tagNonHumanThe Haunted House Ch. 02

The Haunted House Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - The Garden Party

The next morning when Jennifer woke up, she wondered if it had all just been a dream, but her shredded nightie lay on the floor beside the bed and there were dry patches of cum on face and breasts as she had just stumbled back to bed and collapsed after the fucking from the teddy bear. A long hot shower removed the traces of last night's nocturnal fun from her body and Jennifer got dressed before gathering up her courage to peer into the room with the wardrobe. In the bright sunlight streaming through the window, everything looked normal and when she tried the door of the wardrobe it was locked tight, just as it had been when she had first toured the house.

Jennifer forced herself to be calm and rational and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. After doing the dishes, she got in her car and went looking for the local library. Perhaps the old newspapers might be able to shed some light on the mysterious house she had bought.

"Oh my, you bought the old Godiva place," said the librarian who looked at least 80 when Jennifer asked her about the house and if there were any newspaper articles on it.

"The what?" asked Jennifer thinking she must have heard the woman wrong.

"The Godiva place," repeated the librarian. "There was no one who lived there with that name of course, but that is the nick name it used to go by. The young woman who built it, why she was a widow. Her husband was killed in the war between the states not a week after they were married. He left her a pile of money and she used some of it to build that house. She was called Lady Godiva because, well she started to act rather strange. Strange as in she often would go for rides through the town stark naked on a horse. Even stranger was that she never owned a horse. No stable up there. The only horse was that statue she had built in the garden. Her husband was in the cavalry you know. No rider on the horse, just the horse itself. Her real name was Samantha Lee, no relation to the general that I know of. There were rumors about even stranger goings on up at that house, but I don't think any of that ever made it to the paper. Not the kind of thing they printed back in those days. They said she was dark haired, very pretty and well busty," said the old woman in a rush. "I expect she looked a bit like you my dear, other than the hair color of course!"

Jennifer startled at bit at the "my dear" as that was what the bear kept calling her while he fucked her last night, but the old woman's looked totally guileless. Jennifer thanked the woman and spent most of the rest of the day in town shopping and trying to put off going home. She was not certain what had come over her last night. She was normally a very conservative, private person. She was not a prude, but she didn't normally go around asking for her face to be fucked and liking it. It was almost like she could not help herself. Was that how Samantha had felt when she did her Lady Godiva routine?

As twilight fell, Jennifer made her way back home to the house on the hill. As she drove up she felt like she was being watched and there was an air of expectancy about the house as she ate supper, watched a bit of tv and finally headed for bed. The last thing she did before crawling under her sheets was to check the weather outside. Clear and not a cloud to be seen. She then dropped her robe on the floor and crawled into bed naked. She had forgotten to buy a new nightie to replace the ripped one and somehow she doubted that Palmerville had much in the way of Victoria Secrets type lingerie.

It seemed like she had just drifted off to sleep when Jennifer was woken up again by a creaking sound. Heart pounding she got up and slipped on her robe with a sense of deja vu. The smart move would have been to stay in bed she thought and the smarter move would have been to have gotten in car that morning drove like hell out of town and never came back to this house. .

Jennifer slipped down to the room with the wardrobe, but when she opened the door, she found the wardrobe door still solidly locked when she tried it and all her pulling could not open it. Where was this creaking coming from she wondered? It was fainter and farther away and she went down the huge wooden staircase to the main floor and followed the sound to her back door. The sound was coming from outside in the garden. Curious despite knowing better, she stepped out the back door into the garden. She had only been out here briefly when touring the house. Garden was actually a rather poor description of the area as it was largely overgrown with brush and trees and it had been a long time since anyone had planted a garden out here.

Jennifer jumped suddenly as a flash of lightning lit up the sky and crack of thunder boomed. Where had that come from again she wondered and looked up into the sky. A few seconds later the skies opened up and a heavy rain began to fall. Jennifer turned to go back in but when she reached the door, it would not open and left her trapped out there wearing only her robe as the rain continued to fall. The rain too was very strange, it was actually pleasantly warm, more like a shower than any rain she had ever felt. Jennifer walked back out further into the garden and on sudden impulse let her robe drop to the ground and she stood there naked as the rain fell on her. She had never ever in her life been outside naked before and it felt good as the warm rain caressed her body. It was dark and the house was isolated so it was unlikely that anyone would see her and she began to walk deeper into the garden.

The librarian had said something about a statue of a horse and she wanted to find it. The garden was quite large and overgrown, so somehow she had missed it in her previous brief tour. There was a faint path that she followed and found herself in an open clearing and there in the center was the statue of a large horse. A statue that was definitely of a male horse she noted with a bit of a start. A rather strange way to create a statue she thought and it gave new visual meaning to the phrase "hung like a horse".

Jennifer was so wrapped up in looking at the horse that she never noticed the other movements in the clearing. A vine slithered across the grass towards her bare foot and then another and another. The vines were coming from a very old and weather beaten tree of a type that had probably never made it into any biology book for classification. Jennifer looked down startled when she felt something on her ankles and saw the vines wrap around her. Before she could cry out or do anything they gave a tug and pulled her feet out from under her so she landed face and tits first on the soft wet grass. The warm rain continued to pour down on her as she struggled to free herself from the vines but more slithered out to grasp her hands and then she was flipped over to like face up in a spread eagle position.

As Jennifer lay there in fear, the branches of the tree seemed to bend down and soft velvety leaves began to stroke her nude body all over. Leaves brushed her breasts oh so lightly until her nipples were erect while other leaves caresses the rest of her body like a gentle lover. Jennifer felt herself getting wet as the tree stroked her body and when she saw another thicker vine creeping towards her she knew instinctively what it was going to do. Her mind was frozen with a mixture of horror and lust as she watched the vine slither towards her spread legs and pause just brushing her nether lips. "Oh no, I am going to be fucked by a plant," she whispered to herself but another part of her seemed to be whispering back. "Yes you are you slut, and you want it don't you? You want that thing to slide into your cunt and fuck you silly! Yes, yes," she moaned aloud. "I want it to fuck me!"

As if that was the cue it was waiting for, the vine struck and slipped inside Jennifer's pussy and began to ravage her hard. The thing was as thick as human cock and more flexible, seeming to brush against all her most sensitive spots at the same time. Jennifer moaned loudly as the tree fucked her, her large breasts heaving and her hips rocking up and down. All the while the rain fell on her naked body as she lay there on the grass. The plant continued to fuck her for at least an hour, but like with the teddy bear she came closer and closer to climax but never reached it. The desire to cum was overwhelming as the vine ploughed her pussy and the leaves caressed her breasts and the rest of her body.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned aloud. "I need to cum so bad, I would do anything to cum!"

There was a sudden silence in the clearing and a slight slackening of the rain then Jennifer heard a voice like stone saying "Anything my little slut?"

"Yessssssssss," screamed Jennifer, her whole body shaking with lust. "Anything!!!!"

"Very well, but remember you asked for it," rumbled the voice. Jennifer heard a grinding, groaning sound and as she stared in shock, the statue of the horse began to come alive and move. As Jennifer watched it shambled over to her prone body, not quite totally flesh and blood as we know it, but certainly not all stone as a statue should be. The horse / statue straddled her naked body and its huge erect cock hung down over her face. Jennifer felt the vines tremble and they lifted her body up until the cock head brushed her lips. "Suck me whore, and you may cum" said the gravelly voice.

Her mind recoiled at doing this depraved act, but her body demanded she do it for the release and her mouth opened to take the huge cock head of the horse / statue in her mouth. It felt like flesh and blood as it throbbed warmly on her tongue and she began to lick it. Inch by inch, the horse cock began to slide down her throat and the vine in her pussy began again to fuck her. Head bobbing up and down on the huge shaft, Jennifer felt her body drifting closer and closer to the orgasm she needed so badly.

"You will come slut only when I come," commanded the voice as the cock continued to drive into her mouth while the vine slid in and out of her pussy. Jennifer managed to get ten inches of the massive thing down her throat, her full breasts flopping wildly and she made gagging sputtering sounds around the cock meat stuffing her face. Then as if in slow motion she felt the cock begin to cum. She could feel the cum traveling up the length of the shaft towards her mouth like a flash flood towards an unsuspecting town. Then it boiled into her mouth and throat, warm, thick and rich horse / statue cum. Nothing human could cum that much and nothing human could swallow it all as it poured into her mouth and then overflowed and streamed down her face onto her large tits. As promised, however, at the instant the cum filled her mouth, Jennifer felt her own orgasm finally strike and give her the release she craved so desperately.

When the cum had stopped flowing and the shudders in her body had subsided, the horse pulled its cock out of her gaping mouth. and the plant vines released their hold on her body. Still naked, Jennifer climbed weakly to her feet and leaned against the horse.

"Why don't you get on my dear and we can go for a nice ride?" asked the voice. Without knowing why she did it, Jennifer swung herself up onto the back of the horse and it turned and running, cleared the fence by two feet heading towards town. The rest of the night was a blur as she and the horse rode through the town. There were cries from those who saw them and Jennifer happily waved to everyone she saw as she rode stark naked through the dark streets. She didn't even remember getting back to the house and the garden or falling asleep naked on the grass. It was only the first rays of dawn that woke her and she stumbled back to the house. Along the way she picked up her discarded robe and when she tried the door it opened without any trouble.

End of Chapter Two

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