tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 06

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 06



"Dinner or shopping first?" Ben asked her. This was the first time he had told her what they would be doing tonight.

"What kind of shopping?" she asked.

"Probably to the mall. We need to find an outfit for you to wear to work tomorrow. The guys want to see you in something new and unique."

"Sounds like fun. I'm not really hungry yet," Cori said, "so how about we shop first?"

"Works for me," Ben said, opening the car door for her and watching her thighs and ass as she got in the car. He knew he couldn't wait much longer to fuck her — this outfit was too hot and her workout had gotten him too excited. He got in the car, looked her up and down lustily and reached over and untied the bikini string around her neck. The top was still tied around her back, but no longer could contain her breasts, which forced their way out into the open air. No one was walking by, but anyone who was would have had a clear view of her breasts through the untinted car windows.

"I know you're not hungry yet, but how about an appetizer to hold you over?" Ben asked with a thick, lusty voice.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" Cori knew he wanted sex, but really wasn't sure how and where.

"I've got a nice double-serving of thick, salty, creamy cum warming up for you," he said. "All you have to do is suck it out and swallow it."

"Mmm, sounds yummy," Cori said. "Has it been cooking long?"

"A couple days," Ben said. "So it's nice and thick and creamy. You'll love it running between your teeth, into your gums and down your throat. You'll probably want another helping or two later on."

"I'm sure I will," Cori said. "Can I have some now while you drive us to the mall?"

"Be my guest," Ben said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock for her. "You suck and I'll drive. It takes about 20 minutes to get out there, so use your time — and tongue — wisely. I would advise powerful suction, deep insertion into your throat and lots of tongue."

"Good advice," Cori said, leaning over to begin her familiar task. Ben started the car and headed off toward the mall. He had received enough blowjobs while driving that he had learned how to maintain his focus on driving, even when a babe like Cori was gorging herself on his cock. By the time they reached the first intersection, she already had his entire shaft in her mouth and throat and was bobbing her head up and down in long, deep strokes, her tongue coating the underside of his cock and rolling around on the soft, swollen head.

Paul and Phil, twin brothers who were part of the Irregulars, pulled up next to them in a pickup truck which sat high enough that they could look down and see Cori's head bobbing up and down on Ben's cock. They honked and pointed, giving him the thumbs up. Ben returned the signal, but Cori, ever vigilant about her cock-sucking tasks, never looked up or slowed down. She had worked up a steady rhythm now and his spit-slickened cock was sliding easily in and out of her throat.

She kept this up, with Ben's encouragement, while they drove out on the short expressway that led to the mall, which was located just off the interstate, between Darien and two other small towns.

"That's it, suck that cock," Ben coaxed her on. "Take it all the way down your throat, you little cum slut. Keep sucking, your appetizer is on its way. It's all hot and warm for you, just the way bitches like you like it. Come on, come and get it, you hot fucking slut."

He was getting closer and closer to cumming, and when they got off the interstate and came to a stop light about a half-mile from the mall, he put both hands on the back of her head and held her down, his cock all the way in her throat. She didn't try to struggle or keep bobbing up and down, but just held his cock in her mouth, sucking and licking while he thrust his hips, fucking her throat.

This deep, urgent thrusting finally brought about his orgasm and he began spilling his seed into her mouth and throat in long, gooey spurts that coated her mouth and throat with a thick, milky film. As he had said, she felt it gush between her teeth and into her gums, the overflow threatening to seep out between her lips. She tightened her suction into a near-vacuum seal around his cock, keeping every drop in her mouth, just like she had been trained to do.

"Soup's on, slut!" Ben had cried when his first blast of cum basted her tonsils. "Dig in and eat up, bitch. Suck out all that cum. Chew it up and swallow it. Eat it, slut, eat it."

She did, swallowing and sucking as quickly as she could. He stopped cumming just as the light turned green and he returned to his senses well enough to navigate safely into the parking lot. He deliberately parked next to an SUV filled with high school kids — three guys and three girls. They were just piling out of the SUV when Ben pulled up. They immediately noticed Cori's head, still bobbing up and down in his lap, milking out the last drops of his cum and cleaning off his softening cock and balls.

The teens all gathered around, the boys clearly excited to watch this, the girls interested but pretending to be shocked and offended. Ben didn't recognize any of them and guessed they weren't from Darien, and therefore might not be familiar with the legend of Cori. He smiled at them, pointed down at Cori then shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "I couldn't stop her if I wanted to."

Finally, Cori finished her cleaning chores and sat up, licking her lips. It was then that she noticed her audience for the first time and she quickly pulled up her top and tied it around her neck. She wasn't really embarrassed, though. She was just doing her job and there was no shame in that, especially when it was a job well done.

They got out of the car, the teens' eyes and mouths wide, now shocked not at Cori's blowjob, but at her stunning outfit. The boys marveled as she stepped out of the car, her long, tan legs looking so perfect and inviting, that tiny skirt promising a rich reward for any man lucky enough to journey up those soft thighs.

"Hi, guys," Ben said, breaking the ice. "Sorry if we offended you there. We got a little carried away on the way here."

"No problem, man," one of the boys said. "I can see why it would be hard to wait until you got her home. Why don't wear clothes like that, Jill?" the boy asked a tall, thin, flat-chested but long-legged girl next to him. She was wearing jeans and a loose t-shirt.

She didn't bother to answer him, turning up her nose and starting to walk toward the entrance with the other two girls. The three boys lagged behind, walking slowly with Ben and Cori. Ben noticed a quarter laying in the lot and asked Cori to pick it up. Naturally, she bent over at the waist and slowly picked up the quarter. The three boys were speechless as they got an unobstructed view of her ass and pussy.

"Not bad, huh boys?" Ben asked. He was clearly proud to be with Cori. "Imagine getting to sink your cock into that whenever you want to. And she's all natural, nothing fake about her, boys. She's the perfect babe, wouldn't you say?" Cori stood up and handed him the quarter, then they continued their stroll toward the mall, now about 30 feet behind the girls. The guys let Cori walk a few feet in front of them, admiring the sway of her ass and the way her skirt kept flipping up.

"Ever fuck her ass?" one of the boys asked.

"Oh yeah," Ben said. "Think I'd let a piece like that go to waste? Besides, she loves it, don't you, babe?"

"The harder the better," Cori smiled. She was playing along with Ben's game and playing up the naughty, slutty sex babe role. "And it's really good when you spank me, then stick your cock in my mouth and cum on my face."

One of the boys feigned a heart attack, the mere thought of doing that with any girl — let alone Cori — obviously almost too much for him to bear.

"You ever, you know, share her?" one of the boys asked, obviously hoping his lucky day would get even better.

"Afraid not, bud," Ben said. "Look, she's too good to let anyone else have. Now, I think it's only fair guys like you get to at least see what you're missing. But that — he pointed at her — is all mine. Look all you want, but leave the touching to me."

They reached the mall entrance where the girls — looking quite perturbed and jealous — were waiting impatiently. Ben held the door for them and they entered, followed by their boys, who reluctantly said good-bye to Cori and walked away toward the food court.

As they entered the mall, Cori created quite a stir. All eyes turned toward her, some approving, some lusty, some critical and some just in shock. Cori, of course, acted as if there was nothing unusual and as if she didn't even notice the clamor. Ben also acted indifferent, but occasionally gave knowing nods and winks as he passed by jealous guys who both congratulated and loathed Ben in one tell-tale look.

No one approached the pair as they made their way through the food court, but all heads turned as they walked by. There was plenty of commentary, as well, some loud, some crude, some very complimentary, but no one said anything directly to either of them.

"Where to first?" Cori asked. "What sort of outfit are we looking for?"

"Actually, I have nothing in particular in mind," Ben conceded. "We're looking for something unique, different. It can be anything really, even something we have to have customized to fit you. So, I guess we can stop at almost any of the clothing stores and see if we get any ideas. Of course, we can stop at the lingerie store, too. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along. I think you know what we like by now."

Indeed Cori did. And, she had to admit, many times she liked the outfits herself. The one she was wearing right now, for example, was very revealing, sure, but it was also comfortable and flattering. This, she told herself, was the sort of attire women would wear if they weren't so modest about showing off their bodies. Some of the other outfits were so tight or restricting that she didn't particularly like them, but none had been anywhere near unbearable so far. At first, she had not liked the thongs they dressed her in so often, but over time she had grown quite accustomed to them and didn't mind them in the least, though going panty-less like she was now was still more comfortable.

They stopped first at one of the concession stands in the food court and got a Cherry Coke to share — Cori needed something to wash the cum taste out of her mouth. Then they stopped at a sports apparel store, where they had purchased some clothes for her before. The store had a wide variety of workout clothes, athletic wear and swimsuits. The manager, whom Ben only knew as Bull, had helped them out many times before and was happy to see them come in his store. A stocky, bald man with thick muscles, Bull was in his mid-50s and clearly enjoyed working out and lifting weights. He also liked girls half his age with big tits and leered lustily at Cori as she walked toward him. A "friend" of the shop, he had his picture taken with her several times and had been given copies of her calendars and posters, many of which adorned his office.

Cori and Ben neither one liked the man all that much. He was a little too gruff and crude for this setting and clearly had little respect for Cori as anything but a sex object. He talked down to her and was the sort of man who almost certainly would mistreat his women. But he tended to give them great deals on clothes, so they kept coming back and being as nice to him as they could be.

"Great to see you," Bull said, smiling a broad, almost-evil grin. He shook Ben's hand, but just leered at Cori. "You're tits are looking bigger than ever, babe."

"Thanks," Cori smiled, pretending this was some sort of compliment, which, in Bull's twisted world, it probably was.

"So, you need some new thongs or shorts?" Bull asked Ben.

"Oh, we're not looking for anything in particular," Ben said. "Just something different, you know. Something revealing and sexy, of course."

"I swear," Bull said, "I don't understand why you bother. If I had this slut, she'd have no use for clothes. Don't need clothes to fuck, do you babe?"

"No, sir," Cori said. "I guess not."

"Nope, if I had her, she'd wear nothing at all — except my cum, of course," Bull chuckled as if this was a funny joke that they should all laugh at. Ben and Cori were far from prudish —hell, she just gave him a blowjob in the parking lot — but Bull was far too crude in casual conversation for their tastes. "But, I guess if you do have to wear something, what you've got on there is pretty good." Without asking, he reached out and flipped up her skirt, confirming for himself that she had no panties on. "Yeah, at least you have easy access," he said to Ben.

"Yeah, well that's what we're looking for," Ben said. "Something sexy with easy access. Aside from total nudity, do you have any other suggestions?"

"Oh sure," Bull said. "One popular thing among the sluts these days are these NBA jerseys." He led them to a rack of brightly colored mesh tank tops. "They wear them as dresses. If you get them too big, they're pretty loose and really don't show much. But if you get them a few sizes too small, they're really tight. It would make those tits pop out the top and sides and it would be short enough to come down just past her ass. Keep the panties off and you've got easy access so you can give her the ol' slam dunk any time you want." Bud was chuckling again at his own crude joke.

Ben picked one out for Cori to try on. He might get it for her, but it wasn't what he was looking for. "What else you got?"

"We've got some new swimsuits over here," Bull said. "The usual thongs, of course, and bikinis. If you need to stock up, I can give you a good deal. As far as something different, though, I might recommend this." He held up a suit that was more string than anything else. "This is about as close to being naked as you can get without getting arrested. Tits, ass and pussy hanging out all over the fucking place." After looking at it for a minute, Ben and Cori realized it was the same model she had just worn yesterday.

"That's a great suit," Ben agreed. "But we already have some of those. She just wore one yesterday, as a matter of fact."

"Sorry I missed that," Bull said. "Well, that's really about it. Like I said, I can give you a deal on shorts, t-shirts and thongs if you want to stock up."

Ben did end up buying the jersey — it really did accentuate her tits nicely — and a couple thongs and crop tops. She could always use these things and it was good business to keep dealing with Bull. He gave them 50 percent off, asking for nothing in return but some more posters and calendars whenever they did new ones. Of course, Ben also gave Bull a discount anytime he needed work done on his car, but that was it. He wouldn't dream of letting a man like Bull have some "bonus" time with Cori, even though he suspected that's what Bull was always angling for.

They left the store and moved in, pretending not to notice the stares and comments as they walked through the crowded mall. They stopped in a few other clothing stores, picking up a nice pair of hot pants in one, but were having little luck before they finally came to the lingerie store. While most of the items here were designed to be sexy in a romantic sort of way, they did have a few items that were racier, naughtier and much more suited to the tastes of Cori and Ben.

Beverly, the store manager who was in her mid-40s and had worked with Ben and Cori before, greeted them with a genuinely friendly smile. Unlike many women, she was not judgmental about Cori and, honestly, enjoyed working with them, especially since money never seemed to be an object. Ben explained how he was looking for something unique, aside from the usual thongs, panties, stockings and garters — which were all very nice — and asked if she had something a bit more exotic.

"I think I have a few things you might like," Beverly said. "I actually keep some things in the back. Believe it or not, even a store like this can be accused of being too sexual. So, some of the quote-unquote fetish items I keep in the back for special customers who request it. I think a couple of them might be what you're looking for. Wait here."

Cori and Ben looked around for a few minutes while Beverly went into the back room. Ben selected a couple of crotchless thong panties, some stockings and a garter belt. Again, Cori already had these things, but she could always use more and this was good business, the kind that got them special treatment from people like Beverly.

The first item Beverly brought out was a catsuit. Cori had a couple catsuits, but not many, and none quite like this. She went into the dressing room and Ben went with her — another perk of doing good business. She quickly stripped out of her clothes — with Ben's helping hands , of course — and pulled on the catsuit. It was tight, but not skin tight. It was made out of black leather that was shiny and molded to her curves. It extended from her neck, which it encircled like a turtleneck sweater, to her wrists and ankles. All that was left exposed were her feet, hands and head.

What was so unique about the suit, however, was it's creative use of snaps and buttons. Over each breast were three smaller silver buttons in a vertical line. The middle button was located directly over the nipple and, when unbuttoned, created an opening about an inch in diameter, through which erect nipples would easily poke through and be available for viewing, pinching and sucking as desired. The top and bottom buttons kept the rest of the breast concealed, but when undone, the leather could be pulled apart enough for the entire breast to be exposed. The tight leather than snapped back around the base of the breast, pushing it out further and giving it an huge round balloon shape.

A similar series of buttons ran vertically along her crotch. Undoing these three exposed the pussy, making it available for viewing, tasting or any sort of insertions. Ben and Cori experimented with each of these options, Ben even dipping his finger into Cori's pussy to make sure there was ample room to fuck her without taking off the suit.

They agreed that it was a very nice, sexy outfit, quite different from most of her far-more-flesh-bearing attire. Ben helped Cori wiggle out of the suit and left her naked in the dressing room while he went back out to visit with Beverly.

"It's great," he told her. "But it's a little too loose. I want it extra tight. If you have one a size smaller, we'll take it."

"Oh sure, that's no problem," Beverly said, pleased with this already lucrative sale. "I'll get it for you. In the meantime, here's another one I thought you might like."

Ben took the newest garment back into the dressing room and gave it to Cori to put on. Another woman was just getting out of an adjoining room and was shocked to see Ben going into one of the rooms. She didn't say a word, but Ben had the feeling she didn't like the idea of a man being back there. Of course, he didn't really care. He was standing in a room next to a hot naked babe who had recently swallowed his cum and now was going to dress sexy for him. His life was pretty good at the moment, so caring what someone else thought wasn't high on his list.

This newest outfit was sort of like a catsuit as well in that it was a one-piece bodysuit. But it didn't cover head to toe like the other one did. This one was made of a silver spandex-like material — only softer — and was sleeveless. This one hugged her body all over. More flexible and thinner than the leather, the suit molded to her pussy, wrapping around her pussy lips, her cameltoe clearly outlined by the suit. Likewise, the spandex wrapped around her hard nipples, doing nothing to constrain them or minimize their appearance.

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