tagLesbian SexThe Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker


"Thanks for picking me up," Lynn said, wiping the rain from her face. She looked at the driver and found she was a beautiful woman. This surprised her, all her previous rides had been men. The woman kicked the heater all the way up.

"Don't mention it," the woman said with a smile, "I have a long way to go and need company. Didn't your sign say Miami?"

"Yeah, it used too," Lynn looked down at the battered piece of cardboard on the floor which had begun melting long ago. "I don't think it's much use any more."

"Relax, you won't need it. I'm going to Orlando and rides from there are easy. There's nowhere else to go, actually."

"Oh great!" Lynn gasped. "How long to Orlando?"

"About three days. You can share rooms if you want." Lynn began warming up under the full fury of the heater. She stripped off her jacket, revealing her firm tits and stiff nipples under the damp tee shirt. The woman seemed to give her an approving glance. She turned down the heater a little and cracked her window. The heat in the car was stifling.

"Oh man, you can't believe how much I regretted going back out into that freezing rain." The front windows were now clear again. Only the back windows remained foggy due to the moisture carried in by Lynn. It would remain until she dried off completely. The car was a snug, warm island of safety in an otherwise stormy night. The mood was warm and companionable.

"Ohio has some rough weather, even in the spring," the woman said. The dash lights lit her face in the darkness. A light from the open ashtray lit her shapely legs and short skirt. Lynn marveled at the smooth perfection of the woman's shapely, lightly tanned thigh. The short skirt looked like that of a business woman. The car was a Sable, the seats felt good when snuggled into. The silence dragged on for a while. Lynn, now warm, began nodding off.

"So, do you know any games?" the woman's soft voice shattered the peace of the night.

"Nothing you'd be interested in I'm afraid."

"Like what?"

"I've played some fun games with the men who've picked me up."

"Such as?"

"Well," Lynn giggled, looking embarrassed, "almost every man I've met wants me to give them a blowjob while they drive. They say it's a test of manhood or that's what the cruise control is for. I do the cute ones."

"Ouh, sounds like fun. Hey, I have cruise control," the woman said with a sly smile.

"Yeah, but you're not a man."

"Well think of me as a man trapped in a woman's body."


"Sure. I'm bi, if you're interested. I wouldn't push anything on you though, I was mostly kidding."

"Bi? That means you swing both ways?"

"Of course?" the woman said in surprise. Lynn nodded thoughtfully. The silence stretched on and the hum of the engine began singing Lynn to sleep. She shook her head to clear it and looked at the woman. The woman looked at her and smiled.

"I am so tired," Lynn said, yawning.

"Don't do that, I'm trying to stay awake here. That's why I mentioned the cruise control thing. The next town is almost a hundred miles away."

"Shit, you were serious?"


"I've never done a woman," Lynn said thoughtfully. The woman nodded wordlessly, aware that Lynn was trying to decide. Suddenly Lynn leaned closer and put a hand on the woman's leg. The woman opened her legs slightly. Lynn loved the buttery soft feeling of the woman's athletic thigh. The skin was absolutely smooth, but the muscles were firm, clenching and unclenching as she touched her golden thighs.

"Soft," Lynn said breathlessly. The woman turned on the cruise control with an audible click, raised the steering wheel, then pulled her foot off the gas pedal. She swung her leg wide, resting it on the seat. Lynn gasped in alarm and excitement as the black lace panties showed for the first time. The plaid skirt automatically hiked up as the woman's legs opened. It looked like a wonderland of soft skin.

"Wonderful," Lynn sighed, looking under the woman's skirt. "I'm not sure I can do it, but I want too so much," Lynn said, shaking as if she were cold again.

"Try," the woman said softly. Something about the cold rainy night outside, and the warmth and comfort inside, made Lynn willing to do things she would not normally do. It had something to do with the companionable atmosphere inside the car. It was a safe haven of soft leather and sweet scents, making it seem unreal.

In a daze, Lynn moved closer to the enticing open legs. They looked so inviting, so unreal and sexy.

Nervously she slid her head under the woman's skirt and neared the crotch of her panties. She kissed the heavenly skin on the woman's inner thigh, then sniffed as she caught the scent of pussy. It was the first she had ever smelled, other than her own. There was some comfort in knowing she smelled like Lynn. Lynn kissed the inner-most part of the woman's leg, then sniffed the crotch of her panties. Her head blocked off the light, leaving the woman's crotch in darkness, but the aroma was delicious. Lynn had often tasted her own juice on the pecker's of her lovers, but never considered searching out the taste between the legs of another woman. Since she had tasted herself so often, she would not be surprised by the woman's taste. Still, she hesitated. This was a big step. She was about to go from a normal life, the life of a heterosexual, to that of a lesbian, in just a few short hours. It was not something to be taken lightly.

"Oh shit, this is so strange," Lynn said, allowing the back of her shaking fingers to pet the inside of the woman's thigh while she thought. She timidly bent forward and kissed the crack at the top of the woman's right inner thigh.

The woman gasped above her.

The hot red lips felt fantastic on her warm thigh. It was a taste of the fabulous things to come. She tried to wish Lynn to hurry and appease her raging cunt, but she knew she had to remain calm and let Lynn make her own moves, her own decisions.

"Oh hell, I've got to do this," Lynn moaned and sealed her lips over the crotch of the woman's panties. She sucked greedily for several minutes, then pulled back slightly and lifted the crotch of the woman's panties away, revealing the priceless buried treasure between the woman's legs. As hard as it was to see, under the woman's skirt, and with her head blocking the light from the ashtray, Lynn still saw enough to make her gasp in appreciation. The smell of sex was much stronger now. She suddenly realized that when she smelled sex in a room, the entire aroma was contributed by the woman. She never realized that before.

"You smell delicious," Lynn said. She pressed her lips against the moist heat of the woman's pussy and kissed it tenderly. She felt the thighs against her cheeks tighten and shudder. Lynn continued the soft kiss while allowing the tip of her tongue to slide into the folds of soft wet flesh. The woman's mound was heavenly, she loved the feeling and taste in her lips. It was the best kiss she'd ever had.

"Wonderful," the woman sighed, trying to concentrate on driving, while enjoying the feelings flooding the lower half of her body.

Lynn concentrated on tasting and exploring. She was not in a hurry, even though the woman was. Lynn wanted to enjoy the experience, the woman just wanted release.

Lynn pressed her puckered lips over the area where the clit was located and sought out the little bud with her tongue. She worried the stiff little member, creating explosions of pleasure in the woman's crotch. When the clit was stiff and swollen, she sucked it into her lips, alternating the suction so the little clit slid in and out of her lips. She was giving the woman's tiny prick a blowjob, as a man had done to Lynn long ago. Lynn enjoyed the undulating pussy pressing against her lips. She also enjoyed the sound of the woman's passion. It was very erotic. The smell of the woman's pussy and the heady heat between her open thighs was like a drug. It was wonderful under the woman's plaid skirt.

"You are so good," the woman gasped in appreciation. Lynn smiled, sucked the clit into her lips, then tortured it with her tongue. She heard the woman squeal, the car moved back and forth on the road drunkenly.

"Be careful," the woman gasped. "Softly." Lynn kissed the woman's pussy several times with smacking lips, then lowered her mouth and slid her tongue into the woman's vulva. In a moment she was tongue fucking the woman. The woman rocked her mushy pussy forward against Lynn's mouth, undulating like a snake. Lynn's long sexy tongue was thrust up inside her, then slid out alternately.

Lynn slid her hands under the woman's firm ass, used her left thumb to hold the panties aside, and began eating whole heartedly. She had seen it done, both on TV and in her own pussy. She knew how a woman wanted to be eaten, and knew a few tricks men had used on her in the past. Lynn was a girl who liked sex, and had learned from her many experiences.

Lynn also knew the woman was about to cum, she could hear it in her breathing. Lynn worked her mouth from side to side, sucking while her tongue probed the wet folds of hot flesh. She licked and sucked mercilessly, making the woman squirm on the seat. She liked the feeling of the meaty ass in her hands. She liked the soft skin against her warm cheeks. It was good, all of it.

Lynn licked the entire folds of pussy flesh from the bottom to top. The woman jumped each time Lynn's tongue struck her swollen clit. In a moment the woman began gasping, emitting little squeals as the orgasm tore her loins apart. Lynn held her mouth motionless, sucking gently as the pussy squirmed in her mouth. It was the most erotic experience Lynn had ever had.

"Shit, I almost ran off the road," the woman suddenly gasped. Lynn sat up to see the same dark, rainy road she had seen before her little experience. It seemed like she had started days before, not 20 to 30 minutes.

"That was incredible," the woman said enthusiastically. "I'm finding a hotel as fast as possible. I want that little pussy in my mouth," she slid her hand into Lynn's lap and cupped her crotch appreciatively.

"Oh God, my nipples are so hard they're going to rip my shirt," Lynn said, cupping a small shapely tit in her hand.

"I can't stand it," the woman said, pulling over to the side of the road. "Open up," she said as she put the car in park and fell into Lynn's lap, ripping at the button on her jeans.

Lynn lifted her ass and slid her jeans and panties down to her ankles. Before she could get ready, the woman's mouth eagerly sought and found Lynn's pussy. She lapped like a dog, sucking when it was needed to stop the flow of nectar. The feeling of her soft head on Lynn's leg was erotic enough to make Lynn come all by itself. Lynn looked down at the eager face in her lap and petted the woman's hair while her feasting mouth set fire to Lynn's loins. Lynn looked around uncomfortably at the dark night around her, afraid that somebody would see.

Then she didn't care. The fire was building in her hot mound. The woman was eagerly eating her pussy with the experience of a woman used to pleasing other women. She knew when to lick Lynn's clit, and when to lick her pussy lips. Sitting there in the dark with the woman's mouth between her legs, Lynn would not have traded places with anybody else in the world. It was the most exciting time of her life.

"Oh shit, I'm coming," Lynn squealed. Her pussy exploded almost without warning. Bucking her ass on the seat, Lynn fed her wet pussy to the woman's mouth. She held the woman's head between her legs, mashing her sex against it brutally. The woman eagerly followed Lynn's pussy up and down as it spasmed. All too soon her orgasm was over and Lynn had to push the woman's eager lips off her pussy.

"That was so good!" the woman cried enthusiastically. She leaned forward and kissed Lynn on the lips, the grabbed a handful of tissues and carefully wiped Lynn's sweet face clean.

"We are going to have so much fun," the woman sighed. She sat back up and began to drive, as Lynn pulled her pants back on. Lynn was beginning to feel a little guilty, but the erotic pictures in her mind just wouldn't go away.

"I feel sort of funny," Lynn finally admitted.

"That happens," the woman said. "Sometimes a woman completely rejects her feelings, saying it was an accident, or she was so horny that she couldn't help it. But soon she comes back to her true feelings. Women were meant to love, it doesn't matter if a man or woman does the loving. You'll see me again.

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