tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 03

The Hogarth Club Ch. 03


"Back again, Inspector Hoyden?"

"Only to see you smile Georgina, it is the highlight of my day."

"And I thought my day was boring. He's -"

At megaphone level Grierly's voice thundered from his office, interrupting Roger's conversation.

"Hoyden you are indolent, you should have been here an hour ago, stop haranguing that girl and get your body in here immediately."

Roger smiled at Georgina before he disappeared behind the Chief Super's door. Roger sat in the visitors chair.

In a conversational tone Grierly said, "How have you been going Lad?"


"Gynaecide Jim struck again last night. He killed a Diana Croston."

"He obviously didn't want credit for an extra murder, that's six plus Cynthia."

Grierly nodded, he was disappointed about progress in the case so far.

"Can you keep an eye out for this bastard too?"

"Yes, I would be pleased to get him off the street."

"OK, made any progress?"

"Yes and No Sir, No one has picked up the files, either they are cautious or they know something."

"I'd guess cautious, spying is a precarious business if you lack patience you die," Grierly said.

Roger nodded his agreement.

"I have decided to use my house for the bordello. It's in Little Sanctuary which is between the War rooms and Parliament, just behind Westminster Abbey."

"I know it Lad."

"It used to be our London residence."

"So you are Lord something or other too?"

"Yes, I pick up an auxiliary title, technically I am Earl of Alveston. I haven't found the title at all useful."

Grierly stared hard at Roger. He wondered if Earl Alveston was real and Roger Hoyden was the fake.

"I wonder how much else about you is fabricated?"

Roger smiled, he was pleased he had decided to include the old man, he had good instincts.

"I'll need some time to 'Bordello' my home. Could you assign me Lola Arkwright and create some undercover assignment so we won't be missed."

"With Lola gone, I might be able to get the men in her department to do some work."

Roger laughed, "You'll need to make her up to Detective Sergeant too."

"Are you taking any more of my girls?"

"No, I'll recruit on the street."

"OK, It's all done lad, are you ready to go?"

"Yes Sir, I'm glad you are on-board Sir."

Grierly nodded before launching into a tirade, "Get out Hoyden, you are a despicable human being, with the ethics of a rat and the work rate of a sloth. I don't want to see you again until you have actually achieved something"

Roger laughed and patted the old man on the shoulder to acknowledge his performance. His voice could be heard all the way down the corridor. It would quickly be around the division.

Roger shut Grierly's door, he managed to replace his grin with a frown, which became genuine when he saw Georgina sobbing. She held her head in her hands, an open telegram lay on her desk.

Roger quickly grasped the tableau. He knelt beside her.

"Wounded, missing or killed?" he asked.

"Killed," uttered so quietly it was hard to distinguish from a sob.

He patted her shoulder barged back into Grierly's office.

"Georgina is going home."

Grierly heard the sobbing walked to his door and saw the telegram, "Thank you Lad," he said.

Roger retrieved her coat from the hat stand, pulled her to her feet and wrapped it around her.

"The back door," he said.

"Where are we going," she managed between the sobs.

"Your home, a nice cup of tea. Then whatever you need."

A snarky reply bubbled in Georgina's head but it was swamped by grief before it could be uttered. She snuggled under his arm happy to leave her fate in his hands.

Roger was pleased he hadn't needed a car. Georgina lived in the Devil's Acre at the corner of Perkins Rents and Old Pye Street. All of the slums which had comprised the acre had been pulled down and replaced. Georgina's apartment was in the Orchard Estate, built at the turn of the century it was a grand five story building. Georgina was on the least popular fifth floor. The walk up multiple staircases discouraged all but the young and fit. It was very close to Scotland Yard, Georgina would be able to see her office from the apartment window had it not been for the curving street scape of Perkins Rents.

The apartment was warm and welcoming the antithesis of Georgina who was dull and listless. Roger stripped her coat off and sat her in a generous armchair.

"Sweet tea, OK?" he said.

Georgina just stared at the fireplace. Roger took the lack of denial as consent. The kitchen was well organized so pretty soon he offered Georgina a hot cup of char. She was still fascinated by the fireplace to the exclusion of all other stimuli. He put the cup on a side table that he had pulled over with his foot. He knelt in-front of her, took her hand.

"Do you want to talk about it," he said gently.

She shivered and said in a tiny voice, "I killed him!"

Her hand was freezing, he felt her forehead, it too was cold. He began to worry, her skin was pale and her irises enlarged, she was suffering a shock reaction. Drinking was not the solution she needed warmth and improved circulation. He found a blanket and before wrapping it around her her loosened the blouse at her neck then unbuttoned the waist of her skirt.

"Don't leave me, Roger please," she managed.

She held his hand and would not release her grip.

"I'm cold and heartless, devoid of morals and now I've killed Richard. Will you hold me?"

Roger pulled her to her feet. She stood, looking defeated while he wrapped her in the blanket. Her skirt had pooled at her ankles, if she was aware she didn't care. Roger sat in the generous armchair and pulled her into his lap, she snuggled to him like a baby, her head tucked under his chin.

"Tell me about it?" he said.

Georgina registered his words. She couldn't tell anyone she felt ashamed. These confidences were not even suitable to share with your best girl friend.

"Georgina, whatever you tell me in confidence will NEVER pass my lips. If you decide to share, it will be more secure than whispering to yourself in a locked room."

Her tears increased, Roger's shoulder once damp, was now saturated. Georgina felt so burdened with guilt, that the world had become heavier, and her place in it less secure. Her body was harder to move, expanding her chest for air was difficult. She recognized the need for confession. Georgina could not equate Roger's reputation with the man she had come to know, maybe he could be trusted. She fought the lethargy and lifted her body, staring into his eyes, she said, "Can I really trust you?"


It was a simple response but she saw only honesty and compassion in his eyes. Her head flopped back onto his shoulder.

"I killed him."

Roger stayed quiet, he just gave her a hug to encourage her to continue, it was the right approach. As if a dam was broken the words gushed from her mouth in a toneless monologue.

"He rents a room, well really I rented it to a friend. He moved in with her. Fiona I killed her too. I didn't feel it was right to throw him out. Since September he had become rather chummy but he wanted too much."


"Georgie, you are so intoxicating I want more. I want to really feel your breasts, not just through your clothing. Let's strip down and cuddle."

"Richard, NO!"

"Oh, I know I'm in trouble now, Richard, no less."

"Rick, you know I love you but I'm not handing it out to anyone."

"Georgie, I'm not anyone. I thought I was important to you."

"You are!"

"Well prove it, share your skin."

"So if I don't let you fondle me, I don't love you."

"Yep, pretty much. Come on Georgie all the boys are getting sex. Christ I could die tonight."

"Rick, don't."

"The thought of dying without ever feeling your body frightens me."

Georgina stilled and thought. She wanted to surrender her virginity to Rick but after they were wed. She felt the same tension as him, living was no longer assured. As a spitfire pilot battling the Luftwaffe every night. Even if you survived the first week where casualty rates were almost fifty percent your life expectancy was barely more than four weeks. Even she was not safe, Fiona her friend was killed by the Luftwaffe bombing.

"If I let you feel my skin, there are three conditions."


"One, if I say stop, you MUST stop. Two, I will NOT surrender my virginity. I might to you but not now. Three, no lights."

"Come on Georgie, I'll get to steal your flower, so why not now?"

"Richard, the chaps you fly with can find sluts and whores to their hearts content but I am neither. If you want either just go for it but don't bring their filth back to me."

Georgina rose, left him by the fire and closed the bedroom door firmly. It was only moments.

"Georgie, I'm sorry I agree with all your conditions. Can I come in?"


He came in and took off his cloths. Georgina had naturally seen her father, they lived together it was inevitable. Rick was so big it didn't hang between his legs like the ones she'd glanced before.

"Are you going to take your clothes off?"

Georgina took off her outer wear then slid beneath the covers and removed her under garments.

"The light, Rickie."

"We'll leave it on, I want to enjoy looking at you."

If Georgina had known how shaky the compliance to her conditions was, she would have insisted but instead she said nothing.

Richard slid under the sheets, he lay on his back and pulled her to his side. Georgina relaxed, it was rather pleasant being this close to her love. He kissed her as he always had, and just as usual his hand dropped to her breast. He was right skin to skin was a different proposition.

"See. It's nice."

His mouth disappeared beneath the sheets and found a turgid nipple. Georgina quite liked the feeling. The intensity of his kiss increased, it became painful she tried to shake him off but it seemed the fight only made him more demanding.

"Stop it please Rick, you are hurting me," she managed despite his suffocating mouth.

He ignored her, Rick flipped her on her back and his hand plunged between her legs.

"NO, Rickie. You agreed to stop if I asked. Please stop."

"Once your virginity is gone Georgie we can do this all the time."

"Richard," she screamed.

He kissed her again to stifle the noise and rolled on top of her his weight effectively immobilizing her.

She felt his penis at the entrance to her vagina. He pressed her shoulders restricting her hands. She had enough movement to achieve a strike to his Pulmonary plexus, in the middle of his back. The air was forced out of his lungs and he was unable to breath, the strike had cause a spasm to the diaphragm. He rolled off her gagging for want of breath.

Georgina picked up her clothes and left him, she knew he would recover her strike had not been hard enough to cause damage.

In the living room, she dressed and cried. He burst out of the bedroom.

"Clothes!" Georgina said, in a tone that brooked no defiance.

He ducked back into the bedroom and came out of the room dressed.

"God, I'm so sorry Georgie. I was intoxicated by your beauty."

"I gave you three conditions, you met none. You were intoxicated by your own cock. Now leave me alone!"

"Georgie, really I am so ashamed. I treated you like a slut I am so sorry."

Georgina turned her back to him.


"You see, he was in no state to fly. It was my fault."

Georgina moved closer to Roger's neck wetting another area of his shirt. Roger just held her, again he said nothing. Her breathing which was previously rapid had evened out. He took her wrist and checked her pulse it was high but no longer dangerously so. He shut his eyes.

He awoke as she snuggled more closely into his body.

"Are you OK?"

"You've said nothing. You obviously agree that I killed Richard."

"Let me tell you a story, then we'll discuss the appropriate levels of guilt."



"Georgie, you are so intoxicating I want more. I want to really feel your body, not just through your clothing. Can we get closer."

"Richard, NO!"

"Oh, I know I'm in trouble now, Richard, no less."

"Rickie, you know I love you but I'm not handing it out to anyone."

"Georgie, I'm not anyone."

"I know Rick," she grabbed his hand.

"Georgie I want to feel all of you and have you enjoy all of me. I know some things are definitely off the agenda. Your virginity is important to you and I will not rob you of it. I will stop immediately if you say so."

"Could we do it in the dark, if I agreed?"

"No Darling, you are beautiful and I want to see and touch all of you."

"What would we do?"

Rick pulled Georgie off the chair, kissed her warmly and unbuttoned her cardigan. His hand frequently brushed her breasts. He pushed it off her shoulders, folded it and placed it on the chair.

"Your turn," he said.

She copied him, his jacket joined the cardigan.

He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, ran it down her neck, over her left breast to her waist. He pulled the blouse from her waistline and quickly undid all the buttons. The blouse joined the other clothes. He kissed down her neck, over the swell of her breast and down to her tummy.

"That tickles Rickie," he did it again they laughed. He pulled her into a warm embrace.

"My turn," she said, beginning to feel confident.

She undid his shirt discarding it. Then cheekily claimed an extra garment, she lifted his singlet over his head. The pile of clothes was getting bigger. She stood back.

"You have a wonderful body Rick, may I touch it?"

He kissed her hands and then guided them to his torso. She traced his muscles, she was attracted to his abdominal muscles, he seemed to shudder every time she touched them.

"You are getting me too excited, my turn."

Rick fought bravely to release her corset, eventually she undid it for him, laughing. He stood with his mouth open.

Before he could speak, Georgina took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Her breasts were small and firm, he cupped them and bent and kissed her nipples. He dropped his hands to her waist then drew his nails along her sides back to her breasts, she shuddered. Her breasts had erupted in goosebumps.

"You like that?" he said.

She nodded, Stepping in she undid his flies, his trousers dropped to his ankles. There was a monster tented in his underwear.

"So big," she said.

"It gets big when it's excited, and Georgie you are the most excitement it has ever enjoyed."

Georgina had a moments panic, "Have you done this before," she asked.

He nodded, unsure of himself.

"Good," she said.

She knelt to undo his shoes, so his trousers could join the pile, she cheated again and reached for his underpants, he covered her hands.

"Are you sure?"

She answered by pulling the garment, it caught on his cock. She disengaged the clothing from the offending member. He sucked in hard when her hand grabbed his penis.

"God Georgie, that feels amazing."

"What should I do with it?"

"You can just handle it, or even suck it."

"Oh, I couldn't put that in my mouth but is that OK?"

She was holding his shaft like it was trying to get away, he covered her hand.

"Lighter, and you can move like this."

He guided her hand in the stroking motion he most preferred.

"What about you?" he said.

"If I carry on doing this what happens?"

"I will orgasm, and squirt semen everywhere."

"Oh," she said, and worked his shaft they way she was shown. Rick was getting really excited she liked the way his breathing had changed. She couldn't resist she leaned in and licked the head of his penis, she tasted his pre-come, it wasn't unpleasant. She massaged the moisture left from her mouth over the head. Suddenly he groaned and squirted like he said.

"Is it OK, did I hurt you?"

"God no Georgie, just keep doing it."

Encouraged, she did, every time she stroked him down, he squirted again. It was like a little reservoir which eventually became exhausted. She wiped all the semen she could find on his shaft and continued with a slippery grip. He covered her hand.

"You'd better stop Georgie, or it will do it again."

"Is that bad?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"No, it would be lovely for me, but its your turn."

He picked up his underpants and wiped Georgina's hands, then his groin. He stood her up and kissed her, he tasted a bit of himself on her lips, he hardened again.

"It wants to play again," Georgina said.

"Maybe, but after you."

She stood back and looked worried.

"If this is far enough for you we can stop," he said.

He cheated a little he gave a nipple a love bite and stroked her sides in the same way that had previously gained a reaction. She shuddered.

"OK," she said shakily, doubt in her voice.

He kissed her with tenderness, his tongue becoming ever busier until they were fighting to hit the erogenous areas in each others mouth.

"Do it," she said.

Still kissing her he released the buttons on her skirt which fell way. He bent folded it and it joined the others. He didn't look at her, he knew she would be embarrassed so he knelt. He placed his his thumbs in the waist of her pantaloons, he slowly slid then over her buttocks down her thighs. Then he kissed her thatch.

"What do you want to do to it?" she asked.

"Explore it, would you be happy sitting down, to give me full access?"

She sat.

"Open your legs a little."

"I feel exposed."

"No worries, let me kiss you then."

He slid up her body, when he found her lips he used his busy tongue, she relaxed and to grant him easier access she opened her legs, He didn't respond to his minor triumph. They kissed until their lips were numb. He kissed down her neck, the curve of her breast her nipples, stomach.

"Can I continue," he said.

She blushed and avoided his eye but opened her legs. His mouth found her like a greyhound after a hare. He found her valley and ran his tongue along it. She shuddered at the end of his stroke. He lifted his head away from her nectar but avoided her eye.

"You are in charge of the process, you need to direct me. Stop, slow, left, right, harder, softer, quicker or slower. I will follow any of your directions. With no directions I will make it up."

"Isn't that a bit clinical," she said, "I thought love making was all about skill."

"No, good love making is about following directions, like you did for me."

He heard her laugh, "Start," she said.

He did, he concentrated on her clitoris, egged on by gasps of pleasure. Her clit was erect clearly liking the treatment. Georgina was fully engaged issuing directives like a General. Suddenly she thrust herself on his tongue.

"Slow and hard," she groaned.

He obeyed and rode her to orgasm with his tongue. When her spasms slowed and ceased he started long slow strokes circling her clit before returning.

"If you carry on, will that happen again," she said.


"Please... carry on."

She was less passive this time, she directed his actions verbally and by gripping his head. She came again quickly, she ended up fucking his tongue. He suspected she was multi-orgasmic.

Rick grabbed his underpants and again wiped his mouth and her valley.

"Thank you Rickie, can we sleep like this?"

She indicated their nudity.

Rick picked her up, carried her to her bed. Settled her in and spooned his body closely to hers. She fell asleep first, happy that his hand was caressing her breast. He slumbered not long after.


"Will you sleep with me like the story?"

"Yes, but only clothed."

"Your story was beautiful, would you do that to me?"

"Maybe, but in the future when you are not dealing with such an emotional load."

"Oh, you don't like me?"

"Georgina, I more than like you. Your smile lights my soul. I suspect you have depth which I would enjoy exploring. Your virginity is precious I will not take it. You are sexually naive, I will not take advantage of you."

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