The Honeymooners


He moved between the girl's legs, hauling her bodily, hands around her hips, into position. 'Hold the chair steady, mon,' he growled at his long-haired friend. 'Hold it steady or she gunna fall.' He shunted the blonde's legs over his arms, the crook of her knees draped over his forearms. Crouching, he held the tip of his cock at her opening. 'I'm gunna split you in two,' he said, then thrust.

'Ooh,' the woman gurgled. 'That's good. Nice and thick and long.' She looked up, raising her chin from her chest, awkwardly wall-eyed in that position, to goad the man further. 'Now use it, you bastard,' she sneered. 'Use that thing and fuck me.'

Clara heard an indeterminate mutter from Linus, and then blanked out all that was happening around her, concentrating instead upon the sensation of being filled with cock. The thing inside her probed deeply, deeper than any man had ever gone before, not that she'd had many men, she wasn't a slut -- Clara would have giggled at that contradiction if she'd been able. This one stretched her too, as well as probing deep. Not uncomfortably, there was no pain, just a glorious sensation of being filled to the brim. She looked down, along the front of her body, past her pale, trembling breasts, over her stomach to the place between her legs, to her labia that clung tackily to the gristle embedded inside her. She gasped when she saw the length of him withdraw slowly, the shaft of that cock glistening with goo -- her own lust coating it.

'Oh, fuck,' she moaned. 'Oh. My. God ...' Her head lolled backwards, blonde hair sweeping the hands of the man holding the chair.

Short Hair moved then. He crouched and ducked his head, taking one of Clara's long nipples into his mouth. He sucked at it, elongating the pink nub with suction from his lips. The woman groaned, her hands at his temples, guiding him from one breast to the other.

The man inside Clara growled as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. His hair swung from side to side in a wild curtain of swinging dreads. The chair legs, moulded plastic and not given to such a strenuous load buckled, dangerously close to collapse.

'White girl and black cock,' the man grunted. 'Gunna give this bitch some of the hot stuff. Gunna give her the juice ...'

Linus, unable to resist, stroked his exposed length. He was long and thick and ready to take a turn. 'You gonna do her too, Pop?' he asked the barman.

'I don' think I will,' the man replied, his patois drawl thick and slow. 'He's gonna dump a load inside her.' The man's chin jutted towards the scene. 'I don' think I wanna stir that stuff with ma spoon. Mebbe's I'll just dump mine on her ninnies.'

Linus, with no compunction about sloppy seconds, or even thirds, left the barman to his conjecture about the quality of the blonde's tits. He thought about the woman's anus. Mebbe she'll take in her ass? He then decided that that might be, quite literally, pushing it too far. Moving closer to the group arranged haphazardly around the girl, he reached out a hand to touch her pale skin.

'Do it to her, mon,' he hissed, accent thickening with his excitement as he stared where the girl's body accommodated his friend. 'Fuck her good.'

The man between Clara's legs grunted. His face contorted into a twist of agony. He thrust once, deep into Clara, the depth eliciting a yelp from the woman. 'That's good,' Clara called. 'Do it again ...' The man grunted a second time, grimacing, his head twisting side to side. On the second thrust he paused, his balls dangling against the perpendicular crease between Clara's buttocks. He groaned, cock pulsing at its root, squirting into Clara's body.

'Uh,' he grunted in time with each subsequent pump. 'Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... Fuck ... Uh ...' His eyes opened and great breath sighed from his chest. 'Hoo,' he called. 'That felt so good.' The muscles in his triceps tensed as he hefted himself upright, his cock sliding out of the girl on a rush of ejaculate. 'I came in her pretty good,' he grinned, viscous gloop dribbling from Clara's gaping opening.

The woman lifted herself from the chair. She impatiently shrugged the dress over her head, carelessly discarding it on the stained, bottle-ringed table. 'Another one,' she called to no one in particular. 'Another cock. Give me more. Who's next?' She walked to the bar and rested her forearms against the counter. 'From behind,' she insisted, her hips swinging in invitation. 'Who wants me like this?'

After a momentary hiatus there was a scramble to see who could reach the girl first. Amused, his part done for the time being, Green Vest smirked, collapsing into a chair to watch the show. His hand reached for the rum bottle.

'Come on, Linus,' Clara moaned to the man who'd reached her first. 'You conned me into being here, make it up to me now.'

Linus dug his long, dark fingers into Clara's hips. He entered her, her body oozing semen. A squelching fart rasped from their conjunction and the girl giggled. 'Mix it up, Linus,' she moaned. 'Stir that porridge.'

A few short stabs later and Linus buckled at the knees. He dug deeper into the woman, just as his friend had done, and squirted his offering into her.

'This is no good,' Clara taunted, hands on hips, thighs glistening with the goo sliding out of her. She faced her audience. 'Two of you studs so far and I haven't come once.' Her lips formed a moue of disappointment, she shook her head. 'Not a good showing, eh, boys?'

'I'll make you come, you hoity-toity bitch.' Everyone, including Clara, stared at the speaker as the barman sauntered to her. Clara gasped when his fingers pushed inside. First he used two stiff digits on her, finger-fucking her where she stood. Then, after bending the blonde's fist around his exposed penis he curled his fingers inside her.

'Oh, shit, that's nice,' Clara sighed, her eyes closing as she shuffled her feet wider. 'Rub me right there. Oh yes ... That's it. You're right on the spot inside me.'

The woman climaxed, her sobs buffeting the ramshackle walls, louder than the pervasive thump-thump from the speakers.

'Suck my dick,' the barman growled, pushing the still convulsing blonde to her knees. 'Suck it,' he repeated, holding Clara's head in one hand, fist twisting her hair while he forced himself between her lips.

Clara took hold of the long cock that threatened to choke her. She slobbered and drooled over it, sucking wildly. Semen dribbled out of her and pooled on the dusty wooden floorboards between her knees as she knelt amid the detritus, her head busy against the barman's groin.

'Here it comes,' the man warned, grimacing.

Clara crooned obscenities, euphoric at what she'd become in that dingy Caribbean bar. She smeared the man's ejaculate into her breasts when the heavy outpouring ceased. She cuffed a smear of goo across her cheek, wondering how she was going to get through the hotel lobby in such a bedraggled state. And what would her husband do when he saw her, hair matted with dried semen, her body crusted with the stuff? Would he hate her or would his eyes gleam with jealous ardour? Would he lay her down on the plush bed and stir the gloop inside her with his pale cock?

'Fuck you, Daniel,' Clara muttered. 'I've still got two men to service. 'Come on, boys,' she said to the two remaining men. 'Come and get my hungry pussy. My cunt's thirsty for more spunk ...'

The men advanced slowly, grinning, their cock's swinging.

The one with short hair stood in front of Clara. He crouched slightly, easing his penis between the woman's legs while his long-haired friend pressed his body against the blonde's back. Clara gasped when, in a simultaneous assault, Short-Hair penetrated her dribbling cunt while the other man's hands circumvented her torso and grabbed at her breasts. The man behind her licked and kissed and nibbled at her neck. Clara moaned at the gentle caress of his lips, such a contrast to the rough thrusting of his friend between her legs.

'On my hands and knees,' Clara blurted. 'I want you in my mouth,' she said to the long-haired man. 'I want to taste your spunk ...'

The trio quickly arranged themselves, Short-Hair groaning, his eyes rolling when he fucked deep and hard into the white woman. The other man knelt in front of Clara's face, offering his dark meat to her.

Both men erupted simultaneously, one squirting yet another viscous load into her sodden, seeping pussy, while the other, with Clara gagging, her eyes streaming, pumped an overflowing volume of gloop into her throat.

'Oh my God ...' Clara spluttered, coughing and gasping for air. Drool and semen slid down her chin, spattering across the upper slopes of her tits, garlanding her chest. 'Whatever will my husband say?'

Green-Vest chuckled, already coaxing a second hard-on to life. He approached the woman sprawled on the filthy floor. 'Time for another round,' he smiled.'

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