tagGroup SexThe Hazing Ch. 04

The Hazing Ch. 04


Julianna returned and took one girl after the other. She took Christine ahead of Pam, then came back and got Pam. She guided Pam back through the maze and up some stairs. At the top of the stairs they came to a door, which was guarded by another girl in a hooded cloak. She opened the door and allowed them to pass. The door opened onto a compact room. Along one wall was a row of four curtained compartments, like dressing stalls. In fact, that was what they were. One of the curtains was pushed aside and Sylvia stepped out, wearing a tiny floral print string bikini top bra that just barely covered her nipples, matching garter belt, which held up pale pink stockings, tiny matching crotchless panties, and a brown leather collar around her neck. She saw Pam and Julianna and did a twirl with her arms over her head like a ballerina.

"How do I look?" Her plump tits jiggled in the snug restraint of the bra. Her nipples were erect points through the thin fabric.

"Wonderful," Julianna said. Pam had to agree. It was hard to believe a girl who looked that sexy had been dressed in such a dull, conservative suit. "If you'll give me a few moments to show Pam where to go, I'll be back to lead you to the next phase."

"Ok," Sylvia said cheerfully. She seemed excited at the prospect of getting dressed up in such a lewd way to have sex with men she had not met yet.

Julianna took Pam to the last stall in the row.

"This will be your changing room. This outfit has been chosen for you to wear," Julianna said. "It is required before we can proceed."

"Ok." Pam went in. Julianna pulled the curtain closed. Pam surveyed the stall. Outside, she could hear Julianna talking with Sylvia. The door opened, their voices faded, and the door closed. Her outfit hung on a hanger on one wall. Along the opposite wall was a bench. The back wall supported a large mirror.

Pam studied the mirror. She could not make out anything definite, but she would not put it past these people to be observing her at that moment. However, Pam decided that under the circumstances she could accept such a thing, and began to undress.

There was a soft knock on the wall and she heard Christine's quiet voice.

"Pam?" she said. Pam stopped, wearing only her bra and panties. She opened the curtain. Christine was waiting outside, expectantly, half dressed in a lacy, white outfit that could have tempted a priest to abandon his faith for a single chance to get his hands on her. She had put on the tiny, lacy bra and panties and skimpy garter belt and stocking, but was holding a bustier around her waist.

"Could you help me with this?" she asked innocently.

"Sure," Pam said. "Turn around." As Christine turned her back to her, Pam glanced at the mirror out of the corner of her eye. There was still no evidence that it was a two way mirror, but she was certain someone was there watching them. Christine had obviously not considered this possibility.

Christine held her hair up out of the way and Pam zipped up the back of the bustier. Christine had to suck in her breath as it got tight. She let her hair fall back and turned around, running her hands over her slender, compressed sides.

"I've never worn anything like this. It feels so sexy." She adjusted her tits in the tight bra. The tiny patches of lacy white material were barely big enough to cover her hard nipples. She held up a brown leather collar. "What do I do with this?"

Pam examined it more closely. The leather was old and worn and stained, like an old, comfortable saddle. How many women like herself and Christine had worn these collars in the past? On the back, near the clasp that held it on the wearer, was a brass ring, securely fastened to the leather. Pam could only imagine what the was for. A leash, maybe? Whatever it was, it foretold of interesting events to come.

"It goes around your neck," Pam said.

"A collar? What are they going to do, walk me?"


"Did they give one to you?"

Pam inspected the items on her hanger. An identical collar was among them. "Yeah."

"Are you going to wear yours?"

"I suppose I have to."

Christine looked disappointed. "Yeah. I guess so." She slipped it around her neck and affixed the clasp. Her outfit was complete, and it was all in white, from the spike heeled shoes, the sheer, white stockings and lacy garter belt, the snug bustier, to the tiny panties and tight, lacy, strapless pushup bra. She sighed.

"Are you still scared?" Pam said quietly, in case anyone was listening as well as watching.

Christine nodded. "I've never done anything like this."

"Neither have I," Pam said reassuringly, even though it was probably a lie.

"No. I mean ..." Her voice grew very quiet, to a whisper. "I'm a virgin."

The shock of surprise almost made Pam fall down. She had to close her mouth.

"What are you doing here?" Pam asked, and realized she had asked that question once before.

"What are they going to do when they find out?" Christine asked nervously.

Pam's expression changed to a grin. "They're going to love you. You'll probably be their favorite." Christine looked hurt and Pam immediately felt guilty. "I'm sorry," she said. Christine looked away. "I know how scared you are."

"What's going to happen when they find out?" She folded her arms across her front. "Are they going to kick me out?"

"I doubt that." Christine looked back at her, but Pam couldn't read her expression. Was it anger, or confusion?

The door opened and Julianna entered with Beverly in tow. Christine and Pam looked at her, then back at each other. Pam saw a look in Christine's eyes that made her feel that she had her trust, and that her new friend was going to be ok.

"You look marvelous," Julianna said, admiring Christine. "If you're ready, we can go."

"I'm ready," Christine said.

Pam heard a very slight tremor in her voice and hoped the others didn't hear it. Julianna showed Beverly into one of the vacant stalls and took Christine's hand to lead her out. Pam turned back to her stall. In the mirror, she saw Christine stop Julianna by the open door and lean close to her ear and whisper something. Pam turned around to look at them. Julianna nodded and said something to her. Christine looked back at Pam. She was blushing, but she was smiling. The door closed and she was gone to the next step of the initiation. Somehow, Pam felt very close to Christine.

She was still holding the collar, so she put it on first. She removed her bra and panties and set them neatly with her skirt and blouse. Undoubtedly, she would wear these clothes again when she was finally allowed to leave, so she thought it best not to get them dirty or wrinkled.

The hanger did not hold much else. She slipped on the spaghetti strapped leather bra and adjusted the tiny, snug pieces of black leather into place around her tits. It pushed her flesh up and made it look more copious than it actually was. The leather panties consisted of a tiny piece of leather in the front that hardly covered her bush, and two spaghetti straps that came up over her ass like a jock strap, leaving her entire crotch exposed.

She was also given a snug, small, leather bustier that laced across her front. She laced it as tight as she could on her own, but not so tight she wouldn't be able to breathe. It was not as big as Christine's, and left a great deal more flesh exposed. For her feet, she was given thigh high leather boots instead of stockings and a garter belt.

She zipped up the boots and looked at herself in the mirror. Christine was right. The outfit did feel sexy. Maybe it was a combination of the outfit and the anticipation of what was to follow now that they had drank the sperm, intoxicated themselves with powerful drugs and dressed for the occasion. Whatever was going to happen next, it was going to be interesting.

Julianna came in and went right to Pam's stall. Pam could see her in the mirror standing behind her with her hands clasped behind her like a soldier at parade rest.

"You look great," Julianna said, smiling.

"Thanks. You look hot, too."

"You're kind to say so. Come with me and we can get started." She held her hand out like she was helping up a little girl who had fallen off a swing. Pam put her hand in Julianna's, feeling a little silly about being led around like this, and let herself be led out of the room and down the hall. Her excitement had made her terrifically wet. Without the benefit of cloth panties on her crotch to soak it up, her juices were running down the insides of her thighs. It had been a long time since she was this excited at the prospect of being sexually violated. The anticipation alone was going to make her orgasm.

The room they entered was the most bizarre yet. The hallway that led to it darkened, like they were entering a cave. It did nothing to make Pam feel at ease. The hooded guards at the double doors were two of the huge guys she had seen earlier that night behind the table. They swung the doors open as Julianna approached. Pam was instantly assailed with the smell of more marijuana, and it was much more powerful than she had experienced in the other room. The air was thick with the smoke, like a heavy fog. The breeze from the doors created a swirling pattern she could see in the dim light from the hallway. The light did not penetrate deeply into the dark room. Julianna took Pam in.

The second thing that assailed her from the room was the music. The particular song she recognized, a cut from the first Black Sabbath album. The volume was not unbearably loud, but loud enough to make casual conversation difficult.

There was a long, curved table along one wall. Many people in hooded cloaks were seated around it. Pam could just make this much out in the darkness. She knew there were many of them because of the glowing coals on the ends of their joints. In front of it, inside the semi-circular table, was a smaller table. Its purpose was not immediately obvious.

Pam was handed over to a pair of muscular men, and Julianna departed into the shroud of darkness. The men held her arms gently, but she could tell by their grip that they were not weak men. They took her to a stool in the center of the room, where a bright light shined straight down from the ceiling, and turned her to face the table. Someone approached her out of the darkness, a girl, about her height. With her was another girl, who was holding a variety of objects Pam could not see clearly.

"Hold your wrists up," the girl said above the noise of the music. She had a soft, lyrical quality to her voice. Pam recognized the voice. This girl must be someone she had spoken with the week before during rush week. Unfortunately, she could not recall the girl's face.

Pam held her wrists up and the girls strapped wide leather cuffs around them, securing them tightly. Pam flexed her fingers. The leather straps felt like handcuffs. Small, brass rings were attached to the cuffs, just like the ring on the collar.

"Now your ankles," the girl said. The muscular guys pulled Pam back and sat her on the stool. The surface of the stool was cold against her bare ass. The girl stooped down in front of Pam. The guys held her arms and hands to keep her steady while Pam held up first one ankle, then the other. The girl strapped leather cuffs around them just like the ones around her wrists. The cuffs would obviously make it difficult to remove the boots.

"Put your arms behind your back," the girl said, and moved out of Pam's vision. Pam complied with her request, holding her wrists together behind her back. After a moment, she felt a pair of hands doing something to the cuffs. She had an idea what was happening, and her suspicion was confirmed when a quick jerk locked her wrists together tightly. She heard a soft cry of surprise escape past her lips despite her efforts to keep herself under control.

What happened next was something she hadn't expected. The girl moved Pam's hair aside, looped the straps that bound her wrists together through the ring on the collar, and gently, slowly, drew her wrists up between her shoulder blades, just to the point where it began to be painful, and tied it off.

Pam groaned, and her teeth gritted together. Her chest was thrust out and she was unable to move her arms or hands at all. She was trapped half nude in a room full of horny men. The thought of them doing it to her made her whimper and rock her hips like a cat in heat. She was ready to cum before they even touched her.

The girls came around and held their hands out, motioning for Pam to stand. The guys helped her to her feet, even though she could have done it on her own. The girls stood silently in front of her while the guys gently forced her down to her knees. Pam waited anxiously for what they might do next. Were they going to rape her right there? Would she have to endure a barrage from all these guys at once? In a way, she kind of hoped they would do it to her like that. There was a time in high school when she would have done anything to make it with the whole football team at once.

But they weren't going to do that. Both girls kneeled down with Pam. The one who seemed to be the assistant appeared to be holding some sort of case, like a briefcase. The first girl popped open the snaps and lifted the lid. The case was full of makeup, but very little that she was familiar with. Most of it was big sticks and jars of bright colors, like the stuff a clown might use.

The girl took our one of the paint sticks. Pam tried to see her face under the hood, but could see nothing in the shadow. The smoke from the weed had made her dizzy, extremely stoned, and she had to consciously blink when her eyes dried out.

The girl smeared the paint on Pam's face in strange patterns. Pam couldn't figure out what she was doing. Was this a part of the humiliation? The girl switched to a different color. Pam felt very weird.

Finally, she finished and took a moment to survey her work. The assistant had disposed of the case and proffered a hand mirror. The first girl held up the mirror so Pam could see the results. Pam's eyes grew wide. Her cheeks, forehead, and the bridge of her nose were painted with red, yellow and white stripes, like war paint. At first she was horrified, but her reaction quickly changed. The war paint gave her a sinister, sexy look, very much like the way Adam Ant looked. Pam actually smiled as she turned her face to examine the effect in the mirror.

The girls got up and disappeared again. One of the guys gently laid his hand on her shoulder in case she thought she was supposed to get up as well.

"Open your mouth," the girl commanded from over Pam's right shoulder. Pam swallowed and opened her mouth. "Wider." Pam stretched her jaw wider. She didn't clearly see the object that went into her mouth, but it looked like a large, red ball made of hard plastic. The gag wedged her jaw open and was strapped behind her head. Pam wanted to scream, but the gag prevented her from getting a sound out. All she heard was a weak, choked squeal from her throat.

The guys pulled her to her feet and sat her on the stool again. The soft voiced girl appeared with a length of leather rope. She knelt at Pam's feet and looped either end of the narrow leather strip through the rings on the ankle cuffs. With one quick, hard tug, her ankles were locked together. She wrapped the strip a couple of times around both ankles, and tied it tight.

Pam looked around uncertainly at the people surrounding her. She could see one or two of them whispering something to each other, but the music made it impossible for her to hear. She squirmed on the seat, hanging on the verge of an orgasm. She was nervous about letting herself go. A climax would feel so good, and it would not take much more from these people to send her off.

Pam was completely helpless and almost shivering with fear and anticipation. The two girls stood back and the two muscular guys picked her up and carried her to the small table, which they laid her across, face down. The surface was cold and hard, like the seat of the stool. With no way to support herself with her arms, her cheek and tits were pressed flat against the table.

"Relax," said the girl with the distinctly soft voice. Pam felt her warm hand on her ass cheek. Pam was relaxed, but curious about what they were doing. They had her ass up, so this might be where they were going to fuck her. Would all of these guys line up to give it to her one after the other? It might be a little difficult with her ankles tied together, but she would do her best.

The gentle hand on her ass spread her cheeks apart. Pam prepared herself to get fucked in the ass, which was fine with her. Her hips churned. She would probably cum as soon as she felt a dick pushing into her.

Something cold and slippery touched her asshole. At first she thought it was a greased up cock and relaxed to let it enter her. She quickly realized, however, that the object was much too cold to be a man's cock, and much too large to be forced into her rectum. She screamed, vainly, since the gag muffled her voice, and thrashed, tightening her asshole to force it out. The icy cold steel rod had already made its way into her body and was pushing deeper. As the pain increased, she tried to beg the girl to take it out, but the gag prevented her, even stifling her sobs. A few tears fell from her eyes to the highly polished table top. The pain increased until it was all the way inside her. She tried to force her legs apart as wide as she could, despite the restraint of the cuffs around her ankles. Nothing she did could alleviate the pain.

A hand was twisting the steel rod inside her. It was numbing cold, like it had been left overnight in a freezer. She heard the soft click of a switch and felt a strange buzzing in her asshole. It took her a few moments to realize it was a faint electrical current from the steel pole that was tickling her insides. The current shot right through her clitoris to her brain with the most exquisite sensation she had ever felt. She came instantly, screaming behind the gag and thrashing on the table against her restraints. One of the girls kept her hand on Pam's bare back to keep her from throwing herself off the table.

When Pam finally calmed down, the girl motioned to the guys, who approached and flipped Pam gently onto her back. Pam was delirious from the incredible orgasm. The current continued to tickle her deep inside her body. A hand reached inside her panties and she winced, feeling a hot flash of desire rush through her body. Warm fingers smeared grease between the lips of her cunt. The girl spread her legs, exposing her wet cunt.

Pam raised her head to see what was happening to her. The guys were holding her knees apart. The soft voiced girl turned away to her assistant, and turned back to Pam. Pam's eyes grew wide again. In the girl's hands was a long, thick, bumpy plastic penis, big enough to dwarf Stacy's. The girl lowered it between Pam's thighs. Pam dropped her head to the table and screamed as the dildo disappeared into her pussy. She feared the huge thing was going to rip her open. It, too, was ice cold.

Holding it firmly inside Pam's tight cunt, the girl flicked another switch, and the new object began vibrating madly. Pam screamed once more as her body orgasmed violently, then she passed out and was still.

The girl looked at Pam, then looked at the other guys. One of them shrugged. The girl shrugged. The people sitting around the table were watching. Most of them pulled off their hoods. They began to talk to each other in hushed murmurs. One of the men quickly moved around the table to Pam and checked her pulse.

"She's ok," he said. "Just sleeping." He went casually back to his seat and the girl motioned to one of the big guys in the corner. As he stepped forward, the girl's assistant moved up behind Pam's head and tied a blindfold over her eyes.

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