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The Health Club



Once upon a time, in a suburb far, far away....

Dave couldn’t believe he was doing this. Would this work? Would they laugh at him? Or worse would he get arrested? Could you arrest someone for a proposition? With his stomach in knots he walked into the health club.

This was not just a health club. It was a nudists club, health club; swimming pool all rolled into one. Dave was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he was low on cash, so he had devised this plan to get him a free membership at the club.

‘Hi’, Dave said, as he met the receptionist.

‘Hello, how can I help you?’, the receptionist smiled. She was a cute blond maybe 19? 20? It seemed as if they had sprayed her uniform on. A real tight shirt hugging those marvelous breasts. And wow, make no mistake; there were two fine nipples just barely recognizable under the material. There were perfectly placed.

Dave snapped back into reality. ‘Ahh, I am interested in becoming a member here’.

With an ear to ear smile the receptionist looked him over, and said, ‘Great, have a seat over there and the next available person will give you a tour of the complex..’ Dave sat down and read some of the magazines on the table. It was your typical waiting room, magazines on the coffee table surrounded by to plush couches.

Five minutes later, some old guy came out of the back; the receptionist pointed to Dave and said something. Dave’s heart sank. ‘Dammit’ he thought. Just my luck. Ohh well, fuck this. Dave was about to leave when, the old guy said ‘ Na, I’m going on break right now. Barbara should be here any minute. She can give him the tour’.

Almost on cue, a lady walked into the club. The receptionist said, ’Speak of the devil’

‘Hi Guys’, Barbara said. She was a middle-aged woman, just your typical looking suburban lady. She was, large boned, but not fat. Not ugly but not hot either. Although, she did have a sensuous quality about her. And in fact Dave began to notice that she had a fairly impressive rack, but she was hiding it under her business attire.

Barbara punched in and talked with the receptionist for a bit. Then she walked over to Dave and smiled. ‘Hi, my name is Barbara. I’ll be showing you around’.

And with that they were off down the hall. They made small talk as she showed him the health club, basketball, racket ball, tennis courts etc. It was a top notch facility. Then as they made there way to the lounge Dave was shocked. There were naked and semi-naked people everywhere. However, one thing that struck Dave as odd was that half of the ladies had some type of clothes on but most of the men were nude. Penises, testicals and pubic hair on display. But it seemed ‘normal’. It was weird.

A nude couple went briskly walking by. They exchanged hellos with Barbara and walked on, with breasts and balls bouncing as they did. The man’s penis although semi-erect was small. It didn’t seem to bother him though. They just walked on by. The lady was a little bit over weight but had huge sloppy jugs. Dave loved the way they swayed and jiggled when she walked. Such nice big nipples....

Dave must have been staring a little bit too much.

‘Ah em’ Barbara cleared her throat looking at Dave rather sternly. ‘Is this your first time being at a naturalist health club?’

Dave responded, ‘Ahh yes, it’s all a little new to me. But I’ve always had an interest in ...’ Barbara interrupted him, ‘And how old are you? Are you sure that you can afford this place? It is very expensive!’

‘Nailed’, Dave thought. He was only a nineteen-year-old college student, with very little money. ‘I’m 19, and I can pay, don’t worry about that,’ Dave assured her.

Suspicious, Barbara continued the tour. The weight room, outdoor volleyball courts etc. This place is great Dave thought. It has everything, it’s close to his house and my god some of the women walking around here were hot as hell.

‘Ok, next on the agenda, the locker room and sauna, pool etc.’, Barbara continued,’ We have a community locker room setting. Both men and women can change here. People are allowed to be clothes free here as long as they would like. Infact that is the rule everywhere except for the weight room. You must have clothes on in the weight room. However, there are separate booths if someone feels uncomfortable changing in front on someone else. We try to create a family atmosphere here, where everyone can feel comfortable’. As Barbara carried on Dave looked around the room. There was a group of teen-age girls giggling putting on their clothes. They stopped giggling as a man came in to his locker. Sweating from his work out he stripped his shirt off. Shoes and socks followed. The girls acted non-chalauntly, but it was obvious that they were enjoying looking at this man getting naked a few feet from them. They felt safe in this environment, they were clothed, they outnumbered him and besides this was in the health club, it was no big deal. Down went the bvd’s and his cock sprang out. The girls started giggling again, the guy’s face turned red as he walked by them on his way to the shower stalls. His beer gut spilling out and his tiny cock on display. 2 inches barely comin out of the mangled nest of hair.

‘Like I said we try to create a friendly safe, atmosphere,’ Barbara continued. ‘We have community showers, but we also have private stalls also. Although the private stalls are reserved for women only. The men must use the community areas. Here is the steam room, sauna and finally the pool.’

As they continued on, Dave couldn’t believe his eyes. It opened up to an outdoor vista with a huge pool. People were sunbathing everywhere. Oiled naked bodies glistening in the sun. Dave caught the eye of the lifeguard. Naked except for her Red hat, whistle and bikini bottom she looked at him with sly interest almost flirting. She was perfect, large full breasts, a tapered waist and a bottom that flared out in perfect curves.

Her lifeguard friend was a guy about 18. Really cut, not an ounce of fat on him. Naked except for his red hat and whistle he stood guard over the pool. Hi cock on display, balls hanging low in the noon day sun. It seemed like in this sea of average humanity, these two lifeguards really stood out. They were almost like ornaments on display. Two perfect specimens of tight hard bodies, yet amply endowed.

As Barbara continued her spiel about the pool’s ph and Olympic size and the whirlpools etc, Dave noticed that the men around the pool lustfully looked at the baywatch looking lifeguard girl. Was it his imagination, the women seemed to, behind their sunglasses, be ogling the young male lifeguard. Most of the men in the club were old overweight and had shriveled penises. This lifeguard stood proudly, his penis a thick limp 4 inches.

Having seen the pool, Barbara and Dave made their way back to the front offices. ‘So how did you like it’, Barbara asked.

‘Great! This is perfect. It’s really close to my house, it has all of the facilities that I need, and it is the type of atmosphere I am looking for.’

Sitting back down in Barbara's office she pulled out some forms for Dave to fill out.

‘Okay, then we offer several different packages’ Barbara gave her sales pitch. Dave was sunk. No way could he pay the 1000 joining fee and 40 a month fees. ‘So how do you intend to pay? Credit card?’

Dave’s stomach was in knots. He was hoping for someone not like Barbara. He wanted, some horny old ugly broad that was a little bit sleazy. But Barbara was so classy. She was all business, but she still had sort of a mom look to her. And she did radiate a joy from her. Although she was in her late 40s she still have something. And she intimidated him. Maybe it was her piecing blue eyes, or maybe it was her huge rack.. But regardless, this is what he came here to do. What the hell. Try it he thought.

‘Actually, I can’t pay that way but I think I have a proposition for you, I think I can..’ ‘What?’, Barbara said in a loud angry tone. ‘I wasted all this time showing you...’. Dave took some initiative and interrupted her. ‘PLEASE! Let me explain’ Temporarily pacified, Barbara relented. ‘Ok explain!’ she said.

‘Okay. I think I have a way to increase you club’s member ship by....well by a lot!. If I could do this for you could I have a free membership here?’

Barbara was amused. She knew this guy was full of crap the minute he came into the place. But she thought he was cute, so she played along this whole time. ‘Okay and just how do you propose to do that?’

‘Well’ Dave said in a hushed toned, kind of embarrassed, sitting forward getting closer to her he said, ‘If you increase your female membership, the men will follow.’

‘I agree’, said Barbara, ‘But how do you plan to increase the female membership? Do you think just because you are young and handsome that women will flock to this place just to be close to you?’, Barbara mocked him.

‘Look, I saw those lifeguards and the hot receptionist that you have. In fact ALL of the employees here are really good looking.’ he said looking her over. (she picked up on the subtle complement, Dave had some breathing room now, he maneuvered for the kill). ‘It seems to me that this place invests in getting employees that help to make the club more enjoyable for it’s members. I know it’s a family orientated club but having some eye candy never hurt anyone.’

Dave had her cornered. She new it was true. Barbara’s mind drifted back to when she interviewed the male lifeguard. ............... .......‘Your qualifications are excellent Mike. And I’m glad that you are so eager to begin. Are you sure that you will be comfortable with your uniform and your expectations?‘, Barbara exclaimed with a raised eyebrow.

‘Yes’, Mike answered.

‘Are you sure? Your uniform will consists ONLY of a red baseball cap and a whistle?’, Barbara’s voice was a mix of genuine concern (she like the boy and didn’t want to see him taking advantage of), and also of lust (she really wanted to see this young man naked!). During the interview she couldn’t help but notice, his cute face, chiseled body, and the impressive bulge in his shorts.

Mike gulped,’ I thought I would have trunks on? The other lifeguard had a bikini bottom on?’

Hiding a smile Barbara said, ‘Look Ms. Anderson owns this place and that is her policy. Not mine. This is a clothing optional facility. We encourage people to lose those chains that bind them and relax and have fun. All of our employees must be comfortable with their own bodies, so that they lead by example. Are you okay with that? It’s part of the job.’

Sheepishly Mike said. ‘Aahh, ok’

‘Great!‘, Triumphantly Barbara continued, ‘Well, before it’s official we need to see how you look and act in your uniform’. God she loved her job. She took out a red cap and whistle from the shelves in the back. ‘Here try them on’

Mike took the hat and put it on and smiled and said, ’ it fits’

Barbara, ‘Excellent! But that is not what I mean. I need to see how you will look out on the pool deck. And then we need to begin your training.’


‘Yes training, then if you pass you will be hired. Good pay, health care and free access to the club in your off hours. It is a great opportunity for you. Now stop dilly dallying and get out of those clothes.’

Barbara sat back in here chair. Mike pulled of his shirt. ‘Nice’ Barbara thought to herself. She admired his abdominals, flexing pecs and biceps. Shoes, socks, and shorts being removed. Ummm she was loving this. Ha, she thought as he turned his back to remove his underwear. How quaint. Oohh, nice butt she thought, as it came into view. Not an once of fat and not hairy like the Neanderthals around the club. She admired his backside. He looked like he was sculpted. what legs! powerful and everything was just right.

‘Excellent Mike. Very good so far. But, turn around please’

He tried to cover his manhood with his hands. Not an easy thing to do. He had a lot to hide.

‘Don’t forget your hat and whistle’

‘Ohh ya’

His cock came into full view as he put on the cap and whistle. Then he again tried in vain to cover it.

‘Okay, arms at your side please’, Barbara said, standing up walking over to get a closer inspection. With her hand on his waist she circled him. ‘Very nice. .’

Under her burning gaze his cock began to grow. ‘Oooh my’, Barbara exclaimed as her eyes widened in response to the spectacle.

They both watched as it stiffened. What had been a limp four-inch cock a moment ago with folds of skin on the shaft was now on the move. As it became thicker and longer, the folds of skin beginning to disappear to just a smooth surface, Barbara's eyes fastened on his swelling cock, and she exclaimed, ‘Michael‘?

As Barbara surveyed his now brazen erection, she estimated it to be about 7 inches of thick cock meat. She loved how it arched out at a 45-degree angle. She marveled at how hard he could get without any physical stimulation. Her husband was such high maintenance.

‘Oohh jeez I'm sorry’ Mike said embarrassed as all hell with this fully clothed lady (now his boss) looking at him naked with a full boner.

With her hand still on his hip, and her eyes going from his penis to his eyes and back to his penis she cooed, ‘Oooooh, don’t worry about it. This topic comes up (her eyes twinkled at the pun) every so often. As long as we are on the subject, this is our policy on erections here at the club. If you have a semi erection that is fine. In fact the women will love you for it.’ she winked at him. ’But anything more then that and you will be expected to ‘go on break’ for a few minutes to ‘remedy’ the situation. I must warn you that somehow...word has gotten out about our policy and you may have an unsavory lady or two follow you to try to sneak a peek. This is totally against club rules!! (some rules are never enforced she thought to herself with a smile) They may joke about it. Ask you where you are going. Maybe even be brazen enough to ask if you need a hand.

Now remember Mike, ‘You are supposed to not only be a lifeguard but also to be an ambassador of good will. Even if a lady is not following the club rules, and is ogling (to emphasize she paused for a few seconds, and looked right at his cock and stared, tilting her head from side to side, and sort of licking her lips) you, you must remain pleasant. You are NOT a gigolo. You will NOT have relations with the members. However, if you get cornered by a woman or two in some private area of the club. Perhaps a steam room or they ask you for help in one of the private shower stalls reserved for women for example... well then you can use some indiscretion. If they touch you, (and to emphasize Barbara put a warm hand on Mike’s back and her other on his flat stomach) be pleasant, be confident. Joke with them. (Barbara’s hands now traveling. felt his butt and the front of his thighs.)

Looking like a frightened squirrel Mike said, ‘ Can, they touch my ah...’

‘Penis!’, Barbara thundered, ‘Your cock, your balls. Ooh yes they can, and you will let them’. To add emphasis her hand which had been stroking his thighs and grabbed his shaft. She gave it a few tugs then fondled his balls. Rolling them in her fingers. She admired their weightiness. Eyes still glued on his cock, she smiled and started stroking his cock very slowly. ‘Now if it is some really ugly old lady doing this to you, give her a second or two of fondling, before you pleasantly make up some excuse and have to get back to work or something. But if you like them you can show some more leniency.’

Barbara’s hand continued the work on the now engorged penis. She looked up from that big cock to Mike’s eyes. She smiled,’You must like me, you are allowing me a lot of time’. Barbara couldn’t believe herself she was out of control she had never been so unprofessional. But what the hell she thought. She sank down to her knees and put that big head in her mouth. Her hot wet mouth suckled that big head like a lolly pop. She would then run her mouth and tongue along the shaft then she would always return to the big head. Sucking for all she was worth. She made a lot of sucking and slurping noises, coating his cock with her saliva. She would pucker her lips and kiss the head and then let it into her mouth, which gratefully sucked on the head.

She loved the taste. With her mouth full of cock she took in a deep breath through her nose. She loved the smell and the taste. Oohh she was loving this. Not one to ever neglect a mans balls she pulled his big cock out of her mouth and started licking his big balls. All the while her hands were stroking the big cock furiously.

‘I’m going to come,’ Mike whispered.

Gaining a bit of sanity Barbara regained her composure. ‘Great, although it’s against are club rules. Things should never get that far but just incase they do you have two choices. The first is very rare and only happens if the lady is adamant about doing it. You may cum in her mouth. The second is you must take out a towel.’ Barbara took out towel and told him what to do. ‘Get on your knees about the towel and jack off. Make sure that none of the cum misses the towel, unless of course your capable of shooting past the towel. That is always a welcome site. Well now, don’t be shy. Stroke it!

Mike’s hand wrapped around his cock and started jacking off furiously. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he felt the cum welling up in his sack. He was startled when he heard and saw the flash of the Polaroid camera.

‘Don’t worry’, cajoled Barbara ‘This is for Ms. Anderson’s private file. She likes to have our employees on file for her own personal use. Don’t worry they will not be made public. Now come on lets go. You are a lifeguard. Pretend you have only 2 more minutes on break. You need to get rid of that big hulking erection. We can’t have you by the pool with that big cock erect can we? Stroke it. Stroke it. Ooh ya.’

What a site. Mike was on his knees before Barbara's watchful gaze naked stroking his cock. With Barbara quietly chanting ‘Stroke it! Stroke that big cock! Squirt! Let me see it squirt!

‘Oohh!’ gasped Barbara.

The first stream fired out of his cock head. It made her pussy so wet. Gosh look at that thing shoot she thought. Jet after jet followed. Long streams of cum flying from that big virile cock and....

..... ............................

‘Barbara? Barbara?’ Dave asked.

‘Ahh yes, sorry, I was just thinking. Please continue’, sputtered Barbara., all hot and bothered.

‘Like I was saying, I know it’s a family orientated club but having some eye candy never hurt anyone. Maybe even those employees flirt a little with the club patrons. It’s just good business. Nothing wrong with that. Just a smile here or there. But ultimately they will see through that. What you need is someone who can be undercover and that is me. I will make the ladies happy and they will bring their friends and you will get more business. And all I ask in return is a free membership to your club. What do you think?’


‘I admit my interest is peaked. But ultimately I can’t just give away a membership. And do you really have what it takes to be this ‘draw’ you claim you will be?’

Dave felt encouraged, this might work after all. This conversation was moving to his ace in the hole, his strength. He was hoping that under this proper middle aged exterior was a horny woman. At least someone who wouldn’t get angry and throw him out. Now or never he thought.

‘What is the biggest penis you have ever seen in this club’, Dave asked looking her in the eye, searching her.

The question startled Barbara for a second. In fact she was so enamored with this young man she didn’t even think to censure herself. Her thoughts wandered to the time she measured Mikes cock.. ‘7 and a half inches’, she blurted out. She turned red.

‘Well. I know I’m not the best looking guy, but I think I can be a ‘draw’ for this place because...Well because I am quite large down there. way beyond 7 and a half inches.’

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