tagIncest/TabooThe Helpful Son Ch. 05

The Helpful Son Ch. 05


This is the fifth chapter of this story. If you haven't read the first four, I recommend you go to my profile to easily find the link to them. As a side note, the trip that Pam and her son Zack are on in Chapter 4 is the trip you will read about here.


"Jean, I have a question for you."

Swallowing her food, Jean responds, "What's that Zack?"

"I know that we all agreed that you are in control of everything, and I'm fine with that. However, this whole thing has really changed my mom. She is convinced that it wouldn't take much effort to convert not only her sister, but also my cousin to join us. She talked it over with me, and I agreed to at least bring it up with you. She wants to know if we can try when the two of us go to meet them this weekend."

"Thank you for asking first, but I'm not sure I want to allow you that option. How does this benefit me any?" Jean took another bite of her salad. "Wait, I thought you didn't talk with your family."

"As far as I was aware, the relationship between them and my mom was strained. I guess my mom finally contacted her sister about a year ago and they have been repairing the relationship. And in regards to benefits, it would provide us with some more fun during family visits, which might become a little more frequent if it works. Mom thinks that she has a failsafe way to do this." I took another drink of my soda. "Oh, and I was asked to give you this." I handed a picture across the table to Jean.

The picture was of my Aunt Janine's family. This picture was the first time I have seen anything more than old family photos of my relatives, and was I stunned. I'm not sure how it happened, but my mom's side of the family is unusually well blessed with beauty. If you weren't looking at her face, Janine could pass easily for my mom in almost every aspect. Her face is a little less rounded than moms, though she is seven years older. She has blond hair down to her neck, and her breasts look about the same size as mom's do. Her daughter Tesha is also in the photo, and also has a body that makes men drool. At 19, she is smaller then her mom and has blond hair down to her lower back, and breasts that seem unnatural, but my mom claims are real. Her face is also beautifully rounded, and could melt lead with her smile. The photo also included my uncle Dan and my other cousin Tyler, who is 12.

Jean has been looking at the photo for a little bit now. After several minutes, she finally speaks up. "Your mom is sure this will work?"

"She claims it will. I'm not sure how though."

"Then I will allow it, on one condition. I am going to get some equipment for you and I want you to set up some cameras and record the whole thing." Jean handed back the photo and grabbed her fork for another bite.

"I promise. If this works, you won't regret it."

Two days later, mom and I were greeted by her sister's family as we entered the terminal. I was immediately taken back by how much the photo did not portray. Janine and Tesha were more beautiful than I expected. Mom and Janine exchanged a long and tearful hug as I greeted the rest of the family. I then received the same treatment from Janine. I found that she was slightly taller than mom, reaching my own height of 5'11. Uncle Dan was about the same, while I had to bend down slightly to hug Tesha. We immediately talked about the trip as we collected our bags and headed to the van. By the time we got to their house, I had heard so many variations of "I'm so glad we finally got together," that I was ready to flip.

While they claimed that we unfortunately only had one spare bedroom, I mentioned that I don't mind sleeping on the floor so that I'm not taking up the family room couch. I knew I wouldn't be on the floor but it gave mom and I an excuse to be alone. They left us to unpack before mom and I briefly went over the plans. It would happen tomorrow, and mom would work things up till that night. She said that she was aware that things were getting a little shaky between Janine and Dan, and that she was going to use that as an angle.

The next morning, Dan drove Tyler out to his campout. He was in the Boy Scouts, and had spent the night home instead of leaving the night before so he could meet his family. The next afternoon, Tesha and I drove around town catching up on our missed childhood experiences while mom and Janine went out to eat. I found out that Tesha worked at a local Target in the fashion department. She was getting ready to enter a nearby community college, possibly to pursue some field of medicine. She was not seeing anyone at the moment, but had recently ended a relationship because he wanted to move on from high school. We even ran into some of her friends while at a coffee shop. One of them even began flirting with me. I seemed to hit it off with Tesha better than expected, and we agreed to try and keep in touch. I found out that I was her only cousin, whereas I have two from my dad's side.

We got home a little bit before dinner. Dan grilled out and we ate dinner on the deck. Just after dinner, mom pulled me aside to say that she thought it might actually work. She found out that Dan had been acting a bit weird, pulling late hours, unwilling to have sex, and seemingly uninterested in Janine. That seems odd considering Janine's beauty, but it is making Janine a bit worried that he is cheating on her. Not only was this weekend his weekend to manage the night crew, Tyler was now at his campout. I began to see just how much planning mom had done.

As we talked, I set up a camera behind a plant in the guest room we were in. After this, I set up a camera in Tesha's room behind her row of stuffed bears on her desk hutch. I set up a final camera in the master bedroom that Janine and Dan sleep in. I figured I would try to work Tesha as well. I then set up a computer with a couple of 200 GB external hard drives. Getting everything up and running, I set it up so when I pressed a button, every camera would turn on and record onto the extra hard drives. I finished in enough time to head downstairs to join everyone and say goodbye to Dan before he left. Tesha headed up to her room to work on a project she was working on. Within about half an hour, mom was busy talking to Janine downstairs. Everything was set to record at a push of a button. Getting tired of the conversation, I went upstairs to turn on the system before heading to Tesha's room. I knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" she responded.

"It's me, Zack. Can I come in?" I start to grab for the door handle.

"Just a sec, let me clean a few things up." I heard some rustling within the room before the door opened. "What's up?

"Nothing much. Our mom's are catching up and I didn't really want to stick around during that. Figured I would see what you were working on." I noticed that her face was flushed, a little more than would be expected for sitting around working.

Straightening her body a bit, she turned and walking into the room. "I was just working on this project. You might be interested in it. It's a history of my family, including your half of it." She pointed to page she had out. "I was working on adding your family into it. I had nothing more than a note about your mom in it. Maybe you can help me fill this in."

I sat on the edge of her bed and began answering some questions about the family. After about fifteen minutes of this, I told her I was could get her better information when I got home. She put the pencil down and come over to lie down next to me.

"Zack, you mentioned that you were seeing somebody earlier. How long have you known her?"

"I've known her for a little while now, but we just started getting serious about a month ago. I like her a lot, and we get along wonderfully. What about you? What happened to you?"

Tesha began explaining how her last boyfriend left her after two years because he needed to move on from high school. He wanted to go to college a free man and having a girlfriend would hinder him. Lame excuse if you ask me. She took it pretty hard, though it is probably him who is missing out.

I reached over and grabbed her hand. Looking at her, I said "Don't worry. Sometimes things aren't meant to be. It took me several tries to find Jean. I'm sure you'll find someone worthy." Pausing a second, I added, "And with a body and face like yours, I'm sure guys are interested."

She pulled her hand away and put it on her stomach. "Yeah, but that sometimes makes it hard to determine what they want...me or my body."

"After having spent the day getting to know you, I could see me asking you out if we weren't related."

I'm not sure what exactly did it, but it was but a few seconds after I said that that Tesha leaned over and looked me in the eyes. "Let's pretend we weren't cousins for a little while." With that she leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't the most romantic kiss, but that was okay.

"I think we can pretend that for a little while," I responded as I grabbed her body and pulled her close. Wrapping my hands around her waist, I gave her a more romantic kiss, long with just the right amount of tongue. Ending the kiss, I placed one hand on her cheek and leaned her head back as I began to plant kisses on her neck. Her head twisted as she began to suck on my thumb.

Running my hands down her sides, I wrapped them around her waist, wrapped my legs around hers, and rolled onto my back, bringing her on top of me. Sitting up, she began to run her hands down to my stomach before slowly pushing my shirt up. Her hands explored my belly first, then my chest as she leaned forward and began to place kisses onto my body. Her fingers twirled my light amount of chest hair. My hands explored her lower body as she pushed my shirt up to my neck. Helping her out, I reached for my shirt and pulled it off. She continued to play with my chest as she tip-toed her fingers up my body, then up my neck, and placed her index finger on my lower lip. She then slid her finger into my mouth and I sucked on it as I felt her other hand unzipping my pants. Sliding down between my legs, she reaching down with both hands, unbuttoned my pants and began to pull them down. I lifted my butt in the air as she slipped them off, her body maneuvering to get the pants completely off my body. By now, my cock was beginning to get hard, though it still had some room to go. Once she was done with that, she then did the same with my underwear, both of us going through the same motions.

With my underwear now off, her hands slid up my legs towards my developing erection. Her body flattened on the end of the bed as her hands wrapped around my phallus and she began to play with it. After lightly feeling the texture of my cock, she then spit on the end of it and massaged it around. By now I was feeling completely engorged as her hands slowly moved up and down my cock.

"I've given head a few times Zack, but I have never seen one this full before. I think you might be the perfect person to help me lose my virginity. This is going to feel wonderful."

"You're still a virgin?" This was surprising. I figured she would have taken advantage of her body and fooled around a bit for practice.

A pair of beautiful eyes looked up at me from behind my cock and answered. "I've been saving that part of my body for a special moment." Looking back at my cock, she added, "I think this might be it, even if we are family." She grinned, and then opened her mouth and slid my cock inside.

I felt her lips tighten as her tongue flicked around inside. She only took in the head of my cock, but based on what I was feeling, it was obvious that she wasn't kidding when she said she had given a few blowjobs before. She handled herself well, using her tongue to excite every spot of my head she could. She slid her mouth down a little further and continued. I've had a few blowjobs myself, but this was the best I've ever received. "Keep it up Tesha, this is wonderful," I encouraged. I could barely feel the back of her mouth hitting the tip of my cock as her tongue massaged the shaft. Wanting to see what she could do, I placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed down, sliding my cock into her throat. She accepted it well, and after about ten seconds, I let her go as she began to gag. "Pretty good," I told her. Then, without warning, she took it all again without prompting. The third time she did it, I immediately unloaded myself right down her throat. She had done such a good job that a cum/spit mixture began to slowly ooze out of the side of her mouth as her throat and mouth filled up. Pulling out, I sprayed a few shots onto her face as my orgasm subsided. Like a thirsty dog needing water, she licked up every last drop. When she finished, I asked, "Did you like that?"

"Holy shit that was good! It felt like my mouth was about to rip itself open from the strain you are putting on it. And man did that taste good. Definitely one of the best BJ's I've ever given. I want more," she finished as she dove down to go at it again.

Grabbing her hair, I pulled it back to stop her. "You can have some more later. We have other things to do." With that I smiled and nodded my head. Her nod showed me that she was ready to listen. I let go of her hair and continued, "Stand up on the bed." Without pause I watched her get up on her feet. I reached over and turned on the alarm radio she had on the nightstand next to the bed. Finding a good station, I turned the volume down a bit so it didn't blare through the whole house and layed back down. "I'm sure you have heard of a lap dance before. Well, I want you to give me a bed dance."

Needing no encouragement, Tesha began to slowly sway her hips side to side. Her hands ran up the side of her body as she tried to move with the music. Every few beats of the drum her hips shot left and right. Her legs straddled my waist as her body bent down, her head almost touching my chest and her hair brushing my body. Standing back up, her hands reached for the ceiling as she moved her belly in a poor attempt at imitating Shakira. As her hands pulled down, she slid them down the side of her body and began to rapidly sway her hips in a circle above me. Turning away from me, she quickly undid her pants and bent her ass down to my face. With her hair brushing my crotch she reached forward and slid her hands along my legs from my feet to my crotch, grabbed hold of my cock and gave a few jerking motions in time with the music before standing up again. Sliding her hands along the waist of her pants, she slowly pushed them down to her knees as she once again bent her ass towards my face. Standing up, she lifted one foot and pulled her leg out of the pants, then repeated that with her other leg, tossing her jeans across the room onto the floor.

At this point, I wasn't too impressed with her dance. As another song ended on the radio, Tesha moved towards the end of the bed and stood above my feet. Bending down to her knees, she repositioned my legs together and then leaned forward, resting her body on my legs. Tesha began to crawl closer towards my face, running her t-shirt covered breasts along my leg, against my crotch, up my belly and chest, and against my face. Her pantied crotch followed and when she went as far as she could on the bed, her body arched upwards and she got back onto her knees above my face. Looking straight at her pussy, I watched her lift her shirt up slowly, raising it above her head and removing it, once again tossing her clothing across the room. She was now wearing only a matching pink lace bra and panty set. She stood up, and moved back to standing around my waist.

Surprisingly, a commercial about a local adult novelty shop played on the radio as she swung her hair around like she was one of Charlie's Angels. Crossing her arms she used her upper arms to squeeze her breasts together as she bent down towards me. While bent forward, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Extending her arms down at me, she grabbed my nipples softly as the bra fell down her arms, landing on my chest. Letting go, she stood back up and left the bra on me. I left it there as she once again began to sway her hips around in circles. Her hands played with her breasts as her whole body moved with the music. A few minutes of dancing took place with her hands exploring every part of her body before she slid a hand into her panties. Pulling the crotch up, you saw her lips surround the thin piece of cloth between. Pulling her hand back out, she began to pull her panties down and off her body, tossing them onto my face as her body bent down to sit on my belly.

Able to see out of one leg hole of her panties, I watched her lean forward, her breasts resting on my chest as she gripped her panties with her teeth. In one swift motion, she pulled her head up, leaned it to one side, and swung her panties to the opposite side, then back, slapping my face with them both times. She then sat up on my belly, and grabbed her panties out of her mouth. Without knowing what she was planning, I watched her reach down to her crotch and begin to rub her clit a few times with her own panties. Then, before I could do anything, she began to stuff them inside. I just watched with amazement as she stuffed all but the tag inside. Quickly reaching forward, I grabbed the tab and yanked the panties out. She gave a quick yelp as this happened, then giggled lightly.

"Okay, I think you are done now. That was enjoyable, but I want you to work on it before our next encounter. Okay?"

With a slight frown, she replies, "Okay. Now what?"

Grinning, I answered her. "Now, you get what you asked for earlier. I want you to scoot back and impale yourself."

Without question, Tesha moved herself back and lifted her body up. Positioning herself, she slowly guided my rock hard cock up to her pussy. She was slowly beginning to push herself onto it when I intervened.

"I said to impale yourself. That means you are to shove yourself onto it." I gave her a stern look as I said this.

Tesha looked at me questioningly at first, and then give a sigh as she pushed the tip of my cock inside. Once that was in, she looked at me again, and then pushed her whole body down forcefully. As her hymen broke, which my cock felt quite easily, she let out a loud scream.

I stretched my arms up towards her. With tears forming, she laid down on top of me. Wrapping my arms around her, I began to comfort her. "It will be okay; it's supposed to hurt the first time." I could feel the tears forming on my neck. Lifting her head up, I leaned mine forward and gave her a kiss. I think it helped her relax a bit and forget about the pain. "This is going to feel a bit painful at first, but trust me when I say that the pain will subside into pleasure." Grabbing her ass, I began to shift her body almost completely off of my cock, and then pushed her back on. I began to repeat the motions, very slowly at first to help her get used to the feeling. With each push motion, both off and onto my cock, Tesha let out a wince. However, after several minutes of this, the winces slowly became gasps, and then became sighs. It was slow at first, but within about ten minutes, she began to moan in pleasure instead of pain. As this happened, I began to move her faster, with less regard towards easing her into the rhythm.

"Faster Zack. Faster," she whispered as her breasts whipped themselves across my chest.

I began to move her faster and faster as she requested, struggling hard to hold out my own release. I had been working for a while with my mom and Summer, and then Jean, to control myself, and was getting better at it. However, I could only last so long. "Tesha, how are you doing?"

"I feel funny down in my pussy. I think I'm going to orgasm."

"Great. You tell me when you..."

"It's happening," she screamed out.

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