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The Holes in the Wall


The son in this story is in college...

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I see you as you get ready for your bath, standing there admiring your beauty in the washroom mirror. You run a hand slowly through your dark brown locks, pausing for a second to twirl in amongst your fingers. A sexy smile purses your lips as if you are teasing someone who is not there.

Or perhaps you know you are being watched. I drilled the two holes into the bathroom wall months ago, one just beside the mirror and one with a perfect vantage point to the tub. It is here I gaze on your gorgeous body like I have many times before. I am looking right into your eyes. To me it is as if you are looking back at me and not the mirror you stare into.

I notice you are wearing your dark green silk robe that barely hides your smallish breasts. Although they are barely a handful they are still one of the most stunning sites for my eyes. The way your pale ivory skin contrasts with your dark brown nipples always makes me stir. Even though it is not cold in the bathroom your nipples are already straining against the smooth fabric. Maybe this will be one of the lucky spying sessions and I will get to see you pleasure those beautiful breasts as you bathe. I hope you rest your head away from the faucet; I so much want your whole body visible to me as you soak.

It as if you are reading my thoughts as you slowly remove your slinky robe. I gasp as I see you in all your glory. Your short petite naked body causes my cock to twitch in my hand. I am slowly stoking my member as I watch your display. I don't want to rub too hard or too fast yet. I want the moment to last and last.

Thank God Dad is gone on another one of his long business trips; although I miss him when he is not here I get the benefit of spying on you without any worries of being caught. I am surprised he isn't curious why I always escape to my room when ever you have a bath.

You do a turn to check out your body in the mirror, obvious contentment is apparent. Most women of your age would kill for a body like yours. As you turn fully around I finally get to see your precious box. Your neatly trimmed hair glistens in the light. Your lips look good enough to eat and I would give my right arm to do just that.

Oh how I wish I could just walk into the room and drop to my knees and lick you all over. The fantasies that run through my mind of having you call my name as I eat your cunt, giving you orgasm after orgasm. If this ever became a reality I don't think I would ever wash my face again.

I am lost in thought for a moment and didn't even notice you slip into the tub. You splash the water about you as you lather up. Lifting each leg up as you wash it gives me an extraordinary view of your luscious pussy. The lips parting slightly as you scrub your legs with soap.

Next you do your stomach and arms, your small perky breasts jiggle with your movement. My hand is sliding up and down my cock a little faster now as I watch the dance of your tits. I need no lubrication as the excitement of watching you has my precum already leaking. I wish my tight grip was the grip of your warm wet cunt enveloping my cock.

My breathing is becoming strained as I watch you soap up your breasts. If I am not mistaken you are taking more time washing this part as compared to when you washed the rest of your body. You are not even washing anymore but rather massaging the vivacious globes. I almost cum all over myself when I see you take a nipple in each hand and pinch them. I see your eyes cloud over in a lustful state as you bask in the pleasure your hands are giving you.

God how I wish they were my hands. You then slide your body further in the tub and lay your right leg out over the top. This movement has caused your hips to rise out of the water giving me a perfect view of your wet pussy. You drop one of your hands and slide it to that heavenly spot. I feel my nuts tingle as I watch you slide I finger deep into your folds. I hear your hushed moan as you push it all the way into your tight snatch.

You drive it in as far as you can go but I can tell you need more. You add another finger to the fray and start rubbing faster and faster. Unsatisfied with the access you are getting in this position you turn your body around in the tub so you are on your knees. You present me with the sight of your hanging pussy and the tight rosebud of your ass. You reach around behind you with one hand and start teasing the little star of your ass. With your other hand you reach beneath and drive three fingers into your hungry hole.

I can not believe my luck as I watch this masturbatory session. I am really jerking my cock now. Looking at your fingers pushing in and out of your hot cunt makes my hand grip tighter as if it is your pussy. Then you do something I would never have expected, you take your hand that was lightly caressing your ass and slide two fingers into your asshole.

Your moans are loud now as your double fuck yourself with your fingers. I just wish I could read your mind to know what you were thinking. Me, I am thinking how much I wish I was your fingers. My ultimate fantasy would be to fuck you in the ass.

Jesus Mom you are so hot. You are really working in and out of your two holes and your cries are loud as you start to reach your climax. I match your howl as I cum all over my hand thinking it is your ass I am cumming in.

After I come back to my senses my hands all sticky from my goo I peak through the hole once more but to my surprise you are no longer in the tub. It couldn't have been more than a minute in time for my recovery and I wonder why you stopped your bath so quickly.

My orgasm was so powerful my ears were ringing and I didn't hear you as you got out.

Just then I hear my door open and there you stand all wet from your bath staring at me standing there against the wall with my sticky cock in my hand.

"Oh my God Mom!"

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