tagErotic CouplingsThe Hitcher Ch. 01

The Hitcher Ch. 01


John Hawke had been a lorry driver for fifteen years. In that time he had seen his fair share of action on and off the roads. Every so often a desperate female hitchhiker would offer to reward his offer of a lift with a quick sexual favour. This normally involved a blow job or a hand job whilst he was driving along. If the passenger was especially tasty then he would offer to go an extra bit of distance out of his way in return for something a little more intimate. This didn't always work but when it did, oh boy!

Tonight it was a particularly dark and wet night. John's lorry was approaching the motorway slip road out of Mansfield and onto the M1. Through the slashing motion of the wipers he caught his first glimpse of the girl. She was waving madly by the side of the road. As his heavy vehicle approached, her outline became illuminated by his main lights. She must have been soaking. The girl (in her late teens or very early twenties) was dressed in a tight pair of blue denims and a white blouse decorated with large pink flowers. Lacking a coat or any sign of baggage she continued to wave furiously in his direction as the large articulated vehicle slowed to a halt. She vanished from sight momentarily as she run past the cab to the passenger door. Within a second it had swung open and the bedraggled figure had clambered inside.

"Thank you. Oh god, thank you!" she said as her head turned towards the door she was now closing behind her. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't had stopped."

John took this moment to study his new passenger. Her blond hair was a straggled mess clinging to her wet blouse around the shoulders. Her legs were firm and long and her wet top gave a wonderful view of the bra underneath and the girl's ample bosom. John could feel her cock hardening as he fantasised about her naked body. Her wide bum cheeks which now sat upon his passenger chair suggested a stunning view when disrobed and John imagined for a split moment about fucking her from behind. In his mind's eye he could see her bare bum cheeks riding up and down on his firm manhood.

"My name's Mandy," she said in the way of an introduction, turning around to face him. As she spoke she ran a hand through the mess of her hair in a vain attempt to straighten it. "It was blowing a gale out there and I was beginning to think that nobody would stop for me."

John's mind instantly leapt from the imagery of taking this girl from behind to a full-on frontal fuck. Simply put, Mandy was gorgeous. Bright blue eyes shone from under her low fringe and John guessed she was a natural blond. In his head he compensated his mental image of her nudity adding a deliciously shaven blond muff to the affair. It was taking a certain effort on his behalf not to stare downwards at the girl's tits and instead maintain eye contain. She had a small pointed noise with lusciously full red lips. Even in her bedraggled condition she was stunning. John's cock felt uncomfortable in his pants as his hard erection struggled in the folds of his boxer shorts.

"Hi Mandy," John replied. Grabbing the vehicle's gear stick he pushed it forwards whilst applying pressure to the accelerator. With a slight lurch, the leviathan truck started forwards, pulling back onto the tarmac.

"Where are you headed?" John enquired looking away from the sodden angel who had just climbed into his truck. Part of him desperately wanted her to say north if only because he was heading south. There were some temptations that were simply too much to bear.

"Oh! London. I've got an audition down there, but I'll appreciate any distance in that direction."

'Shit!' John thought. The idea of having this hot girl sitting next to him in her sodden clothes for the next several hours was not helping the discomfort in his pants. Desperately he tried to focus on the road to take his mind off her nude image still floating in his head.

"Is that OK?" the sudden worry in her voice was obvious.

"Yeah, sure." John responded. Realising he might have seemed a bit rude with momentary silence, added "Sorry luv, I was just concentrating on the road. I'm heading down to Dover so your luck's in tonight."

Her answering short laugh caused him to look quickly in her direction. She was giving him a lovely smile.

"I don't know about good luck. Just look at me. I'm soaked!" She laughed again and John suddenly wished he was at least twenty years younger. What he wouldn't offer to give this girl the ride of her young life!

Coughing to hide his discomfort at her distracting presence, John returned his focus to the road ahead. Traffic was light and although the weather was bad, it promised to be an easy run down the motorway. Normally this would have been a boring affair, but not tonight. A rather naughty idea was already floating in his head and he wasted no time by acting upon it.

"Well, you'll catch your death of cold if you stay in those wet clothes. If you want, I have a large towel in the back?" John twisted his head in the direction of the curtain that separated the driving seats from the small enclosure at the back of the cab.

"What. Back here?" Mandy enquired turning and peaking through the curtain at the space beyond. A made up bunk bed filled most of the area with a webbed off storage area at the far end.

"That looks cosy. Do you often sleep in your truck?"

"Only when I have to," John replied. He took another quick peak over his shoulder at Mandy's firm toned body whilst her head was hidden behind the curtain.

"Are you really sure you don't mind me using your towel? I'm going to get it all damp and wet."

A comment like that only made John's mind race a little more. His little ongoing visual fantasy extended to seeing Mandy laid naked full spread across his bunk. Her wonderful tits and pussy were clearly exposed, as was the small patch of pubic hair between her legs. John coughed and replied "Sure honey. Your health is more important than my laundry. Help yourself, I won't look." The last part of John's statement was partly a lie. What he really meant was that he would definitely look if he could, but driving was going to make it a little difficult to accomplish.

Mandy vanished from the front of the cabin, clambering between the curtains. John got a quick glimpse of a firmly toned set of buttocks in wet jeans before she was gone. Returning his gaze to the neon lit motorway he listened intently as the teenager shed her clothes in the back of his cab. John had always had a good imagination and now was no exception. The first set of movements and damp flapping of sodden clothes were surely that of the girl's blouse. Soft, creamy skin would now be visible running down from her lusciously soft neck to her exposed chest with her firm breasts and her slightly hardened nipples sticking forwards in her bra. Her upper underwear would be next, John thought, and he expanded his mental voyeuristic view to accompany the garment slipping off. Two rose bud nipples were now on display, her breasts absolutely perfect in the soft shade of the light flowing into the rear of the cabin. Her firm tits moved with incredibly grace as she bent down to unzip the fastener on her jeans; its movement mirroring the long grove of the teenager's pussy slit underneath. Sounds of a gentle struggle with wet denim material were unmistakeable and John subconsciously rubbed the hardness of his dick through his pants. By now the girl was practically naked, her lithe muscular legs running from her bare feet upwards past her thighs to her soft wet pussy which waited with such temptation.

The sound of the curtains drawing back brought John quickly out of his dirty fantasy. Mandy emerged covered in a large white towel with only the top of her bare shoulders, ankles and feet on display. Laughing the kind of way a carefree teenager can, Mandy dropped back into the passenger seat.

"Thank you." She beamed him a wonderful smile and John felt himself ready to explode. He desperately wanted to know if she had left her panties on or had instead discarded them upon his bunk. Either way it was a truly stimulating image.

"So Mandy," John tried to sound as casual as possible. "What's your story then? How did you end up on the side of the road on a night like tonight?"

"Oh! That. Well it was that BITCH," Mandy practically spat out the last word. "She dumped me there because we were arguing."

"Whoa! Slow down girl. Which bitch?" John interrupted trying to hide the smile on his face. It was quite funny to see the expression of hatred on the pretty girl's face.

"Leslie, FUCKING, Miles! That's who. She pushed me out of the car and then drove off with all my stuff. The cow! All my money is in my bag and my phone...." Mandy's voice had risen considerably during the last exchange of words.

"Calm down luv," John interrupted." Tell me slowly. Just who is this Leslie and how come you were arguing?"

Mandy took a deep sigh, gave John a quick scowl which only served to make him feel even hornier, and then continued. "Leslie is, sorry, WAS my girlfriend. We were both going down to London to audition as dancers for a new show. The bitch got it into her head that she was a better dancer than me, which is just SO not true. Before I knew it, she is having a screaming tantrum and suddenly slams on the brakes. The next thing I know is that I am sat on my fanny in the pouring rain and she is tanking it off into the night. The fucking BITCH!" Mandy shouted the last word at the windscreen almost as if her voice would travel down the road and reach her ex.

John shook his head from side to side whilst Mandy let of steam beside him. Oh what it was to be young! What she had said had said about being sat of her fanny had only fuelled his horny imagination again. His mind had once again reverted to a picture of Mandy's naked wide bum cheeks on clear display with just the smallest hint of her shaved pussy showing from underneath. Suddenly something else Mandy had said registered in John's head.

"Err, Mandy, when you said girlfriend, you meant it as a mate didn't you?"

There was a long silence whilst Mandy's narrowed blue eyes locked onto his.

"No John," she suddenly hissed. "I mean she was my fucking girlfriend. Fuck buddy! Lesbian lover! Get the picture?"

John focused his full attention back to the empty road for a moment. The change which had come over the young girl had been quite shocking to see. There was a long silence broken only by the swipe of the wiper blades on the windscreen.

"Sorry John. I'm really, so very sorry." Mandy practically whimpered out her apology. "You've been so good to me by giving me this lift. I didn't mean to be rude, it just that, well, the bitch really screwed me with taking off like that. It hadn't had been for you, I don't know what I would have done." There came a quick sob from the passenger seat and John ventured a quick look. Mandy's gorgeous blue eyes were full of tears.

"Look at me," she blubbered. "I'm sat naked under this towel you gave me. If you threw me out now I would probably die of hyperthermia." Mandy broke down into sobbing pants.

"Sush! I'm not throwing you anywhere," John reassured. 'Especially not whilst you are naked in my cab,' he added mentally in his head. The girl might be a basket case and a lesbian to boot, but god, she was fucking incredible!

"Take a moment sweetheart. We'll talk about something else when you are ready. OK?"

"OK," Mandy whispered back, calming her sobs.

John took the time to study the road again trying to think of a neutral subject. If nothing else it was unlikely Mandy was going to offer him any sexual favours for her lift. He might as well then take the time to build up a suitable mental image of the girl for a masturbatory session later on.

"So," John started, "What's wrong with boys then? Have you ever been with a bloke and had a bad experience?"

"No!" Mandy said in a more confident voice. With a shake of her still wet hair around her shoulders, she fixed her gaze on the blackness of the night outside. "I went to an all girls school so I didn't see many boys. I lost my virginity at the age of sixteen to this girl who everybody fancied. She chose me over them so I let her have her way with me. After that I just started fucking around. By the time I left school I'd lost all interest in men." There was a sudden pause. "No offence John. I'm sure you've been with lots of women. It's just I like girls and that's the way it is."

John was not having a good time of things. His cock was now so full and swollen in his pants that it was getting difficult to focus on driving. The very thought of a young and very naked Mandy going one on one with some beauty queen was almost too much to bear. At this rate he was going to have to pull over at the next services and relive his urges in the Gents! An uncomfortable cough as John raced for something to say to follow on with Mandy's little revelation. Finally inspiration came to him.

"Have you ever seen a naked man?" he enquired.

"Course I have John. The girls at school had magazines of boys with their dicks out. It just didn't do anything for me."

"Yeah, but have you ever seen the real thing?"

"Well, err, yes, my old man getting out of the shower."

John laughed. "That's hardly the same. You mean you've been a lesbian your entire adult life and not even seen a real cock?"

Mandy didn't answer. A quick glance in her direction showed that she was pouting in the direction of the windscreen. What a moody little cow she was turning out to be!

"Would you like to see?" John enquired trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

"What? Yours?" she asked indignantly. She gave him a quick scowl.

"Yeah! Why not? I don't mind."

"Well I'm not sucking it or anything else so disgusting!" she said.

"But you would like to see it though?" John asked, hormones racing at the idea.

"OK, go on then. But don't you dare try anything."

"Sure honey, I promise. One thing though. I can't undo my pants whilst I'm driving. If you want to see the goods then you'll have to get them out yourself."

"That's gross!" Mandy exclaimed.

"Of course it's not. Lesbians don't make babies. How do you think the rest of us do it?"

"Ok, ok, I'll get your cock out and have a look. Just don't expect me to be impressed." She turned, gave him a quick hard stare, and then slowly started to bend forwards into a position where she could undo his pants.

By now, the vehicle was practically driving itself and it was a good job that the inside lane was devoid of other traffic. As the blond girl bent downwards, the towel slipped slightly rewarding John with a deliciously intoxicating view of bare cleavage, almost right down to the nipples.

Soft hands fumbled at his jeans top button and then the zipper below. Within moments the straining urge of his hardened penis inside his pants was relieved.

"Oh my..." Mandy exclaimed as John's cock slipped out of his boxer pants and into the dim light of the cabin. John was certainly a lucky man and had been endowed with a suitably large cock. Not quite porn star dimensions but certainly ample enough to impress all the ladies who had seen it at full glory. Now, Mandy, the teenage lesbian seemed to be similarly impressed.

"I didn't know they got so large!" she whispered.

John gazed down at the sight of this beautiful blond goddess poised over his exposed manhood. "You can touch if you like," he offered in a husky voice.

Warm fingers brushed against his cock and for a moment John felt like exploding. Shaking his head above the bent over form of Mandy he struggled for composure. It definitely wouldn't do if he suddenly sent a load of white spunk all over his passenger's pretty young face!

Just then, a thudding noise coming from under the vehicle's wheels brought them both reeling to their senses. Yanking hard to the right, John brought the wandering vehicle back onto the road and away from the Hard Shoulder.

"Sorry!" John said somewhat apologetically.

"I don't think we should being doing this on the road," said a grinning Mandy. She had sat up quickly when the lorry had started its temporary wandering.

John glanced briefly over his shoulder to give her a mirroring smile only to be rewarded with the sight of Mandy's left breast hanging in full glory out of the towel which had come partly undone. The actual sight of her exposed nipple, surrounded by the read welt of flesh at the end of her perfectly formed and raised bosom, was too much. John could almost feel his eyes bulging as he feasted on the sight of the girl's exposed nudity. It took Mandy a moment to realise what he was staring out before looking down at seeing her tit on display. With a hurried moment she quickly drew up the towel to hide her chest once again.

A screaming horn coming from just outside the driver's door brought John's attention swinging back to his charge of the vehicle. To his horror, they were now half over to the middle motorway lane much to the horror of a passing car. The other driver swerved hard, entering the empty outer lane before pumping the gas and vanishing off at speed into the still dark and wet night. John took a deep breath to steady his nerves and brought the lorry back under control and into the correct lane. "I think you're right," he said to Mandy in answer to her earlier statement.

"So do I. You're a menace on the road with your cock out of your pants. Just think if we had crashed. What, with you with your pants undone and a lesbian in the passenger seat!" Mandy laughed. It was a wonderful sound.

John laughed also. Between his legs, his erection had lost some of its upward thrust as the blood had rushed elsewhere with the exhilaration of a near crash.

"I tell you what John. You've been really good to me tonight; apart from almost getting both killed just then. How about you find a suitable place to pull over and we'll finish this off properly. I'll give you a hand job, if that's what it is called, and maybe then you'll stop staring at my tits. Maybe if you can let off some steam then we may make it to London in one piece."

Naturally John couldn't agree quickly enough. The accelerator peddle approached the floor and the vehicle sped on its way along the M1. Barely ten minutes later and the huge lorry was pulling into the Motorway Services.

The parking zone reserved for heavy goods vehicles was scarcely populated and John had no problem finding a spot away from the other trucks. He had no desire to have anybody witnessing his upcoming session with Mandy. The engine died as John turned the key in the ignition. The resulting silence hung over them both for several long moments before John made a move to pull free of his pants.

"What are you doing?" Mandy immediately asked.

"I'm just making myself comfortable luv. Don't worry!"

Mandy frowned but allowed John to continue. His boxer shorts followed his pants to the floor. This was quite an awkward motion considering the presence of the steering wheel.

"Right, we best go back here just in case anybody wanders by," John said moving the curtain at the rear of the cabin to one side. "After you."

Still uncertain, Mandy rose from her seat and clambered into the small space where John's bunk lay. As she did so, the towel around her body rose up revealing more and more of her bare young flesh. John's eyes nearly popped out of his head as for the briefest moment Mandy flashed her incredible pussy nestled between her perfect bum cheeks as she crawled forwards. John's dick responded immediately, cresting to full height and ready for action. Unable to believe his luck, the lorry driver immediately followed his young hitch hiker into the back of his cab.

Mandy was waiting for him, oblivious to the fact that she had just flashed her private parts. She sat with folded arms around her towel and peered at the sight of his erect penis in the dim light passing through the thin curtain. John readied himself in a suitable position and beckoned Mandy to start her ministrations. The young blond reached over and took a firm hold of John's firm dick with one hand and gave an experimental tug.

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