tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 10

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 10



Since it was Sunday and his time was technically up, Ty let Cori sleep on the way back to Darien. Normally, however, Cori had no dress requirements on Sundays, but for the ride home, Ty had her wear only heels and her string bikini. Even if he wasn't going to fuck her any more, he could still enjoy the scenery on the drive home. Even as she slept, he would reach over and pull her top aside to reveal her tits or pull her thong aside to expose her pussy. Cori was so tired she slept through everything.

She slept for a couple more hours after he dropped her off, then got up, showered and called Gina and Tammy to see if they wanted to spend the afternoon with her. They came over and spent a couple hours sunbathing with Cori in the backyard. Tammy and Gina had long ago gotten used to the site of their friend sunbathing in the nude, since no tan lines were permitted by her employers/co-workers. For their part, Tammy and Gina wore bikinis and the three girls lounged in the backyard, sipping homemade margaritas and chatting about the events in their lives.

As much as Cori loved her job, she also loved and desperately needed these times when she could relax and be a somewhat normal woman — nude sunbathing being one of the few exceptions. They went to the gym and worked out together for an hour — all wearing standard, non-slutty workout attire — then went back to Cori's place and had a nice, relaxing cookout. Cori was so comfortable wearing a pair of baggy shorts, regular cotton panties, flat-soled sandals, a bra and a loose-fitting t-shirt. She wore no makeup and her hair fell freely around her shoulders. Even without the clothes or makeup, she was still drop-dead gorgeous. Her beauty, like her body, was all natural.

Even though she had a date with Ben tonight, Sundays were different. Unless he had special plans, he generally let her have free time until around 10 p.m. So, Cori and the girls capped off the evening by taking in a movie. Since she was going straight to Ben's after the movie, Cori put on an outfit she thought he would appreciate. He seldom requested specific attire for Sunday evenings, but she knew to dress in appropriately revealing clothing — maybe not as extreme as some of her outfits, but sexy nonetheless.

She wore white tennis shoes with no socks, a pair of tight yellow athletic shorts made of cotton and a black thong. She also wore a light grey crop top that left her belly bare but sufficiently covered her tits. She wore a bra to the movie, but removed it before going to see Ben. She had on cherry red lipstick and her hair was in a ponytail. She looked cute and sexy, but not any more scantily dressed than many other women her age. She also took a bag with some heels and lingerie in it, just in case Ben got into a different kind of mood.

He didn't. Ben was horny when she arrived and promptly gave her a hard, doggie-style fuck, taking only enough time to pull her shorts down around her ankles and tug her thong to the side before bending her over the back of the couch. He let her sleep naked and fucked her only twice more the rest of the night, requesting one blowjob before bed and another first thing in the morning. In between, Cori got her first full night's sleep in the past couple days and awoke feeling completely refreshed and ready for the week ahead.


Monday meant a mini-dress. Cori had dozens to choose from, but not one was close to the proper size. They were all so tiny as to show off lots of cleavage and ass while hugging every curve of her body. She never wore a bra with them, of course, but she usually at least started the day with a thong. Oftentimes, however, the guys had her remove it and spend the day pantyless, showing off her pussy with every turn or bend.

Cori wore a bright red one on this day, with matching red heels, a red choker, red lipstick and a red thong. It was a red-hot look for a red-hot babe. Everyone, including the customers, took a good look and Cori gave them what they wanted. She bent over frequently, crossed her legs, arched her back and licked her lips — all the things that drove the guys even crazier.

Since John had her tonight and Ben and Ty had just finished marathon fuck sessions with her over the weekend, only Chad fucked her during the day. Shortly before lunch, he took her into Ben's office and bent her over the desk. He tore her thong away violently, actually ripping it in two. Chad could be a bit aggressive at times, but this was worse than usual and Cori was caught off guard and a bit uncomfortable with him. He fucked her very hard and very fast, lasting only a few minutes before dumping his load inside her. He slapped her ass, then slapped her face with his cock before letting her clean him off. Many times the guys did these things, but it was always with an air of fun, playful and harmless. Something about Chad's attitude told Cori he was a little angry about something. Hopefully, fucking her had eased some of his tension.

Cori spent the rest of the day without her ripped and useless thong, which no one complained about one bit. Cori got the guys' lunch and worked out for everyone in the afternoon. That night, she cooked dinner for John and turned her body over to the sweet, older man. She gave him a blowjob and he came all over her salad. She ate it with no other salad dressing, then licked the plate to make sure she didn't miss a drop.

After dinner, Cori voiced her concerns about Chad to John.

"Oh, I know what it is," John said in his calm, fatherly tone. "He turned in his resignation. He's moving to Florida to be with his girlfriend. Apparently he thinks she's been cheating on him. Anyway, Friday is his last day. I think he's mad that he has to go and mad at his girlfriend. He said he's staying for his last date with you Saturday night, then leave on Sunday."

"Wow, I had no idea," Cori said. "No wonder. Poor guy. Well, I'll make sure his last date is a good one, if I can."

John proceeded to have a good night, exploring Cori inside and out, probing her, pussy and mouth with his cock and fingers. Once again, she made him feel half his age and his tender touch brought her to two rousing orgasms. They both got a good night's sleep and entered Tuesday well-fucked and well-rested.


Tuesday meant hot pants and a tub top. After giving John his usual morning blowjob and taking a shower, Cori packed her ass into a pair of skin-tight, black hot pants with a silver thong that peeked out over the top band of her shorts. The tube top was also silver and made of a thin, stretchy material that wrapped itself around her erect nipples like tin foil. The top tied in bow in the back. Black high heels, red lipstick and a red choker completed the outfit.

Cori went the whole day without any fucking her. Ty was saving up for his date night Wednesday night, Ben had date night tonight, John had just completed date night and Chad had already used his one "floating fuck" for the week. But even though there was no fucking, it didn't mean Cori wasn't the center of attention in an excitement-filled day.

Not only were people excited to see Cori so well displayed, but they were also fired up because tonight was the first game of the fall flag-football season. The shop had a team for almost every season — basketball, softball, flag-football, golf and even bowling. For each team, the guys in the shop all either played or coached (John was at an age where he preferred the sidelines), and recruited some of their friends to fill out the roster. For the flag-football team, they had a squad of eight guys (six could play at a time), and John coached. For each team, Cori was the designated cheerleader/mascot/secret weapon (her "distractions" often gave her team the winning edge).

All of the teams had similar names and logos. The football team was called the Hard Body Tight Ends and their jerseys featured a logo depicting a cartoon Cori, bent over a football as if to hike it, showing off her ass in high heels and a thong. Cori had posed for a local artist who had drawn this and the other team logos at a cost of one blowjob per logo.

The basketball team, called The Hard Body Ballers, had a logo featuring a cartoon Cori holding two basketballs in front of her oversized chest. The softball team, The Hard Body Knockers, had a logo of Cori leaning over, bracing her hands on a bat, wearing heels and a baseball-style jersey with cleavage spilling out the top. The bowling team, The Hard Body Splits, had a logo of Cori doing the splits with a ball rolling toward her legs. The golf team,, The Hard Body Strokes, had a logo of Cori laying down with a ball balanced on her tits like a tee. The shop sold t-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys depicting these various team names and logos and had developed quite a fan following.

The football team had lost in the semifinals of last year's county tournament and the guys were excited about making a run at the title this year. They were also excited because they had managed to acquire some actual professional and college cheerleader uniforms, which they had since modified for their purposes. Cori was going to look amazing in them.

Through various contacts and just plain persistence, the guys had managed to get uniforms from, among others, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, the Oakland Raiderettes, the Philadelphia Eagle cheerleaders, the LA Laker Girls and the USC Song Girls. Widely regarded as some of the hottest cheerleader groups, these outfits were already quite sexy and revealing. The guys, though, had added their own touches and were anxious to see Cori in them. For tonight's opener, they planned to put her in a modified USC Song Girl uniform, which promised to be a team and fan favorite.

Immediately after work, Ben and John took Cori into Ben's office and gave her the new uniform to try on. They were more than happy to help her strip out of her hot pants and tube top. They let her keep the thong on, then added a short, pleated white skirt, trimmed in gold and burgundy, the colors of both USC and The Hard Body Tight Ends' jerseys. The skirt was very short — several inches shorter than the standard USC Song Girl length; every time Cori twisted and twirled, her ass and panties would be visible for all to see.

The USC Song Girls were famous for their tight white sweaters that rose to reveal their navels when they waved their pom-poms. The guys improved on this design by simply having the sleeveless sweater cut off right below Cori's bountiful tits. They were covered, yes, but just barely. And with no bra on, there was ever-present nipple action and the constant possibility of a stray breast popping out from underneath its cover. Instead of "USC" across the chest, Cori's sweater read "Hard Body."

True to cheerleader style, they had her put on red lipstick and put her hair in a ponytail. They also allowed her to wear white tennis shoes rather than her usual high heels. It wasn't the most revealing outfit Cori had ever had to wear by any means, but it was still very revealing and played to every man's fantasy about cheerleaders. Cori, of course, would act that out even more with her jumping and bending and dancing that would show off every perfect curve.

"Perfect," John said. "Every guy wants to fuck a cheerleader. Too bad every cheerleader isn't built and dressed like this. You're every man's fantasy come to life."

Ben squeezed Cori's breasts through the tight, then sweater. He loved the unique combination of the soft fabric and her firm breasts and hard nipples — soft and hard all at once, just like her body.

"I think the guys will like this," Ben agreed. "I think a pep rally is in order, don't you?"

John agreed and Cori knew this pep rally would be far more about her than about the football team. It was her duty, like any good cheerleader, to inspire and raise the spirits of the team and the fans. Cori seldom failed at anything, and she was determined to be a good cheerleader, no matter what it took to please and fire up her team and their fans.

Of course, big firm tits, a skimpy cheerleader outfit, a tiny thong, long tan legs and sexy blonde hair were more than enough to fire up any red-blooded male, but Cori wanted to make sure. She bounded out of the office, doing handsprings across the front lobby as Ty cranked up a rousing hip-hop CD. The Irregulars were crowded around, drinking beers and cheering her on. They saw just enough with each flip to realize her ass was bare. Was she wearing a thong or was she naked under her skirt?

Cori finished her opening display by doing a full splits and raising her pom-poms straight over her head. The effect raised her breasts even more on her chest and pulled them closer together. Her long legs were fully exposed, her skirt just barely concealing the answer to the thong or no thong question.

"Go Hard Body!" Cori cheered as the music came to an end. She waved her pom-poms and her tits bobbled on her chest like a pair of overfilled water balloons, ready to burst. She stood up as John, the coach of the team, stepped forward to speak.

"Now, with action like that, how could anyone not like football?" John asked. "Tonight is our first game of the year. Last year, we narrowly lost a chance to win the championship. This year, we've rededicated ourselves to going all the way.

"Ben has been working on his long passes, Ty is quicker than he's ever been and Chad is still going to be one of the top defenders in this league. Cori's outfits are going to be smaller and sexier than ever before, and I think we all agree that she's never looked better.

"With a strong team and great cheerleader, we are counting on you guys to support us and give us the best, loudest fans in the league.

"At Hard Body, we work hard, play hard — we don't lots of things hard, don't we Cori?" John paused for effect for Cori gave a devilish smile and the crowd cheered. "Now, we need you guys to cheer hard and take us over the top. Now, I know it's not always easy for you all to come to the games, but Cori here is totally committed to helping the team any way she can. She wants to keep you guys fired up and excited about the team. So, she's offering a little incentive.

"After every game, one of you will have the distinct pleasure of receiving a full-fledged, down-the-throat, suck-your-balls-dry blowjob from Cori." John waited until the guys quieted down before continuing. "At the end of the game, everyone in attendance will get their names put in a hat. Using her teeth, Cori will pull one name out, then present the prize either before or during the post-game happy hour. She will be unavailable after the happy hour, as she will be on her date night with Ben."

There were high-fives and whistles all around. These guys had never before been given the opportunity to do more than look at and occasionally touch Cori. Having the chance to stick their cocks in her was about the best news they had ever heard.

"Now, counting the playoffs, there are 12 games if we win the whole thing," John continued. "Obviously, if you all show up every game, not everyone will win. So, you can only win once during the season. However, we want to be sure you keep, ahem, coming even if you've already won, so Cori has offered another incentive.

"At the end of the season, everyone who has missed no more than one game will be entered in a grand prize drawing. Why don't you show them the prizes, Cori." Cori turned around, bent over and flipped up her little skirt. She put her hands on her ankles while John yanked her thong out of her ass and from in between her pussy lips, pulling it aside.

"Pussy!" someone yelled.

"Yes," John said, holding her twat lips open so they could all get a good look. "In addition to another blowjob, the winner gets to fuck her pussy."

The guys all celebrated some more, then someone said, "Not that that's not enough, but didn't you say 'prizes'?"

"That's right," John said. "Because the winner also gets a shot at this." He gripped Cori's ass cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her tight, puckered asshole. The guys were now beside themselves with lust and excitement. They were in a frenzy and, had John and the guys not been there, surely would have gangbanged Cori.

John let Cori stand back up and said, "Now, I think we all agree that's a prize worth playing for. So, I expect to see and hear you all there tonight and every week. Remember, one of you will be getting the blowjob of your life tonight."

Everyone left to head to the park, excited about the game, the contest and, of course, about watching Cori. Cori rode with Chad, John, Ty and Ben in the company van. John drove with Ben, Ty and Chad all sitting next to each other in the back. Cori was in full "pre-game motivation" mode for the 15-minute drive to the park. She was on her knees in front of the three guys, sucking their cocks. So long as none of them came, this would not count as one of their "fucks" of the week. This was a just a little pre-game stimulation, intended not to bring about orgasm, just some fun and excitement — a little oral encouragement from their biggest — and hottest — fan.

She went back and forth between the three impressive cocks, sucking each for a few moments before moving on to the next. She was careful to make sure all three received the same amount of attention and she licked, sucked and deep-throated them all.

"Guess I'm not the only one who likes to go deep," Chad chuckled, putting his hand on the back of her head and driving his cock into the back of her throat. "Come on bitch, eat my cock. Swallow it, you fucking slut."

"Hey, take it easy," Ty said, noticing that Chad was a little too aggressive in his pounding of Cori's throat and a little too angry in his tone. "She's on our side, remember?"

"She's all yours, bud," Chad said, letting Cori up. She quickly moved over and swallowed Ty's enormous cock without missing a beat.

When they arrived at the park, the guys each took a few moments to let their cocks go limp, then climbed out of the van and began warming up for the game. Cori fixed her hair and lipstick, then bounced out of the van and went over to the small set of bleachers where The Irregulars had already gathered, waiting for the game to start. They welcomed Cori with a combination of genuine friendliness and burning lust. They had all always dreamed of fucking her, but now, for the first time, they knew it could actually happen. There wasn't one of them — not even the 60-year-olds — who wasn't imagining what it would be like to feel her mouth around their cock.

Cori talked to them all for a little while, then sat down in the grass next to the bleachers to stretch — and to tease them even more. She went through a very thorough stretching routine that included many of the usual positions, such as bending over at the waist (which she did facing away from the guys so they could study her ass), doing splits, arching her back, etc. By the time she was done, the other team and the hired rec officials had also taken note and were studying her every move.

This was also part of The Hard Body plan. Distracting the other team and possibly influencing the officials were both potentially huge benefits to Cori's presence. On more than one occasion, Cori had forced a dropped pass by flaunting her considerable assets to an opposing player. And who knew how many calls had gone in favor of Hard Body by officials wishing to keep Cori happy so she would jump up and down. Hard Body had a good team without Cori, but John figured she was good for an extra win or two per year.

Once the game started, Hard Body was all business, the Irregulars were very rowdy and Cori was in non-stop motion. She danced, jumped, twisted, twirled and gyrated from beginning to end. As expected, her display helped a couple of early breaks go Hard Body's way, and the guys too care of the rest, winning by three scores.

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