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Home of Dr. Bandu
0312, 12/13

Dixie stretched and yawned. For a moment she froze. She was in a bed that she didn’t recognize. She looked around the room. Beside the bed was a nightstand. In the pale moonlight from the nearby window she could see that it was bare except for a clock. The clock read 03:12.

Then it came back to her. She had been walking along the highway, her bag thrown over a shoulder. It was getting late and the temperature was steadily dropping. The night before she had slept beside the highway and she wasn’t inclined to repeat the process again. The sun had just dipped below the horizon when a lone car had come up beside her and stopped.

Inside the dark sedan was an elderly gentleman that vaguely resembled Einstein, with the white frizzy hair and bushy mustache. Dixie figured she was safe enough, so she threw her bag in the back on got in on the passenger side. Chitchat as they drove along revealed that there were no nearby hotels. Her driver was Dr. Bandu, a neurobiologist who was doing research in controlling dangerous mental patients. That was all she remembered. She must have fallen asleep in the car. But how had he gotten her up to this, obviously spare, bedroom?

Dixie got up from the bed and looked around. She was dressed only in bra and panties, which gave her pause. A quick search of the room revealed her clothes and bag in the closet. In the closet was also a full-length robe that she pulled around herself. From the window she could tell that she was on a second story. She stepped out into the hallway.

The hallway ran all the way around the second floor in a big square. Halfway around the other side was a staircase leading down. Dixie padded quietly over to the staircase and down. At the end of the hall Dixie could see a lit room. So she headed there, assuming that her benefactor would be somewhere close.

Dixie passed another staircase going down to a sub-floor. When she entered the room at the end of the hall she found that it was a quaint den-type room. Bookshelves lined three of the four walls. Against the fourth wall was a computer set up on an expansive desk that covered most of the wall. A bar took up what little space remained. Unfortunately, there was no one in the room.

Dixie walked over to the bar and started studying the liquors there. She noticed a small refrigerator underneath the bar, so she opened it and started going through the liquors she found there. “Cold Duck,” she read the label out loud. “Vodka, Wine, Wine. Hello? What’s this?” In the back of the cabinet was a beaker that had no label. Rather it had a bit of paper taped to it that bore only a large ‘X’. “This must be the good stuff.”

She pulled the beaker out and grabbed a glass from the top of the cabinet. She poured herself a shot and downed it easily. The second glass she took her time with, savoring it. “Not to thick,” she noted. “Not really an alcohol bite to it. Not what one would expect from a home brew.”

“That is because it is not alcohol,” a voice said from the doorway in a thick German accent. Dixie turned toward the door startled. There stood the elderly man who had given her a ride earlier. In his arm was a bunch of papers.

“What do you mean?” Dixie asked.

Dr. Bandu dropped the papers on the computer desk and then walked over to where Dixie stood by the bar. Gingerly he took the glass from her hand and poured it back into the beaker. “It is the passivity drug that I have been working on. The freezer in my lab is full. So I thought to keep it up here. I was not expecting guests… it was my mistake.” Bandu walked over to the wall where an intercom hung. “Karl.” He paused as though expecting an instant answer this early in the morning. “Karl!” A mumbled reply this time. “Get down here. I will need you to sit sentinel tonight.”

“How much of this have you drank?” He asked, turning back to Dixie and taking her wrist in his hand. His practiced fingers found her pulse in no time.

“You drugged me!” Dixie said, finding her voice again.

“Technically you drugged yourself. Now how much of this have you drank?”

“About six fingers total.” Dixie replied.

“That is a pretty heavy dose. But not outside acceptable limits. Your heartbeat seems fine.” He took a small flashlight out of a pocket. He turned it on and shined it into Dixie’s eyes. First one and then the other. “How do you feel?”

“Fine. A bit nervous, maybe. But otherwise, I’m fine.”

“There is no need to feel nervous. The drug is harmless. A good night’s rest and the drug will be out of your system. But it is similar to hypnosis. The groundwork for long-term effects can be laid while you are in this state. We must be careful that this does not happen again.”

A man walked into the room. He was easily six feet tall and weighed two hundred fifty pounds. But not a bit of that weight was fat. He looked like he could be a linebacker for a football team. His hair was blonde, and cut short. There was something distinctly primal in his soft blue eyes.

“Ah, Karl,” Dr. Bandu said, turning to the huge man, “take Miss Dixie up to room 12. She has accidentally taken a dose of Calm. So no television, keep discussion to a minimal. See that she is safely tucked into bed and is asleep before you let her out of your sight. Then I want you to stay with her for at least the next 8 hours.”

“Right this way, Miss,” Karl said in a deep voice. Dixie took his arm without the least hesitation.

As they were going back up the stairs Dixie said: “Tell me about Calm.”

Karl looked her up and down before replying. His eyes lingered a moment on her 36C breasts before coming back to her pretty face. “Calm is a derivative of Impulse; a nerve gas developed by the military. It was simple and effective. Impulse destroyed that part of the brain that was responsible for questioning an action. Drop that on a town and the town would tear itself apart because it’s citizens would never question the urge to hit the accelerator when someone stepped out in front of them; or to kill someone for a snide remark. Simple and effective.

“Calm,” Karl went on as he opened the door to Dixie’s room, “doesn’t destroy – it suppresses. Additives to the original formula allow for long-term personality conditioning. The good doctor hopes to be able to treat severely violent patients with it. Hence the name – Calm.”

“But why here?” Dixie asked as Karl set her down on her bed. He pulled up a nearby chair, obviously willing to talk for awhile. “In the middle of nowhere.”

“I used to wonder the same thing,” Karl replied. “Then I found out the good doctor is severely agoraphobic. His fear of crowds is so strong that he couldn’t live in the city any longer. He can barely stand to go into town anymore.”

“Man, it’s hot in here.” Karl said. “You would like to take off your robe” – Karl paused to give the command enough time to sink in – “Wouldn’t you?”

A moment ago Dixie had felt comfortable, even a bit cool. Now her body temperature seemed to be out of control. Sweat broke out on her brow, neck and chest. In moments the sweat was easing between her tits.

“Of course,” Dixie replied after only a moment of hesitation. She dropped the robe at the foot of the bed enjoying the sensation of the cool air on her body. She wasn’t upset at all that she was sitting in front of a man she had barely met in only her bra and panties.

“I suppose,” Karl went on, “that the good doctor hopes that somewhere in Calm there might be a cure for him as well.”

“Most likely,” Dixie replied. “But I’m surprised that you haven’t answered the obvious question: Why are you here?”

“You look very sexy,” Karl said, watching her reaction intently. “You want to have sex with me…. don’t you?”

“Why Karl,” Dixie said reaching behind her back and releasing the bra. As she shrugged it off she said: “I thought you would never ask.”

Karl reached out to her nipples that were already beginning to harden. He took her nipples between his thumb and index finger of each hand and tugged on them gently. “My,” he said. “You are a horny little slut.”

A moment of dizziness passed though Dixie as something slipped out of its place in her mind. It was something that never had fit very well. Now that it was gone, discarded by Karl’s accidental command, she felt free. For less than a second she mourned it’s passing before the sense of freedom overwhelmed her mourning.

She slid off the bed and onto Karl’s lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. She could feel his hardness pressing against the fabric of his pants. She wiggled her bottom a bit just to tease him. Karl couldn’t resist anymore. He buried his face into Dixie’s sizeable treasure chest.

Dixie leaned back, giving Karl access to her sizable nipples, and allowing her to grind her hips into his hardness. While Karl was sucking on a nipple he reached down to her bikini panties. He grabbed the waistband and all that was covering her pussy and pulled. The fabric ripped, baring her to Karl’s ministrations.

Karl plunged two fingers into her. Dixie gasped, unable to control herself she began bouncing up and down on the fingers loving the feel of those hard, blunted fingers inside of her. In no time she was shuddering and shaking.

When Dixie completed her first orgasm Karl stood up. His massive hands held Dixie in place. He seemed not to strain at all, holding Dixie’s petite one hundred twenty pounds in the air. He sat Dixie down on the bed. A single massive hand pushed her backwards until she was lying prone. A second’s hesitation was enough to ensure that she would stay there. Karl’s eyes were glued to Dixie as he undressed.

Dixie, seeing that Karl couldn’t keep his eyes off her, began to play with her nipples. Tugging here, twisting there. She even brought one of her tits to her own mouth and suckled on the nipple with a wicked little smile playing across her features.

Karl finished undressing. He let out a low growl and went to her. “Do you really want to play with me, bitch?” Roughly he grabbed her hips and flipped her over face down on the bed. A quick jerk of her hips and Karl pulled her backwards, skewering her on his pole. They both let out a groan. Karl started to bounce her back and forth, slowly at first but then moving faster and faster.

Dixie felt like a sledgehammer was slamming into her. Karl was the biggest man she had ever had, and she loved it. One hand went to her tits where it roamed tweaking her and pinching there. The other hand was against the bed pushing herself back onto Karl.

In a distant part of the house Dr. Bandu watched the action intensely through a hidden camera. At first he was curious about the effects that Calm would have. But now his pants were pooled around his ankles. He was stroking himself as he watched the image on the monitor. Much later he would have to thank Karl for helping him test the effects of Calm. With a final spasm the doctors semen fell on the floor and the doctor collapsed into his chair exhausted.

Dixie felt herself tightening up, getting ready to ride the wave. Suddenly she was bucking and screaming “Fuck me!”

When Karl felt Dixie’s orgasm he couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load into her. He allowed Dixie to fall back down to the bed. He watched her for a moment as she continued to moan and pinch her nipples. “You aren’t quite satisfied are you slut?”

Dixie turned slightly to look at him, a hand moving quickly down to the wetness draining out of her. She pushed her fingers into herself, probing as deeply as possible. Then licking hungrily at her fingers. Between licks she moaned with a husky voice, “I want more.”

Karl smiled; he was already hard again, “Come here, slut.”

Dixie crawled to the edge of the bed and sat with her feet touching the floor. She took a deep breath, causing her chest and tits to rise up. Karl took advantage of the position and took her nipples between his fingers, twisting and pulling roughly. “You really like to suck dicks don’t you? …….. Suck me, slut.”

Dixie’s eyes sparkled, excited about the prospect of taking Karl’s large cock in her mouth. She moistened her lips with her tongue, then licked lightly across the head, then twirled down around the crown. Licking her way down to the base, she kissed at his balls, trying to suck them into her mouth, humming lightly. Karl moaned, Dixie decided he must like what she was doing. She used her tongue to explore the area thoroughly, then worked her way back to the head. Putting her hand at the base, she pushed her mouth over the head and sucked as much of his dick into her mouth as she could. Dixie pushed against Karl’s legs slightly and he moved back a step or so, she slid to her knees, the result causing her to raise her head. Karl took the hint, after pulling her nipples tightly and allowing them to slip between his fingers, He leaned over the bed supporting himself on his hands and was able to push his hard cock further down Dixie’s throat. She gagged a few times, but managed to develop a rhythm that matched Karl’s. Dixie was proud of herself; she had never taken a cock this far down her throat before. Her free hand shot down to her wet cunt, moving up and down the slit, settling into a circular movement around her clit. It didn’t take long for her body to begin shaking again.

Karl was getting close; he was oblivious to everything about Dixie except her mouth. He decided he wasn’t going to let Dixie have it so easy. He rolled away from her on to the bed. His movement surprised Dixie and she lost her balance, ending up face down on the floor. Karl raised up, his cock harder than before and throbbing now. Dixie was pushing herself up from the floor. Karl stopped her saying; “You want to please me don’t you? “

Dixie sat back on her butt, looking only at his cock, now eye level, “Of course I do.”

Dr. Bandu had been recovering in his chair. When he stood up to pull his pants up he noticed there was more activity in Room 12. He reached for the control panel and repositioned the camera to get a better angle on the activities. Dixie was panting heavily, obvious by the movement of her chest. Karl was moving towards her, his cock waving before him. Karl motioned for Dixie to move and she quickly positioned herself on all fours. Karl moved behind her and dropped to his knees, his cock resting across the top of her luscious ass. Dr. Bandu allowed his pants to fall around his ankles again.

Dixie pushed her hips against Karl. He rubbed the cheeks of her ass on both sides, rocking back and forth, sliding his cock along the crack. Without warning he drew a massive hand back and smacked her ass hard, leaving his hand print glowing brightly in red. Dixie squealed and pushed against him again. Karl smacked her again, smiling broadly. He continued until Dixie’s ass was covered in red. “What do you want from me?” Karl asked her, knowing what her answer would be.

Dixie was sweating, moaning, and grinding her hips like the wanton slut she had become. “Fuck me”, she panted.

“What was that? I couldn’t quite make it out. What did you say?” Karl enjoyed tormenting her. He wanted her to beg.

Louder, Dixie said, “Fuck me, please.”

“You wanted me to what?”

Pleading now, Dixie screamed as loud as she could, “Fuck me! Fuck me now, please!”

Karl leaned back slightly, allowing his cock to slide down her ass and then pushed forward into Dixie’s sopping wet cunt. He had no intention of being gentle. He pushed the full length into her and started pumping hard.

Dixie immediately went into spasms of an intense orgasm. She almost passed out and allowed herself to fall forward on her face. Karl grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, because of his height, Dixie’s knees no longer touched the floor. She tried to push herself back up, but Karl’s thrusts were too powerful. She thought she would burst, but her body betrayed her. Another orgasm was building.

Karl paused for a moment, letting Dixie slide off of his rigid pole. She took the opportunity to push herself up on her hands again. “You still want me to fuck you don’t you?”

Dixie didn’t hesitate, “Yes! Please fuck me again!”

Karl pushed the head back into her pussy, then pulled back rubbing her juices up and down, then positioned the head over her tightly closed ass hole. First pushing gently against her. She moaned softly. Pushing harder, his cock forced the hole open. Dixie moaned, “Oh yes!”

Karl was ready; he didn’t really care whether Dixie was. He pushed harder, Dixie squirmed. He pushed again going half way, pulling out slightly, then lifting her hips upward again, pushed himself fully into her ass. Dixie screamed loudly, he began pumping in and out, only thinking of his release. “God, she has a tight ass. Bet she was a virgin before tonight.” The thought was enough to push him over the edge. Karl began thrusting harder, his cum squirting deeply into Dixie. He kept pumping till he was satisfied. Releasing Dixie’s hips, she fell away from him in a heap on the floor. “Guess you’ve had enough now.”

Karl stood up then picked Dixie up and put her back in the bed. He lay down next to her for awhile.

When Karl recovered he dressed and prepared to leave. But before he left he went back to Dixie who was still recovering.

“You will never talk to anyone about this,” Karl said in her ear. “And even after the drug wears off you will always be a cocksucking slut. You will find it hard to pass up any invitation for sex. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Dixie murmured drifting off to sleep.

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