tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 10

The Hogarth Club Ch. 10


Roger was looking forward to lunch with his brother. All Roger's requests for the last week had been met but Octavian was incommunicado.

Octavian was in his alcove at the Dorchester.

"Where's the lovely Georgina?"

Roger decided not to react to the smarmy tone. He wanted information from his brother there was no point in fighting.

"You were right, Eight. She is superb, the brothel is almost ready to open. I have hardly seen her."

Wicklow arrived and with much subservience, took their order.

"Grierly has been in touch another girl has been murdered a Annie Hardway. He wanted me to use my operation as a cover to find the murderer."

"Yes, he asked me before."

"You should get Georgina on it."

"Yes she can do everything!" Roger said in an exasperated tone.

"So all your needs have been met, in my absence," Octavian asked changing the subject, sometimes his brother could be so dumb.

"Your Madelaine is almost as good as Georgina."

"Good secretaries maketh the man," Octavian said sarcastically. "So why brother dear are you seeking my company. Surely it's not fraternal devotion?"

"Eight, you know I enjoy the company of my elder brother. A bright star to light my path."

Octavian laughed, "Not taking the bait Rags, you must want to talk about the other shining star."

"Am I that transparent?"

They both laughed.

"She told us how she got that scar on her stomach. Then refused to fully elucidate saying they were not her secrets. She intimated that you might know to whom the secrets belonged."

"This is a red wine conversation."

Octavian signaled the Sommelier.

"She liked you when you came up to Oxford but knew with what she was prepared to offer she was an also ran."

"Surely that wasn't a reason to leave her degree unfinished and run?"

"Rags, I despair of you, you attended Oxford and learned nothing of it. Women were not admitted. The Association for Promoting the Higher Education of Women had been successful in convincing the university to allow women to attend lecturers but irrespective of their success no formal degree was awarded. In 1920 that changed and women could be awarded a degree. Some in the University were concerned that women would flood the colleges, so in 1927 the dons created a quota, which is still in place now, limiting the female enrollment to a quarter that of the men.

"Georgina came up to Oxford in 1929, when she was eighteen. The quota was filled that year so she was admitted under the old rules, she just attended lectures."

"Christ Eight, just say she didn't give up a degree, because I was an arse."

"Frater Junior, Georgina would be a Professor by now, if you hadn't been an arse. The question you have to reconcile is would she have preferred it?"

"How could she complete a PhD without a degree?"

"All her work was Maxima cum Laude. At least three of her lecturers wanted her to wait for next years quota. They had plans to accelerate her through to a Doctorate."

Roger shook his head.

"What, you haven't worked out that she's smart?"

"Well she likes me," Roger said cheekily.

"Yes, that was her weakness. She confided in me that she thought you too immature for meaningful relationships. She would keep her powder dry in case she met you again."

"Why would she tell you that?"

"Probably because I was one of the only men who treated her as an equal even though it was patronizing, she was way smarter than me. I arranged through Father for her to join MI6. He jumped at it. She was fluent and accent less in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese and is a martial artist. You should see her, she moves like a dancer."

"Eight, you haven't designs on her?"

"Rags, you are a fool. I assigned her to you. She deserved a chance to learn you were a shallow, philandering, immature adolescent but surprise surprise, instead she found a man in you. A man that your family had only hoped existed."

Roger grabbed his glass and glugged a sipping wine, he didn't need his taste buds titillated he needed alcohol.

Octavian continued, ignoring his brother's faux pas, "She worked in the Asian division." Octavian laughed, "She was always trouble. They would double brief her in an attempt to get her to stop redefining the assignments as she went."

"What do you mean?"

"For example, she was ordered to assassinate... five times. She said she always sought the optimum outcome, one disappeared leaving her with the full details of his cell, two others she turned. NO one censured her she was too good."

"So she assassinated two people?" Roger said with his eyes as wide as open doors.

"No she eliminated one threat to England. She was supposed to kill the diplomat she rescued, but beat three men and escaped, wounded."

"I took her out of the field after that. Rags, she is fearless, she would have died. Plus, her brain was better utilized at home."

The meals were delivered and hunger put paid to chatter. When the plates were empty Octavian asked, "Do you know how she has set up your brothel?"

"Something about a royal charter?"

"Rags, you know full well, you don't fool me."

Roger nodded, "She discovered Gentlemen's club charters granted before 1860 could offer members services, alcohol and accommodation, which subverted local by-laws and ordinances. She learned also that the Articles of Association of a Limited company running a chartered club could be amended via the constitution. Georgina found and bought one of those companies. It was The Hogarth Club it operated from 1858 to 1861. The way she has set it up, we have the only legal brothel in London."

"Well done her, how on earth has she made prostitution legal?"

"She is amending the constitution so that the members pay for the bed. The girls are classified and paid as bed warmers. The club has no knowledge or control on what happens after the bed is warm."

Their laughter ruffled the dignified demeanor of the the establishment.

"Yuck! This tea is cold," Georgina said, vehemently.

"You've been drinking cold tea for days and haven't noticed. Welcome back." Reggie said.

"We could have been cavorting in a sylphic sapphic orgy and you would not have noticed," Lola said.

"Have you?" Georgina asked.

"It would fill a void," Lola said.

Georgina looked at Reggie, for all the sexual experiences visited upon her she was sometime more naive than even Georgina.

"Yes Reggie," Georgina said.

Reggie smile lit the room, "I have missed you Georgina."

"Just say it Darling, we are sisters in pain... Ultra dolorem."

Reggie looked at Lola, "Tell me it's none of my business... but did you enjoy your mother..." She trailed off looking very embarrassed.

Lola smiled, "Only if you tell me why you want to know."

Reggie looked like she'd been caught with her hand in the biscuit tin. She looked at Georgina who nodded subtly.

"Well you know I'm sort of orgasmic..."

Brielle rose and placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, in encouragement."

" ...well the thought of two women made me hot."

"Would you like to try it?" Lola asked.

"Would it mean I was even more of a freak?"

"You are not a freak," Brielle said even before Georgina, "making out with a woman is a different experience. Men seem to be more concerned with thrusting than giving pleasure."

"Roger isn't," Reggie blurted. Then covered her mouth with her hands. She managed to squeak, "I'm sorry Georgina," through her fingers.

Georgina replaced Brielle and pulled her into a hug. "That's nice to know Reggie, I'll look forward to him."

"You don't mind?"

Georgina retook her seat and thought, everyone gave her space.

"No, I was terribly jealous but that was before we were sisters."

Georgina could feel the release of tension in the room. Lola and Brielle had obviously been concerned that they had hurt Georgina too. Working together over the last weeks had forged a team. They really were sisters.

"Can I try it, Georgina?" Reggie asked.

Again Georgina was given space for her thoughts. Georgina was pondering how she seemed to have become the leader of the group and how that dynamic would play out, more than if Lola and Reggie should make out. She had no right to stop them anyway.

"Sorry, of course you can-"

Brielle interrupted, "Only if we can watch."

"...and join in if you want," Lola added.

Georgina stood, "Have fun then Girls," she said.

"NO," three voices said in unison.

"We are sisters," Reggie said.

Lola and Brielle guided Georgina back to her chair.

"You need to watch and learn," Lola said. "Being a hot lover isn't important to Roger, he's so smitten by you, but it will do you no harm."

"...and we want to share," Brielle added.

"Please!" Reggie said simply.

Georgina nodded and re-took her seat she had no idea what to expect but she had just completed all the work for the brothel and deserved a distraction.

Lola walked to the fireplace and lit the fire which had been set to counter the cold of the evening.

"OK sweetheart, lets get warm and play." she said to Reggie.

She started unbuttoning her blouse.

"NO," Brielle said, "the only clothes you can take off are someone else's."

She approached Lola, brushed the hair off her forehead and caught it behind her ear, it was a simple but erotic gesture. Brielle trailed her hands over Lola's breasts to her waist and un-tucked the blouse.

"Do you want to help, Reggie?" she asked.

Reggie did, her skilled fingers quickly released the buttons. She separated the garment and was surprised that Lola was not wearing any underwear, she quickly adapted. Her hands brushed Lola's bare breasts. Lola offered a smile of encouragement and pulled her blouse back exposing her full breasts and offered them to Reggie. Behind her Brielle took the garment and slipped it off her shoulders.

Reggie cupped her generous breasts they were spherical, firm, high and weighty in Reggie's hands. Reggie caressed them just hard enough for her hands to be noticed, she rubbed her hands over Lola's nipples which quickly grew. They demanded Reggie's mouth, before she could exercise an conscious volition she was sucking one of Lola's nipples, it grew firmer as Reggie tongued and sucked it harder.

Brielle appeared and Reggie moved over. Brielle took Lola's other nipple and sucked more firmly pulling the nipple away from her chest, supporting her action by squeezing her breast.

"Swap," Lola said huskily.

Brielle ducked underneath Reggie to the other side and sucked Lola's nipple from Reggie's mouth. It felt like a kiss, It was enough to send Reggie spiraling into an orgasm.

Brielle felt Reggie's stomach undulating so she knew what she was experiencing. She spat out Lola's nipple and kissed Reggie instead. Reggie fought her for a moment until the pleasure of the kiss took over. Reggie had never been kissed like that before, Brielle's tongue was exploring her mouth, everywhere it went Reggie felt tingling excitement. Finally Brielle's tongue caressed the roof of her mouth and Reggie came again groaning through her nose so she didn't threaten the kiss. Brielle was very sensitive to Reggie's needs she slowly reduce the intensity of the kiss until they just brushed lips and separated,

"God Brielle, that was fucking awesome."

"What was awesome is that you have just come twice, I didn't fully believe your story, until now," Lola said.

She turned to Brielle and winked, Brielle nodded.

Lola not wanting to be out-done pulled Reggie into a kiss. Lola's tongue flicked along the gum line seeking a response, she accidentally found what she was looking for when her tongue brushed the inside of Reggie's cheek. Her tongue was busy running over the roof of her mouth to each cheek, one erogenous zone to another over a third. Lola sensed Reggie's reaction and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth just as she came. This orgasm seemed stronger than the other two.

While Reggie's body was shuddering she felt her skirt drop to the floor and Brielle's hands stroking her stomach feeling the strong contraction caused by her climax. They gave her no time to recover.

Lola's hands were working hard fondling her and releasing the buttons on her blouse. Reggie leaned into Lola's hands focusing on increasing the contact until she felt Brielle's fingers in the elastic of her knickers and felt them being pulled slowly downwards.

Neither Brielle or Lola were in a rush. Reggie felt the air touching her skin as her clothing was gradually stripped away. Brielle was admiring Reggie's peach shaped arse as Lola managed to expose a breast. Both of Reggie's tormentors kissed her exposed flesh together and laughed as Reggie climaxed again. Her orgasms were escalating and lasting longer.

By the time she was released from her rapture, she found herself naked. For the first time in her life, she reveled in her nudity without shame.

She was distracted from her revelation when her body was lowered to the rug, in front of the fire. Brielle and Lola dropped one each side of her and explored her body with light kisses and feathery touches. These girls were skilled lovers they had communicated with a smile and changed their pace. Their aim now was to titillate but not allow her to orgasm. Their lips brushed her skin, too ephemeral to be called kisses, their hands exciting her body with the most fleeting of contact.

Lola and Brielle's communication was perfect they were tuned into the body they were teasing. Together they tweaked Reggie's nipples then lifted their hands. Reggie teetered on the edge but didn't fall. Next they stroked her hair fondling it in their hands pulling it gently against her scalp. Finger brushed her neck often and around her throat. The tension they were building was a feeling Reggie had never felt before, no man had ever taken the effort.

"Thank you, the climb is better than the plateau," she said, breathlessly.

The teasing continued, touches were too light, not long enough or missing the spot by millimeters and Reggie reveled in the feeling of frustration. As if on signal Brielle kissed the scar on her arm while Lola kissed the burn marks on her breasts.

Reggie didn't feel the contact as physical, instead she felt fully accepted and loved, forgiven even, for the sin of being raped. She felt lips on hers, it was Georgina she had sensed the cathartic moment and cemented her support. Reggie cried. Sobbing she pulled herself into Georgina's lap and pulled her tormentors into the hug. The girls sat in front of the glowing coals and held Reggie until her sobs stilled.

Georgina lifted Reggie as if she were a feather and carried her to her chair grabbing a blanket on the way. She cradled Reggie like Roger had done for her when she was in emotional turmoil. Georgina felt Reggie's soft skin beneath the blanket, her warmth soaked into Georgina feeding a different type of fire. She focused on the other girls but that did nothing to dampen the flames.

Both girls were standing, Brielle was also naked from the waist up, the girls were fondling each other. Brielle's hands seemed lost in Lola's ample breasts, though her kneading and nipple twisting had Lola groaning. While Lola's hand covered the smaller, perkier tits totally, Brielle's nipples were ground between her chest and Lola's palms. The girls kissed then their busy hands dropped to release skirts, legs were soon revealed. Only Brielle was wearing knickers, as if outraged by the fact Lola broke the kiss, dropped to her knees and drove the offending article to the floor. That put her mouth level with Brielle's dark thatch. Lola's tongue went in search of Brielle's pink bits. Lola ran her finger up Brielle's thigh to join her tongue, when they arrived they combed a breach to allow access.

Brielle was panting, as much in anticipation as reaction when Lola's tongue found it's target she shuddered. She lifted a leg onto a stool to give Lola greater contact. Brielle was very patient, she allowed Lola to set the pace and with the same skill they had used on Reggie, Lola brushed, sucked, bit Brielle's nub always a little short of the contact needed for Brielle to explode.

Still Brielle left it to Lola who was now licking along her valley, inserting the tip of her tongue before dragging it back to her clit. Brielle who had been on the cusp now for too long, thrust herself at Lola who drew in her engorged clit and sucked it hard. When she sensed Brielle was ready to let go she inserted two fingers.

Brielle lost control of her muscles as she had a powerful orgasm she was grateful for the solid security of Lola's head which was locked in position still delivering pleasure. She was gently flicking Brielle's clit milking the last ounce of pleasure for her friend. Satiated the girls fell to the floor and cuddled.

Georgina was sweating, she didn't think it was caused by Reggie's warmth. The girls just cuddling seemed to reduce a pressure she had previously been unaware of. She shut her eyes and concentrated on returning to normal. In what seemed like moments she was disturbed by a groan.

Lola and Brielle had entwined their legs and were mashing their clits together. It should have looked like an obscene parody of heterosexual intercourse but instead it was hot.

Once the girls had achieved the right contact they moved fluidly against each other. Lola was still to come but she knew that gratification delayed was always rewarded with a more intense finale.

"Fuck!" Reggie had woken.

She snuggled into to Georgina but never took her eyes off the action.

Brielle keen to reciprocate was grazing her nails across Lola's soft voluptuous mounds, a trail of goosebumps followed the path of her fingers. She moved in to nuzzle nipples that looked like barrels. She released her mouth when Lola groaned in displeasure. Brielle concentrated on getting the contact right again. They moved together, an intense look of concentration on Lola's face.

When Lola began mewling the girls grinding increased in pace but their syncopation never faltered. Lola started screaming, Brielle disengaged and sought Lola's heat with her mouth. She rode Lola's climax down from fierce to potent, powerful to pleasant, pleasurable to satiation. She only withdrew her tongue when Lola's screams were just whimpers.

Georgina had to think of headless chickens, she was both visually challenged by Lola and Brielle's performance but Reggie was having the largest orgasm yet. Georgina's hand on her stomach was almost getting tossed and torn. When Reggie's excitement abated she grabbed Georgina's hand placed it on her breast. Like the other girls she was soon asleep in the arms of a sister.

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