tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 19

The Hogarth Club Ch. 19


The first time Reggie screamed Georgina was concerned and stopped the bike.

"Are you OK?"

"It's the seat."

"What's the seat?"

Reggie patted the hard pillion seat which was secured to the top of the rear guard and laughed.

"Ever since my menarche, If I sit on a hard motorcycle seat, I come. My race seat was heavily sprung."

Georgina joined in the hilarity. The two girls sounding like scalded cats standing at the edge of the road with tears running down their cheeks.

"We must look a sight," she said.

Reggie just hugged her.

"I'll ride pillion, if I start coming we'll take it in turns."

It took a few more minutes before their mirth was sufficiently contained to allow them to ride.

Reggie rode well, When they neared Cadmore End Georgina shouted in Reggie's ear to stop.

"There is as straight bit here, before Stokenchurch. Do you want to do a ton?"

Reggie opened the bike up, it was the most willing machine she had ridden and she was soon up to eighty miles per hour. She was just passing Stokenchurch when Georgina shouted for her to pull over again. She indicated Reggie should dismount.

Georgina looked Reggie in the eye and said nothing.

"I'm frightened," Reggie said.

She hadn't got the bike above ninety.

Georgina gripped her hand, "If a farm tractor pulls in front of you at ninety, we are dead. If its pulls out while we are doing a ton we will be super dead. Which would you prefer?"

"You can drive."

"I could."

"Fuck it, I'd prefer super dead but what about Roger?"

"I'm only kidding myself, when he knows the truth it will be over. Death might be kinder."

Reggie pulled her close, "Just tell him, don't die!"

Georgina quickly pulled herself together.

"Well drive safely then, it will do one 107mph. If you don't get to one oh five you will have to bathe my stickiness."

"One oh four it is," Reggie said.

They piled back on the bike and Reggie opened it up, there was a slight hill outside of Stokenchurch, she was doing over a ton at the peak. Reggie dropped onto the handle bars, Georgina hid behind her to get out of the air flow. With the reduced drag and the slight grade the speedometer showed one hundred and ten. Despite the buffeting, the wind was unable to steal Reggie's scream of joy.

They were in Oxford in fifty minutes, after breaking the bike's speed record, ninety seemed like they were dawdling. Georgina shouted directions in Reggie's ear. They left the A40 at Headington and headed for Magdalen College off the High Street, on the A420.

"After you clear the Magdalen Bridge turn right before the tower."

Reggie responded to the directions and idled the bike past the tallest building in Oxford, Magdalen Tower, and in into the college courtyard. Before she had the bike on the stand a busy man in a bowler hat was in her face.

"You can't park there Sir,"

"Hello Proctor Bob," said Georgina as she pulled off her leather helmet.

"Oh hello miss, long time no see, strange to see you riding pillion to a man."

Reggie pulled off her helmet.

"Oh... You can leave the bike there miss, I'll keep an eye on it."

"Thank you Proctor Bob. Where will I find William Rivers at this time of day?"

"In his lab, Miss. Do you remember?"

Georgina shook Bob's hand and headed towards the college.

"Did you go to this college?"

"NO men only, I was at Somerville but I attended a lot of lectures here."

Georgina led them through a maze of corridors, she peered through a window her smile revealed she had found the person she was looking for.

William Rivers could have been attractive but in his case the cost of high intelligence was a lack of style, poise and charisma. Georgina still gave him a warm hug.

When introductions and coffee were organized Georgina got down to the purpose of their visit. She was concerned about the safety of the girls, VD was more damaging to women. She knew William was working on commercial production of penicillin which had been discovered years earlier by Fleming. It was difficult to produce in quantity but Georgina knew William was having some success.

After explaining the full story, Georgina said, "I know it's early days William, but I am happy to offer my girls for trailing the quality of bulk penicillin."

William has not quite managed to shut his mouth when Georgina proposed the drug should be trailed on prostitutes, in fact Reggie wondered if he had heard the last ten minutes of Georgina's persuasive presentation.

He did manage to get his mouth working, "So you are a prostitute?"

"No William, I run a London Club."

He looked at Reggie, "So you are a prostitute?"

Technically Reggie had yet to earn money for sex.

"Not yet," she said with a smile.

He shook his head, "Definitely NO."

"If I asked the Duke of Almondsbury to make a formal request?"

"For the same use, the same answer."

Reggie was very impressed with Georgina, her proposal had been totally rebuffed but she still dealt with William warmly.

"Thank you for your time William. Can I do anything to make you change your mind?"

Williams eyes slipped to Reggie, they seemed to be caressing her curves. He suddenly looked at Georgina as if shocked into attentiveness.

"No Sorry Georgina, it's just not possible."

Georgina shared a gracious goodbye, it wasn't until they were alone that her disappointment showed.

"Can your Proctor friend get us a bed for the night?" Reggie asked.

"Yes, but why?"

"Maybe you should try again tomorrow."

Inspector Dodson and Sergeant Waverley arrived. Roger had enjoyed an earnest conversation with Chief Superintendent Grierly.

"OK, take these two to the yard,

When the prisoners were marched to the car Roger said, "You understand what you have to do?"

Both men nodded.

"We will still see you this afternoon?"

Again, a nod this time just from Dodson but this time it was a resentful one.

Waverley was the happier of the two, he knew this building had something to do with the secret service so he was hoping the blackmail, if it came, would not demand anything unreasonable. He was hopeful that the cosy accommodation that his police division had with Jock Mosley would soon be shattered. His optimism showed in his behavior.

"Come on boys," he said affably.

Muscles seemed to them to be the bigger threat so they dealt with him first.

"Can you look after this for us please," he said sarcastically.

He uncuffed one hand, fed the cuffs through the door pull added the briefcase which held their statements then reattached the metal band.

"What are you doing?" asked Dodson.

"Muscles here has agreed to look after the paperwork."

They were still laughing when they loaded Arthur and similarly cuffed him to the car.

They were transporting the prisoners to arrest them officially, they had been held in the Secret Services lock up. They needed to go to Scotland Yard, where they would be charged, and officially entered into the system.

They drove out of the garage to a quiet road and headed for the yard it was less than a mile. Roger had selected the route, it wasn't one that Dodson would have selected.

"Bloody hell a road-up."

Not all the bombs hit houses, so closed roads were becoming more common around the Nations capital. Before they could negotiate their way around the bomb crater there was an explosive grunt from the back of the car.

Muscles had been cuffed to the rear door pull, he had ripped it off the door, before the men could respond he had opened the rear door and was legging it down the street.

"I'll get him," Waverley said.

"No, drive."

Dodson pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Arthur.

"Loosing one is unfortunate, loosing two is sheer carelessness. We'll get this wiry piece of shit to the station, then we'll get the other one.

The floor was freezing, as Reggie roamed the corridors eventually she found room 47. The door was not locked, the room had carpet, her feet were very happy.

She looked at William who was soundly asleep, he really was attractive when not animated by his nerdy soul. Nerdy or not his body was nicely put together.

Reggie shook him, "William, wake up."

When his eyes sleepily opened, they stayed open. It was if his brain was processing the strange occurrence to the detriment of all its other functions. He reached out and touched Reggie to make sure that she was real. Now with enough data, his eyes blinked.

"What are you doing in my bedroom?"

"I thought you liked my body, sorry if I made a mistake."

Reggie spun and headed slowly to the door, it would take a while for him to catch up.

"Wait, come back."

Reggie turned back to the bed and slipped off her nightie.

William's mouth, now fully open, joined his eyes. He studied the empirical evidence was before him. He saw a beautiful young lady of about 5' 6" brown hair, dark eyebrows, he knew that from memory as his eyes focused and feasted on her breasts, they were full and firm, her nipples looked hard as her areolas were puckered, the cold he thought. His brain cooperated in allowing his eyes to drop to her slim hips and dark thatch. He had yet to blink.

"It's cold out her, can I join you?"

William threw back the sheets, he was going to pinch himself but Reggie's cold body finally convinced him that this was real and not one of his erotic dreams.

In his dreams he was an ardent lover, in reality he was a scared little boy. Despite the naked body of a beautiful women next to him he still hadn't touched her.

"Would you like to join me in skin?" Reggie asked.

He hopped out of bed and stepped out of his pajamas, Reggie smiled, shy he may be but under endowed he was not.

"Come on," Reggie said, "she patted the bed."

He walked towards her as if he was a condemned man walking to the gallows. He slid in beside her.

"You want me to change my mind for sex?" he said.

"I want you to change your mind... for Georgina."

He was a scientist, procedure had forced him to think between the lines. This experience was outside of any known parameters.

"Why are you naked in my bed, then?"

"The way you looked at me almost scorched my clothes, I thought you wanted me here?"

"Will you stay if I still say no tomorrow?"

"You would have to visit London, probably monthly to ensure the experiment was being conducted properly. Then it would be my turn to share my bed."

Reggie took his hand and laid it on her breast, his hand was warm. His dreams and erotic fancies had not prepared him for the reality of a real woman. He was trembling he grasped her tit and held on for dear life. Reggie smiled, she recognized a shock reaction she remembered feeling the same way her first time. She wanted to be cuddled and reassured, instead she was parted, filled and fucked.

She gathered him to her body after some initial resistance he snuggled into her warmth. He was very still, she felt more like his mother than his lover. Reggie cuddled him until she had robbed him of his fear. She kissed his forehead.

"William, if you are new to women can I show you?"

He looked away ashamed. Reggie pulled his head back, looked him firmly in the eye.

"There is no shame only inexperience and that is easily fixed. If you are not morally opposed, could I be your first?"

"Why would you want to?"

She kissed him, he kept his lips puckered. It was like kissing her Dad.

"Because you are sweet."

Reggie moved his hand over her breast. He still didn't move so she coached his hand after a few passes over her hard nipple his resistance eroded. She took her guidance away.

"When I kiss you, relax your lips, let my tongue inside."

Reggie kissed him again, she coaxed his mouth open with her tongue. Gradually he let her explore the inside of his mouth.

Reggie had little experience of gentle until her adopted sisters, she emulate Georgina and played with the inside of his mouth until she found a reaction. He shivered again but this time for a different reason.

Reggie felt like she was being poked with a stick, so while she maintained the kiss her hand explored. She found and touched him it only took a couple of strokes, he exploded. Reggie covered his head with her hand to containing the mess she rubbed each squirt around his cock and masturbated him, keeping him hard. She glanced up and saw shame, again on his face.

"It's just showing it's eager, I'm pleased I can do that to you."

Reggie could almost see his ego taking sway, he smiled and rolled her over, he pushed her hand away and aimed for her core.

The slap sounded loud in the room, he recoiled and held his cheek.

"What," he said, "you are just a tart?"

The next slap was louder and more painful, she used her right arm which was still moistened with his come, wet slaps always hurt more. She climbed from the bed, slipped on her nightie and left him open mouthed again, this time because she left.

Georgina felt wonderfully warm, she snuggled towards it and found Reggie, she rolled over and kissed her cheek, she tasted salt.

"What's the matter Reggie?"

Reggie snuggled into Georgina's neck and told her a muffled story. Georgina held her.

They woke with the dawn.

"I'm so sorry, I fucked it up, lets just go," Reggie said.

"No, I wasn't planning on seeing him but I am now."

Reggie looked at her, she nodded resignedly. Nothing was going to stop Georgina, so Reggie just squeezed her hand.

They hadn't packed much, just night gear and toothbrushes so they were soon ready. There was a tap at Georgina's door.

"Come!" she said. She indicated that Reggie should stand behind the door.

"Georgina, I'm sorry to interrupt you so early, have you seen Reggie?"


"I need to speak to her."

"A warm and vibrant women wants to create a new experience for you and you reject her in the worst way possible. William my regard for you yesterday was high, today-"

"Sorry to interrupt Georgina, please don't tell me what an animal I am. I wanted to find Reggie to say I was sorry."

"William, you have cut and slashed a precious friend. I don't think I can forgive you and my ego hasn't been shredded. I doubt sorry will even touch the edges. Christ William forcing yourself even onto a naked woman is still rape."

"That isn't what upset her."

"God... William you are so naive."

"I will trial the drug, as you suggested."

"Fuck off William, stick your help we don't need it."

Reggie was surprised to hear Georgina use an expletive, she often used the word to explain the act but seldom to hurt another person.

William looked almost in tears, "How can I fix it Georgina, please tell me?" he looked down, "I was just trying to be a man."

Reggie spun around the door, she almost crashed into him. "If that's the type of man you want to be you will always need to pay for sex."

"Reggie, I am so sorry. It was a despicable thing to say."

He dropped onto one knee and held her hand.

"Please tell me how I can make amends."

Reggie thought, she knew little of men's society or talk. Maybe he was trying to meet male mores. She pulled him to his feet.

"When you come to London to set up the trial, I will share my bed with you. If you ask me, I am still willing to initiate you in to the joys of sex. If you disrespect me again I suspect that three women and two men will be fighting for the right to throw you naked into the street."

"I would win," Georgina said, "and you could add damaged to naked."

The very real threat flowed off William's back like water, "Thank you Reggie. I'm sorry, that was not the real me. I do respect you."

He looked to Georgina, he did recoil at her look.

"Can I buy you both breakfast."

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