tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Harem Tales Vol. 03 Ch. 01

The Harem Tales Vol. 03 Ch. 01



A little before sunset a few days later there was a knock on the door. Zalen went to open it.

"Hi, Zalen!"

Outside the door stood four familiar faces. The three younger elves from the party and Nuni, the cute halfling servant.

"Well, come in, come in!"

Zalen watched as all four entered his room. They were all wearing long hooded cloaks as it was currently raining outside.

"So why are you out in this kind of weather?"

It was Eyah who answered.

"We talked things over and we're planning to start a House of Veils here!"

The other elves nodded.

"We even already know a few guys who were very interested in joining," Xara added.

Zalen smiled. "That's great to hear. Do you need anything from us then?"

"We're not Veils yet," Suy replied.

Nuni had stepped forward, tapping Zalen in the stomach.

"According to Mirada we still need the Kiss from you."

Zalen scratched his short beard. "Well, technically what happened at the party could be counted as -"

Eyah giggled.

"Where's the fun in that!"

As if on a signal all three elves dropped their cloaks. They were all wearing corsets that left their breasts free, stockings made of elven lace and short boots. But nothing else.

Zalen looked down. Nuni also dropped her cloak, revealing an outfit that consisted of a really short skirt.

"Wow," he muttered, shamelessly ogling the four ladies.

Nuni turned towards the other three. "So do we just jump him? Or do you want to play a game?"

Eyah turned her gaze from Zalen to the halfling. "What kind of a game?"

Nuni leaned down to fish something out from her coat pocket.

"I found these when cleaning a storage room at Lady Veriel's mansion. She gave these to me as she no longer had any need for them."

Xara picked up one of the small objects in the halfling's hand. "They're dice! Looks like this one has twelve sides. And look! There's two elves having sex on each side and looks like each one is a little different."

"And the other one shows if it's two or three people doing it and if it's just us ladies or if he's involved."

"What about this side? There's a lady and two lords in it."

Suy giggled, heading to the side.

"I didn't happen to bring a dildo with me but maybe we can use this!" The elf had grabbed Zalen's spell staff, making doe eyes at him. "Please?"

He chuckled. "Well, why not?"

Nuni did a little dance. "Yay! So we take turns and roll the dice every time we switch. And the dice tell us the rest."

Suy smiled. "Sounds good to me! But first we should get him nice and hard!"

Eyah wrapped her arms around Suy. "Why don't we give him something to watch while Nuni and Xara help him out..."

"I like your plan," Suy replied, turning to kiss the other elf.

In a moment both elves were already making out quite passionately while the other two began undressing Zalen.

"You have such a great body," Xara murmured as she ran her fingers over his now bare chest. "And wonderful lips."

She leaned closer to kiss Zalen.

"Not to mention this," Nuni added as she wrapped her hands around his cock, pushing him back to sit on the bed.

"Oh, definitely!"

Xara's hands joined the halfling's in caressing him.

"Oo, he's already so hard! Can I get on him first?"

"Oh, ok. Here, I'll hold it ready."

Zalen looked at the duo, hesitating whether to interrupt them.

"Umm, what about the dice?"

Xara stopped just before sliding on him.

"Ah, you're right!"

She stepped aside, grabbing the dice from the table and rolled them.

Nuni moved closer to check the results.

"Male and female - and looks like he'll carry you!"

Xara waited for Zalen to stand up before moving in front of him again. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm all yours!"

Zalen grabbed a hold of her bare buttocks and lifted her up. Her legs quickly wrapped themselves around his waist.

She was pleasantly light. And nicely wet, as he soon felt.

"Oo, I've had dreams like this," the elven beauty purred. "Aah... a cute, strong man carrying me, taking me against the wall..."

Zalen grinned. "Well, let's do that then!"

A moment later Xara's back bumped against the wall. She moaned as he pushed all the way inside her.

It was definitely a dreamlike scenario. Fucking the light and highly aroused elf against the wall with her moaning by his ear and with the other three caressing them and each other.

"Oohhh... oo... oo... feels so goood!"

After a while he felt a light slap on his butt.

"Come on, now it's my turn!"

Nuni's announcement was followed by her picking up the dice from the table and giving them a roll.

"Two spoons and - oh shoot, just girls!"

Suy walked up to the halfling.

"Well, come here then. The dice have spoken!"

The elf pulled Nuni with her on the bed. A moment later the halfling was the little spoon with elven hands dancing all over her body.

Zalen had pulled out of Xara and moved behind the two, leaning down to lick the base of Suy's ears while his hand slipped over to gently tweak Nuni's nipples.

The other two elves soon followed suit and the spooning duo found themselves the target of all those hands and lips.

"Ohh... maybe this result was a good one after all," Nuni moaned.

Suy seemed to quite enjoy Zalen's oral attention.

"Oh, what a tongue you have," she moaned.

"But please... It's Nuni's turn... I want to hear her moans!"

Zalen gave her ear one last lick.

"Very well," he whispered and moved around the duo to better caress the curvy halfling.

With Suy's fingers between her thighs, Zalen's fingers playing with her breasts and the other elves' hands caressing everywhere else Nuni was quickly climbing to the top.

"Pull on them, Zalen," Nuni gasped between her moans. "Please..."

Zalen was quick to oblige. Capturing each nipple between his fingers he tugged on both of them at once.

"Ohh goooOOODDSS!"

As the halfling hit her peak Suy pulled back, mostly to avoid getting accidentally headbutted by the thrashing halfling.

Meanwhile Eyah was already moving over to the dice.

The wooden objects tumbled around until coming to a stop.

"Standing! And just me and him!"

The elven lass moved towards the wall with her hips swaying, looking at Zalen over her shoulder.

He followed. Just before reaching her Eyah raised her left leg straight up, then lowered her calf on his shoulder as he moved closer.

"Sera mentioned you liked this," she whispered in his ear.

"I still do," he replied, aligning his cock with her entrance and pushing inside.


Eyah had quickly glued her lips on Zalen's, eagerly kissing him as he began thrusting into her. She was wet enough that her pussy was making little squelching noises every time he moved which just served to excite him further.

"Such a sexy body," Xarah's voice muttered from behind him as her fingers caressed his back.

"And a nice butt too," Suy added, giving it a quick tap.

"And what a cock," Nuni's voice added, still sounding a little out of breath.

"And - umm, time!"

Eyah made a disappointed little sound as he pulled out but then kissed his cheek and lowered her leg again.

"I think it's my turn again," Xara noted and went to pick up the dice again. "Zalen, you get to take me and Nuni from behind!"

Nuni was quick to move into position.

"Come on, Xara, line up!"

The elven cutie tapped her finger against her lips. "Actually..."

Taking advantage of her longer thighs she moved on top of the halfling, leaving both cunts stacked and waiting for Zalen.

"I think this is even better! Oooohhh..."

He had indeed filled the elf first. Moving his fingers in Xara's hair he grabbed a hold of it and forced her head to tilt back. At the same time he began fucking her with long strokes, pumping his thick member inside her eager cavern.

Suy and Eyah had moved on both sides of the sexy stack and were currently licking Xara's ears. Nuni let out a small whine.

"Oo, come on! I need to be filled up too!"

Zalen grinned.

"With what? Say it!"

"Your cock! Fill me with your big, gorgeous, human cock! Pleease!"

"With pleasure!"

He pulled out of Xara and instead aligned his cock with the halfling below her.

She was wet enough that he got a third of the way in.

"Mwwhaaa... Let me just..."

He stopped and Nuni began moving instead. She moved forward and then threw her hips backward, her cunt swallowing more of his cock. Again, getting him deeper.

Not wanting to leave Xara completely without he pushed two fingers inside her - and on a whim began rubbing her tighter entrance with his thumb. She just moaned in reply.

Nuni had meanwhile gotten him as deep as he was ever going to get and she was now fucking him in earnest.

Eyah and Suy had now left Xara's ears alone and were watching the heated action with interest.

"I hate to interrupt your fun, but I think it's time again," Eyah noted.

"Oo, and just as it was getting fun," Xara purred, slipping away from Zalen's fingers.

After a brief pause Nuni did the same, turning to give Zalen one more passionate glance.

"My turn to roll," Suy announced, flipping the dice again. "And I get to ride him!"

"The other die has two males," Eyah pointed out.

"Ah. So..."

Eyah grabbed Zalen's spell staff that was leaning against the bookshelf.

"Looks like you'll get to have both of his staves inside you!"

Suy's eyes went wide.

"You mean..."


Zalen gave Suy a kiss on her cheek. "You don't have to if it's too much for you."

"No! I mean..."

Suy turned and pushed Zalen on his back.

"I'll do it. But wait until I'm ready, I need to get used to him first!"

As Nuni slathered some extra lubricant on Zalen's cock Suy climbed on top of him. And began working her tight cunt on his thick cock.

The others gathered around them with Eyah looking at Suy's efforts with clear amusement.

"Are you sure you don't have halfling blood in your family? Looks like you're even tighter down there than Nuni!"

"Mmmhhh... My grandmother was a bit adventurous so anything's possible..."

Little by little, moving to and fro she got him deeper and deeper.

"Mmaahhh... 'Go fuck a log' was my aunt's favorite insult. This certainly feels like it!"

Xara giggled. "It does!"

Eyah patted Zalen's thigh. "You got quite a reputation from the party, Zalen. If you take part again next year there'll be quite the crowd there!"

"Ohh... It's... in now..."

Suy had indeed managed to work him all the way in.

"Are you sure you still want that as well?"

The elven lass nodded, her eyes still closed. "Yess..."

"Very well then," Eyah muttered, moving the now well lubed butt end of Zalen's spell staff towards the elven butt.

"Try to relax," Zalen murmured, caressing Suy's back.

His caresses did seem to work a little - at least until the spell staff slipped a little way in.

Suy gasped, squeezing Zalen's head with her arms. Zalen continued massaging her back while Eyah little by little pushed the staff deeper.

Suy had been tight on her own. And even though his spell staff wasn't that thick, he could definitely feel it inside her, making her feel even tighter.

"Are you still sure -"

"Yes! Gaaahhhh..."

Xara chuckled. "Once she's gotten something in her head she's never backing down until she's also done it!"

And as hard to believe it was, he could feel the staff now quite the ways inside her, almost as far as his dick was.

"There," Eyah announced. "Now you can take care of the rest, it's better not to go any deeper!"

Suy let out an incoherent moan in reply.

The pressure around his dick was strong enough that he couldn't really move either. Instead he moved his lips to the base of her ear and began licking it hard.

Suy began shaking, her breathing now in ragged gasps, her whole body suddenly approaching her high point like a diver running towards a cliff.

She came. She couldn't actually get any kind of a sound out of her lungs but the way her whole body went into a series of shocks left little doubt of whether she had reached her peak or not.

As her shaking ended Eyah began pulling the staff back, just as slowly and carefully as she had done in the other direction.

As the blackmetal rod finally popped out from inside Suy she gave a weak moan, hugging Zalen's chest.

"Something tells me she's had her fill for the night," Xara murmured, patting Suy's bare butt.

"Soo good..." she whispered before going silent again.

Eyah frowned and turned to look at Zalen. "You didn't blow your load yet, did you?"

"Not yet."

Nuni caressed Suy's back.

"I'd roll her away and throw the dice again but she just looks so blissful right now. Maybe we should let her enjoy the moment a little."

"Maybe we should," Xara agreed. "After all we do have all night..."

The trio turned to look at Zalen with sultry smiles. He chuckled. He'd come to this city to gain the first elven followers for Vivariel. And with these four leading the House of Veils here they'd have no problems getting more followers.

"Ok, she's had her chance, roll her aside!"

"And roll the dice!"


The week had gone by quickly and the group was again on the road heading south. Once they were out of sight of the city Dimianne turned towards Zalen.

"Say, how attached are you to my current looks?"

Zalen scratched his head. "Umm, why do you ask? You're very attractive like that but if you feel like looking different then you really don't need to ask me."

Dimianne grinned. "Well, if you do remember someone you'd want me to look like, let me know. Like an old crush."

The succubus then turned to look at her simple skirt. "But right now I'm tired of playing the country girl turned explorer. And since it's just you and your harem here, I'm switching to something more fun."

She snapped her fingers. "There. Much better."

Her outfit had again returned to the one she had briefly worn after he had freed her from the spell trap - a short, black skirt and a bright red top.

"Feel free to make up a new backstory for me if you wish, but I'd rather wear this from now on!"

Zalen ogled at the outfit unabashedly. "Oh, I'd rather you wear that one too!"

Dinah had also pulled up her horse next to Zalen.

"Hey Zalen, where were we going again?"

"We're travelling to the south coast. We need to go see the Queen of Mezeria."

"Why? Planning to add royalty to the harem?"

The redhead's grin revealed the question hadn't been a serious one.

"Well, I need land from her. The Goddess wants to build a temple in Two Hills and that land belongs to the crown now. But how to accomplish that goal I do not yet know."

"I still stand by my original idea."

Zalen looked at his wife.

"Just how big a harem are you planning for me? You've already said I should marry D'Sheyn but now you want more?"

Dinah smiled. "Hmm. Ten is a nice, round number. So D'Sheyn, Di here and one more. That should do it!"

Dimianne shook her head. "I'm staying with Zalen for a year or five but a marriage is not for me. So he still needs two more!"

Zalen stared at the women with their impish little smiles."You're both impossible. Cute, but impossible."

"The perfect combination then!"

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