tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hidden Camera Chronicles Ch. 02

The Hidden Camera Chronicles Ch. 02


Coming off my amazing first hidden camera experience with Sara, I was hooked. Seeing such a sexy woman undress and go about her daily routine with an knowingly eye watching her turned me on to an extent I cannot explain.

Months went by without another visitor and again I was having doubts about my ability to make good on my camera investment.

So it was with great excitement that my wife, Natalie, announced that my mother-in-law would be spending a night at our home on her way to a conference for work.

My MIL is not a classically sexy woman. She is your typical 55-year-old housewife type. She is about 5'5 or so, not fat but not thin, I would say 165 lbs with a little bit of a belly. But unlike my 31-year-old wife, her daughter, my MIL appeared to have very large, mature, heavy, breasts. Given her age, I was also confident my MIL would have a bush, something men in their mid-30s like myself have only experience in porn.

Like Sara, MIL is very conservative and doesn't allow the slightest bit of her sexuality to be exposed. Again, while a pure sexual attraction was no obviously, I could think of no more taboo voyeur target than my MIL.

MIL arrived on a Sunday for the Monday conference. The guest room was made up with clean sheet, pillows and my hidden camera. We spent the day visiting and chatting. She helped my wife make some homemade deserts as I waited impatiently for her to go to bed.

I again couldn't sleep that night knowing what my camera might capture.

MIL left early the next morning for her conference. My wife and I went about our usual routine, leaving for work at approximately the same time. However, once at work I couldn't concentrate in the least on my duties. All I could think about was the possible footage of my MIL in our spare bedroom.

I faked an illness and raced home to my camera. I again took it from the spare room, my MIL's scent still in the air, and went to my study. I plugged the camera into my laptop and again the scene came to life.

MIL came striding into the room and sat down on the bed. She placed her small overnight back on the floor beside her. She was facing me as she bent down to take off her shoes and socks. Unlike Sara, MIL immediately started to undress, wasting no time finding night clothes in her bag or heading to the bathroom first.

My cock twitched as she quickly undressed, first sliding off her sweatshirt and then reaching behind and unclasping her bra. Her breasts were large and heavy, like I had imagined them. Her nipples were very round and dark with beautiful pointed tips. They sagged just enough to be beautifully mature. I stroked my cock at the sight.

MIL unbuttoned her jeans and quickly slide them to the floor exposing a very covering pair of light green granny panties. They went high up on her belly and covered most of her hips and more than her entire ass, but I somehow still found them sexy. Without hesitation, as if perfectly accepting of her body, she quickly slide off her panties and exposed to me her very full, very dark bush. It was amazingly sexy. Her pubic hair was untrimmed in the least and provided her pussy with an inviting blanket of sexy hair. Standing there nude she gently scratched her bush, just seeing her hand so close to her mature pussy made me swell.

MIL didn't dress right away but rather gathered her dirty clothes and folded them nicely while nude. To my joy, she then bent over to peer into her overnight bag, her lovely, curvy ass pointing right at my camera. As she bent over, I had an amazing view of her ass and further down, the back of her hair pussy. I used freeze frame to capture the erotic moment and stroked my cock until I shot a load.

I rested a few minutes and resumed the video, assuming it was simply be of MIL dressing for bed before the camera went off, but as I was watching, MIL grabbed a pair of pajamas, pants with matching button-up shirt. She put the shirt on, which didn't cover her lovely bush, and buttoned the button few buttons, but before she slid her pants all the way up, her hand moved toward her bushy-pussy. My cock sprang hard again as I was clearly seeing my MIL rub her mature pussy lips. There was no insertion and she clearly wasn't flicking her clit, but there was no doubt about it, she was rubbing her hand over her beautiful mature pussy.

I was stroking my cock as I watched my MIL rub her pussy. She clearly wasn't doing it to get off but she must have been turned on enough that she needed just a little touch.

After a few rubs, she pulled her pj pants up and climbed into bed and turned the light off. I checked the morning tape, but she took her bag to the shower with her and must have dressed in the bathroom.

I still think though, because the camera cannot pick up small movements in the dark, if MIL climbed into our guest bed and rubbed her mature pussy until she came.

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