tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 02

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 02



Cori got up at 7 the next morning, showered and dressed in a red bikini that her old friend John back at the Body Shop in Georgia would have called a "nub rub". She had never heard anyone but John use the term, but it was just one of his many good-old-boy sayings. When she asked him what it meant, he had explained, "Well, sweet thing, about the only thing that scrap of fabric is covering are your nipples and your clit -- your three nubs. And it's so damn tight, it's gotta be rubbing something."

Well, regardless of what you called it, Cori knew that a bikini like this was guaranteed to please any man. While this suit was different from the one John had seen months ago, the concept was the same. The top consisted of two rubbery little pieces that reminded Cori of scraps from a busted balloon. Each piece was just one inch from top to bottom and about three inches wide -- just enough to cover her nipples and little else. They were connected by angel-hair thin versions of spaghetti straps running from breast to breast, then tying around her back between her should blades. No strap went around her neck. The tautness of the straps and the firmness of her breasts were more than enough to hold her C cup tits high on her chest.

The bottoms were no more modest. The same angel-hair straps snaked between her ass cheeks, dove between her legs and came out the front, rising from her mound and tying high on her hips. The only covering was a slice of fabric that ran from the base of her pussy slit to the top of her blonde landing strip. It was just wide enough to cover her pussy lips and was far too tight to even attempt to conceal their puffy shape.

She matched the red suit with a pair of red stilettos which strapped around her ankles. She put her hair in a ponytail, tying it with a red bow and applied some candy-red lipstick. That was the extent of her preparation. Cori's natural beauty did the rest. She didn't need any more makeup or hair products. She didn't need any jewelry -- although she was wearing her belly button ring as usual -- and she didn't need any fake push-up bras. She knew she was lucky in that respect -- but, as she had come to realize, never looking "normal" could also be a curse.

But Cori didn't feel like this was one of those cursed moments. Cori found herself energized and oddly excited about the coming events. No, contrary to what every guy seemed to think, she wasn't a cock-crazy slut who just couldn't get enough. She wasn't feeling horny at all and Sam certainly didn't attract her. She was excited because she felt like she had a purpose for what she was doing. There was no shame in it because the ends justified the means. Gerald's job was saved and his future was enriched.

As she strolled slowly across the beautifully manicured grounds, aware of the eyes of the early-morning joggers and maintenance crew following her seductive moves, she reflected on how important it was to her to be of service to others. She loved to please. Many people did and were rewarded in their jobs as social workers, teachers, etc. Cori would love to do that, too, but it just so happened that time and time again, the way people wanted service from her was through scenarios just like this. Her beautiful, incredible hard body was built for sexual performance and visual pleasure. She wasn't ashamed of that one bit.

With that pep talk still going strong in her head, she knocked confidently on Sam's door, standing with her hands behind her back, thrusting her tits out, her legs shoulder-width apart -- fully on display for him. No, Sam didn't deserve this, but Gerald did.

"Well, hello my beautiful pet," Sam said, letting his eyes roam over her body hungrily. He was wearing only a white terry-cloth robe and had clearly been awake for a while, anxious for his morning treat.

"Good morning," Cori said in cheery voice, trying to convey to him that she wasn't scared or intimidated or reluctant about what she was doing. Guys like this got off on control, she knew, but he wasn't the physically dominating type. She knew he would get his kick by playing mind games with her, trying to keep her off balance, make her feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, ultimately submitting to her big strong man who would protect her, make her feel all safe and warm -- and then fuck the holy shit out of her, for which she would be eternally grateful, of course.

Just being around him for a few minutes in the meeting yesterday had given Cori a good read on him. He was arrogant, smart and felt like he could get away with anything. That made him dangerous is a unique way, but Cori was confident that if she played along with him and was convincing in her role -- including giving great sex -- he would stay true to his word not to hurt her or Gerald.

After addressing Sam, Cori made no move to enter his suite, remaining outside the door while he looked her up and down lustily. Smiling, he turned around and started back into the suite. Cori followed, but Sam quickly stopped her.

"Ah, ah," he said shaking his finger as he turned back around to face her. "This is a topless suite."

"Excuse me?" Cori asked, not sure what he was saying.

"It's topless," Sam said again. "I don't allow any woman in her with her top on. Not even the maids. Take off your top and hang it on one of the hooks right there outside the door. Then, you may enter."

Cori reached behind her and deftly untied the bow hold her top in place, letting it fall into her hands. She carefully hung it on an empty hook, noting that there were a couple of other bikini tops hanging on other hooks. Leftovers from previous conquests, no doubt. He probably kept them as trophies. Realizing she was exposed outside, she peeked over her shoulder to see if anyone could see her. There was a man jogging by, but she didn't think he saw anything. She entered the suite and closed the door behind her.

"That was your one and only warning regarding the topless rule, so I suggest you remember to respect my house rules before you enter again," Sam said coldly, trying too hard to sound tough.

"Of course, sir," Cori said, stopping just inside the door, hands clasped behind her back, feet together, stomach in, chest out. Stimulated by the tight suit, cool morning air and the excitement of what was happening, her nipples were fully hardened and poked out like twin pencil erasers, angled slightly toward the ceiling.

"What do you think of my place?" Sam asked, waving his arm.

"It's absolutely gorgeous," Cori answered honestly. It was a luxurious place. Granite-topped bar. Hardwood floors throughout. Leather furniture. Elegant fixtures and artwork. It was a high-priced bachelor pad ... for a married man.

"I purchased it 12 years ago," Sam said. "Miles and Victor have suites in this part of the resort too. We come here every couple of months."

"You've done a lovely job decorating," Cori nodded.

"I only buy the best," Sam said matter-of-factly. "In everything I do, I have the best. I'm wealthy, smart and I never settle for second rate. My cars, my houses, my jets, my clothes, my lawyers ... all top of the line."

"With all your money, you could have almost any woman you want," Cori said. "Why did you go to all the trouble of getting me?"

"Because you're the hottest babe I've seen at this resort in 6 months," Sam said. "And I choose my women the same way I choose everything else. Only the best."

'What if I had said no?"

"You did," Sam reminded her. "And yet here you are, your top off, nipples hard and I bet that pussy is good and wet for me. Never forget, my pet, I get what I want. Always. You saying no the other day only delayed the inevitable. Don't feel bad. You're not the first and you won't be the last piece of ass to be outsmarted by me. I admit, you're no fool, and I'm impressed. Usually, I find that hotness and tit size are directly disproportional to intelligence. You're a rare and welcome exception. But don't think for a minute you can outsmart me. At the end of the day, we both know you have the cunt and tits and I have the money and brains. And I can use what I have to get what you have any time I want. And that, my dear slut, is why you were destined to end up sucking my cock the moment I laid eyes on you."

Cori was silent for a moment, not sure how to respond. He was so blunt and arrogant, and yet Cori could tell he believed and meant every word he said. The awkward moment of silence was broken when Cori saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see two women coming down the narrow hallway out of the bedroom. As they came into the living room, she could see that they were twins. They were both dark-haired, tanned with small, taut bodies. They appeared to be about Cori's age -- early 20s, maybe college girls. They were both wearing tennis shoes and loose mini skirts and they were both topless. They had small, pert breasts with dark rubbery nipples. Their small, perky bodies and cute faces made Cori suspect they were cheerleaders or dancers.

If they were surprised to see her, they didn't show it. They smiled at her and said hello and waved to Sam as they walked out the door. Cori realized that the other bikini tops she had seen outside belonged to them.

"Cleaning crew?" Cori asked, grinning to let him know she knew they weren't.

"Far from it," Sam smirked. "Dirtiest little sluts you've ever seen. Twins, as you noticed, and they actually ate each other out while I fucked them. They rolled around in a bottle of baby oil and were slick as can be. They just kept licking twat and I fucked them every way I could think of. Ever had a guy fuck your ass and then put it in your mouth?" Cori nodded. "Well, I took a step further with these bitches. I fucked one in the ass, then the other girl's mouth, then that girl's ass and then her sister's mouth. They fucking loved it. Nasty little sluts. I came in one bitch's ass and the other girl sucked out the cum, then spit it in her sister's mouth. Bet you've never done anything like that, have you?"

"No," Cori said, honestly. "And I don't plan to."

"Little higher class, huh? Better looking, a higher quality piece of tail," he nodded. "I'll treat you accordingly. Don't worry, I already showered, too. You won't be tasting any skank juice."

"If you thought they were so skanky, why did you fuck them? I thought you only used the best -- in cars, houses and women," Cori challenged him.

"I do. They were the best twins I saw yesterday," Sam smirked. "And sometimes, one pussy just ain't enough."

"Well, one's all I have, sorry," Cori laughed.

"That will do," Sam nodded. "Well, that bed is completely unusable right now, so we'll do our business right here." He sat in a chair at the dining table and opened his robe, letting his cock bounce out, thick and hard. Obviously, he hadn't fucked the twins since last night. Or, he was using some special pills. Either way, he was rock hard and ready. "Come here," he said.

Cori walked over to him, doing a slow, sensual walk, hands on her hips, breasts jutting out proudly, letting him take in the full picture. When she got in front of him, he leaned forward on the edge of the chair and put his hands around her narrow waist. He put his nose against her bikini bottoms and breathed in, inhaling her sent. He sat back and cupped her pussy, squeezing it gently, then harder, feeling the moist heat of the soft flesh. "Didn't waste any money on extra fabric, did they?" he teased, pulling the suit up even tighter against her snatch.

With a flick of his finger, he popped the strap to the side and let his fingers caress her bare pussy lips. He found them to be moist, soft and very warm. He rubbed them for a few moments, then told her to turn around. He made her bend over and show him her ass. He spanked both cheeks lightly, watching them jiggle, noting their firmness.

"Quite the hard body, aren't you?" he asked.

"I've been called that before," Cori admitted.

He squeezed her butt cheeks and ran his hands inside her thighs, again teasing her pussy.

"Turn around and kneel down," he instructed. Cori did, bringing her to face-level with his six-inch cock. She licked her lips, ready to perform.

"Hungry, are you, my little cock whore?" Sam teased.

"Mmm," Cori moaned, licking her lips some more, now teasing him.

"Close your mouth." Cori did and he leaned forward, rubbing his cock all over her face. He brushed it against the sides of her nose and over her eyebrows, poked at her soft cheeks and rubbed it against her tightly closed lips. He turned her head and rubbed it up her neck, across her ear and wrapped her hair around the head. He turned her back toward him and lifted his cock against his belly and pressed his balls under her nose.

"Breath in deep," he said. She did and he pushed his balls even harder against her, blocking her nostrils and forcing her to breathe through her mouth. She had to admit, he smelled clean. "Lick 'em."

Cori lifted her head and began lapping her tongue along the underside of his hairy balls. She flicked her tongue along the curves as if trying to roll them into her mouth. Eventually, she sucked them into her mouth while he slapped his hard cock gently against her nose and forehead.

Finally, he pointed his cock at her mouth. "Show me what you got," he said it as if this was some sort of audition or job interview. It was a small statement, but Cori got the message. This was a man who got blowjobs from hot babes every day. He wasn't going to be impressed by an average suck job. He was a connoisseur with high standards. If she wanted to impress him, it was time for her best effort.

Well, cock sucking was something Cori never did half-way. She was proud of the fact that she was good at it. She remembered hearing a boyfriend of hers bragging about what a good blowjob she gave him to his friends. Her friends thought that was awful of him to do, but she was proud of it, flattered. She wouldn't have been any happier if he had complimented her hair or her shoes. If you were good at something -- no matter what it was -- Cori thought you should be proud of it. Well, if Sam demanded the best, she was the cocksucker for him.

Some guys wanted you to deep throat them right away, but she figured him for a man who enjoyed the finer things -- including blowjobs -- and liked to take his time to savor them. So, she started slow, focusing all of her attention on the head of his cock. She had her hands behind her back as she usually did when she sucked cock. The guys at the shop had trained her long ago that when they wanted a blowjob, they didn't want her trying to get away with a glorified handjob, using her hands more than her mouth. She realized that another benefit of this for the guys was that there was really no way to keep them from driving their cocks all the way down her throat any time they wanted to. With her hands on their cocks or thighs or balls, she had some control. With her hands behind her back, she was signaling complete submission, offering her tongue, lips, mouth and throat to be used as they pleased. She had never met a man who preferred it any other way and she did it without even thinking now. Giving a blowjob with her hands behind her back was as natural as breathing or walking for her.

She had her lips wrapped around his cockhead, making a show of sucking on it and licking it like a big lollipop, knowing that he was watching her mouth work on him. She teased his pee-hole and rubbed her tongue along the ultra-sensitive underside of his head. She curled her tongue around his head and pursed her lips, sucking gently, wrapping it in layers of ultimate soft, warm wetness. She felt his cock flex and saw his balls jump slightly and knew she was getting to him. Soon, he'd probably have his hands on the back of her head, forcing her to take him all the way before shooting a big load in her mouth. That's what she expected, but she was quickly learning not to try to predict what Sam Clayton would do.

"That's excellent, Cori," he said. She could tell he was genuinely impressed. "You're very skilled. I'm sure you can deep throat as well." Cori nodded and opened her mouth wide to take him all the way in. "But not now. Right now I want you to lay down on this table."

Cori looked up at him, saw he was serious, and stood up, climbing on the large oak dining room table. "Slide right in the middle," Sam said, moving chairs out of the way while Cori positioned herself flat on her back on the table. She was looking up at a ceiling fan with blades made to look like big palm fronds. "Good," Sam said. He grabbed her right foot and looped one end of a white scarf around her ankle, tying it just tight enough to keep it from slipping off. Then, he did the same with a separate white scarf on her left ankle.

Alarms were going off in Cori's head -- was this guy going to tie her up and have his way with her all day? She had said no rough stuff. Before she could speak, though, Sam seemed to read her mind. "Don't worry, this isn't going to be rough. These scarves shouldn't get too tight, but if they do, let me know."

"OK," Cori said, taking a deep breath that forced her tits to rise like twin volcanoes emerging from the ocean.

Sam climbed on the table, his cock still hard, waving around like a sword. He picked up her right leg by the scarf and raised it up until it was sticking up at a 45 degree angle from the table. He looped the other end of the scarf around the base of one of the fan blades. He did the same with the other leg, using a different fan blade so that her legs were spread slightly. Cori worried what would happen if he turned the fan on, but figured the motor couldn't be that powerful and even her modest weight would be too much strain. Still...

She expected Sam to drop on top of her and fuck her, but instead, he jumped off the table, walked around to her head, turning it toward him and sticking his cock in her mouth, jabbing it against the inside of her cheek for about 5 or 6 thrusts, then pulling out. "Just needed a little priming," Sam said. "Now, play with yourself."

Cori looked over and saw him standing next to the table, his cock in his hand, gently stroking it as he looked at her lewdly displayed body. Put in this awkward position, she had to sit up just enough to lift her should blades off the table in order to reach her pussy. It was like doing a little crunch, and she did plenty every day to keep her abs tight. The action pushed her tits together, squishing them into her rib cage.

She pushed aside her bikini bottoms with her right hand and started working on her moist pussy. She was bracing herself with her left elbow, but Sam barked, "arms and hands off the table." Cori had strong abs, but how could she hold herself up for an extended period of time? She grabbed at the straps on her hips with her left hand, finding success at first, but eventually the bow came untied. She switched hands, putting two fingers of her left hand in her pussy, holding herself up with the straps on her right side, until those strings also gave way. Sam walked around to the end of the table and grabbed the bikini bottoms, pulling them the rest of the way off.

"Spread your pussy," he said. She reached both hands between her legs and pulled at the soft pussy lips, spreading herself for him. Again, what she thought was going to happen didn't. No tongue or finger or cock touched her pussy next. Instead, it was her bikini bottom, being stuff up inside of her. He pushed it further and further. "Let go," he said. She did and her pussy went shut. "Not a hint of it in sight," he said, nodding as if she had done a great job.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Cori froze, but Sam admonished her, "keep playing with yourself." She kept both hands on her crotch holding herself up by stabbing fingers inside herself or holding the insides of her thighs. She leaned over and watched Sam go to the door, completely naked, and open the door for two maids who came in, their big bare tits jiggling. They were both fairly young -- under 30 at least -- with dark, smooth skin that suggested to Cori they were probably locals. Apparently seeing another naked women with her feet tied to the ceiling fan wasn't an unusual sight, for they hardly seemed surprised to see her. They both acknowledged her, saying hello and Cori said hello back, finding it hysterical to be having a conversation with two topless women in this situation. How bizarre!

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