tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hidden Camera Chronicles Ch. 01

The Hidden Camera Chronicles Ch. 01


I had always had a love of voyeur sex. From a young age I can remember trying to sneak a peek at any and all female visitors to our home. When I would spend the night at a friend's house I would anxiously await the opportunity to see a friend's mother in her nightgown or less. When given the opportunity, I even snuck into their bedrooms and rummaged through their panty drawers.

In correspondence with my voyeur fetish is a strong fetish for panties, specifically the panties worn by friends and associates. As I aged, it seemed like I couldn't see a female friend, friend of my wife's or co-worker without have a mind full of thoughts on the types and colors of their panties.

It was the combination of these two fetishes that lead me, at the age of 35, to purchase a small, HD, hidden nanny camera for our home's guest room.

I was nervous at first, of course, but also so turned on at the prospect of what my hidden camera would catch. I contemplated putting the camera in the bathroom, but ultimately decided hiding it discretely in the guest bedroom would yield better results.

The camera sat dormant for several weeks and I started to think that perhaps that making such a purpose had been a mistake.

Then it happened.

My wife, Natalie, informed me that her life-long friend, Sara, 31, was coming to spend two nights at our home, without her husband or her children. Sara is the cliché of a wife's hot friend. She is tall, 5'6-5'7 and slender, no more than 120 at the most. She has a gorgeous face, a beautiful little round ass from years of running and what appear to be perfectly perky little b-cup breasts. As an added bonus for a voyeur like me, she is very conservative in her dress and conversation topics.

A perfect voyeur target if ever there was one.

The night she was to arrive, I set-up my little camera, which has night vision and motion activation, in the guest room and waited for her arrival.

She got to our house late that night after a long drive, around 11 pm or so. I was pleased to see she was still wearing her work clothes, a casual pair of black slacks, cute little blue blouse. The wife and I chatted her up a bit before we all retired to our respective bedrooms. I am not going to lie, I couldn't sleep that night, nervous and hopeful that the hidden camera would work and what it might capture.

The weekend was a blur of sexual anticipation. As much as I wanted Sara to stay and contribute more material to my footage, I couldn't wait for her to leave so I could view the fruits of my labor.

Context clues, such as her walking out dressed holding a towel, assured me, if the camera was working, I had captured some intimate moments, but I still was nervous.

Sunday evening came and went and we said our goodbyes to Sara. That entire evening I was practically begging my wife to go to bed early so I could review the footage. Finally, around 10 pm she was fast asleep. I walked into the guest room and retrieved my camera, went to my study and plugged in the adaptor to my laptop.

I was hard before the first segment even began.

But there it was. The camera operated when Sara turned the lights on and I was watching her walking into the guest room in her smart little black slacks and cute blouse. She put her overnight back on the bed, her back to the camera. I was excited to see her pull out some cotton pants and a tee shirt she planned to wear to bed.

I watched with anticipation, wondering if I was finally going to find out what her conservative little body looked like under her clothes. I knew from my wife that she had been with very few men before her husband, so few have seen what I was about to see.

Sara grabbed her toiletry bag and headed out of the room. I panicked, what if she was going to change in the bathroom, I would miss the entire show. But as she exited the frame I noticed her pajama pants and shirt still on the bed and I knew the time would come.

I slowly stroked my cock as Sara reentered the room. She was standing sideways now, still facing the bed but giving the camera a nice side profile view of her body. Being new to the voyeur game I guess I was expecting some more build-up, but suddenly Sara lifted her cute little blouse over her head and exposed to the camera a pretty little white bra, beneath it her lovely little breasts.

She unbuttoned and slide off her pants next. Underneath she wore a sexy little flesh-toned thong, something I would have never thought for the conservative Sara. Her ass looked absolutely perfect in her panties as she gathered up her clothes and placed them into her overnight bag.

As if she knew I was filming, she turned her body slightly toward the camera and unhooked her front-lathing bra and I nearly exploded at the sight of her perfect b-cup breasts. They had a perfect round shape to them with tender-looking small nipples. After removing the bra, Sara rubbed the underside of each breast a bit, no doubt easing the marks left by her underwire.

Standing in just her thong, Sara raised her hands and put her long, dark hair into a tight ponytail and gave me an amazing view of her breasts. She turned her back to the camera again and slide on her tee-shirt, which was baggy and long. It now became clear I would not see her bare ass or uncovered pussy this time. It was very exciting to watch her slide off her thong under her shirt and slowly pull her cotton pants up under the flowing Tee.

I watched her rearrange her back and get ready for bed before closing the file and switching to something the next morning.

There again, the video sprang to life with her first movement. Sara slowly awoke and checked her phone for messages before disappearing out of the frame. She was gone for so long the motion-activated camera cut off and I had to again switch to the next file.

The camera sprang into action with Sara entering the room with just a towel around her slender frame and a second one tied up around her hair. I was stroking now. Almost immediately she dropped the towel and right before me stood my wife's oldest friend completely naked. The lovely breasts I had witnessed in the previous video looked amazing and more amazing was her fully-shaved, beautiful little pussy. I watched her dry her nude body with the yellow towel she burrowed from our bathroom. Her hands roamed every nook and cranny of her body. I blew my load when she spent a few glorious seconds drying her naked flower.

With her hair still in a towel, she grabbed some lotion out of her bag and walked toward the mirror that hangs on the back of a closet door. This was not the best viewing position, but I was able to see a far-away silhouette of her rubbing her breasts, stomach, thighs and ass with her lotion.

My cock was hard again watching her prance around fully nude, just steps away from where I knew my own bedroom was. She again went into her back and pulled out a small blue thong. She wiggled it up her beautiful legs and adjusted into her ass gracefully. She again hooked a pretty little white bra over her small tits and finished her outfit with a very conservative pair of jeans and a sweater, never letting on the sexy panties and body underneath.

I knew nothing would compare to this show but I browsed the other videos on the memory card, which included another close changing session that night and one in the morning. She didn't shower the morning she left but I busted a second nut when I saw her slide on a very sexy pair of white, lacy boy shorts under her running pants she wore for the long drive.

I shut down the camera and laptop and remembered back to hugging Sara goodbye that Sunday afternoon, not knowing just how racy she was underneath those baggy running pants.

unfortunately, she has never returned without her husband and children, so a repeat capture has been out of the question.

But whenever I see her, I cant help but picture those pretty little tits, her smooth pussy and her sexy panties, something that was a total surprise.

I knew I was hooked on voyeur.

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