tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 08

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 08



The next morning, Cori woke up and showered early. Ty was already gone, she knew, but Harris was still in bed, naked. She had woken up in the middle of the night with his erect cock poking her in the eye. She remembered that he had face-fucked her and then rolled off to the side, and they had both fallen asleep almost instantly. When she awoke with the hard cock in her eye, she prepared to suck him again, but realized he was asleep and just having a normal middle of the night random erection that she knew men often had. She had given it a playful kiss on the head, just to make sure he was sound asleep, then fallen back asleep.

When she got out of the shower, Harris was up and had her outfit laid out for her, with one very small addition. At first Cori thought it was a handkerchief like he wore in the pocket of his fancier suits, but when she picked it up she realized it was a skirt -- sort of. It was made like a skirt -- black with a narrow waist band and a scalloped bottom that would allow the skirt to be tight on the waist and flare out over the thighs -- similar to a tennis skirt. However, this one was short -- ridiculously short. "This can't be more than five inches from top to bottom," she said.

"Right," Harris said. "You remember the rules you wrote for yourself, right?"

"Yeah," Cori said. "I said no more than nine inches."

"And I said you needed to over-deliver on your promises," Harris said. Cori smiled at hearing her own words being said back to her. She had been telling herself the same thing a lot lately. "So, if you say nine, it better be shorter."

"But five?" Cori asked.

"Don't forget what we talked about last night," Harris said. "Embrace your gift. That includes that ass and those legs and that pussy. They're part of the show. Oh, and it's raining out, so you'll have an excuse to wear a light jacket. I've got one for you that will not get you arrested walking in the building, at least."

Cori put on the pathetic excuse for a skirt and studied herself in the mirror. Standing straight up, arms at her side, she could see her pussy mound just below the skirt, the straps from her stockings clearly visible as they link to the ring in her clit. And from the back, half of her ass cheeks were showing. She was already excited and nervous, knowing full well that the day was going to be an adventure, full of sex and teasing and who knows what else. She wondered what the guys would think of this crazy outfit ... and how long it would take before they would rip it off her. She slid the pussy purse -- which contained a stick of her cherry lipstick and a $50 bill -- inside her, surprised at how wet she was already. Harris helped clip the end of the purse to the end of the spaghetti strap that dropped from her choker-like collar straight down between her shoulder blades and sliced between her ass cheeks. He then pushed the purse inside her until the moist lips surrounded it completely and only the thin gold chain escaped their snug embrace. Cori squeezed her strong pussy muscles around the purse, holding it tightly, a shiver of excitement going up her body as the shaft of the purse massaged her pussy walls.

The bright red windbreaker that Harris gave Cori made her outfit even sexier, in a way. It was only a few inches longer than her skirt and revealed most of her thighs. And it was tight, hugging her narrow waist and broad chest. And with the red choker collar around her neck and thin spaghetti straps disappearing under the top of the jacket, it would make male imaginations run wild as to what exactly she was wearing underneath. They would be able to see enough -- miles of long legs with fishnet stockings, sexy stiletto heels, amazing curves and that beautiful face with those full, pouty lips -- to be impressed and there would be just enough covered to make them want to see more.

"Well, you're right, it won't get me arrested in the parking lot" Cori laughed, looking at her ridiculous outfit. At least the red jacket matched the red heels and spaghetti straps of her suit. "But it might get me molested." She smiled at Harris and gave him a mouthful of tongue before grabbing the keys to the red sports car and heading out the door. He jogged after her, catching up to her next to the car. They were standing in the driveway, Cori's bright red attire providing stark contrast to the dreary day.

A light drizzle fell as Harris pulled her to him and grabbed her ass underneath the jacket. "Save some of this for me," he grinned, giving her ass a firm squeeze. He noticed Cori's eyes dart to the left and looked over to see an elderly man coming out of his house to pick up the morning paper out of his driveway. The man was looking right at them. Harris smiled and waved, keeping his other hand on Cori's ass, giving it a final pinch before letting go and walking back in the house.

Cori knew getting in and out of the car with her straps snapped to her clit would be impossible. She also knew the old man was still watching her, but what could she do? She reached between her legs and, with skilled fingers, quickly unsnapped both of straps from her stockings. She waved at the man, smiled and got in the car, aware that she had flashed her ass at him as her jacket rode up. Seated now, she felt the strap between the back of her neck and the pussy purse tighten and the purse slid down a few inches. She squeezed her pussy and held it tight as she started up the car and roared off to work.

As she drove, she found herself squirming, unable to keep her legs still. She was glad the car had leather seats and any bodily secretions could easily be wiped up. The presence of the shaft inside her wasn't exactly stimulating -- it wasn't moving or vibrating, of course -- but it was pleasurable, a feeling of being naughty with this thing inside her in public. She wondered what she'd do if she had to get to her money. What would people think if she was in a store and suddenly yanked a chain between her legs, held up a dildo slick with her juices, opened it and pulled out a wad of money? Just the thought made her feel dirty and naughty, but also sexy and desirable. Sometimes, nothing was more fun than shocking and teasing other people.

She knew the guys wouldn't be shocked easily any more. They had seen enough of her in action yesterday to know that she would do pretty much anything they wanted. They knew she would be dressed like a slut today. She just hoped she was up to their expectations -- that she could look as sexy and act as sexy as they were hoping. She wanted to make them smile and laugh -- was there a greater gift? -- and would consider the day a success if she could do so. If she could learn more about the business and how to possibly make the Office Slut in Training gig work even after Mrs. Benson came back, that would be great too.

She pulled into the parking lot at work and considered her options a moment before going in. She didn't want to clip the straps from her stockings to her clit back on just yet. It was very hard to walk like that and she wanted to move quickly through the parking lot inside the building. Once she was inside, she'd feel safe and be ready to go into full slut mode for the day. She decided she'd leave them unclipped until she got inside. There was a restroom in the lobby. She put the clips on there so they'd be in place when she got off the elevator.

Then she looked at the car key and smiled. She pulled out the pussy purse and dropped the key inside. She considered her driver's license and work ID, but there was no way either would fit in the purse. She'd just have to carry them; she hadn't brought her fancy work bag because the pussy purse was supposed to take its place. She re-inserted the dildo, spreading her legs around the sides of the seat as she pushed the purse as far inside her as she could. Then, carefully she got out of the car.

There were several other people making their way toward the building, heads ducked down as if that would somehow keep the rain from hitting them. Several carried umbrellas and scooted inside quickly, anxious to get out of the light rain. Cori, too, walked quickly, her heels clacking on the pavement. She didn't care about the rain, but she wanted to get inside soon -- the guys would be expecting this and she'd be fucked royally, of course, but she had at least some idea what to expect with them and reason to feel safe. Out here, a scantily clad young woman was an inviting target. Strangers would make assumptions about her based on her looks and her safety would not be their concern. Even with others around and in daylight, she felt vulnerable and exposed.

She fought the urge to look down and avoid eye contact, instead keeping her head up, alert, aware of others doing a double-take as they glanced around the lot, their heads turning back to see what exactly was up with the girl in the heels and fishnets.

She scurried into the building and quickly ducked into the women's room. She used a paper towel to dab away the bit of rain on her face and then slid into one of the stalls, where she quickly re-attached the clips from her stockings to her clit ring. She felt the gentle tug on her clit, the fullness of her pussy. Her nipples were very hard and sensitive, the damp, chilly air contributing to their arousal. All of her sex buttons had been switched on and she tingled with excitement, anxious to get the day started but nervous about the short walk from the restroom to the guard station and then the elevator. If the elevator was quick, it would literally take her 60 seconds to go from the restroom to her office, but she wanted badly to fast-forward just that one minute ahead.

She took a deep breath, feeling the extra tug on her nipples as her chest expanded, then left the restroom, taking half strides to minimize the pull on her clit. Her attire and choppy walk instantly drew attention, but she stayed focused on her path, no longer wishing to make eye contact with anyone but Harold, the security guard. Harold was a barrel-chested man in his late 40s, his graying hair in a crew cut. Cori had guessed correctly that he was a former military man. He was polite, but also efficient and business like. It was clear he took his job seriously. It was also clear that he liked the looks of Cori's fishnet stockings, as his eyes dropped from her face to her legs.

"Good morning, Harold," Cori smiled, extending her ID badge for him to scan.

"Good morning, Ms. Banks," he smiled back. Professional, efficient, he no doubt was curious about her attire, but declined to ask, acting as if he hadn't noticed. But as she passed by, he couldn't help sneaking a peek over his shoulder. Then, he remembered.

"Oh, Ms. Banks," he said, "Mr. Norbert asked me to tell you to take the stairs this morning. Something about the front being re-carpeted. He said it would be best if you came up the other way."

"OK, thank you," Cori said, not letting her displeasure show. I can't walk up the stairs with all these clips, she thought. Well, simple enough, she'd get in the stairwell, make sure no one was around and undo the clips. Then, when she got to the top, she'd re-clip everything before she went in the office. It wasn't ideal, but it would work.

She opened the door to the stairwell and quickly stepped to the side of the door. She'd have to do this quick, before someone else came. Reaching under her jacket, she started to undo the clips. Then, "Hey, why don't you leave those right where they are," Barry said. He was at the landing between the first and second floors. "You dressed that way for a reason, so let us see the whole package and we'll make any modifications we see fit."

"I, uh, good morning!" Cori said brightly as Barry came down the stairs toward her. She laughed, "Well, these are kind of hard to walk in, see?" She lifted her jacket so he could see how the straps connected, limiting her stride. "So, I just need to take them off long enough to get up the steps. Then, I'll put them back on."

"No, you'll leave them on," Barry said politely but sternly.

"What? How did you know I had them in the first place? How did you know I was here?" Cori asked.

"We watched you from the windows upstairs -- it's fun to watch you walk," Barry said. "And I knew about the straps because your friend called me. He said it would be fun to watch you walk up the stairs with those on, so I took his advice and asked Harold to send you this way."

"There's no carpet layers?" Cori asked, already knowing the answer. She laughed. So this was how the day was going to go, huh? Well, all right. "OK," she said. "I'll try."

"Wait," Barry said, "the others are coming too." Just then she heard them coming down the stairs -- all of her co-workers were on their way, smiling at the sight of her. She wondered how many of them had laid awake thinking about what they would do with her today. Or if any of them had fucked their girlfriends thinking about her. It was bad of her to think that, she knew, but also flattering to think that they might be thinking about her even when they were with other beautiful women.

"Never knew stairs were so exciting," Cori giggled. "Hey, what about other people coming up or down the stairs?"

"Just a chance you'll have to take, I guess," Barry said.

Cori approached the first step, started to step up, but found the strap was just too short. Her clit was fully extended and she still couldn't make the step. Looking around, she saw there was no sympathy from her audience, no one about to let her or her clit off the hook. So she tried another approach, this time hopping off both feet. She managed to land on the step just fine, but she knew even in her excellent condition she couldn't hop up four floors. Plus, the bouncing motion had really caused all her straps to stretch and tighten, putting a strain on her clit and nipples and even her belly button. Plus, the pussy purse dropped a couple of inches and she was worried that too many hops would cause it to fall out.

"Maybe if you take off that jacket it would help," Greg offered.

Cori knew it wouldn't, but that her ability to get up and down the stairs had nothing to do with their desire to see her take her jacket off. She stuffed her license and ID in the pocket and slid it off, revealing the web of silly string and tiny skirt that constituted her outfit for the day. Jaws dropped and heads nodded in approval. Cori smiled. They liked what they saw.

"Well, let's see if that helped," she said, shrugging her shoulders and letting them drop. She knew they were all anxious to watch her tits when she jumped.

She hopped one more step, feeling her heavy tits strain against the thin chain and tiny strap stretched across them. She thought of a wrecking ball striking a telephone pole and imagined that's about what her D-cups looked like slamming against those tiny threads of resistance. She looked at them all, happy to see them smiling, but she frowned and her heart ached, know ing that she would have to tell them she couldn't do it. The last thing she wanted to do was disappoint them.

"I'm so sorry guys," Cori frowned. "I just don't think I can do it. I'll do my best to make it up to you, I promise."

"You bet your sweet little cunt you will," Barry said, pretending to upset and disappointed. "All right fellas, looks like we're going to have to carry her."

"No, you can just let me unclip these and I'll be fine," Cori said. "You can all walk up behind me if you want." She teased, knowing guys loved that view, looking up her skirt as she walked up the stairs.

"Nope, the clips don't come off yet," Barry said. "We'll carry you."

Before Cori could protest further, Barry scooped her up in his arms. She still had a hold of her jacket, but Douglas took and tossed it up the steps to the first landing. Cori glanced nervously at the door to the lobby, expecting it to open any time. Many of the health-conscious employees preferred to take the stairs to their offices, especially the ones on the second floor. It was just a few minutes after eight and she knew many of the employees didn't start work until 8:30. That meant anyone late for an 8 a.m. start time or early for an 8:30 start time was apt to be coming along. It wasn't a matter of if, but when someone would walk through the door.

She'd feel better when they got past the second floor, but Barry didn't seem to be in any hurry. He just stood there, holding her, his right arm behind her back, his left holding her legs at the knees. He was studying her body up close, appreciating the design of the outfit, eyeing her tawny skin and hard, dark nipples. The others crowded around, too, getting an eyeful, pointing out the unique straps and clips and barely-there outfit to one another. Jason lifted her skirt and they all got an unobstructed view of her clit being stretched by the straps attached to either thigh. They noticed the chain coming out of her pussy and started pulling on it. Wes pulled it out and held up the dildo, slick with her juices.

"Hey, give me back my purse," Cori snapped playfully.

"Purse?" Wes asked.

"Open it up," Cori said.

Wes fumbled with it and realized it opened. "I'll be damned," he said, dumping out her lipstick, money and key into his hand. "It really is a purse."

"Pussy purse," Cori corrected. "I plan to trademark it and market it to adult novelty stores. This is my prototype model. What do you think?"

"Very nice," Douglas said. "Gives new meaning to purse snatcher. Get it SNATCH-er."

They all laughed at the juvenile play on words and Wes happily re-inserted the dildo. "I always put things back where I find them," he joked, using two fingers to push the dildo as far as it would go. Just then, with his fingers knuckle-deep in her pussy, the door opened and two men entered the stairwell. They were both dressed in suits. The first was clean cut, dark hair, chiseled face, handsome and tall and looked to be in his 40s. The second was younger with sandy hair and wire-framed glasses.

"Hey, what's going on here?" the older man asked, no doubt wondering if he had stumbled on some sort of gang rape.

"Hey Walt, right??" Barry said, turning to face the newcomers. He still held Cori in his arms and Wes' fingers made a wet, sucking sound as they pulled out of her pussy.

The man nodded to Barry, indicating that he had the name right, "Yeah, and this is Nate. We work on the third floor -- Billings and Coleston Architecture."

"Sure," Barry said. "See you guys all the time. Look, can you help us keep this quiet?"

"Why, what are you doing to her?" Walt demanded.

"Nothing," Barry said. "Well, not yet anyway. See, this is Cori and she's our new Office Slut in Training."

"Slut?" Walt said.

"Yeah," Barry said. "It's just something we're trying out. One of our sister companies in California has one and they say it works out great. See, you get a pretty coed who needs credits and experience, which she gets. But what do you ever get? A few papers filed, some phone calls answered? Hardly a fair trade. But we realize that even if Cori isn't ready to be an account exec for us, she has skills that are very marketable and valuable. Simply put, she looks amazing and sucks cock like you wouldn't believe. Office morale goes up, there are unbelievable perks for good work and she can close a deal like no salesperson you ever met. Suddenly, she's of as much value to us as we are to her."

"You've got to be kidding," Walt said, catching Cori's gaze, looking for any sign that she was being held against her will. She gave none. "Is this true, Miss?"

"Yes, sir," Cori said. "Well, except for me looking amazing. But yeah, it's a great opportunity, you know? A friend of mine used to tell me that to get ahead in this world, sometimes you had to give some time. And I kinda like it, anyway, so I really don't mind." She giggled like a silly airhead for effect.

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