tagErotic HorrorThe Haunting of the Third Wheel

The Haunting of the Third Wheel


Alright, sorry for the delay in my stories. My computer crashed and I lost a lot of them, and I don't like re-writing anything. Thanks for the feedback, its encouraging and got me back into it. I have to thank Sy X for that. Read my bio before reading this and my fetishes! This is the first and may be my only story like this with the wife involved. And I never put this in my stories before but I need to make this clear, I do not condone any of the actions in my stories. They are fantasies and that is all they will ever be to me. And no, I'm not a hypocrite. Enjoy!

It was a dark night, with the full moon obscured by cloud cover. Jim Avery, Mrs. Avery and her best friend, Samantha opened the door and crept inside. They had heard rumors about this abandoned house, as everyone had. It was haunted. The idea to stay at the house overnight was not theirs but mutual friends whom had all done it and said it was just such fun.

Jim's wife, Erica, had a fear of ghosts. And they thought this would be good for her, to help her get over her fear. They Samantha along to help, plus she had never done it either and was excited to go. She did not mind being the third wheel as she was most of the time they hung out.

They laid out their sleeping bags and set up lanterns and portable lights all over the dusty room, the biggest room in the house.

"Wow this place is creepy..." Samantha said with a bit of fright in her voice but mostly thrills.

"There is something not right about this place... Jim lets go, we don't have to stay here." Erica pleaded to her husband. She always played the party pooper. To Jim and Samantha, this little campout would show her that she has nothing to fear and maybe she would lighten up more.

"Its alright honey... Here we'll all take a tour together." He grabbed the lantern and led the two ladies throughout the house.

Erica pouted most of the way through the tour holding onto Jim's arm while Samantha was more bubbly and curious. Once they were done, Erica had calmed down a little. They made their way back to the main room and set up to sleep.

"Please... guys don't make me do this!" Erica begged with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Erica, people have been coming and staying at this house for the last ten years and nothing has happened! What makes you think this place is really haunted?" Samantha asked her best friend, saving Jim more embarrassment.

"I don't know... its just this feeling I have... This house is evil..." Jim's wife claimed.

"No, its just your fear getting the best of you... you big wimp!" Samantha was a little upset now; her best friend was spoiling the fun. "You wanted to come here too, remember?"

"Yeah..." she answered hesitantly.

"Then prove it! And prove you're not a wimp!" Samantha was getting competitive again. She and Erica were very competitive. It was always for fun and played major part in their friendship.

"I am not a wimp!" Erica proclaimed. Jim rolled over in his sleeping bag. This could take all night, he thought.

"Alright then... if you're not a wimp... then you have to sleep in that chair over there!" Samantha pointed to an old cushion chair in the corner of the room. Erica was determined now; her best friend knew how to motivate her.

"Fine, Samantha, you get your way. But after tonight, neither of you can call me a wimp and we never came back here again and I get to pick our next outing. Deal?" Erica retorted.

"Deal!" Both Jim and Samantha answered. Erica pulled the chair over to where her husband and friend were, laid out her sleeping bag over the chair. She walked over to Jim and gave him kiss on the cheek then sat down in the chair.

"This isn't so bad... rather comfortable." Erica said settling in.

"See, I told you so!" Samantha shot back with a smile.

"Okay, ladies, lets get some sleep." Jim said, meaning it.

Right before Erica fell asleep, she looked over at a big painting facing them against the wall. It was a middle-age lady, with gray hair and in a formal dress from the 1800's. She could've sworn she saw the woman in the painting smile as she drifted to her slumber.

Jim couldn't sleep for a while. Before they had blown out the lantern, Samantha got undressed and into her nightgown. It was a thin short robe. His wife never seemed to notice how much her best friend flaunted her body. Samantha was a buxom blonde with breasts more than twice the size of Erica's. Jim's wife was skinnier while her best friend had a near perfect hourglass figure. It was a wonder to Jim how she had stayed single while he and Erica had been happily married for two years. Part of it may have been that she just got laid so often that it was impossible to settle down, he realized. He had fantasized about his wife's best friend many times, and tonight would be no exception. He pictured Samantha riding his hard cock right there in the haunted house with his wife sleeping right next to them as he went to sleep.

It was with this illicit thought that the beast within the house awoke. The evil spirits had been stirred. It was time for them to have some fun.

Some movement awakened Erica. She felt something on her arm. The frightened woman realized that it was the chair and it had latched onto her. She tried to yell out but her mouth was quickly covered by something that smelled of wood but felt like flesh. It was the chair and it was holding her captive!

She looked over at Jim, still sleeping soundly, and Samantha. Her best friend had woken up too. But she ignored Erica's groans for help as the chair held her in spite of her fierce struggling. Surely she could hear her, Erica thought. Jim was a heavy sleeper. It would take a lot to wake him.

Erica could see her friend in the now bright moonlight shinning in from the huge windows. Samantha was walking towards the painting of the woman. Then Erica could hear soft indistinguishable chants coming from that direction.

Samantha reached the painting and stood before it. She reached down to her private place and started playing with herself. A moment later she let out a moan, cumming on her fingers. Erica saw a weird light, like electricity, shoot from the woman's eyes in the painting and into Samantha's eyeballs. Her head rippled while the lightning passed into her until it stopped, seeming to have finished.

Erica looked at her in fear of what happened to her best friend and waited. Samantha stood motionless for a few seconds. Then she turned around and looked at Erica. Her eyes glowed yellow then went back to normal. Erica knew that an evil spirit had possessed her. Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she feared for her friend and what could transpire next.

Samantha moved towards the sleeping area once more. She looked at Jim then at her best friend.

"You know, Erica, I'm sick and tired of you getting to have Jim all to yourself! You're so selfish! It is time you share!" Samantha said with anger.

With that, Jim woke up. "What is... Honey? Are you all right? Oh my God? What's going on?" he went on and quickly got out of his sleeping bag and rushed over to his helpless wife. Erica was relieved to see her husband to come a save the day. He tried to pull the wood holding her arms and then the one clasping her mouth but it was to no avail. The wood would not budge. Jim called over to Samantha. "Hey, Samantha! Help me!"

"You're not going to get to her that way, Jim. This house won't let her out until it gets what it wants... it told me," she said inching closer to him.

Jim stopped pulling at the chair and listened. He didn't want to look at her. It did not sound like Samantha and he feared what might happen if he did look. "What does the house want?" he asked.

"Look at me, Jim..." she said sensually. He finally did stand and turn away from his wife to gaze upon her best friend. In a flash the room lit up with many candles and a fire in the inglenook. "To better illuminate me and my body, right Jim?"

"What are you doing, Samantha?" he wondered while watching her.

"I know you've always wanted me, Jim. I've seen you look at my body... at my legs..." she pulled her robe up to bare more leg flesh to him. "At my ass..." turning around, she bent over slightly for him and lifted the back of her robe to show off her mouth-watering ass. "And of course... you've always stared at my big tits!" Samantha punctuated her sentence by turning back around and opening her robe to reveal her luscious breasts.

Jim tried to move but found that his feet were somehow stuck to the floor. He looked up at Samantha, horrified, but with a hard-on

"It looks like the house has got a hold of you too, Jim. Here... let your wife's best friend make it better..." Samantha said moving to him and dropping to her knees. Jim tried to object, "Shut up!" she said and he couldn't speak. It was like she held some kind of power over him.

Erica watched with emotional pain in her eyes as her best friend took her husband's hard cock from the confines of his pants. Samantha was looking evilly at her best friend, trapped and being forced to watch, as she stroked him several times. She closed her eyes and took him in her mouth deep with one motion.

Erica screamed into the chair and struggled more fiercely than before, but she wasn't going anywhere.

The voluptuous blonde had his cock buried completely down her throat, her nose reaching his pubic hair. She was blowing him like a real slut.

Samantha held on for as long as she could, and came up for air. His cock was covered in her saliva. She looked into his eyes.

"You want Samantha to suck your cock like that, don't you baby?" she said. "Admit it; I'm a better cock-sucker than your wife!"

She licked his shaft up and down waiting for his answer like a hungry whore. But all she allowed him to do was groan with his mouth shut tight.

His wife's friend wrapped her mouth around his cock again. She was watching him as she took his cock deep, deep down her throat. The possessed woman came up for air again.

"Bet Erica doesn't do that for you, does she, Jim?" she smiled wickedly.

His cock was 9" long and thick, but she took it all down, without gagging. Lust and the ghost inside her overcame her. Jim looked over at this wife; trying to resist the pleasure that Samantha was bringing him. He had a look of concern for Erica; he was trying to break free but was powerless to stop the evil spirits in the house and within his wife's best friend. Samantha saw him look at his wife and directed his head to look at her sucking his dick instead. It was like an invisible force pulled his head towards her and forced him to watch.

"Watch me, Jim... watch my expert mouth manipulate your married cock while your wife witnesses it all!" Samantha said eagerly before diving her head back onto his meat.

He was moaning, her throat actually massaging his meat with convulsions. He grabbed Samantha's head and pushed his cock even further down her esophagus. Jim didn't think of what he was doing, having control of his hands. She came up for oxygen and went back down on him again. She was deep-throating her best friend's husband's cock.

Up for air again and down all the way. The thought of her in front of Erica with her husband made her wild with lust. Samantha began blowing him deep and hard, putting her fingers between her legs and furiously rubbing.

He was in heaven, Samantha could tell, moaning loud now enjoying the way she sucked him while spurred on by the new evil inside her. What a slut she turned out to be, blowing her friend's husband, like a slut, and cheap fucking whore. She moaned with pleasure, as the ghosts controlled her mind.

She opened her mouth and took him deep, his pulsating meat sliding down her throat. Samantha started blowing him, massaging his big sausage like meat with her throat.

Jim couldn't take it anymore. He erupted and jettisoned copious amounts of his cum into Samantha's hungry mouth. She moaned while accepting and gulping down all that she could. An unnatural amount of semen kept pouring from his cock and she struggled to consume it all and quite a bit of sperm trickled from her lips, down her chin and dripped to her big tits. When his orgasm had finally subsided, he breathed out, "Amazing..." he said realizing he could speak now.

Samantha smiled sinfully up at him. He had enjoyed it immensely.

The chair that held Erica suddenly removed its arm from around her mouth, but held her in her seat still.

"Oh my God! Jim, Samantha! We have to get out of here! This place is pure evil! Help me!" Erica cried. Jim looked over at her.

"Don't listen to her, Jim. She's just paranoid!" Samantha stood up as she retorted. Jim looked back at Samantha.

"Jim! She's possessed! The ghosts are controlling Samantha! I saw them go into her eyes!" Erica yelled. Jim heard her, but he was staring at Samantha's breasts.

"They are wonderful, aren't they, Jim? They're better than Erica's, don't you agree?" Samantha asked him. Jim looked at her magnificent tits. They had a lot of his sperm still on them. Samantha looked like a hot, seductive slut, standing before the astonished husband.

"What's wrong with me? Why can't I..." Jim tried to say no to her but he couldn't. "Yes! Your tits are better than hers..." he said with some pain for his wife, but his erection regaining full staff.

Samantha let out a malevolent laugh. Jim watched as the cum on her tits and around her mouth seemed to be absorbed through her skin and into her body. She was clean in a matter of seconds.

"Part of you is inside me now, Jim. You're mine now!" Samantha looked at his cock. "You want to fuck me, don't you! You want to fuck me more than you ever wanted Erica and her pathetic body!"

Jim couldn't take his eyes off of his wife's best friend's body. "Yes... Samantha... I want to fuck you!"

"Jim! Noooooooo! The house has got you too! Be strong, Jim! Hear my voice! Snap out of it! Resist!" Erica yelled towards him.

"He doesn't want to hear you, Erica... he just wants to fuck my hot body!" Samantha noticed he was still looking at her huge tits and she smiled. "You want to suck on my titties, Jim?"

"Please..." was all he could say. Samantha opened her arms and breasts to the hypnotized man.

"Come to Mama, Baby..." She said and he nearly fell into her arms. He grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed. His wife was screaming in the back round but all he heard was rabble from her and Samantha's enticing voice. Jim started sucking on a nipple and alternating from one to the other, till Erica's best friend's tits were covered in his spit. Samantha looked over to her best friend, still helpless to stop them, she was crying. Erica's best friend smiled evilly at her as though she had won some kind of victory. "That's it, Jim. Mmmmmm... suck on my tits! They're bigger and better than Erica's and they know how to make you happy... See Erica? Your husband loves me now! Not you!"

Samantha laughed like a wicked seductress as Erica's husband feasted on her tits even hungrier since her last comment.

"Do you love me, Jim?" Samantha asked her illicit lover with a knowing grin.

Jim disengaged from her breasts and looked over to his wife. She was past trying to talk him out of it. Erica only shook her head in disbelief. She knew what he was going to say. He was possessed.

The husband turned back to Samantha and looked at her chest. Smiling, he told Samantha what she wanted to hear, and what his wife feared. "I love you, Samantha..."

"Do you love me more than Erica? Do you love your wife's best friend more than your wife?" Samantha subjected.

Jim couldn't help it. Something was telling him to say the unthinkable, even in front of the woman he was married to. "Yes, Samantha... I love you more than Erica..."

Samantha turned around and bent over in front Jim. She was only a few feet from her best friend still. "I want you inside me! If you love me so much, then stick your big married cock in my cunt!"

Jim didn't hesitate and lined his hard cock-head up with Samantha's soaking pussy.

Erica couldn't help but watch as those she was closest to betrayed her. She muttered her last bit of protest with a now weak voice.

"No..." Erica murmured.

"Yesssssss..." moaned her best friend as Jim buried his entire cock into her depths with a load squishing sound. "Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, Jim! Fuck your true love!" Samantha continued to spill venom from her lips with the only intention of hurting her best friend.

Jim grabbed at the hips of Samantha and started pounding away. He clutched her robe and tore some of it in his intensity trying to pull her back towards him after each thrust. "Oh God... Samantha... your cunt... its so tight... so good!" he groaned with his cock inside her.

"Its better than Erica's, isn't it, Jim?" Samantha asked, moaning from the forbidden pleasure.

"Hell yessss! So much... ugh... better!" he kept hammering into her with his eyes closed.

"Tell me I'm superior, Jim! Ohhhhh, ughhhh... tell me I'm superior to Erica!" Samantha smiled again.

"Yeah! Ughhhh, fuck! You... are... erghh... superior to Erica... in every single... way!" he cried in the throws of ecstasy. Erica had drenched her nightshirt in tears.

"That's right! Your wife is second-rate to me! I'm the best... the best! That's why you couldn't resist... ugh... me!" Samantha and Jim had established the perfect fucking motion. Their flesh slapped together. Their bodies coated in sweat now, and the squishing sounds of their sex tools filled the house.

"He couldn't resist you because he's possessed! You bitch! You fucking ghosts! Leave my husband and my friend alone!" Erica screamed out. But Samantha and Jim just ignored her and kept fucking.

Samantha disengaged her pussy from Jim's cock with a loud plop and turned to him. "Kiss me, Jim... Kiss me with more passion and hunger than you ever kissed your wife."

Jim and Samantha reached for each other and meshed their mouths onto the others. They intertwined their tongues for minutes. Samantha had one hand behind his head with the other lightly fondling his prick. Jim let his hands roam all over her voluptuous body, squeezing her ass, feeling her smooth legs and grasping her round tits pressed against him.

Samantha made a point of making the kiss as sloppy as it could be. They unlocked their lips and kept their tongues in contact moaning as each slimy muscle slipped around the other.

"Who's the better kisser, Jim?" Samantha wanted to belittle her best friend as much as possible.

"Oh, you are better than Erica, Samantha, at everything!" Jim groaned. He wanted to be back inside her.

"Lay down, Baby. Mama's gonna ride you..." Samantha ordered her adulterous lover. She finally removed her robe so that she was now naked from head to toe. Samantha tossed her dressing gown, soaked in her sex-sweat, onto Erica. It landed on her head and she couldn't see. Erica was relieved for a second that she didn't have to watch her best friend fuck her husband anymore, with the evil spirits that had taken control of them. But then she felt the robe get pulled down from her face. Samantha had removed the cover. "No, no, I want you to watch every second I'm with Jim... just to prove how inferior you are to me..."

Erica sobbed as her best friend walked back over to her spouse who was lying on the ground in eager anticipation. Samantha put her legs on either side of Jim's hips and stood over him.

"Please... Samantha..." Jim said, his cock pointing straight up at her entrance.

"What Jim?" she knew what he wanted, what he needed.

"Please... Fuck me! I need you! Please!" he begged from her feet.

"Okay, Baby. Mommy will take care of you..." Samantha squatted. Grabbing his large dick, she aimed it to her wet cunt and lowered her body down to his hips. He was buried inside her again.

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