tagMatureThe Homeless Old Man Ch. 02

The Homeless Old Man Ch. 02


There was an old drunkard who occasionally appeared in town. Once a week this old fellow would sell jungle produce in the market. He would then buy cheap liquor and drank straight from the bottle. By the time he got to the third bottle, the scenario changed. He would sing and sometimes gave meaningless speeches. There were times he acted aggressively too. He seemed to have lots of frustrations in him.

On the other side of the street, there was another mall. There an old granny who ran away from her family after finding out they intended to send her to the old folks home, made the walkway there her home. Once she tried to share my corner, I chased her back. That was the unseen drama that shoppers never knew happened in the streets. The homeless people fighting for and defending their territory.

I recalled once I was down with fever, this old granny came and shared a bun that was given to her by some generous shoppers. She even gave me a stick of cigarette. But I was not to be conned into sharing my cosy corner with her. I repaid her with part of the money I got from the woman who masturbated me. I gave her $3. on two occasions.

There was a time when the drunkard came to me for company. He offered me some liquor. I was never a drinker. I get drunk too easily. I took a sip, played the liquor around in my mouth then swallowed it. It burned my throat all the way down my tummy. There I felt my stomach warmed. The drunkard who was in his early 60, talked about everything he knows and anything that came into his mind. He talked about catching his wife pants down with a neighbour. He talked and sobbed. That made him drank more. He drank to drown those hurting memories, he said. So I supported his cause and we drank some more together.

As the mall closed for the night, shoppers disappeared. It seemed that this drunkard would be here till dawn. I couldn't care much as my head began to float. I felt very uncomfortable, shifting every now and then. I felt drowsy and drifted to sleep only to be awoken by this emotionally troubled drinker. He was loud at times swearing and condemning his unfaithful wife. Then he became quiet , just murmuring a little.

He shifted and sat next to me. Forced me to take another sip from the bottle. As I was forced to, I took a very very small sip. Then he took my hand and put it on his already exposed cock. I didn't see nor realized he had his pants down. His medium size cock wasn't totally erect. His cock very much like his drunk self, softened each time it was about to get erect. It was no easy task in his condition to maintain a full erection. I stroke his cock just to please him. As his cock finally stood erect, he ordered me to double the speed, but the cum never came. I was so drowsy that I could hardly able maintain my jerking tempo. Just that little alcohol was enough to deactivate me.

He undid my jeans, I was too dizzy to retaliate. He proceeded to take my cock out. He stroked my aged cock, and it stood briefly and fell hardly achieving full erection. I wasn't really aware of things by now, only responding to his handling. He made me rested on all four limbs like a dog. I could feel he did something behind me. I felt my balls being stroked from behind including my asshole, he massaged and tried to insert a finger into my butt hole. I didn't like the feeling of being touched there, moreover when it was being penetrated by his old wriggly fingers. He then held my waist with both hands. I could feel his hard erect cock pushing at my butt hole. Found it too dry to penetrate, he recoiled, spat on his cock to moistened it then spat and moistened my butt hole too. This time his cock came in. I felt as if my butt hole would tear. There wasn't any sensation at all, although later, I got a bit aroused. With one hand I touched my cock. It wasn't very erect. So I left it dangling while he fucked me. This was a new experience to me. Things like this wasn't strange in the world of the homeless.

He applied more saliva on his cock, and movement became easier. I must admit it felt nice then. Though the sensation wouldn't be enough to make me ejaculate, I tried to encourage ejaculation by jerking, but all I get was partial erection and some pre cum. I gave up.

As he became more aroused, the pumping quickened. Then he made a total thrust, the base of his cock flat against my butt. The whole of his 6 inches cock inside me. Each throb sent his sperm into me. As I lifted my head, a shadowy figure scurried away from somewhere near us. Someone had been watching us, but we weren't bothered. As his cock softened, my butt hole eased a little, my anus then expelled his cock. A trickle of sperm followed. He sat down and reached out for my cock saying it's your turn. He jerked me, all I could recall was my cock became soft and lifeless and before long he gave up jerking my cock. The liquor finally knocked me out.

I woke up early as usual. The garbage collector had begun their rounds. This noisy routine woke me up every dawn. My jeans were still wrapped around my knees when I woke up. I pull them up and tucked my cock in. Just beside me, the drunkard old man slept on, snoring. His pants still undone exposing his soft cock. I leaned over to have a closer look. I held up his cock with two fingers and noticed that it was uncut. Pushing back the fore skin his purplish glans emerged. As I squeezed his cock gently, a drop of cum appeared at the tip waiting to drop. He stirred a little, so I tucked his cock into his worn out underwear.

As usual, I would go to the public washrooms every morning. As I stood up and started walking, cum oozed out making my asshole wet. The soapy feelings down there was making me uneasy. I entered and locked the toilet door. Took my jeans off. After easing myself, I wash my butt thoroughly. Inserted a finger into my butt hole, it was wet and slippery. Then I washed my cum stained underwear, have it squeezed dry. Then I proceeded back to my corner. The old drunkard chap was gone.

Later that evening, the homeless granny from across the road came over to where I was seated. She had something in a plastic bag with her. She sat down and asked if I would like to share what she had in the plastic bag. I wasn't interested in her offer without knowing what she had brought with her. She took out a french loaf, tore it and offered me a generous half. How could I turned down such an offer. Pretended to be hesitant, slowly I reached out and accepted the bread. We started eating the loaf in total silence while eyeing each other.

She broke the silence by asking if I enjoyed it. I thought she referred to the bread we were eating. I fired back at her saying sarcastically that it was just a piece of bread and there was no big deal about it. But what she meant was if I enjoyed being fucked by the old drunkard. So now it dawned to me that it was her that I saw scurrying away last night.

She didn't answer nor admitted spying on me. She continued, yesterday, I saw that drunkard with you. I never trusted him. Once when he was in town drunk as he used to, he came to me during the night and persuaded me to join him drinking. I refused. Then he wanted to fuck me, I refused she recounted. He got mad. He struck me on the head and kicked my ass. I had to run away. I hid myself out in the cold behind those bushes at the children's park. I shivered in the cold the whole night till dawn. I was wet by the mist and morning dew.

Last night, I was afraid he might hurt you. She continued. So I came over to check you out but instead saw him fucking your ass. I interrupted her by stating that I was drunk that night, and added, you should let him fuck you rather than enraging him making him aggressive and abusing you physically.

You didn't need to be sarcastic neither defend him she hit back. Let me tell you this continued the granny. Before this incident, a few months back, I encountered him drunk as usual. He offered me some liquor which I accepted. Then he asked for a fuck to which I agreed. The moment my pants were down he started forcing his cock in. It was dry and forced penetration was very painful. Told him to stop but he slapped me instead. He spat on me when he was done. For the next few days I had to endure the burning pain everytime I pee. He was really a heartless animal. You better not get too acquainted to that drunkard. He's no good. I might not be around to watch over you. With that she scurried back to her corner at the other side of the road.

The mall had already closed for the night. Serenity returned. It was a misty night. There was a halo round every street light. The late night scene gave a sense of peace deep within the soul. Some distant howling of dogs broke the silence with an interval of short barks. I had grown accustomed to these surroundings and found it very comforting as it brought profound peace deep within the heart, mind and soul. Though there were times when I would wonder when my tomorrow would end. This mind boggling thoughts were mere burdens to the brain as there were thousands of possibilities for the answer. So I let fate decide my destiny.

I drifted slowly to sleep, peaceful as ever without worries and nothing to look forward to. Gone were the days when I had some money but lots of worries, now I have no money and have no worries. Those days when I had everything, a job, a wife and son, a house and a car yet I had sleepless nights.

Then some rustling noise awoken me. It sounded very near. I turned around and saw an ugly figure squatting beside me. lt was that granny from across the street. She whispered something I couldn't make out. Deeply disturbed, I harshly asked her what she wanted. She whispered again, this time louder. She asked if I wanted to fuck her. She admitted that she was so aroused when she saw the old drunkard fucking me. She also admitted scurrying back to her corner and masturbated herself to orgasm. Then she knelt down to loosen her long pants letting it drop to her knees. She began touching me, running her hand up and down my thigh. I unzipped my jeans and took my cock out. She quickly held my cock and started tugging. My flaccid cock just won't respond to her. I stretched out to touch her pussy. She had very thin pubic hair. I tried to push one finger into her pussy. It was dry. She took my hand and put a finger into her mouth. This time she guided my wet finger into her pussy. She pushed my hand and had one of my finger totally inside.

I finger fucked her till pussy moistened. My cock began to grow in thickness and length. Now that my cock was fully erect, she straddled me and guided my cock into her pussy. She began to move up and down. I reached for her tits. I found her wrinkled tits hanging loosely inside her shirt. It was nothing but an empty bag now. So I played her nipples. It still gave her some sensation though. When she reached for my balls, I could feel the mounting urge to explode down there which signaled ejaculation was near. Then with a moan my sperm gushed deep inside her pussy. She carried on bouncing. My cock fell out a couple of times signalling the end of the play. You cummed too fast she hissed. She sat on my thighs and handled my soft cock. She asked if I could manage another session to which I replied I was done for good.

She pulled up her long pants at the same time grumbling. Clearly she wasn't satisfied. As she was about to go, I told her I'll get even with her in a day or two.

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