tagLesbian SexThe Seduction of Bobby's Mom

The Seduction of Bobby's Mom


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It was just past eight on a Friday night and I was hoping this would be the first time that we would spend an entire night together in each other's arms. I had worked like a fiend to make it all come together and I could hardly believe it might finally happen. The woman that I wanted most in this world was on her way to my house and I was hoping that the final piece of my plan would fall into place.

My legs and my pussy were now as smooth as a baby's bottom and I was ready for what I hoped would be a night of endless romance and passion with the woman who simply rocked my world. I had just finished blow-drying my hair and it looked great as usual and then I started putting on my makeup. But before I carry on endlessly about Bobby's mom, I need to give you some of the recent history and then take you back to when the entire plan for her seduction was originally formulated.

My name is Erin Jameson, unfortunately no relation to one of the sexiest women on the planet - Jenna Jameson. I'm currently in the last semester of my senior year in high school and I simply cannot wait for this year to finally end. For the past two years I've lived a double life of sorts and up to three months ago I was ready to head off to college in the fall to a much more liberal part of the country where I planned to party my ass off and just be myself at UCLA. At the present time, however, I'm just an eighteen year old high school senior in Houston, Texas.

I was born Erin Michelle Jameson eighteen years ago this past November. If you're one of those people who are now trying to figure out my zodiac sign, let me make it simple for you. I'm a Sagittarius, for those of you who really give a shit about such meaningless stuff. Sorry for the negativity, but I've been mired in a long period of depression and it gets much worse if I don't take my little anti-depressant treats. Yup, you guessed it - Prozac.

My dad used to be a pilot for one of the major air carriers. He used to be the greatest dad on the planet. He used to be my best friend and he was there whenever and wherever I needed him. He used to be alive.

Most of that changed three years ago, when my mom was driving my brother back from basketball practice one afternoon. That was the day that a dump truck driven by a drunken driver ran a stop sign and took them from us.

That day will forever remain embedded in my mind and heart because it was the day I lost my entire family. I lost my mom and David - my brother, to eternal life in the blink of an eye, while I also lost my father as a result of his overwhelming grief. The man he became was nothing like the man he was and the ache he carried within him continued to change the relationship between us until the very end.

As a result of an excellent job with a stable company and sound investment decisions, my father had been financially well off a good while before the fatal accident, but after the wrongful death action he never had to work again. That was probably a good thing, because he eventually quit his job and then he spent the next two plus years inside a bottle of bourbon, using pills as a chaser.

Sadly, it all finally came to a head this past Christmas. I had been looking for him in the morning to give him his present and I couldn't find him anywhere. I looked all over our huge house – even out by the pool and in our garage, but he was nowhere to be found. It struck me as very unusual for a man who virtually stopped leaving the house entirely more than two years earlier.

Then I saw it next to the fourteen pound turkey that I was thawing for our Christmas dinner. It was a hand written note. As I picked it up to read it, it began predictably.

Dear Erin, please forgive me, but I can no longer continue to remain in this life without Claire and David. As you know, you've been a co-owner of all the bank accounts and I've always made you aware of that information for purposes of any emergency that might arise. Everything not in your name will pass to you through my will. There is more than eighteen million dollars divided among four accounts at Smith Barney as well as the local checking account. Nearly every invoice that comes to the house is debited automatically against one or more of those accounts. You should be financially stable for the rest of your life. I'm so sorry that I've failed you and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. God bless you.

He was in such a hurry he didn't even bother to sign the damn thing.

I was not surprised later that day when I received the call from the Harris County Sheriff's Department confirming the fact that I was John Jameson's daughter. My dad was thoughtful enough to check into a Motel Six to blow his brains out, so I wouldn't be left with that vision in our house for the rest of my life. What a considerate son of a bitch he was, even up to the very end. And he even used a discount hotel chain. Yes, I'm bitter about it, but please don't get me started.

He died that day, but I lost him nearly three years earlier. So I spent Christmas dinner alone eating a bowl of Campbell's Tomato soup and two pieces of four-day old bread in the dinning room in our lavishly furnished two story house that used to be such a happy place, full of fun people who truly loved and cared about each other. Now it was just me.

I tried to cry, but I had no tears left. My father had prepared me for this day a long, long time ago and I was as ready for it as I could ever be. It was the first day of the rest of my life.

So now that you know a little about my depressing home life, let me tell you a little bit about my life as a student at Memorial High School in Houston, Texas.

Before my life was turned upside down by my mom's tragic accident I was a genuine stuck up bitch. I knew it and I was more than okay with it. I was beautiful and smart – as in the top two percent of the class smart and the co-captain of the cheerleading squad for two years along with Tracy Preston.

I also had my pick of any guy in the school. The problem was that I had known for years that I was not interested in guys, but I lacked the courage to come out and tell anyone else, so I lived a double life of sorts.

While I was at school I pretended to like the same things that all the other girls liked and even dated guys every now and then to try and appear totally normal, as if I had any idea what that was. I was way too young to understand that I should not have cared so much about what everyone else thought, but hell – it was high school and it was really important for me to retain my social standing with the only group of people I knew, especially with no family support of any kind any more.

Okay, just so you know what a stuck up bitch really looks like, I was definitely my mother's daughter. My mother had been a first runner up in the Miss Texas beauty pageant nineteen years earlier and I definitely had her great looks. I'm five feet, nine inches tall when I'm not in heels and I have thick natural platinum blond hair that comes down a couple inches below my breasts in soft wavy curls that I swear are natural.

From years of competitive swimming and religiously jogging in all sorts of weather, my figure has remained a very tight 34-23-34 and my boobs – though not very huge, have a great cup size at nearly a 'D.' I also have my mother's killer green eyes and I always receive compliments on them, even though the breasts get all the visual attention. Most of the time I never wear any make-up except lipstick and eye liner, but when I do go to the trouble you'd better look out. I refer to that as my 'take no prisoners' look.

Anyway, it was all good enough to achieve the lofty status I sought to maintain in high school, but of course, I was living a bit of a lie and that also took a pretty hard toll on me. I was afraid to come onto any of the girls in our school, out of fear of rejection and then ultimately public disclosure, so I began traveling on weekends to other parts of the city with my 'take no prisoners' look where I became rather good at meeting women in malls and other places who were interested in being seduced by a beautiful eighteen year old female.

After I finally got the courage up and the drill down, I was finally able to enjoy at least one successful conquest each weekend and during it all I realized I was incredibly attracted to women who were older than me and in some cases – much older than me.

Anyway, I stayed with my game plan until one day something happened to me that changed everything. It actually all started several months earlier in December, when Bobby Martin first came onto me.

If I was a normal heterosexual female I would have married Bobby right after high school and had 2.5 kids and been the happiest woman in Texas. Bobby was the All-State quarterback on our very good football team and as soon as that season ended he was an All-State point guard on our even better basketball team.

At six feet four inches tall with dark brown hair and soft brown eyes Bobby was easily one of the best looking boys in the school. What I also liked best about him was that he had a lot more going for him than just athletics and I knew that because we had several honors classes together.

Nevertheless, I wasn't a normal heterosexual female, but when Bobby finally set his sights on me I was placed in a real predicament. Of course I wasn't seeing anyone special, so I knew my friends would expect me to be excited about dating the hottest guy in the school and once he started his pursuit seemed to be relentless. But just as I had finally decided that I was willing to turn him down to risk it all, I had what you might call a change of heart.

It happened after a holiday basketball tournament at our school one Friday night, a couple weeks before Christmas, and there was a mix-up with my ride and I was in a bit of dilemma. It was raining very hard, my dad was not answering the phone as usual and my best friend Leann had left without telling me because her boyfriend's parents were not home and she was desperately trying to get laid. She and I did a lot of carpooling that year and this was the first time she ever ran off and left me, so I was not too angry at her over it.

Anyway, I was almost ready to walk the six miles home in the wet weather when Bobby intercepted me at the door and asked me if I needed a lift home. He had been flirting with me so much over the past several weeks and I had fielded all of his attempts without displaying any reciprocal interest so I was almost inclined to ignore him again and just leave. At that moment, however, the rain seemed to increase in its intensity and I quickly rethought that rather unsound strategy.

I turned and smiled at him and thanked him for the offer. Then we headed outside under the overhang to wait for his ride. We made idle conversation about the game and his performance for about ten minutes until a late model black Lexus SUV drove up the circular driveway in front of the school. As soon as he saw the car he headed immediately towards it without saying a word to me, so I just followed him.

He opened the back door for me to get in and then someone said something from the front seat.

"Bobby, I didn't know you were gonna have company, sweetie. I have groceries scattered all over the place. One of you will have to sit up front and the other can squeeze in the back seat next to the five gallon bottle of water."

My attention was immediately drawn to the driver's side of the car and one of the most sensual female voices I had ever heard, but it was dark and even with the interior dome light on in the car I could not clearly see the lady who was seated behind the wheel.

Bobby opened the front door and ushered me inside and then he closed the door behind me. I heard him slide in against the groceries and close the back door, tightly sandwiching himself between the bottle of water and the door. I looked over towards the driver and that was when our eyes locked on to each other.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet Erin, I think I may have mentioned her to you a time or two." Bobby said, with a trace of laughter in his voice, as he continued to rustle around on the back seat trying to get comfortable.

Our eyes remained fixed on each other. I was looking at who I thought might easily be the most attractive female I'd ever seen in my life. She had long brown hair to about the middle of her back, warm brown eyes – now I knew where Bobby got his, and the kind of perfect face you usually only see on models. Her light maroon eye shadow along with a light maroon or cranberry colored lipstick was all the makeup I could detect and it was damn well all she needed. After finally taking her all in I realized that with the single exception of my mother, Bobby's mom was the most gorgeous woman I'd ever seen.

Without breaking the stare I absent mindedly stuck my arm towards her to shake her hand and then she did the same thing. When our hands finally touched I felt it immediately and I knew by the look in her eyes that she felt it too. We continued to stare at each other and we just held that position for what almost seemed like an eternity. All the while Bobby chattered on to his mother about the game, totally oblivious to the incredible chemistry that was occurring between us in the front seat.

A horn blast from behind the car suddenly jolted us back to reality, as we both looked back in a reflexive movement responding to the sound. Then we turned back and our gazes met again briefly, as she spoke.

"Erin, what an absolutely beautiful name for an absolutely gorgeous girl; I'm Cheryl Martin." Then to my dismay we released our hold on one another and she began to redirect her attention to the road and we slowly drove away from the school.

Bobby continued to chatter away behind me, but I had tuned him out once I saw his mom. I sat in the front seat with my back against the door facing her and each time we stopped for a red light or a traffic slowdown, she turned her head to look at me and would find me just staring at her. I knew it was terribly obvious, but I just couldn't help it; I was simply in awe of her beauty. Then our eyes would remain locked on each other until someone else would beep their horn behind us and then Cheryl would act a little embarrassed and then we'd continue driving towards my house.

I wanted that drive to last forever, but I knew it wouldn't take long to travel six miles, even in the rain. However, my mind was working overtime to consider what I could possibly do to insure a chance to meet this woman again, very soon. Then the pieces all seemed to fall into place for me.

About ten minutes later Cheryl pulled her car into the driveway at my house and I knew that Bobby would insist on walking me to the door, hoping for a chance to kiss me and get his hands all over me. He had no idea that I was about to make it terribly easy for him.

He jumped out of the car first and opened the door for me and I slid out without saying a word to his mother. He walked me to the door and I let him take me in his arms for just an instant.

"Wait!" I said, before he was about to kiss me. Why don't you hang out here for a while? We can order some pizza or make some popcorn and watch some DVDs and I can drive you home later."

I had no doubt what his response would be. The tough part was how I handled things afterwards.

He smiled at me and for an instant I almost wished that I could have been genuinely attracted to the guy. His expression was too adorable and it reminded me of a little boy who had just received a puppy for Christmas. I almost felt guilty for what I knew were my ulterior motives. Almost!

"That sounds great Erin, I'll run out and tell mom." He said, nearly euphoric at his sudden change of fortune.

He turned to start back towards the car and I quickly grabbed the sleeve of his varsity jacket, which caused him to spin back around to face me. This time he had a curious expression on his face.

"Look, it's probably a good idea if I go ask her if its okay for you to stay, instead of you. I need to thank her for the ride home anyway and I think it'll be easier just in case she has any questions for me. You go inside and get out of that wet jacket and warm up. I'll just be a couple minutes."

He smiled at me and then headed into the house. I smiled to myself, as I watched him go inside, then I walked back towards his mother's car in the rain.

I could have easily knocked on the driver's side window and talked with her, but that wasn't the way I wanted it to play out. I walked around the car in front of the headlights so she could see that I was returning and then I opened the passenger side door and got back into the front seat of her car and shut the door.

When I turned to face Cheryl, her expression was very warm, but she didn't appear at all surprised by my return. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part, but it was almost as if she knew I'd be back. She continued to stare at me without saying a word, with a sexy half-smile on her face. We sat there and continued to make eye contact for twenty or thirty seconds until I finally spoke.

"Bobby is in the house drying off and wants to know if he can stay over here for a couple hours to get a bite to eat and watch movies. I can drive him home afterwards, if that's alright with you."

Then I leaned in towards the center of the car, closing the distance between us by at least half. Now I estimated that Cheryl was less than two feet from me, as our eyes remained locked on each other.

She nodded slowly and then said in a wispy voice. "Ahhh, that a, that will be fine - Erin."

I smiled at her and instinctively she smiled back.

Then there was another silent pause between us, as we continued to take each other in. I moved even closer towards her and then in a near whisper I added. "There's no way that Bobby can see us from inside the house and no one can see us from the street."

I could tell that she seemed to think about that for an instant and then she looked back at me brandishing an expression that told me that she fully understood the relevance of my comment.

I could feel my heart racing, but it was different from the way I felt with any other female I'd ever been with before. I knew I was about to do something I'd never done with anyone else who was within my social sphere of friends or acquaintances and I knew that it had the potential of backfiring on me in a really big way.

I took one more look into Cheryl's eyes trying to make sure that what I thought I saw in them earlier was still there. Then I slowly leaned my head towards her in search of my coveted prize.

Sometimes desire can be measured in just millimeters. I felt her head move towards me, although I knew the movement was terribly slight. I could sense that she was probably fighting against countless constraints that this eighteen year old high school senior could never even begin to imagine. I was sure, however, that things like a loving husband, social standing and years of family values were at the forefront and they were all flashing red warning signals somewhere in the back of her mind as I approached her and each one of those warning signals had the potential to force her to turn her head away at the last minute, but she didn't.

Our lips met and we held the kiss for nearly a full minute. I wanted to put my hand around her head and pull her into me to increase the passion, but I didn't. I wanted to open my mouth and let my tongue fully explore the inner recesses of her beautiful mouth, but I didn't. I wanted to touch her breasts, which were so huge compared to mine and terribly inviting, but I didn't. I wanted the kiss to do nothing more than build on the sheer excitement that I sensed we each felt earlier, while at the same time not scare her away.

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