tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 05

The Hogarth Club Ch. 05


Georgina had planned to return to work today. Thanks to Roger, the trauma of Richard's death was no longer debilitating. She was able to remember Rick without the clumsy rape fueled by the, probably fictitious, stories of his fellow pilots. Roger had given her the priceless gift of being able to think of him without rancor.

There was a loud knock on her door, someone had obviously by-passed the security of the main entrance, she slipped on a robe and answered the door.

She saw Roger, "Come in," her voice displaying her pleasure. "You look like you could do with bed."

She covered her mouth and blushed, "Sorry, I mean sleep."

He stepped in and was followed by a bedraggled robed figure. Georgina stepped around Roger and embraced her.

"Are you OK?" she said.

Reggie nodded, but she would not let Georgina go, she felt safe, a feeling she had forgotten.

"Could you make a cup of tea, Roger, please."

He nodded, his task was quickly completed, slowed only by the time for the water to boil. Even though he had only been in her kitchen once before, it was familiar. Georgina seemed to apply the same logic to her kitchen as he did his. He puzzled at Georgina's reaction, it was almost as if she'd immediately known that Reggie was in pain, he also pondered why women always seemed to hug. His pondering had obviously taken longer than he thought when he returned to the living room the tableau was entirely different. Reggie was wrapped in a pretty robe that would have fitted perfectly had she not been starved but more surprising she was wearing a smile, it was almost as beguiling as Georgina's.

"You two seem to be getting on, Chars up."

Georgina poured, quiet reined until their first sip, it was as if all had been waiting in anticipation of the tea.

"Why did you abduct Reggie?" Georgina asked.

Roger smiled, the statement was accusatory but it was delivered with no barbs as if Georgina knew that if it was true it would only be for the best reasons.

"I was searching for girls and was on my way home, I tripped over her this side of St James Park she was hiding in an alcove. She asked if my place was warm. So I took her there."

"You stripped her naked and took her to bed?" This was delivered with a wicked grin.

"She had hypothermia, I thought it was the only way to warm her up slowly. Her appendages were frozen, I was afraid that if that blood reached her core she would die."

"How many orgasms did you give her?" Now a raised eyebrow.

"Fucking hell... oops sorry, how quickly did you two talk?"

"Fast enough... well?"


"It looks like I have much to look forward to -"

Reggie interrupted, Roger would have preferred Georgina had completed her thoughts.

"I'm sorry I was mean, Roger. I didn't understand how I ended up naked in your bed... thank you for saving my life."

Reggie pulled herself out of the chair and kissed Roger's cheek.

"I agree with you, most men are poisonous."

Roger held her hand and kissed it, it wasn't much of an apology, but it would do.

The tea took their tongues again, Roger chuckled to himself. He had been concerned about sharing the evening's work with Georgina but she had made sharing very easy. For someone so sexually naive she was very broad-minded.

"Roger, can you arrange for a ration book for Reggie?"

Reggie interrupted, "No, you can't have my details, I killed my husband!"

Reggie had shrunk, she had drawn into herself. Roger knew from experience that there was no information coming from that source. Georgina pulled her out of her chair and into a hug.

"I'll call you Roger."

Roger was summarily dismissed. Feeling a bit miffed, he said, "Don't open your door like that again, you could have been in danger."

"Oh... I didn't realize you were dangerous," her eyes directed him to go.


Georgina was pleased that she still had Fiona's clothes, it was a rare case where sloth had been rewarded. Reggie was slowly drawn from her introspection by Georgina's impromptu fashion show.

"... but they're too big."

Were the first welcome words uttered by Reggie since Roger had departed.

Georgina just grabbed her hand and pulled her into the third bedroom, it looked like a couturiers inner sanctum, well almost. The space was certainly busy, there were two mannequins with part completed gowns. The back wall had two machines and clothes in various states of repair or disrepair were spread around a central worktable. Reggie picked at her gown.

"Did you make this?"

"What is a girl to do, there is no way you can dress properly with rationing.

"Are you a seamstress?"

"No, I work at Scotland Yard."

Reggie was about to withdraw again but Georgina pulled her to the second mannequin pulled off the part completed dress and threw Reggie a tape measure.

"Come on we'll set this up for you, then you don't have to keep stripping for a fitting and you can get the drape of the fabric right."

Georgina's ploy stopped Reggie from withdrawing. She was excited to be in a women's world,

"What do I do?"

"OK, first your bust measurement."

The girls adjusted the model to emulate the shape they expected Reggie to be when she regained her condition. It was half an hour of fun and giggles. Georgina also took other vital statistics like arm measurements which couldn't be set on the mannequin.

"Tea, and a chat," Georgina said when they had finished.

When they sat with tea in hand Georgina in her typical fashion went straight to the issue.

"How did you kill your husband?"

It looked as if Reggie was going to close up again but a smile played with her frown and won.

"Fuck it... you are the first friend I've had. Do you really want to know?"

Georgina nodded.

"The house was bombed. He was too tough to go to a shelter so we'd stay in the cellar. Him safe under the chimney base and me by the door so I could run and get him a beer or whatever else he demanded. The bomb must have hit the house next door, it blew out the connecting wall he was trapped beneath the rubble. My tenuous position turned out to be the safest, many of these bruises are from the flying masonry..."

Reggie just seemed to wind down, she was staring into the distance clearly re-living the experience.

"Then?" Georgina said, gently.

"I was knocked out by a brick, I woke to him screaming at me. Get here you slut, get me out. He was OK but he was seriously stuck, a water main had broken and the cellar was filling, the doorway was blocked so I couldn't get any help. He'd managed to get a brick under his cheek to hold his head above the water but the water was gaining."

"What did you do?"

"I said, Let's have a bet at who dies first. Then sat and watched him drown."

Georgina was shocked by the callousness of the story but she didn't condemn, she pulled Reggie into her chair, it was generous enough for both of them.

"Why?" she said, encapsulating Reggie in her warmth. She could feel Reggie trembling so she hugged her tighter.

"I can't tell you,"

Reggie managed before she broke down, she was not upset, she was distraught. Georgina just held her close stroked her hair told her it was OK, it was all over and that she needed to move on. The girls hugged for half an hour. Georgina waited patiently for Reggie.

Reggie, it must be awful, if just retribution was watching your husband drown. Please tell me darling, a problem shared is a problem halved."

Reggie was resolved never to share her problem but no one had ever called her darling before.

"Why am I your darling?" she asked.

For the girls at work, everyone was a darling but it was a word Georgina seldom used, even with Richard, she thought before she answered.

"I look into your sad eyes and see a precocious spirit trying to escape. I know I'll like her when you let her out but you have to knock down all the darkness before she'll see the light again."

Georgina kissed her forehead.

"I am a freak, he used my freakishness to make money."

"Darling, you are a sweet girl. That he made you feel like a freak didn't make you so. I don't want to hear you describing yourself that way again. You are unique, which is special."

Reggie who had been leaking tears since they shared the chair wiped her eyes.

"Yes, I'd like to think that, will you help me?"

"Of course, but lets get the words out before they form walls."

Reggie nodded, she was encouraged to share, she was confident that she wouldn't be judged.

"It was OK when we first married, I was very sheltered he was the first to even kiss me. I enjoyed him so much, he gave me so much pleasure. I would come if he just looked at me the right way, I thought that was normal. He enjoyed it too, at first. Then he demanded that he should come first, he said I emasculated him. I couldn't stop coming, even when he hit me. So I tried to disguise my orgasms but my body would shake and undulate, I couldn't control it. So our sex quickly degenerated into him trying to beat me non-orgasmic but whatever he did, I still came. You see I am a freak."

"Reggie, what a joy, could you teach me how to do it?"

"Why would you want to."

"You would be cherished in a loving relationship. How did Roger make you feel?"

She thought about Roger, he gave her pleasure willingly.

"I only let him do it because I wanted some pleasure before he raped me but he didn't he fed me instead."

"I know Dear, but did HE enjoy it?"

"He seemed to enjoy it."

"Did you give him any pleasure, or did he enjoy yours vicariously?"

Reggie said, haltingly, "He enjoyed mine, but he'd soon tire of it. He would feel less masculine if I came and he didn't."

"Reggie, I am certainly no expert but I am led to believe that men pump and grind until they squirt."

Reggie laughed, "They certainly do."

Then the laugh disappeared and tears reappeared, with a frown so dark Georgina expected thunder.

"What is it, Dear?"

Reggie decided it was time to unburden herself. Her eyes drifted up and to the left, she was back there reporting the events.

Alby had his mates around drinking, as always when they were drunk they started talking about sex.

"Queenie comes easily, at least three times during our sessions."

"You're just full of shit!" Tommy said, he was the macho figure, course and brutal.

"I don't think women come at all," said Clarence in an authoritative tone.

"My wife doesn't, she hates sex. She's so tight I have to force it in. She screams alright, screams for me to take it out," said Tommy.

He mimed a slap around the face.

"I agree said Howard, sometimes the Mrs squirms like she's coming but I reckon she does it to make me come so I'll pull it out."

"That's right," said Tommy, "the sluts I've had do the same, they wriggle and groan so you come and they can get the next punter. The pleasure never reached their eyes though."

"Well none of you have had a real woman then, Queenie is a come artist."

They all laughed, I felt buoyed by his comment that I was a real women, it was the last time I smiled that evening.

"I say you are full of shit."

This time Tommy was aggressive, he pulled Alby up by his shirtfront, "Rigby, you're just fucking useless so you've created this fiction."

"OK muscles, you fuck her. We'll see who comes first, if it's you I'll give you a quid and you give me a quid for each time she comes before you do."

"No Alby, I'm not doing it," I said, horrified that he would suggest such a thing. He backhanded me.

"Shut, the fuck up, slut and get your kit off."

I stood with my arms across my chest and refused. He backhanded me again. I still refused. He was exasperated so he said, "Tommy, you want to fuck her, you get her kit off."

Tommy moved quickly for a big bloke.

"If you damage her clothing, you'll pay for it."

"OK Alby, keep your hair on, hold her boys."

While Alby sat back and laughed, Howard and Clarence held my arms while Tommy stripped me. I was giving him such a hard time he turned to Alby, "How much for her underwear?" he asked.

"Three quid."

"Hold her boys," Tommy said as he pulled a knife from his pocket, he cut my camisole then tore the remains off. I was in my bra and knickers. He grabbed my hand from Clarence and held it to his groin.

"See, slut, you've already made me hard," he rubbed my hand over his erection before he gave the arm back to Clarence. He plunged the knife into my cleavage, the blade was reversed so it only nicked me but it sliced the bra off. He grabbed my breasts and twisted then then held the nipple painfully. To my eternal shame, I came. My orgasm was so obvious that even Tommy didn't dispute it.

"You've lost... muscles. You'd better get it in you're four quid down already."

He didn't use his knife on my knickers, he just ripped them off.

"Bend her over."

"NO," Alby said. I rejoiced because he'd changed his mind but the prick was only worried about his bet.

"You'll need to fuck her so we can see her face and stomach otherwise we won't know when she's come again."

"OK," Tommy said, "drag her on the table and hold her."

Tommy exhausted his foreplay skills, he spat in my twat, then thrust in."

"Fuck, she's sweet it's like a silk sleeve."

He moved slowly at first, I think he liked it when he sped up, I came again.

"Five quid," Alby said.

Annoyed he pumped himself in and out like a steam engine piston, he thought speed and skill were synonymous. I was being raped by an animal I detested and yet I came again.

"Six quid."

Tommy was so livid, he went soft. He pulled it out to face Alby, I think he was going to hit him but before he could move Clarence and Howard laughed at him and started calling him a soft cock. He was shamed.

"Think you can show me up bitch," he said and punched me in the stomach. "Let's see if you can come and bleed."

He was like a spiteful schoolboy, he pinched, slapped and punched. With each brutality, he delivered he got harder. He pushed it back in thrusting as if he wanted it to come out of my arse. He pinched my nipples as if they were seized bolts. I came again.

"Seven quid."

He punched me in the face, and I blacked out. When I recovered Howard was playing with my breasts.

"Nice tits, girl." he said, "My turn, I sure hope you are orgasmed out."

Howard was excited by watching Tommy, I only came twice before him.

"Two quid, you game Clarence?"

"Yeah, if you mop her out."

Alby got a damp cloth and cleaned as much come as he could, he ran the cloth up and down my valley deliberately. He had developed the skill to tease me. He stopped before I came, then wiped occasionally just to keep me on edge. Clarence thrust in, I came immediately.

"One quid."

It cost him five quid, but unlike the others he actually enjoyed himself.

Alby had made fourteen quid, but he wasn't happy.

"I bet, same terms, that she'd come before any of you, even giving you a blow job."

"I'm first," Tommy said.

I refused but they tied my hands behind my back and held me so Tommy could fuck my mouth.

"I'll bite the fucking thing off," I screamed and I would have.

Alby got out of his grandstand seat, "Give us your knife Tommy."

Tommy handed it over. Alby ran the dull side of the blade from my stomach to my throat.

"Do as you are fucking told, or I'll slice you."

He looked into my eyes.

"Do you believe me?"

I did, the bastard was always feral when he got drunk but he looked positively evil.

"I believe you," I said.

"Will you give my mates head, without hurting them?"

"Yes," I said with as much defiance as I could muster but I was already beaten mentally as well as physically.

Tommy thrust his cock down my throat, I shut my eyes and thought the nicest sexual thoughts I could. I was defeated, my childish though was to cost the bastards as much as I could.

Tommy filled my throat while I thought about the first time with Alby when he was a human being. I cost the bastards another nine quid. Alby had made twenty-five quid pimping me out. Feeling generous he said, "Even she's fucked out, come on I'll stand for a round of whiskey at the Pyro. While the slut cleans up."

Reggie was reliving that evening, but that was enough for Georgina, she pulled Reggie into a vicious hug and rocked her like a baby, "Oh you poor thing, It's OK Darling, It's OK, she chanted like a mantra. Reggie was back, tears were flowing down her face, not because of the memories but because she felt loved.

Eventually, she said, "That became a weekly occurrence, it was cheaper fucking me than using a tart, he'd let Tommy go last so the other punters didn't have to suffer my blood leaking on their clothes. He'd also he'd pull people off the street. Come and get your rocks off and enjoy a freak show. And do you know what the fucker did, he wanked himself watching me being raped, he said he wasn't sticking it in me anymore, I wasn't clean."

Georgina's caring went on for a long time, eventually, Reggie lifted her tear stained face and said, "You were right, I feel better and I still don't regret letting him die."

Georgina seldom swore, she didn't think it ladylike.

"I would have held his fucking head under!" she said.

Reggie was exhausted both physically and mentally, she sought refuge in sleep. Georgina picked her up and carried her to Fiona's bed, she tucked her in and left to depart but at the last moment returned to the bedside and kissed Reggie's forehead, Reggie smiled in her sleep .

Georgina reached for the phone and called Roger.


"Alby or Albert Rigby, their local was the Pyro, the Pyrotechnist's Arms, so around Peckham. The house was bombed, one fatality. She let the bastard drown in the cellar. If any charges relate to his death we'll find another way but can you find out discreetly?"

"You are a no nonsense girl, would you like to say hello Roger?

"Hello Roger."

He waited a while before he gave up, "Can I come around later."

"I would be disappointed if you didn't."

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