tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 03

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 03



"Stop for a minute," Sam said to Captain Jack. "Let's let the cruise ship go ahead and give Cori a chance to get freshened up. Jack slowed the engine to a halt and the boat gradually slowed, rocking in the gentle waves.

"How about a quick dip to wash all that stuff off of you?" Sam asked Cori, helping the deliriously well-fucked babe to her feet. "Then, we'll get you dressed and take you back to shore. It's getting late and there's so much more we have to do today."

"Sounds good," Cori nodded.

Jack stayed on the boat while the rest of them swam and played in the warm, refreshing water for about 15 minutes, then they climbed back aboard and headed to shore.

Cori had her white, netted sling suit and her white heels back on, her wet hair hanging down past her shoulders. The water had made her nipples extremely hard and they were pointing straight out of her top, which was stretched tightly around her dark-skinned breasts. Sam helped her off the boat onto the dock and they walked along the marina, drawing the usual amount of attention for a hot babe in a scandalous outfit -- a lot of looks, but that was about it.

That was the case until they neared a group of people who had just come off the cruise ship. It was a group of men who had just sent their wives and girlfriends off to shop and they were standing around, debating whether to rent a boat and do some fishing or get some jet skis. There were about a eight of them, ranging in age from their 30s to their 60s. Cori guessed they were part of a group.

One of the guys spotted Cori, recognized her from the x-rated scene half an hour earlier and tapped one of the other's on the shoulder, "There she is!" Cori's head snapped toward them, realizing instantly that they were talking about her. They had watched her get fucked while tied to the boat. They had seen her cum. Now, they were seeing her up close, nearly naked and an obviously showing every sign of being a first-class slut.

Cori ducked her head, but Sam would have none of it. Cori realized he had probably planned the timing for just this sort of scene. "Yep, here she is, fellas," Sam announced, putting his arm around her waist and pointing at his trophy playmate.

The guys all came over toward them, eagerly looking Cori up and down, each taking note of the basically bare breasts and the fact that her erect nipples were pointing right at them.

"Hello, baby," one guy said, "nice show you put on out there. We're thinking of getting a boat ourselves. Care to join us?"

"Sorry," Cori smiled, playing this the way she thought the guys wanted, which was to be pleasant, not the least bit self-conscious, and very slutty. "I would love to, but I'm already taken by these big hunks right here. I'm afraid my little body just can't take any more."

"Looks like it can take anything and everything," one of the guys said.

"That it can," Sam said proudly. "Now, she's right, all of her efforts and talents and passions are reserved for yours truly and my friends here. But I think it was very nice of you all to watch her show without interrupting, so I see no harm in maybe getting a few pictures with her if you like."

Naturally, they all wanted pictures of Cori on their cameras and she posed dutifully for them, right there on the beach. She bent over for them, pursed her lips, stuck out her tits, sucked on her finger, arched her back, got down on all fours -- striking all the poses that drove men crazy. They took as many pictures as they could from all angles, quickly agreeing that they would share their pictures with each other. Then, one by one, they stood with her, putting their arm around her or having her kiss them on the cheek or press her breasts against their face while Sam took pictures with their cameras. More and more men kept coming over, drawn by the large crowd and the beautiful woman in the center of it.

For nearly an hour, Cori played Playboy model for them all before Sam finally called an end to it, apologizing to those few who didn't get a picture as he pulled Cori away by the arm and they all hopped on a golf cart and went back to the resort.

"Vacation's all about making memories," Sam said to Cori, squeezing her thigh, "you just made some men very happy and gave them a moment they'll never forget."

"Thanks," Cori said, touched that the put it that way. He was a complex man -- so immature in his frat boy ways of boasting and drinking and making crude jokes, yet so mature in his mannerisms, his apparent understanding of her psyche and his understanding that this whole thing was just a fun, extended role play. He was a rich party boy who got what he wanted, no matter the cost or means, but he also showed an appreciation for those finer things he enjoyed too -- including Cori.

"I have a surprise for you," Sam continued. "You've been so good today, I took the liberty of arranging a spa session for us. Hot oil massages for us both. That will help us relax and rest up -- we've got a busy night ahead of us. I intend to make the most of my remaining time with you."

It was a statement, not a threat or boast or taunt. And Cori didn't doubt him a bit. How nice it was of him to offer a massage. He had proven to be a cool customer so far, in control, confident, arrogant. He had already pushed her to and beyond the limits she had set up for this three-day ordeal, but he had somehow managed to bind her and fuck her in public with enough class and respect that Cori was not only not angry with him, but actually enjoying this. She would never have agreed to half of what they had done, but resigned to comply with the desires of these men, she had found the experiences so far surprisingly enjoyable -- somewhat humiliating and embarrassing, yes -- but also quite exciting, fun and ultimately very sexy. Now, he was rewarding her positive attitude with a massage. How nice! She had to keep reminding herself of how mean he had been to Gerald and to keep her guard up, no matter what.

They dropped Victor and Miles off at their suites, each giving Cori a good-bye kiss and Miles reminding her that he was next and what to wear to his suite in the morning.

Then, the driver took Sam and Cori to the resort's spa and dropped them off. Sam had his arm around Cori's waist as they entered and met a young woman at the desk. Another island native, she was beautiful, with dark skin, bright eyes and a cute, slender body inside her all-white uniform of white shorts, white tennis shoes and white button down blouse. She greeted them warmly and didn't even ask their name. Obviously, Sam was a regular not only at the resort, but also at the spa. And if the girl thought anything odd of Cori's nipple-bearing attire, she didn't show it. Of course, Cori realized, they was hardly the first sugar-daddy and sex toy combo the staff here had seen and skin-bearing outfits were everywhere here.

"Your room is ready, Mr. Clayton," the attendant said, leading them down a wide hallway with several doors on each side. They passed them all and pushed the button to signal an elevator. Odd, Cori thought it was a one-story building. When they got on the elevator, she realized she had been right. The only button to push was "B" for basement. When they got off, there was a hallway very similar to the one upstairs, but Cori noted that there were only four doors. They walked to the last one on the right and entered. The room was huge. It was dark with candles providing the only light, the air smelled of perfume and felt warm and moist. Music was playing softly and, as her eyes adjusted to the dim light, Cori began make out more details of the room.

It looked more like a large room in a motel suite than a massage room. Off to the left was what appeared to be a sunken living room -- except there was no furniture. A large squared off area roughly 15 feet by 15 feet was framed on two sides by walls that were nothing by giant mirrors and on the other two sides by a two-step ledge that looked like the bench seating in an amphitheatre.

The floor in the pit was black and appeared to be made of some sort of rubbery material. The steps leading out of it were black ceramic tile, which continued in the middle of the room which appeared to be a sort of divider between the pit and the massage area. In the middle of the room was a small stainless steel refrigerator and a door leading to a bathroom. A stainless steel cabinet contained towels, massage oils and the like.

On the right side of the room, there were four black leather massage tables arranged in two rows of two. The walls on all three sides were mirrored and Cori noted that the entire ceiling was also a mirror. The flooring under the tables appeared to be the same textured, black rubbery material that was in the pit.

"Please, make yourselves comfortable and lie down on the massage tables," the attendant said. "Your masseuses will be with you shortly." With that, the girl left and Sam and Cori were left alone in this strange, moody room.

"Come here often?" Cori joked.

"Oh yes," Sam said, beginning to remove his clothes and nodding for Cori to do the same. "This is my private massage area. Well, I let other people use it when I'm not here, but I had it designed and built this way. Like it?"

"Yeah," Cori said. She had her suit off and was taking off her heels. "It's so big though. Do you really need this much space? What's that pit for over there?"

"You can never have too much space," Sam replied. He didn't offer any further insights and Cori didn't press him, except to ask about the rubbery flooring, which she was now wiggling her toes on. "Quite simple," Sam said. "It's easy to wash massage oil off of, it doesn't stain or soak it up and it's actually quite comfortable on your feet, don't you agree?"

"Yes," Cori said, wiggling her long toes, "it is." It wasn't cold and hard like the tile would be and the small ridges that textured the black rubber flooring actually had the effect of massaging her feet. She wondered what it would feel like to lay down on it and have those little ridges rubbing her back.

"Here, put this on," Sam said, handing her a black blindfold with an elastic string that went around her head. "I've found that it helps make the experience that much more private. You can block everything out and just enjoy the massage."

Cori put it on and Sam helped her lay down on the table, face down. His hands touched her sensually on her breasts and butt, but he took no particular advantage of her position, instead laying down on the table next to her, also face down, although with no blindfold.

When they were both in place, he held up his arm, knowing that the people watching from the other side of the mirrored walls -- which were 2-way mirrors on the three sides of the room other than the side next to the hallway -- would see. He knew Victor and Miles were there, watching, as were the slutty dark-haired twins he had fucked last night. No doubt, they were either both giving blowjobs to Victor and Miles or were eating each other's cunts while the men watched. He knew Rudin would be there, too, watching, claiming to be observing to make sure none of his staff or guests were hurt, but knowing that the guy would blow a load before the whole thing was over. And there were the two busty maids -- Lola and Juanita -- who had hopefully cleaned his room by now. They opened one of the mirrored wall panels and entered the room.

He didn't turn to see them, but knew they would be dressed as he instructed. They were wearing black bikini tops and black g-strings that sliced between their pussy lips. Silently, they approached Sam and Cori. Lola was the younger of the two -- just 24 -- and was also the bustier, her 40DDs too much for her tiny top. She tended to Sam while Juanita, who was 26 with 38Ds and a very narrow waist, went to Cori.

Cori had no idea who it was, but enjoyed the feel of the warm hands and warm oil on her bare back. Those hands worked her back, her arms, the backs of her legs, her feet. It felt wonderful. She was almost asleep when she felt those hands on her ass, squeezing, rubbing. Well, this was unlike any other massage she'd had, but if felt good. She wondered if Sam was getting the same treatment and, if so, if he had a hard on. She bet he did. Hell, having her butt worked over was making her feel a little funny herself.

Then, one hand dipped between her legs and started rubbing over her pussy. It was the same touch, same firmness, same sensual stroke as had been used on every other part of her body. What was going on? Was this part of some extreme massage Sam had ordered? She figured it was and just lay there. She didn't react outwardly, but down inside her little pussy, things were reacting quickly. She was heating up, getting moist, her pussy responding to that soft, wet stroke. It was so sensual, so light, so maddening. She was no longer relaxed, but she didn't care.

The hand stayed between her legs but the other hand left her ass cheek -- only to be replaced by something big, soft and wet on her back. It took Cori only a moment to realize that her masseuse was topless and rubbing her oily breasts all over Cori's back. She could tell they were large, with pointy nipples that traced delicate lines up and down her spine. Wow, what an incredibly sensual, erotic feeling! She was getting chills up her spine and lots of heat in her pussy.

The hand now split her ass cheeks, rubbing warm oil into her crack. She felt it dribble down into her asshole, tickling her as it oozed between her ass cheeks. She could hear nothing but the soft music playing. No sounds from her masseuse, nothing from Sam or his masseuse. Just soft music and wonderful touch.

She was so into the zone that she jumped when a soft female voice whispered in her ear, "Roll over, please." Cori rolled over, her pussy tingling with anticipation that this was going to be a frontal massage as well. Soon enough, warm oil was cascading over her breasts, down her flat tummy, between her firm thighs. And those wonderful hands were rubbing everywhere. Cori wasn't into other women, per se, but she was definitely into have her tits, ass and pussy rubbed and caressed by man, woman or whatever. With the blindfold still on, she couldn't see and that was just fine with her. She imagined that Sam was getting a first-class hand job right about now and wondered if he'd cum or try to save it for later for her. She didn't care either way. Nothing other than those wonderful hands on her body seemed to matter at the moment. She felt slick, warm and tingly all over.

She pictured her body like a flower straining toward the sun, trying to soak up those precious rays. Her nipples and breasts seemed to strain upward and she felt her clit throbbing, demanding attention, which it gratefully received. This was amazing.

Another set of hands joined the first pair. Now, both breasts and her pussy and belly were receiving full attention. She wasn't sure what was going on, but it was hard to think right now. She assumed that Sam's masseuse had joined the party. Probably jerked him off and was sent in to help get Cori off too. Well, she wasn't in a rush. The girls were taking their time and she was happy to let this go on for a while.

While Cori was enjoying all that, there was plenty going on around her. Lola had indeed given Sam a thorough massage, stroking his cock until it was slick with oil and hard as steel. Then, he sent her to help out with Cori while he slowly let his excitement recede, saving his load for later use.

Behind the mirrored walls, the brunette twins were already in action. Rudin, Victor and Miles had all gotten pretty excited watching Cori's nude body get rubbed and oiled and start to respond to the sensual touch. They each took out their cocks and started stroking and the twins, who had already removed their tops and were sucking on each other's tits, turned their oral attentions to the three cocks being offered. They went up and down the line, working on each cock, deep-throating them and licking their balls. Only after they had successfully sucked out and swallowed all three loads were the girls completely stripped and sent into the room to carry out their next task.

They went to the pit and began dumping out bottles of oil over their trim, hard bodies and all over the rubbery floor. When they were ready, Juanita and Lola helped the blindfolded Cori to her feet. Cori was disappointed at the change -- she wanted the massage to continue -- but went along as they led her to the edge of the pit and down the steps onto the rubbery flooring which was now covered by a thin layer of oil.

She didn't know where Sam was. Either he was watching or he was waiting for her in the pit. She'd find out soon enough. She was just happy to feel the oil, assuming that meant more rubbing was on the way.

What she didn't see was one of the twins -- Brandi -- laying on the floor, face up. She felt her, though, when Juanita and Lola gently sat Cori down between Brandi's wide spread legs -- the nubile former cheerleader was practically doing the splits -- and then laid her back on top of Brandi. Cori was shocked. She assumed it was the two masseuses who were helping her, so who was this woman? It was easy to tell it was a woman with her small but firm breasts and hardened nipples rubbing against her back -- not to mention the fact that the woman's hairless pussy was now pressed against her ass.

"What's going on?" Cori said without a hint of complaint in her voice. No one answered, but moments later she felt the presence of another woman approach, then lay down gently, silently on top of her. Like the woman below her, this one was small-breasted with erect nipples, firm tits and a tight, petite body. Cori felt the girl's tits press against hers and loved the feel of nipple against nipple. She felt the woman wrap their arms around each other in a tight bond, holding Cori securely between their warm, oily bodies.

The girl on top of her started kissing Cori on the mouth and the one below was taking advantage of the slippery floor to slide back and forth causing all three lovely bodies to slide against one another, the heat building between them and emanating from their breasts and pussies in a growing pile of pussy lust.

Cori had very little lesbian experience and, while she appreciated the beauty of another woman, never found herself sexually attracted to other women. But the pressure of those firm breasts against her body, those lips pressing against hers, the heat and warmth and moistness they all shared -- it was an intense experience that was as arousing as any encounter she'd ever had with a man.

Now the girl on top was wriggling around, too, and Cori was being slid back and forth between these two hot women. The girl on top was sliding back and forth so far that her breasts were sliding across Cori's face. Cori kept her mouth closed, trying not to get any of the oil in her mouth, but the girl below her whispered in her ear "it's edible ... and yummy." Cori took the cue, opened her mouth and sucked the woman's tit into her mouth the next time it slid by. Indeed, the oil had a sweet, berry flavor too it and Cori was happy to suck it off the woman's erect nipple.

She twisted her head in search of the other nipple, but suddenly she slid off the girl below her and they all sprawled across the oily surface in a wet heap of tits and pussy. Cori's blindfold flew off and she looked around, her eyes adjusting quickly in the darkened room. She recognized the brunette twins -- the skanks, Sam had called them -- instantly. She also recognized the maids. She should have knows. Sam had enlisted the help of his staff and his sluts of the week in creating a little lesbian love show for his own amusement. Well, that was fine with her. Right now, these women had her on fire and she had never wanted to embrace another woman -- or women -- like she did now.

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