbing and whimpering almost incoherently, but he heard her begging him to suck her clit and make her cum.

He realized the time had arrived, so he raised his mouth and enveloped the precious morsel and started sucking on it. His lips formed a seal at the base, and Tony's tongue caressed the sides and top, while Myra's movements became even wilder. Her pussy was fucking into his face so strongly she was lifting her ass off the bed, and her legs were starting to swing back and forth.

"I'm cumming!" she cried, ecstatically, and her legs clamped onto the temples of the man who had brought her to that fabulous state.

He was completely her prisoner, because Myra's hands also grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face tightly against her pussy. Tony didn't mind at all; there was no place on Earth he would have preferred having his face at that time than where she was holding it. Her legs continued thrusting out and back past his head, but they also started swinging from side to side. The very willing prisoner kept his mouth wrapped around her adorable clit and his arms clung to her thighs while he enjoyed the wild ride.

She enjoyed it even more. When Myra climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she jammed her pussy against Tony's face for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, her body seemed to melt into the bed like a pink and creamy-white and blonde puddle. There was a plethora of her delicious juices available, and Tony licked it from her legs, crotch, pussy lips and everywhere else it had spattered, but he refrained from sucking it out of the delightful pink hole that had produced the nectar. From the aroma and taste of her gorgeous pussy, his cock was hard again, and he was quite sure the lady would want to fuck The juices would be needed to provide their natural function of lubrication.

Before he came back to Myra's home, he had been sure what she had in mind, and Tony had gone there prepared by taking condoms. He got off the bed, took one out of his pants pocket and rolled it onto his cock. Any doubts he may have had about her desire to fuck were quickly dispelled while he was walking on his knees toward her. Myra was still sprawled on the bed in total relaxation, with her legs widely spread, but she had opened her eyes by then. When she saw him, with his cock erect again and encased in latex, she grinned lewdly at him and reached between her legs to spread her pussy lips.

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