tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Harem Tales Vol. 02 Ch. 15

The Harem Tales Vol. 02 Ch. 15



Well, the good thing was that he was getting better at using Vivariel's gift. It was now kicking in even without his conscious effort which would lead to less 'why didn't I notice before' type of situations.

The bad thing was that one of his little scouting trips had now ended up with him staring at an oak. He was definitely sensing sexual desire but could it really be coming from this tree?

Zalen frowned. Was there some kind of a magical portal here and the gift was getting triggered by something on the other side?

Or was it - suddenly the dream image of the dryad sprang into his mind. Ah. That had to be it.

"Are you in there?"

There was no answer. Zalen though for a while. What did he know about dryads? He vaguely recalled reading that most of them spoke Old Elven. It was the elves' own language but these days almost every elf also spoke Common - except when they wanted to annoy outsiders, as one sailor he knew had phrased it. The man had also claimed to have once had an elven lover so he probably knew at least something about them.

Too bad Zalen's knowledge of Old Elven was even worse than his South Dwarven.

Hmm, he had heard the word for dryad though.

"Ee'd'alleyn! I know you are there! Ee'd'alleyn!"

Another pause. Suddenly the tree in front of him began to change. He could suddenly see shapes in its bark and a moment later a human-like shape emerged from it. Its skin was similar to the oak's bark, except a lot smoother and its appearance was decidedly female, with round breasts and curvy thighs. Its eyes were almond shaped holes with an orange glow coming from them.

The dryad began talking. The only word Zalen could make out was 'how', the rest was too fast and too advanced for his limited vocabulary.

"How? Do you want to know how I found you?"

The dryad paused, looking at him questioningly.

Zalen thought for a while. Now what was the word for desire...

"Az'ummayal." He placed his fingers on the dryad's chest. "I could sense az'ummayal."

There was another long pause. Had she understood?

Suddenly the dryad's lips curled into a smile. She suddenly moved closer, her lips meeting his in a fierce kiss and her hand pulled his between her thighs.

Somewhat surprisingly she both tasted and felt exactly like in his dream back then - her lips like herbal tea and her cooch like liquid honey.

Compared to his dream she was a lot more wild though, more full of primeval desire.

Her lust was also wiping away his self control.

Their lips devouring each other, his fingers groping her insides, he quickly found himself on top of the dryad who was now laying on her side, his thick cock straining against his britches. He ripped them down, plunging his thick rod inside the alluring creature, beginning to fuck her like a wild animal.

The dryad was making a constant crooning sound as he pounded her, staking her honey hole with his thick rod.

Suddenly, in mid-thrust, she rolled her body, slamming him to the side and on his back with unnatural strength. The blow knocked out the air out of his lungs but before he had time to say anything, she was already on him and on his cock, riding him in a sexual frenzy.

Her hands were on his chest, her eyes focused somewhere high, her honey-like juices now spurting on his stomach and thighs as her dryad cunt pumped him.

And her expression looked like she could continue doing this all day if she chose to.

"Human! What are you doing with Run'iel!"

Zalen yanked his head around. Beside them stood an elven woman, her eyes full of disbelief.

The dryad calmly dismounted his cock, sitting on her knees next to him and facing the newcomer.


The elf flashed a smile at the dryad's greeting, then resumed her suspicious glare.

"How did you even find her? She has never left her tree with humans around and no man would find her tree out of all the trees around here! Did you use some kind of a black magic?"

Zalen raised his hands defensively.

"No. Nothing like that."

"Well, explain then!"

"I was just going to. You see, I have a divine gift. It allows me to sense sexual desire. And when I sensed that coming from a tree the best explanation I could think of was a dryad."


"And then I called to her in Old Elven. She came out and I think she wanted to know how I had found her, just like you did. I explained I had sensed her desire and - well, you saw what happened then."

The dryad suddenly spoke again and once more Zalen could make out very little of it. The elf listened and then suddenly giggled.

"Well, looks like Run'iel understands Common a lot better than you can speak Old Elven. Did you think az'ummayal means desire?"

Zalen nodded. "Yes I did. So... it doesn't?"

The elf giggled again. "Well, a rough translation for it would be 'wild monkey sex'. No wonder Run'iel became curious!"

Zalen groaned. So much for that sailor's language skills.

The elven woman smiled, then bowed her head.

"My apologies for suspecting you. My name is Sera. Run'iel is my lover and I was worried you had mayhap enslaved her with spells. If it was her free choice then I have no quarrel with you."

Zalen nodded. "Ah. I understand."

The dryad had meanwhile leaned forward, grabbing the elf's hand.

"Az'ummayal annah!"

Wait. He knew that second word. It meant good, right?

The dryad had pulled Sera closer, pulling her down on her knees and then leading her hand on Zalen's still half erect cock.

"Az'ummayal. Annah!"

The elf turned to look at the dryad, then shrugged and her eyes returned to look at Zalen. Her expression didn't change but her fingers suddenly wrapped around his cock, beginning to slowly tug it.

"Perhaps it is the day for some wild monkey sex then," she purred with a smile, leaning down to kiss his rapidly re-hardening cock.

Now that Zalen had time to look at the elf a little better he had to admit she was very beautiful. She wasn't quite the first elf he'd seen but the previous ones had been in a crowd. She was rather lithe, although her thin white vest did reveal the shape of quite perky boobs. She had two bands of black intricate elven lace on her, one around her forehead, one going around her neck.

What reaĺly drew his attention was her lips that had been lightly painted blue - especially as they were now wrapped around the middle of his cock. She was also using her fingers to massage the base and was doing it quite well.

As her attention had quickly brought his cock back to full hardness she had pulled back her mouth, staring at his rod.

"Your manhood is certainly quite thick compared to elvenkind. I have to admit it both scares and intrigues me."

She paused and a little smile played on her lips. "But if Run'iel liked it, then I am more than ready for it as well."

Her eyes met Zalen's again. "Go wild. Use my body as you wish!"

Well, with an offer like that he certainly wasn't about to turn her down!

Pulling the elf closer into a fierce kiss he ran his hands along her body. She was quick to respond in kind and for a moment they just stayed there, their lips devouring each other. His fingers had undone the back clasps of her vest and he pulled it off her, eagerly moving to attack her breasts with his mouth. She squirmed, caught up in the passion.

Suddenly he pulled the elf to the side, rolling her underneath him on her back. He pulled back, grabbed the waist of her elven pants and pulled. The soft fabric slid easily down her thighs.

With her boots in the way he could only get her pants down to her knees but that was enough for now. Grabbing the bunched up fabric he forced her knees back towards her stomach, leaving her pussy exposed. He wasted no time diving there with his mouth.

Groping the elven lady all over he ate her out, eager to taste his first elven pussy.

It seemed that the elves were naturally hairless down there. Not even shaving could give such a smooth result, making licking her easy and even more pleasurable.

The dryad had also moved closer, now caressing Sera's ears.

"Haaahhh..." the elf gasped, running one hand in Zalen's hair, the other over the dryad's soft bark.

With Sera's thighs now lightly squeezing his head he continued eating her out. The taste was again quite different than with humans or dwarves, like some kind of an exotic berry. But definitely good.

With his tongue pleasuring her she suddenly began wiggling against him.


Something full? Fill me? As if to answer him she again thrust her hips against his face.

He growled, raising his head from her delicious snatch. A moment later he was on top of her, the pants around her knees still trapping her legs. He began pushing inside her - but only got a little of the way in.

"Aaahhh... Wait..."

She turned her head a little and reached between the dryad's thighs, dipping her fingers inside her. A moment later she withdrew her hand and then spread the honey-like substance over Zalen's cock as he pulled back slightly.

"Now take me hard!"

Not the one to leave such a request ungranted he slammed his hips down. Her eyes went wide and she let out a little yelp, followed by a whole lot more of them as he began fucking her in earnest.

She was still very tight but her insides were starting to accommodate his rampaging cock as it filled her elven cunt again and again.

Sera's little yelps were becoming more and more frantic and she had grabbed Zalen's head with both hands.

"Med'hal... annah..." she moaned amidst her yelps.

Run'iel's hand suddenly slid between their bodies. Her fingers barely had to brush against Sera's little nub before she came. And came.

Zalen didn't know whether it was just Sera or if it was an elven thing but her orgasm seemed to last and last.

When it finally ended she went all weak, causing Zalen to stop to make sure she was all right.

The dryad moved closer to kiss him.

"Now. Me," she announced, this time in Common.

The wooden beauty pulled him up, backing herself against a tree, then pulled him closer.

Once again Zalen found himself inside her.

Run'iel's arms had wrapped around him, each hand grabbing one of his buttocks, holding onto him as he began pounding the dryad with lusty abandon.

As their hips met again and again she was crooning something in his ear. He could not make out the words but somehow it still managed to sound very naughty.

And had that not been enough to drive him wild, the dryad's hands on his butt were tugging him to move faster.

Her lips met his again. This time they felt different. Softer. Ss if they were gently merging with his. And even with their hips now meeting in a furious pace he felt the same merging sensation down there.

He didn't stand a chance of lasting.

As he groaned and unleashed his load amidst her honey-filled cunt it suddenly squeezed down on him, as if to adjust to him. Or to make sure none of his juices would leak out.

Finally Run'iel released his lips, leaving him standing there dazed as his cock finally slipped out of her.

Completely spent Zalen walked over to a soft looking bed of moss and laid down to gather his breath.

As both Sera and Zalen lay there exhausted Run'iel walked over to say something to the elven woman. The dryad then walked back to Zalen, leaning down to give his cock a final squeeze.

"Annah. Ser annah!"

Then the dryad walked back to the oak, merging again with the tree she had originally come out of.

"Amazing," Sera muttered. "She has always enjoyed watching humans but I never expected to see the day when she'd talk to one, never mind choose one to have sex with."

She turned back towards Zalen, biting her lip. "Then again, I never expected sex with a human man to feel this incredible either. I guess my cousin was right after all."

She tapped her lips, then crawled closer.

"Oh handsome, would you mind revealing your name?"

Her tone had suddenly become very seductive. Had he not just blown his load he would have had a hard time resisting her charms, pun fully intended.

"I am Zalen. Known here as Mage of the North and I'm a Heart Veil of Vivariel, the Rose of Desire."

Sera raised an eyebrow. "Truly? Ah, that explains the divine gift you mentioned."

Her tone was again dripping honey, just like her thighs still were. "Could I beseech thee to come to my aid in a matter of crucial importance?"

She had draped her thigh over his, pressing her chest against his side.

"Umm, depends on the matter, I guess."

"Oh, it's certainly nothing unpleasant or dangerous!

You see, three days from now there will be a Party of Masks and I have no-one to accompany me."

"Well, I'm not exactly a master of etiquette. So taking me to fancy -"

"Oh, it is not that kind of a party," Sera giggled. "In truth it's an orgy but everyone wears a mask to give it a veneer of mystery. At least until the sex begins!

You see, my dear elder sister has managed to draw the eye of a son of a local lord and is bringing him as her partner. And she has been a little bit smug about it.

And since my dear Run'iel does not care for such festivities I cannot bring her."

She was running her fingers along his chest, travelling downwards.

"So would you be willing to accompany me there? I really want to see my sister's expression after you fill her with this," she added, running her fingers over his cock.

"Is the invitation just for me? I know a few others who would love to join as well."

Sera smiled. "Ah, so you're not travelling alone? Sure, if you are coming with me you can also bring two more. I trust your judgement on your companions."

"Then I'll be your partner. Come, let's go meet the others."

"With pleasure," Sera purred.

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